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Wednesday, July 13, 1898







Completion Of The Country District Lists

Pupils Whose Term Work Has Won Them Advancement


  A week of more ago the “Record-Union” published the names of the greater portion of the pupils promoted in the schools of the country districts, at which time all had not reported to County Superintendent HOWARD. These have all since been received, and are as follows:




  To Eighth Grade - Francis RIVERS and Katheleen DROUIN.



FLORIN DISTRICT (Mrs. F.P. OSBORN, teacher; C.V. OSBORN, assistant).

  From First to Second Grade - Otis FINCH, Ralph STEWARD, Nellie TOOTELL, Ida JONES, Sadie WASSON, Lena McALLISTER, Edna DEAN, Hazel BACON, Edith FRENCH.

  From Second to Third Grade - Willie WASSON, Claude STRAIGHT, Herman LANDGREER.

  From Third to Fourth Grade - Ella SCOTT, Ethel STRAIGHT, Maud STRAIGHT, Frank REESE, Lloyd LANDSBOROUGH, Clarence McALLISTER, Mary RODRIGUES, Harry FRENCH.

  From Fourth to Fifth Grade - Ed. McALLISTER, Maggie JENKINS, Willie SCOTT, Lulu DEVINS, Rudolph BACON, Frank STRAIGHT, Jones HUNTING, Nellie DAVIS, Naomi TROUTMAN, Mattie MISENHIMER.

  From Fifth to Sixth Grade - Frank RODRIGUES, Llewellyn REESE, John REESE, Leonard LANDSBOROUGH, Georgie TROUTMAN, Ethel BACON, Mary COX, Lenora KENNEDY, Myrtle KENNEDY, Clara FITCH, Ray DAVIS.

  From Sixth to Seventh Grade - Ina HUNTING, Ray JACKSON, Willie STRAIGHT, Myrtle REESE, Britomarte COX.

  From Seventh to Eighth Grade - Ben POSCH, Elymus STRAIGHT.

  From Eighth to Ninth Grade - Bertie STRAIGHT, Ben DAVIS, Percy REESE, Lester REESE, Susie COX, Rebecca KENNEDY, Pearl KENNEDY, Amy LANDSBOROUGH, Charlotte FRENCH.


GRANITE DISTRICT - (J.E. BLANCHARD, teacher; Miss A.E. ANGION, Miss Sarah LAWSEN and Miss Irma LEVY, assistants).

  From First to Second Grade - Irene KNIGHT, Marsella LEONARD, Dolly CLARK, Nellie BURKE, Gladys BURNS, Lottie BURNS, Belle CAPLES, Verne TAYLOR, Harry STURGES, Ethel DALY, Genie MELVIN, Maudie DAINS, Gusta FERERA, Edward LAMPHREY, Tony BORGES, Jakey BORGES.

  Second to Third Grade - Frankie SHOWERS, Johnnie PERRY, Leona KING, Hazel WILSON, Hannah GOULD, Clark BURNETT, Manuel CASTRO, Lulu MELVIN, Louis FARIA, Joe BORGES, Gertrude FINCH, Roy CURRY, Della CANN, Mary MENEZES, Wilbur BURKE, Lena TRASK, Manuel FERARA. Reuben FOSTER conditioned.

  Third to Fourth Grade - Willie COHN, George KLUMPP, James SHOWERS, Roy FINCH, Barnry BARRY, Johnnie LEONARD, Blanche STURGES, Mary BROWN, Nellie CULLEN, Laura BEALS, Gladys CLARK, Mary CASTRO, Leonard BURKE, Ora FERGUSON, Jessie DAINS, Manuel PERRY, Willie STROHECKER, Leila LAMPHREY, Mary GOMES, Charles CLAUGH.

  Fourth to Fifth Grade - Naomi McGHEE, Etta SOWLES, Joseph LUTTRELL, Myrtle CLOUGH, Roy SCOTT, Hattie FIELDS, Herbert McCUE, Pearl FOSTER, Bessie GOULD, Bennie CLOUGH, Mary FARIA, Elmer BURNETT, Mary EGAN.

  Fifth to Sixth Grade - Dora COHN, Clara KLUMPP, Mabel KNIGHT, Cecil BAKER, Flora GOMES, Earl BLANCHARD, Minnie FORD, Frank SCOTT, Aimee EGLE, Frank GOMES, Bert SOWLES, Eugene KIPP, Myron DAINS, Grace FINCH, Joe PERAZZO, May CULLEN.

  Sixth to Seventh Grade - Eugenia BAKER, Lucy AINSWORTH, Lila KNIGHT, Minnie NICHOLS, Georgia FERGUSON, Marguerite DORIAN, Millie FORD, Fred GOULD, Rosa GOMES, Lester ANDERSON, Gertrude HOUSTON, James KIPP, Chester SOWLES, Robert DORIAN, May MARVIN, Will CAPLES, John GOMES.

  Seventh to Eighth Grade - Irma KNIGHT, Belle MURPHY, Dora AINSWORTH, Cassie McDONALD, Bertie ARNOLD, Bertie NICHOLS, Maggie FIELD, Grover HARRIS, Ollie FERGUSON, James DORIAN, Ella BURRILL.

  Eighth to Ninth Grade - Mabel SHANNON, Pearl GEGAX, Ward BURNETT, Verda FORD, Lola BRADLEY, Alice WHITE.


  HICKSVILLE DISTRICT (Louisa J. NEED, teacher).

  To Third - James LE ROY, Francis LE ROY, Lillian HANSEN.

  To Fourth - Zole GEAR.

  To Fifth - Susan McENERNEY, Romain LE ROY, Bernard McENERNEY.

  To Seventh - Arthur SUTTON, Frank SUTTON, Irving SUTTON, Henry HANSEN, Nellie RILEY, Ray SHORT.

  To Eighth, Alice RILEY, Charles GEAR, Emma HANSEN, Eugene VAN ANTWERP.

  To Ninth - Eleanor HANSEN, Agnes LE ROY.


  LISBON DISTRICT (Maude BEATON, teacher).

  To Second Grade - Manuel ROSE, Louise JOSEPH.

  To Third Grade - May PARKER, Mena JOSEPH, Julia MATTES, Manuel MATTES, Maggie PERRY.

  To Fifth Grade - Rose SILVA, May WILLIAMS, Anne GARCIE, Mary ROSE.

  To Sixth Grade - Joe SILVA, Albert RODGERS, Lenore SEMAS, Annie SEMAS, Ruby PARKER, Frank PARKER, Willie RODGERS, Carrie SILVA, Carrie PERRY, Joe JOSEPH.

  To Eighth Grade - Mena SILVA, Manuel WILLIAMS.

  To Ninth Grade - Joe WILLIAMS


  OAK PARK DISTRICT (Miss Mabel LEIMBACH, Principal; Miss J.A. DONOVON, Miss Emma L. GROTH, Miss Fannie HOLT, Mrs. M.D. McCONNELL, assistants).

  To Second Grade - Emma SAFFORD, Leslie TURPLE, Elsie LINDGREEN, Mabel NORTHEY, Edward CLARK, Ralph MARSH, Ruth MILLON, Raymond WIESLER, Lillian LIVERMORE, Dora LINDENMAYER, Willie COLLINS, Minnie ALBER, Beatrice HILL, Clarence McNEELEY, Albert HULLIN, Willis SITTON, Myrtle MINK, Gertie CRESS, Willie HAMILTON, Chester BOLES, Alvina HESS, Leota GILBERT, Herbert WEISSE, Georgie ROSS, Langstaff MILINER, Mabel ARNOLD, Eleonore HOLLY, Gertrude TIETZ, Elsie PETERSON, Joseph GARTNER, Fred BECKER, Alfred GALLI, Harvey GILMORE, Ruth CHAPMAN, Albert BOOTHBY, Ethel SPANGLER (conditioned), Bruice McGINNESS.

  To Third Grade - Mattie HESS, Gladys HOECKEL, Ethel HUNT, Lizzie LINDEMEYER, Celia LOHMEYER, Juanita MAINS, Ethel SURREY, Arvine KELLEY, Hattie PIERSON, Fannie BIANCALANA, Freda CARTER, Clara CHAPMAN, Nellie HART, Arthur ALBER, Claudio ALLMAN, Roy BECKER, Gordon BACHTEL, Earl COPPIN, Charles CHRISTIE, Collis DUFOUR, Earl GEITNER, Frank GILLESPIE, Purl HUFF, George MILNR, Frank PRITCHARD, Roy SUMY, Nicholas HULLIN, Willie McNEELEY, Clifford SMITH, Harvey APPLE, Fred BOTOFF, Frank DAVIS, George FALLTRICK, Melvin JOHNSON, Walter WEISSE.

  To Fourth Grade - Claire HULLIN, Bertha HESS, Lola TURPLE, Purl LUNDGUIST, Edith McGINNIS, Orion VANDERFORD, Arthur HOFFMAN, Royce ARNOLD, Henry NEUMAN, Charles CARTER, Goldie LIGHTFOOT, Charles WINTERS, John FUHRER, Victor WEISS, John COON, Wylie COON, Elder FALLTRICK, Carrie MAINS, Donah PRYOR, Teresa MORRISON, Ebba SELBERG, Alice BIEDERMAN, Rose GILMORE, Frances GARDNER, George SHEPARD, Ray LOGAN, Hugh PRYOR, Albert STEEN, Annie ELLIS, John SENTZ, Martin ALBER, Mabel STEPHENS.

  To Fifth Grade - Lillian CURL, Earl WALDRON, May SOMMERS, Edna WOODBRIDGE, Archie BECKER, George GILLESPIE, Henry McGINNESS, Lila FAIRCHILD, Nellie LOGAN, Charles TODD, Eddie WELCH, Myrtle CARTER, Bertie GROSS, Emma ALBER, Agnes CARROLL, Harold LIVERMORE, Harry WINTERS, Chester WALDRON, Charles NEUMANN, Josie THALKS, Grace WINTERS.

  To Sixth Grade - Ella DAVIS, Maggie BOGGESS, Jessie SHAW, Neva GRIGSBY, Belle GARDNER, Hattie HUNT, Herman DAVIS, Walter WILLIAMS, Earl PENNINGTON, Henry STEEN, Ruby CLARKE, Henry WALDRON, Fred COLLINS, Lucille WILLIAMS, Gertrude LIGHTFOOT.

  To Seventh Grade - Louis BIEDERMAN, Chester LOGAN, Maud ROSS, May WHEADON, Albert SCHMITT, Irene GROSS, Richard FALLTRICK. Lemuel GANDY, Edna GREENWOOD, Ida SILVA, Mabel SHEPHERD, May HUFF, Lulu THALLS, Harri SNOOK, Elwin GRIGSBY, Lily GILMORE, Lewis PRICE, Campbell PRYOR, August STEEN, Myrtle SNYDER, Louis PRITCHARD, Katie MORRISON, May WHEADON, Mae WOODS.

  To Eight Grade - John HORTON, Claud CURL, Clarence GREENWALT, John WEISE, Ben LIVERMORE, George CALDERWOOD, Theresa BIEDERMAN, Lottie CARTER, Edna HOFFMAN, Arthur ANDERSON, Elliott GARDINER, Charlie HAINES, Audrey THALLS, Gussie BOOTHBY, Charlie LIVERMORE.




  To Second Grade - Tony GOMAS.

  To Third Grade - Delce GOMAS, Josie SCHEIBER, Oswald SCHEIBER.

  To Fourth Grade - Joe GOMAS.

  To Fifth Grade - Margaret MULLANE, Mary MULLANE, Frank GOMAS.


ONISBO DISTRICT (Florence BOURE, teacher).

  To Third Grade - Willie BARRY, Eddie BROWN, Roy PALMER.

  To Fourth Grade - Joe BROWN, Mercer RUNYON, Willie THOMAS, Manuel SMITH.

  To Fifth Grade - Ethel BARRY, Bayard MILLER, Mary MILLER, Howard KERCHEVAL, George SMITH.

  To Sixth Grade - Lillian THOMAS, George THOMAS.

  To Seventh Grade - Gertrude RUNYON, Bessie BARRY.

  To Eighth Grade - Elbert KERCHEVAL, Eva MILER.

  To Ninth Grade - Amelia PECK, Roy PECK, John THOMAS.



  To Second - Maude HINDS, Grace HINDS, Harry BRYAN, Katie GEAR.

  To Third - Nellie FREY.

  To Fifth - Penn STEPHENSON, Ethel BRYAN, Gesina FREY, George FLEXMAN.

  To Sixth - James STEPHENSON, Wilson BRYAN, John FREY.

  To Eighth - Donald McCLAIN.

  To Ninth - Henry McCLAIN, Lizzie FREY, Mae BRYAN.



  To Second - Edna COONS,

  To Third - Maude CLARK, Charley CLARK, Vernon COON, Marshall COONS.

  To Fifth - Maggie ALLTUCKER, John ALLTUCKER, Raymond COONS, Oliver RODEN, Roy CLARK.

  To Sixth - Abe WOODARD.

  To Seventh - Nellie MAHON, Pearl RODEN (conditioned).

  To Eighth - Mabel WOODARD (conditioned).

  To Ninth - Grace CARR, Bertha NELMES, Kate NELMES.



  To Third - John CAULFIELD, George COCHRANE, Vital BUTLER.

  To Fourth - Vernon HAMMER, Beverly McADAMS.

  To Fifth - William CAULFIELD.

  To Sixth - Edward BARRETT.

  To Seventh - Carrie LUTJEN.

  To Eighth - Wilfred STARING.



  To Second - Fred WHITE, Charles BAGWILL, Willie BUTLER, Willie JONES, Frank PRADIE, George MENTO, Frank HOPPE, Frank CORIEA, Nora SILVA, Mamie LUCAS, Lucy CORIEA.

  To Third - Norman WHITE, Mamie GRONDONA, Charles HOPPPE, Maggie MENIEUR, Charles BAGWILL, George BAGWILL, Ethel FISK, Mary CORIEA.

  To Fourth - Ella KOCH, Edward HOPPE, Joseph PRADIE, Joseph MENTO.

  To Fifth - Emma KOCH, Mary MENTO, Charles FISK, Frank MENTO, Howard GBAGWILL, Manuel LUCAS, Mary SILVA.

  To Sixth - Rudolph KOCH.

  To Seventh - Grace BAGWILL, Walter KOCH.

  To Eighth - Ethel COX, Luella SLACK, Minnie GOODRICH.


VICTORY DISTRICT (Mrs. S.G. ELLISON, teacher; Miss Mattie MORROW, assistant).

  To Second - Belle LEWIS, Mildred BAKER, Lester HORST, John KEANE, Willie BRAINARD, John McANAW.

  To Third - Lois OWEN, Ruby DIXON, Alberta ROWE, Lillie COONS, Pearl CARTER, Orton COLTON, Loyd HAUSKINS.

  To Fourth - James KEANE, Olive FOWLER, Gertie LEWIS, Hazel GRAHAM.

  To Fifth - Osborne MACKEY, Hazel DIXON, Aubrey DIXON, Rilla BAKER, Harold DIXON, Robert McKEE, Charlie PROBERT, Mabel HORST, Blanche WHEELER, Bessie GRAHAM, Albert LEWIS.

  To Sixth - Natalie WHEELER, Norman BAKER, Annie HORST, Everett HAUSKINS, Jennie CARSON.

  To Seventh - Walter THOMPSON, Tillie WHEELER, Parilee FOWLER, Thomas KEANE, Addie BARRY, Myrtle CARTER, Nellie CARTER, Blanche FOWLER, Maud MACKEY.

  To Eighth - Alfred DIXON, Leone BERRY, John LEWIS, Charlie McKEE, Nellie BARRY, Verda MACKEY, Fannie BAKER, Ernestine SPRINGSTED, Ralph KUYKENDALL.

  To Ninth - Ralph KUYKENDALL, John LEWIS, Charlie McKEE, Nellie BARRY, Verda MACKEY, Fannie BAKER, Ernestine SPRINGSTED.




Transcribed by Betty Loose.

Source: Record-Union, Sacramento, Wednesday, July 13, 1898.






The Record-Union, Sacramento

Wednesday, June 29, 1898

Page 3






Grammar School Programs For Thursday

Additional Lists of Names of Pupils Who Have Been Promoted


  In yesterday’s notice of the school exercises to take place to-morrow the programs of the Sutter and Harkness Grammar Schools were transposed. They should be:


  Sutter Grammar School, Twenty-first and L streets, 10 a.m.; “Sutter Grammar School March,” Edna CURTIS; song, “Why Do Summer Roses Fade?” class; recitation, “The Work That Is Best,” Mabel GOLDEN; piano solo, “Norwegian Bridal Procession,” Aimee STUART; song “Heart and Homes,” class; class history, Florence WIEGER; piano duet, “Il Travatore,” Maud HILLIARD and Hazel LATSON; song, “Yankee Dewey Dandy,” class; declamation, “Old Glory,” Fontaine JOHNSON; song, “Freedom Forever,” class; address to the graduates and presentation of diplomas, C.A. ELLIOTT; class, parting song.


            Harkness Grammar

  Harkness Grammar School, Tenth and P streets, 9:30 o’clock: March, “Leota,” Ethel COREY; salute to the flag; song, class; “A Strange Sleep,” Etta STREETER; “The Roman Valentine,” May OMEROD; piano solo, “Hercules,” Lutie ENTRICAN; “The Martyrs of the Maine,” Cecelia NICHOLS; “The American Flag,” Harold MATHEWS; “Address to Graduates,” C.T. HUGHES; “Presentation of Diplomas,” W.H. SHERBURN; class song.


            Sacramento Grammar

  The exercises at the Sacramento Grammar School, Fifteenth and J streets, will begin at 10 a.m., and will be as follows:

 Prayer, Rev. F.M. MITCHELL; song, “All Hail Dear Columbia,” graduating class; declamation, “No Excellence Without Labor,” Leonard R. SCHUSTER; recitation, “The King and the Maid,” Ratie E. ELLIOTT; song, “When Life Is Brightest,” graduating class; recitation, “The Battle of Sacramento,” Edna M. SAUNDERS; song, “The Faded Coat of Blue,” Miss Irma FITCH; valedictory, Marion E. MITCHELL; address to graduates and presentation of diplomas, E.C. PANABAKER; graduates’ parting song.

  Additional promotions:

  Seventh Grade, Bertha L. PIPER, teacher - Gertrude GINSBERG, Lizzie KAUFFMANN, Hazel WEBB, Eula GLIDE, Marguerite STEWART, Retta McHALE, Dudley JACKSON, Van PHINNEY, Anna SCHNEIDER, Marguerite JAMES, Joseph RANKIN, Jeannette MILLIGAN, Mabel GRAF, Blanche FLYNN, Clarence RATH, Amelia ROTHWELL, Suitaro KAGEYAMA, Grant COVELL, Maude COX, Mattie COLEMAN, Julie HOOPER.

  Eighth Grade, Jennie V. BURKE, teacher - Arlie CUNNINGHAM, Robert MITCHELL, Florence LARKIN, Florence FISCH, Lillian HALL, Theodore COPPERSMITH, Elita PIERSON, Guy BUTLER, Harold PARSONS, Mabel MOORE, Maud MEGERLE, Mabel BOONE, John GILPIN, Hazel ODELL, Pearl PLATT, Bertha EVANS, Mabel TENNYSON, Agnes STRACHAN, Will ADAMS, Oscar ENGSTROM, Alfred LAROCHE, Foye COTHRIN, Arthur DAHLIN, Harold HOLTEN, Nellie PIERSON, Herbert WACHHORST, Harper MITCHELL.

  Eighth Grade, Maria CARRINGTON, teacher - Ruth KRUSLEY, Jessie LONG, Harry CHAPMAN, Pearl BAY, Edward SCHWEITZER, Harry STOBER, Nellie OSGOOD, Claire SAUNDERS, Lillie COX, Lottie DOSCH, Irene CUDDY, Landon LINDSAY, Max STONE, Katie COLLINS, Pearl COLEMAN, Harry HAYS, Teddy HART, Minnie SCHAFER, Able HEMSTREET, Viola MENKEN, Lorne COCHENOUR, Edwin EHMAN, Lena PLUSS, Tay JACKSON, Phoebe LUZBERG, Celia VAN ZEE, Martha PIERSON, Howard HARTER, Lottie WASHBURN.

  Ninth Grade - Charles WEIGER, Walter A. CONDON, Albert O. NOBEL, Ernest BROWN, Lillie E. DELANEY.


            Washington Kindergarten

  Following are the names of the pupils promoted in the Washington Kindergarten at Thirteenth and G streets, Carrie M. Estes, Principal:

 Gladys SHIRLEY, Corrinne SIMMONDS, Bessie WUNDUS, Ethel FISHER, Lottie RUHSTALLER, Leta BABCOCK, Helen LIGHTNER, Mabel CONGER, Rosalyn HEISCH, Francis PRITCHARD, Minnie ZEIGLER, Lucy MOSELY, Irene SCHROTH, Francis MEYERS, Ethel IRWIN, Alma SAUNDERS, Lola DENTON, Lottie ELDER, Vina DAILEY, Pauline KRENKE, Hazel COFFMAN, Louise ROHRHMAN, Nettie BYRNE, Rebe TAYLOR, Hila BRINK, Cleola FAULK, Edward DUFFY, Ralph ROBBINS, Leo LENTZ, Elmer SIMMERMACHER, Clarence STATTSMAN, Edwin McKEEVER, Carroll DUNN, George DE GROFT, Carleton PIERSON, Joseph CONDIT, Ralph GREENLAW, Louis PRICE, Oscar LOW, Vincent KERNS.


            Newton Booth School

  Promotions in the Newton Booth School, M.B.B. POTTER, Principal, have been announced for the classes named:

  From Ninth to Tenth - Kate JORDAN, Fred SPIERSCH.

  From Seventh to Eighth - Willie BUCKMAN, Albert ACKERMAN, Frank MILLER, Manuel THOMAS, Grove HARLAN, Lenna ANDERSON.

  From Sixth to Seventh - Annie MILLER, Jess KENDRICK, Willie TAYLOR, Ira MOORE, Charles HAEDRICH, William METCALF.

  From Sixth to Seventh - Martha HERBERT, Mary METCALF, George HERBERT, Sevolt LINDBERG, Adolph MATTHIAS, Frank SMITH, John HAUSER, Grove SCHAPP.

  From Eighth to Ninth - No promotions.



 The name of Bessie SPRAGUE should have appeared in the Fremont Primary list as promoted from Second to Third Grade.


Transcribed by Betty Loose.

Source: The Record-Union, Sacramento, Wednesday, June 29, 1898, Page 3.

© 2007 Betty Loose.