Source: The San Francisco Blue Book & Pacific Coast Elite Directory, 1892

The Bancroft Company, San Francisco, 1892

Transcribed by Pam Storm Wolfskill.




ADAMS, Mr. and Mrs. F.B., 1525 L st.

ADAMS, Miss Lizzie, 910 Seventh st.

ALSIP, Mr. and Mrs. E.K., 17811 N. st.

ARMSTRONG, Judge and Mrs. J.W., 917 O st.

ATKINSON, Prof. and Mrs. E.C., 1711 I st. and Lake Tahoe.

BAINBRIDGE, Mr. and Mrs. J.C., cor. Eighth and J. sts.

BARRETT, Miss Mamie, 701 Twelfth st.

BECKMAN, Mr. and Mrs. William, Golden Eagle Hotel.

BENNETT, Miss Eva, 1411 K st.

BERNARD, Miss Lizzie, Metropolital Building.

BIRDSALL, Mr. and Mrs. Fred, 727 Ninth st.

BIRDSALL, Miss Etta, 727 Ninth st.

BONTE, Mr. and Mrs. Charles, 909 F st.

BOOTH, Hon. Newton.

BOWERS, Mr. and Mrs. W.O., Golden Eagle Hotel.

BOYD, J.W., 912 G st.

BOYD, Miss Mabel, 912 G st.

BRECKENFELD, Mr. and Mrs. H.B., 1316 I st.

BRIGGS, Dr. and Mrs. W.A., 1300 I st.

BRUSIE, Mr. and Mrs. Jud C., 917 K st.

BUCHANAN, Mr. and Mrs. A.N., Tenth and H sts.

BULLARD, Miss Etta, Davisville.

BURNHAM, Mr. and Mrs. C.E., 916 1/2 J st.

CAREY, Mr. and Mrs. R.S., 1003 H st.

CARROLL, Mrs. E.B., SW cor. Tenth and H sts.

CARROLL, Miss Liela, SW cor. Tenth and H sts.

CARROLL, Edgar B., 906 Ninth st.

CARROLL, Miss Mae, 729 Seventh st.

CHIPMAN, Mr. and Mrs. H.C., 914 N st.

CLARK, Miss Minnie, 1127 Tenth st.

CLARK, Mr. and Mrs. C.W., Tenth and H sts.

CLARK, Miss Laura, Tenth and H sts.

CLUNESS, Dr. and Mrs. W.R., 805 H st.

CLUNESS, Miss Minnie, 805 H st.

COLEMAN, Mr. and Mrs. W.P., 325 J st.

COLEMAN, Mr. and Mrs. J.O., 501 M st.

COSBY, Gen. and Mrs. George B., 1208 P st.

COSBY, Miss Edith, 1208 P st.

COTHRIN, Mr. and Mrs. W.K., 1228 N st.

COX, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick, Twenty-first and W sts.

COX, Mrs. Genevieve, Twenty-first and W sts.

COX, Mr. and Mrs. Crawford J., Twenty-first and W sts.

COX, Miss Fredda, Twenty-first and W sts.

CROCKER, Mrs. Margaret, Third and O sts.

CROCKER, Mr. and Mrs. B.R., 618 L st.

CROUCH, Mr. and Mrs. E.A., 308 O st.

CROUCH, Miss Bessie, 229 O st.

CROUCH, Miss Mamie, 229 O st.

DEMMING, Miss Mamie, Twenty-first and T sts.

DEMMING, Miss Ella, Twenty-first and T sts.

DEVLIN, Robert T.

DILLMAN, Mr. and Mrs. C.F., 1213 N st.

DILLMAN, Mr. and Mrs. M.J., 1420 O st.

DIXON, Dr. and Mrs. G.M., 728 Ninth st.

DRAY, Senator and Mrs. F.R., 1323 I st.

DUEL, Mr. and Mrs. S.J., 1118 H st.

DUEL, Miss Ethel, 1118 H st.

DUEL, Dr. and Mrs. E.C., Eleventh and G sts.

DUNN, Hon John P.

EARLE, Mr. and Mrs. Dan O.

FARIS, Mr. and Mrs. James, 1123 H st.

FELTER, Mr. and Mrs. J.I., 619 Tenth st.

FELTER, Miss Emma, 619 Tenth st.

FOLGER, Mr. and Mrs. A.G., 1122 H st.

FOYE, Mrs. A.L., 1228 N st.

FRASER, Mr. and Mrs. Edward, N bet. Seventh and Eighth sts.

GARDNER, Dr. and Mrs. M., Sutter Building.

GARFIELD, Miss Susie, 218 M st.

GERGER, Mr. and Mrs. W.E., 1424 N st.

GILL, Mr. and Mrs. John A., 1108 G st.

GILCHRIST, Mr. and Mrs. J.T.

GILLIS, Mrs. J.L., 1220 Seventh st.

GLOVER, Mrs. J.T., 1021 1/2 Front st.

GREGORY, Mayor and Mrs. E.J., 208 J st.

GREGORY, Miss Millie, 128 J st.

GREGORY, Miss Daisy, 128 J st.

GREGORY, Miss Malvene, 128 J st.

GREEN, Miss Genevieve, 923 M st.

GRIFFITH, Mr. and Mrs. Fred D., 1812 H st.

GRIFFITH, Mr. and Mrs. J.T., 1231 H st.

GRIFFITH, Miss Eva, 1231 H st.

GRIFFIN, Miss Lizzie, 2412 H st.

HAHN, Miss Florence, 1309 H st.

HALE, Mrs. E.W., Fifteenth and O sts.

HALL, Mr. and Mrs. Charles P.

HALL, Mr. and Mrs. T.B., 1236 O st.

HALL, Mr. William H.

HAMILTON, Col. and Mrs. E.R., cor. Fifth and J sts.

HANCHETTE, Miss Louise, 1402 H st.

HARMON, Mr. and Mrs. R.B., 604 Seventh st.

HART, Gen. and Mrs. A.L., 1027 L st.

HAWLEY, Mr. and Mrs. Robert, Fifteenth and H sts.

HEILBRON, Mr. and Mrs. Henry, 2017 M st.

HENDRICKS, Sec. and Mrs. W.C., 1923 H st.


HETZEL, Mr. and Mrs. Selden, 624 O st.

HICKMAN, Mr. and Mrs. Frank, 1313 I st.

HOITT, Mr. and Mrs. Ira G., 916 L st.

HOLL, Judge and Mrs. Solon, 1325 G st.

HOUGHTON, Mr. and Mrs. C.S., 1315 H st.

HOPKINS, Mr. and Mrs. A.S., 1413 I st.

HUBBARD, Mr. and Mrs. C.H., 1429 I st.

BUGHSON, Miss Edith, 914 N st.

HUGHSON, Dr. and Mrs., Seventh and N sts.

HUNTINGTON, Dr. and Mrs. T.W., 515 Thirteenth st.

HUNTOON, Miss Eva, 721 M st.

HURD, Mrs. Horatio, 1317 H st.

INGRAM, Mr. and Mrs. William, 724 N st.

IINGRAM, Mr. and Mrs. W.,. Jr., 724 N st.

IRVINE, Mr. and Mrs. R.C., 1900 H st.

JACKSON, Mr. and Mrs. George W., Metropolitan Buildling.

JOHNSON, Mr. and Mrs. Grove L., 720 Hyde st.

JOHNSON, Miss Mollie B., 1100 F st.

JOHNSON, Mr. and Mrs. A.J., 1319 I st.

KASEBERG, Mr. and Mrs. J.W., Roseville.

KASEBERG, Miss Mary, Roseville.

KATZENSTEIN, Mr. and Mrs. G.B., 1213 O st.

KENNEDY, Mrs. M.A., 1603 H st.

LAINE, Dr. and Mrs. J.R., 913 K st.

LA RUE, Mr. and Mrs. H.M., 1602 H st.

LEAKE, Mr. and Mrs. W.S., 923 M st.

LENOIR, Mr. and Mrs. C.J., 803 M st.

LEWIS, Mr. and Mrs. L.L., 1623 H st.

LEWIS, Miss, 1623 H st.

LINDLEY, Mr. and Mrs. D., Seventh bet. L and M sts.

LINDLEY, Miss Liela J., 1314 H st.

LINDLEY, Miss Helen, 1314 H st.

LOCKE, Miss Ella, 330 M st.

LORENZ, Mr. and Mrs. George W., 1007 I st.

LYON, Mr. and Mrs. William M., 1601 Second st.

MARKHAM, Governor and Mrs. H.H.

McCLATCHY, Mr. and Mrs. V.S., 2207 J st.

McCLATHCY, Mr. and Mrs. C.K., 1416 Third st.

McCORD, Mr. and Mrs. J.L., 1220 N st.

McCREARY, Mr. and Mrs. Charles, 1128 Tenth st.

McKEE, Mrs. E.H., 420 Post st.

McKILLIP, Miss Hattie, 1415 J st.

McKUNE, Judge and Mrs. J.H., 1511 H st.

McLAUGHLIN, Major and Mrs. William, 1621 Second st.

McNASSAR, Col. and Mrs. James, 1200 Tenth st.

MEBIUS, Mr. and Mrs. L., 1101 N st.

MERKELEY, Mrs. R.J., P.O. Box 366.

MILLER, Mr. and Mrs. Dwight H.

MILLER, Mr. and Mrs. Frank, 831 N st.

MILLIKEN, Mrs. J.M., 1108 H st.

MILLIKEN, Miss Louise, 1108 H st.

MILLS, Mr. and Mrs. J.E., 1526 Third st.

MOTT, Mr. and Mrs. George M., 1515 I st.

NICHOLS, Dr. and Mrs. C.B., 1601 L st.

NICHOLS, Dr. and Mrs. H.L., 909 F st.

NORRIS, Mrs. W.E., 1012 P st.

ORCUTT, Mr. and Mrs. F.L., 1803 H st.

PARKINSON, Dr. and Mrs. J.H., 1030 I st.

PETRIE, Miss Lottie, 622 J st.

PORTER, Mr. and Mrs. J.N., 722 Ninth st.

POST, Mr. and Mrs. C.N., 1922 H st.

RAY, Mrs. F.E., 710 H st.

RICHARDSON, Miss Joey, 1503 H st.

RICHARDSON, Miss Minnie, 1503 H st.

ROBIN, Mr. and Mrs. Charles, 1420 I st.

ROSS, Mrs. Charles H., 1202 H st.

RYAN, Mr. and Mrs. F.D., 1200 P st.

RUSSEL, Miss Mary.

SAFFORD, Judge and Mrs. W.S., Lull House.

SHEEHAN, Gen. and Mrs. T.W., Twenty-first and U sts.

SIDDONS, Mr. and Mrs. W.M., 1421 I st.

SIDDONS, Miss Diasy, 1421 I st.

SIMMONS, Dr. and Mrs. G.L., cor. Tenth and N sts.

SLIGHT, Mrs. S.P., 1309 I st.

SMITH, Mr. H.G., 500 Ninth st.

SMITH, Miss Alice, 1224 H st.

SMITH, Mr. and Mrs. F.B., G bet 12th and 13th sts.

SMITH, Mr. and Mrs. S. Prentiss, Twelfth and O sts.

SNEAD, Miss Minnie, Dixon.

SNEAD, Miss Kate, Dixon.

SNIDER, Dr. and Mrs. T.A., 913 M st.

SNIDER, Miss Mary, 913 M st.

SOUTHWORTH, Dr. S.S., 1905 J st. and Granda Vista, Bolinas, Marin Co.

SOUTHWORTH, Dr. E.L., 1905 J st. and Granda Vista, Bolinas, Marin Co.

SOUTHWORTH, Fred B., 1905 J st. and Granda Vista, Bolinas, Marin Co.

SOUTHWORTH, Scott S., 1905 J st. and Granda Vista, Bolinas, Marin Co.

SPEIKER, Mr. and Mrs. J.J., 1322 I st.

STEFFENS, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph, 1524 H st.

STEFFENS, Miss Lulu, 1524 H st.

STEINMAN, Mr. and Mrs. B.U., 717 I st.

STEPHENS, Mr. and Mrs. R.D., 12th and N sts.

STEPHENSON, Miss Carrie, 1227 N st.

STEVENSON, Miss Lelia.

STEVENSON, Miss Mabel.

SULLIVAN, Mrs. J.H., 1430 H st. and Vacaville.

SULLIVAN, Miss Julie, 1430 H st. and Vacaville.

SULLIVAN, Miss Sophie, 1430 H st. and Vacaville.

TAYLOR, Miss Carrie, 1621 H st.

TAYLOR, Miss Mary, 1810 H st.

TAYLOR, Miss Clara, 1810 H st.

TAYLOR, Mr. and Mrs. L.S., 1207 O st.

TAYLOR, Mrs. George, Metropolitan Building.

TEBBETTS, Dr. and Mrs. F.F., 914 6th st.

TERRY, Mr. and Mrs. J.E., 930 M st.

TERRY, Mr. and Mrs. W.E., Thirteenth and N sts.

TERRY, Miss May, Thirteenth and N sts.

TOWLE, Mr. and Mrs. Allan, Twenty-first and M sts.

TOWLE, Miss Ora, Twenty-first and M sts.

TOZER, Gen. and Mrs. L., 1429 H st.

TUFTS, Mr. and Mrs. A.C., 1605 H st.

TYRRELL, Miss Lulu, 617 N st.

UPSON, Mr. and Mrs. L.S., 1010 F st.

UPSON, Miss Lucy, 1010 F st.

UPSON, Miss Adelaide, 1010 F st.

VAN FLEET, Judge and Mrs. W.C., 815 Eighteenth st.

VAN VOORHIES, Mr. and Mrs. A.A., 1403 H st.

VAN VOORHIES, Mr. and Mrs. R.J., 800 J st.

WATSON, Mrs. J.R., 731 F st.

WEINSTOCK, Mr. and Mrs. H., 1207 L st.

WILCOX, Miss Florence, 1020 F st.

WILCOX, Miss Mellie, 1030 F st.

WILLIAMS, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Y., 719 H st.

WILLIS, Mr. and Mrs. E.B., M bet Sixth and Seventh sts.

WILSON, Mr. and Mrs. J.W., 516 M st.

WILSON, Miss Lutie, 516 M st.

WISEMAN, Miss Julia, 308 M st.

WITTENBROCK, Miss Eliza, 1303 I st.

WOOD, Dr. and Mrs. William, 814 Seventeenth st.

WOOD, Mr. and Mrs. A.A., 725 Seventh st.

WOOD, Miss May, 725 Seventh st.

WRIGHT, Colonel and Mrs. J.B., 1402 H st.


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