End of 1873

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The Union

Sacramento, Cal.

Thursday Morning, January 1, 1874






1 - Legal holiday, and day observed by the usual visiting, etc....ADAMS & ALSIP’s factory burglarized.

2 - Brick building owned by A. MARTIN, on corner of Fourth and O Streets, damaged by fire.

3 - Successful festival in aid of the Professional Orphan Asylum.

4 - Captain ZIMMERMAN, an old steamboat captain, died.

6 - MORTIMER arraigned before the District Court for murder of May GIBSON.

8 - “Pap” HUNT, pioneer resident of Sacramento, died.

10 - Chinaman took a dose of opium with suicidal intent, and succeeded.

11 - “Pete,” one of the last two survivors of the NORRIS ranch Indians, died.

13 - Sunday law enforced, and bar-rooms and groceries closed.

16 - Dr. VOLLER’s office burglarized and valuable jewelry stolen.

19 - Four arrests made for violating the Sunday law.

20 - Slight shock of earthquake felt...Meeting of the State Association of the California Vine Growers and Wine and Brandy Manufacturers’ Association in Fireman’s Hall, and transaction of the annual business...Robert CONNELLY thrown form a wagon corner of Twelfth and L streets; struck against a derrick, had his skull fractured, and died from the effects.

21 - Second day of meeting of Vine Growers Association and adjournment.

22 - R.S. CAREY elected President of the State Agricultural Society, and Robert B*CK, Secretary...Another earthquake felt.

23 - Fire in store of J.L. CHADDERDON, K street, near Second; damage, $12,000 or $14,000.


8 - Judgement of $60,000 in favor of Paulina C. TOWLE against Sacramento city, in United States Circuit Court, San Francisco.

4 - Chinaman shot at his father and hit an outsider...Meeting of Grand Lodge of Knights of Pythias.

5 - Chevalier’s frame building, on Third street, near L, damaged by fire...Colonel W.H.L. BARNES, of San Francisco, lectured at Congregational Church.

6 - Report of Capitol Park Commissioners, condemning property for the park, published.

7 - Michael BERGIN committed suicide with a pistol.

8 - Samuel LEWIS died suddenly of congestion of the brain...Epizootic made its appearance.

9 - Son of P. DALY died from effects of running a piece of metal into his eye.

11 - Ball alley on K street, between Eighth and Ninth, burned. Loss, slight.

12 - Meeting of land owners to take action concerning the report of the Capitol Park Commissioners...Unknown man drowned in Sacramento river.

13 - Death of Stephen J. CASAIN, a pioneer.

14 - Fire in LARDNER’s building, corner of 5th and K streets. Loss, slight...Frank ANDERSON, for killing QUIGLY, sentenced to two years in State Prison.

18 - J. CLARK, a notorious “confidence man,” arrested...Two slight shocks of earthquakes felt.

22 - Washington’s birthday property celebrated.

25 - Severe thunder storm, accompanied by a heavy fall of hail.

27 - Death of Harry MONTFORT, City Tax Collector.


1 - Germania Building Association fully organized; stock, 2,500 shares, all taken.

2 - Republican primary election; McCLEERY successful, but on recount ADAMS, railroad, declared nominee for Third Trustee...Ah Quong murdered by two of his countrymen, on I street.

4 - Robert LARID arrested for assault to murder one WILSON; while being arrested Laird attempted to shoot Captain STEVENS, but pistol missed fire.

10 - STANFORD and HOPKINS addressed their workmen, at railroad shops.

11 - Municipal election; ADAMS elected Third Trustee.

12 - MORTIMER’s trial commenced.

15 - MORTIMER, for the murder of Mrs. GIBSON, found guilty of murder in first degree.

17 - A one-story frame dwelling of A. KOPPIKUS, on Seventh near D, burned; loss slight.

18 - New school-house of St. Joseph’s Convent dedicated by Archbishop ALLEMANY.

23 - A stable at Thirteenth and F streets, occupied by A.C. WILEY, burned; two horses perished in the fire.

24 - Boiler of Wm. GUTENBERGER’s machine shop exploded, and a portion of it carried 300 feet; but one person injured, and that slightly.

26 - Boy named PEARL, 10 years old, stabbed by a Chinaman.

27 - Kanaka named NUHIVA, alias “Harry,” stabbed by a woman named Julia MAKURPIN; not dangerously, however.

29 - MORTIMER sentenced by Judge REARDON to be hung on May 15th.

31 - Strike of stevedores on the levee, and a slight disturbance, but no serious damage...Parade of colored residents in honor of fifteenth amendment.


2 - Steeple on new German Church fell, but injuring none.

4 - Old Board of Fire Commissioners went out of office, and new Board elected George ROWLAND President.

6 - Sacrament Rifle Club had first shooting match of the season.

7 - Coilias LOHUGA stabbed by her lover, Pedro BARRATO, but not seriously.

8 - Grand coursing match of the Sacramento Coursing Club at WHITCOMB’s ranch.

9 - The epizootic epidemic through the city.

10 - Reception of Governor BOOTH of the State Medical Society.

13 - Johann H.L. SCHAEFER committed suicide by shooting himself through the head with a shot-gun.

14 - Row among Chinese on I street; one killed and several wounded.

16 - Man named MORTIMER, alias FLINN, killed at the County Jail, while attempting the rescue of MORTIMER, his brother.

17 - Room of Superintendent of Beet Sugar Refinery entered and robbed of some $750.

18 - Frank WAGNER beat Josiah HARROLD over the head with a pitchfork so that he died...Henry S. ANSON knocked down and robbed.

16 - Odd Fellows’ picnic; largely attended.

20 - Joseph HOLZMAN of San Francisco found dead on steamer Amador.


2 - Wm. ARMSTRONG, a farmer on the Mokelumne river, found dead at the Eldred House; cause, heart disease.

5 - At the Iron Molders’ picnic a shooting match took place between George CARLISLE and Lewis ASH, in which the latter was hit in the right leg...Frame house, owned by A. SCROGGS, on K, near Tenth, burned; loss, small.

6 - Railroad bridge over Dry Creek burned.

8 - Bodies of Captain THOMAS, Lieutenants WRIGHT, and HORNE, killed at the last Modoc battle, arrived on the northern train.

9 - MORTIMER examined as to his sanity and pronounced sane.

10 -Festival by the Farmers’ Club at East Park.

11 -Captain WRIGHT’s funeral took place.

12 - Red Men’s picnic; largely attended...Boy named Robert GARDINER run over by car and had his right arm and knee crushed.

16 - MORTIMER hanged in the yard of the County Jail.

19 - House of Louise ZORN, on Second, between J and K streets, entered and robbed of $300, and other property.

25 - Annual picnic of Sacramento Arions.

29 - Meeting of Republican voters to take action on the call issued by the Republican County Central Committee.

30 - Emile d’ARTOIS, 18 years old, run over by wagon and had both ankles crushed.

31 - Carrie MORTIMER arrested for perjury...M.L. CHANDLER thrown from his buggy on Front street, and had his right foot broken.


9 - Meeting of citizens relative to an independent political movement, and organization effected.

6 - Frederick SHELLING of Galt died suddenly at the railroad depot while waiting for a train; cause, heart disease.

8 - S.C. BRANA was shot by Joachim PERANI, at Tenth and K streets, and died on the 20th from effects of wound.

9 - Balloon ascension at the plaza.

10 - Democratic County Convention met at Turner Hall...Republican County Convention met at Metropolitan Theater...A derrick, with steam hammer, upset on three men at the railroad works, injuring them - one severely.

11 - New stern wheel steamer of Sacramento Wood Company launched at Washington.

12 - John BOLTANO, 13 years old, drowned while swimming in the river below R street.

13 - Meeting of citizens to make arrangements for celebrating Fourth of July.

16 - Frank BENICE died at Railroad Hospital from effects of injuries received near Creston, on Vallejo Railroad, on the 15th inst.

17 - One-story brick house, owned by Mrs. E.B. HALEY, corner Seventh and P streets, burned; loss over $2,000.

18 - Holly Water Works tried for first time and worked well.

22 - Holly Water Works again tried; one stream of water thrown 110 feet in height...Joseph DENNY, 6 years old, drowned in the river, opposite foot of K street, in Washington.

23 - Drying-house of NICHOLS, FALVEY & Co., on Front street, burned; loss, heavy.

24 - Taxpayers convention met and nominated a county ticket...Democratic county convention met and nominated a county ticket.

27 - Annual school examination concluded.

30 - Spring races commenced over Park course. Running race, mile and repeat; won by Mingo. Time, 1:46 ½; 1:45 3/4, 1:51 3/4...Trotting race, 8 in 5; won by Sam Purdy.


1 - Trotting race at Park won by Dexter in 3 heats. Time, 2:29 - 2:27 - 2:27 ½.

2 - Nell Flaherty, Thornhill, Osecola and Target contended for a running race, mile heats. Thornhill took the first, and Flaherty the second and third. Time, 1:44 ½ - 1:45 - 1:45 ½...Pacing race, 3 in 5; won by Prussian Maid in 3 heats. Time, 2:23 1/4 - 2:26.

4 - Day celebrated by military parade, banquets, etc.... The pacing race, mile heats, 3 in 5, was won by Defiance. Time, 2:18 ½ - 2:20 ½ - 2:20 ½ - 2:22 ½....Postponed pacing race at Park won by Jim Brown...Ladies tournament at Park for prizes for best horseback rider...F.C. SCOTT committed suicide with poison.

5 - The running race, mile heats, 3 in 5, was won by Thad Stevens. Time, 1:43 - 1:43 - 1:43 ½ - 1:46 ½ - 1:45.

17 - Holly works officially tested and accepted by Trustees.

20 - James McLAUGHLIN, alias John TIGHE, cut his throat in the City Prison and died...George W. BRINK thrown from a buggy on the Riverside road and seriously injured.

22 - A horse struck by lightening and killed in a field near the hospital.

23 - Joseph HOPLEY, aged nine years, fell into the river near the Yolo bridge and was drowned...A building for storing wood and coal at the railroad shops burned; loss heavy.

27 – Peter CONLEY died at corner Sixth and W streets of heat.


3 - W.E. MILLIGAN shot and badly wounded James E. STRAIN, in Slater’s Addition, in a quarrel.

8 - Excursion party of Pennsylvanians arrived.

9 - Brick building on Front street, between I and J, damaged by fire.

10 - Alex. F. BILLIOU, Marcus RADMACHER and Luke HAYDEN drowned in river just below the city while bathing.

12 - F.S. LARDNER, old and prominent resident, died.

14 - Fire on I street; small frame building burned; loss small.

16 - Taxpayers’ meeting; addressed by Henry EDGERTON.

17 - Scull-race between W.J. McDOWELL, of Undine Club, and H. THIEL, of Riverside Club, took place on the river; won by McDOWELL.

31 - Unknown man died at city prison of congestion of the brain.


2 - Antone LESTERER fell from the porch of a house at Ninth and S streets, and was killed.

3 - Frame house on Q street, between Fifth and Sixth, unoccupied, burned.

4 - Martin CONNORS run over by cars on Front street and killed.

7 - German Lutheran Church dedicated.

9 -Anniversary of California’s admission into the Union celebrated by military parade by the Pioneers.

13 - STANFORD and HOPKINS talked to their workmen at the railroad shops.

15 - State Agricultural Fair opened...Ella Lewis won trotting race in three heats; time, 2:30 - 2:29 1/4 - 2:31 1/4.

16 - Sam Purdy won trotting race, three in five; time, 2:24 ½ - 2:23 1/4 - 2:23 1/4...Running race, mile and, repeat time, 2:24 3/4. Two-mile heat race, two in three, won by Thad. Stevens; time, 3:42 1/4 - 3:37 - 3:42 - 3:45.

17 - STANFORD’s horse Occident trotted against **me at Agricultural Park Course; made his mile in 2:16 3/4. Sam Purdy won trotting race at park; time, 2:23 1/4 - 2:2 1/4 - 2:27. Dan Vourho won pacing race; time, 2:20 - 2:20 - 2 20 3/4. Regatta on river won by the Altera of Vallejo.

18 - Representatives of several county Independent political organizations, to the number of about sixty, met at Pioneer Hall and resolved that a State Independent Judicial Convention be called to meet at Sacramento on Thursday, September 26th, 1873. Thornhill won mile and repeat running race; time, 1:44 - 1:43. Jim Brown won pacing race; time, 2:19 - 2:26 - 2:21 1/4 - 2:23 1/4.

19 - Jerome won two-mile trotting race; time, 5:00 1/4 - 5:01 ½.

20 - Westfield won 3 in 5 trotting race. Thad. Stevens wins 3 in 5 running race: 1:46 ½ - 1:45 - 1:46 - 1:48 3/4 - 1:48 ½.

21 - Dr. GATES’ horse ran away and threw him and three children out, and all badly hurt...George NEWBERT, of Brighton, assaulted and robbed, and left unconscious on railway track, and run over by train and one foot taken off near Woolen Mills.

25 - Independent State Judicial Convention met and transacted business. E.W. McKINSTRY of San Francisco was nominated Judge of the Supreme Court....Governor BOOTH serenaded.

26 - First meeting of Independent State Central Committee at Golden Eagle Hotel.

28 - THOMPSON & GREGORY’s box factory, corner M and Front streets, burned; also, Robert ANDERSON’s boiler shop, COOLEY & GREEN’s spring mattress factory, and other buildings; loss, $50,000.


2 - SCHELD & OSCHWALD’s drying-room, at brewery near Suttrer’s fort, burned; loss, $1,500.

3 - Barn at corner of Front and R streets burned; occupied by M. HOY.

4 - Sacramento Presbyterian met at the Presbyterian Church.

5 - Six fires in various parts of the city.

8 - Charles MORGAN shot and killed himself.

12 - The BENNETT murder trial, transferred from Stockton, commenced to District Court.

15 - Judicial election; quiet; Independents gener-successful. (Sic)

26 - Jury in BENNETT mur5der case rendered verdict of not guilty.

29 - Second meeting of citizens to establish a Board of Trade, at Pioneer Hall.

31 - Chinese commence their annual devil-drive.


2 - Hapeman’s patent hose nozzle tried and found a success.

3 - F.F. PATTERSON found dead in bed at Brooklyn Hotel; cause, unhealthy liver.

6 - John HANLEY, teamster, killed at Oak Knoll by a bank caving on him.

7 - Silent shock of earthquake.

14 -John JOSEPHS run over by cars at depot, and seriously hurt.

15 - Mrs. BIGLER, widow of the late ex-Governor BIGLER, died suddenly.

17 - Bid of Citizens Company for lighting streets at $3.75 per month each light accepted by the Trustees.

18 - M.E. Conference of Sacramento district convened at Sixth street M.E. Church.

22 - Earthquake slightly felt.

23 - Wm. TASSIE fell under cars at depot, and had his foot crushed.

25 - Charles BAKER, while attempting to shoot Thomas McCLAIN, accidentally shot himself in the thigh...Convention of colored citizens to choose delegates to Washington.

27 - James FOLSOM found dead in bed in the International Hotel...Trotting race at Park, 3 in 5, won by Dan Rice; best time, 2:45.


1 - Election for school officers; HINKSON elected Superintendent.

15 - Governor BOOTH’s first reception.

17 - Arthur O’NEIL mysteriously disappeared.

21 - Barney O’NEIL died suddenly of congestion of the lungs.

24 - Many Christmas tree festivities.

25 - Christmas...Eddie BRYANT, 12 years old, arrested for shooting a Chinaman.

29 - Board of Police Commissioners passed an order prohibiting policemen form playing cards, or gambling in any way, on or off duty.


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