1872 Marriages

Sacramento, CA





Sacramento Daily Union

Wednesday, January 1, 1873


STATE & COUNTY STATISTICS (For the year 1872)



2-Henry O. Purinton to Anna E. Parker

3-A.Martin to Mrs. B. Elsenminger

3-Henry W. Titus to Nettie Cross

4-A.M. Akins to Elizabeth Bainbridge

5-H. Sharpe to Clara B. Finley

6-Wm. C. Jones to Elizabeth Waters

6-James F. Devers to Rosel Jackson

8-Peter J. Hopper to Emily Clarken

8-E.G. Haynes to Mary E. Sheldon

8-L.A. Nevlin to Emma Turner

11-Wm. H. Cowan to Annie Woodall

11-Frank Davis to Anna Emma

11-John Myer to Mary R. Sternvers

12-H.C. Whitney to Lena Smith

13-Jas. W. Keating to Bridgey E. Eagan

13-Mathew Lennox to Mary Ann Waldie

13-John Cummings to Kate Mulligan

14-Hugh Carr to Nellie Newman

15-Geo. E. Freeman to Esther A. Davis

18-Wm. A. Shaw to Sarah Nichols

19-E.C. Latta to Lucy L. Price

19-Peter E. Faber to Lottie Gaston

19-Manuel P. de Arilla to Marlo Yzabel

20-Theodore Dahmiger to Helene Newhaus

20-Olaaf Peterson to Ann Martin

23-Stephen W. Pitcher to Maggie Birmingham

23-Isaiah Dunlap to Josephine Mahoney

26-John Waldie to Margaret Lennox

27-Edward J. Bigelow to Emma E. Green

29-Frederick Schelling to Frances O’Reily


1-Patrick Winn to Bridget Mullen

2-Patrick Morrisey to Grace T. Harkens

3-W.J. O’Brien to Maggie A. Bannon

7-Edward McLeod to Sarah Taif

8-John J. Thelen to D.K.Voss

8-Geo T. Carr to Eliza Coppin

9-Daniel O’Keefe to Anna Picket

9-Wm. Lloyd to Amy J. White

10-John A. Milner to Mary R. Jones

10-John McFarland to Margaret Kelly

10-Jon Broich to Wilhelm Mena

10-W.J. Wildvahn to Maggie Marsh

13-Henry Beules to Catherine Whelan

15-Charles Lunn to Mena Sirenson

15-Samuel A. Mathews to Catherine A. Munn

24-John Eoff to Mrs. Mary E. Davis

29-Owen Coleman to Christina McArthur


1-Emile Lavine to Anna Kallenberg

2-Wm. J. Brunsletter to Susan A. Williams

4-Geo. L. Prentice to Ellen O. Howe

4-W.B. Bradford to Jennie Maguire

5-James H. Whitesides to Hattie R. Fairfield

6-S.A. Bentley to Mrs. Harriet Griffith

8-Jacob Grapit to Magdelena Ceininger

14-James Clay Marsh to Mrs. Ann Riley

16-Frederick F. Heinrich to Mary Rehmke

18-John A. Odell to Rosalie S. Berry

21-H.W. Jackson to Cecelia M. Kennedy

22-Wm. M. Woods to Mrs. Mary A. Fisher

25-Charles A. Nuttall to Rachael Holt

25-Pierce Androit to Pauline Pinaire


1-Ira M. Condit to Samantha D. Knox

1. Samuel Wyatt to Annie Alexander

3-Andrew Francis to Isabel Florindez

3-George A. Hunt to Kate Johns

6-Edward Kenny to Mary Dolan

8-James S. Young to Christine M. Erickson

8-Robert S. Jamison to Susan Theobald

9-A.M. Gunter to Margaretta Kent

11-W.F. Griggs to Lucretia Bell

12-A.C. Bloom to Ellen Vaunatta

12-Charles Hermann to Heleane Herst

15-Isaac C. Allen to Maria E. Beckley

16-Harmon H. Schultz to Kate Shuler

17-Thomas Steele to Celia F. Ralphs

18-Thomas E. O’Halloran to Bridget Behan

19-Horatio Hurd to A.M. Ross

20-A.W. McCoy to Susan A. McKenna

23-Claus Bush to Elizabeth Pabst

24-Charles A. Lewis to Ida M. Reshore

26-A.H. Sprague to Anna M. Robins

27-J.S. Weller to Lucie Hunt

27-John Hanlon to Emily E. Tibbitts

27-Solomon Farjeon to Henrietta E. Burnham

29-Isaac P. Wilson to Mrs. Minnie Cary

29-John Givens to Mary Sullivan

30-D. Dalton to Mrs. C.F. Mahone


1-Wm. B. Miller to Mary F. Leet

1-Samuel Ewing to Melissa Hittich

2-R.D. Beckley to Mary Cutts

2-T.L. Bibbins to Lucy A. Snell

3-Joseph Irvine to Fanny E. Robinson

4-Wm. Eberhardt to Louisa Sherp

6-W.W. Dean to Mary E. Beach

8-R.M. Phenneger to Hannah J. Tolle

9-Frances Lamay to Nora Lynch

11-Wm. Fruseke to Louisa Anhart

11-J.B. Sherburn to M.A. Clark

11-Wm. G.M. Richardson to Mary J. Barton

14-A.A. Van Voorhies to Georgie Montiort

14-W.H. Harrison to G.G. Stevens

16-John Dunn to Susan Dorsey

20-William Holt to Eliza Nuttall

21-W.T. Smith to Fannie T. Kemble

22-H.H. McWilliams to Nellie Welden

23-Edward H. Cox to E.B. Nichols

28-Felix Fluer to Christina Schmid

29-George Neumann to Mary E. Neumann

29-Peter Dickenson to Mrs. Mary Hilton

30-P.C. Dolan to Sarah E. Bowles


4-W.H.H. Hatch to Mrs. Anna Morris

5-Samuel K. Dewes to Mrs. E.F. Krigbaum

5-James H. Price to Mary E. Cochran

7-William Oeste to Barbara Niedecker

8-John F. Allen to Emma Campbell

8-Jacob Spohn to Mary Biscae

13-Joseph W. Johnson to Belle Kemble

14-G.W. Moore to Mary E. Howard

15-Matthew Orr to Ann Rochford

18-James Carter to Mrs. Emma M. Mabbe

19-James Welch to Bridget Preston

19-George O.P. Hilton to Henrietta Grant

19-William Keller to Juliet Crouch

20-M.L. Gulligan to Caroline Carter

21-M. Richardson to Mary Bottoms

21-Adam Dahns to Catharine Raasler

24-Thomas C. Hull to Emma S. Kell

25-Owen Trainor to Bridget Ford

25-Charles Metcalf to Sarah A. James

27-W.D. Stalker to A.C. Morse

27-Max A. Sussmann to Ernestine Cohn


1-W. Shattuck to Marietta Holmes

1-Walter Hoyt to Mary Ann Carroll

3-Silas Berry to Elizabeth Handley

3-Charles Heusch to Catherine Hak

3-George Sermonet to Anna Hildebrand

5-Joseph Goldman to Mary Paris

5-Elisha Bogart to Georgiana Kelsey

9-john V. Fertig to Louisa Astell

12-James B. White to Margaret McAdams

13-G.H. Rowland to Maggie Fahey

15-John Atchison to Elizabeth Middlemiss

17-Helen Burns to Clara A. Keyser

19-Loren Shead to Mary Thomas

19-Joseph E. Seiva to M.E. Espina

29-Thomas L. Williams to Louisa J. Keech

22-T.W. Strobridge Jr., to Sarah C. Marvin

23-La Hoo to Si Choy

24-F. Reinereman to Emma Burlin

24-Charles M. Gorham to M.C. Mixer

24-William Rowan to Agnes Cooper

25-J.N. Burton to Mary Landon

27-Herman Schwartz to Anna S.L. Carow

27-W.H. Kennedy to Georgiana Manzer

30-Geo. H. Powers to C.J. Chapman

30-Wm. S. Ives to Mary E. Boone


1-Daniel Foley to Ellen Leak

3-Charles Mathias to Lena Schwartz

7-H.H. Chase to Emily A. Cooper

7-Theodore Colbacher to Sibilia Grossglass

10-John Garrett to Nora Conkley

13-D.B. Todd to M.A. Nelson

13-Matthew McMahan to Eliza Cochran

14-Henry Hattorff to Mary Harms

15-J.B. Fair to Ellen McWilliams

15-John Harlow to Susannah Bagnall

15-Nelson McDonald to Lizzie White

15-Horace G. Wright to Christie M. Mulrson

19-W.L. Willis to Mary E. Haines

23-A.J. Boynton to Edith Vore

24-J.E. Martin to Ella H. Hensley

26-James Lonergan to Anna Hart

26-Hiram Hubbard to Mary Norman

27-Joel S. Cotton to Catherine D. Sheldon

28-Arson Marston to Sarah J. Duncan

29-James M. Condrey to Sellinda Ingerton


2-James Conner to Margaret E. Strobach

3-John Parsons to Ellen Dinnihan

3-Morgan Watkins to Mary Brier

4-Max Eichrodt to Adolphine Kaibel

6-George H. Greene to Susan R. Devine

7-N.J. Nathan to Jessie Levy

9-Thomas Solomon to Annie E. Vincent

10-Martin M. Calley to Lucretia Hutchings

10-Charles Q. Martin to Christina A. Barr

11-Wm. Bartels to Henrietta Klotz

12-James H. Whitaker to D. McGlashan

13-Abraham Roberts to Hattie S. Green

14-John A. Azervado to Ciara A. Silva

16-Wm. Dittmers to Lena Sheel

17-M.S. Horan to Emma Matthews

17-Martin Monsh to Isabella Wier

17-A.A. Nordyke to Mary C. Sherfly

18-J.M. Harris to Elizabeth McLaren

19-Michael Fry to Annie Adams

19-F.J. Stoll to Mary Kleinsorge

19-L.N. Dougherty to Mollie E. Turner

20-G.W. Green to Georgie S. Clark

21-Henry Luft to C.E.C. Evans

23-R.G. Clark to A.L. Corbett

23-Arthur McQuaid to Mary Kenney

23-George W. Hicks to Mary A. Wilkins

25-J.C. Witioch to Isabel Striplin

27-Peter Hanson to Christine Hanson

27-A.D. Kilborn to Mattie Weaver

28-T.N. Gardner to M.M. Shattuck

28-F.S. Lardner to Lizzie C. Alvord

30-S.M. Sprague to Mary A. Smiley


1-Valentine Nicolas to Elizabeth Friend

2-Creed Haymond to Cornelia A. Crawford

2-George E. Grimes to Josephine Steele

2-Thomas J. Thompson to Agnes B. Thornell

3-James Blackman to Martha A. Weathers

11-Wm. A. Carrington to Nancy J. Richardson

11-Ah Gan to Ke Toy

12-James Knight to Martha Davis

12-Henry Hopfy to Emma Schroer

14-William W. Weathers to Esther J. Mitchell

15-M.P. Jones to Ann Humphrey

15-Stephen Miller to Francis Miller

17-John Nicolaus to Katie Cook

18-Bernard Shells to Mary Sullivan

18-Edward Short to Mary Roberts

19-Nils Soderberg to Maria Enestrom

19-Walter S. Hazelton to L.L. White

21-Domingos Cardosa to Ellen English

21-H. Kathan to Anna M. Hussey

21-Alex. McKenzie to Sarah Robins

22-Henry Rhodes to Hattie A. Smith

23-Edgar O. Eggleston to Annie M. Rogers

23-Conrad Albers to Bertha Gemmer

26-L.H. Landis to L.O. Smith

26-W.H. Carpenter to Nancy Cunningham

28-William Brown to Sarah Ray

28-A.H. Cummings to E.S. Clark

29-Wiley Moss to Anna Dumont

30-L.B. Moore to Ellen Shaw

31-John H. Eade to Nellie Hoster

31-George L. Leet to Georgiana Valgeo

31-G. Parker Dykes to Cornelia A. Hill


1-Alexander Milroy to Mary I. Farmer

1-Henry Boscher to Johanna Smith

5-James Astill to Mary Chambers

5-O.S. Boardman to Kate Evans

6-Chen Son to Ah Chow

6-James Cook to Mary A. Lonergan

6.M. Schulze to C.W. Abbott

6-Geo. W. Ficks to Inez Huff

7-John H. Clifford to Mary J. Hartley

7-Benjamin Kirk to Ella Sayles

7-C.S. Bronner to Emily Striff

7-Hugh Burns to Mary McLaughlin

8-H.H. Rusch to Louisa Yolle

9-T.P. Lowe to Emma S. Jenkins

9-D. Rocca to Rosa Kusia

9-John S. Cardwell to Mary L. Howe

10-Geo. Llewellyn to Mary O’Gorman

11-Michael Brennan to Mary  O’Conner

11-Kenneth Davidson to Phebe H. Aken

11-U.C. Billinglsey to Mary F. Trafton

13-D. Krueger to Sophie Vose

14-L.C. Jordan to Mry J. Jordan

16-Pasquall Catalopi to Giovanna Cognio

16-V.C. Dodge to Anna Fredericks

10-Samuel E. Williams to Catherine Bereaw

19-W.H. Merchle to Mary A. Price

20-R.S. Dodge to Carrie A. Adams

20-S.B. Segur to Alice M. Swain

20-Fred. Koster to Frankar Meinarde

23-Joseph Wolf to Mary Ann Weber

25-Henry Watson to Christina Hashagen

27-John Williams to Hannah Frank

27-Jay O. Cummings to Charlotte A. Ross

29-Jacintha Calistha to Emilia G. de Guiar

29-Nicholas Thelen to Amelia Yager


3-Frederick Fisher to Julia Kuhnel

3-V.F. Strauch to Emma Steinmiller

4-John C. Ludwig to Mary E. Ainsworth

4-N.G. Ruggles to Christine F. Goldmann

9-P. Moran to Mary J. Davis


3-Frederick Fisher to Julia Rushnel

3-V.F. Strauch to Emma Steinmiller

4-John C. Ludwig to Mary E. Alusworth

4-N.G. Ruggles to Christine F. Goldmann

9-P. Moren to Mary J. Davis

10-S.S. Guile to Elizabeth Matten

10-Leon Salomon to Mary Levy

10-P.A. Hauke to Alma H. Bartholdt

14-Theodore McDermot to Fannie Henderson

16-C. Lennell to Mary J. Johnson

17-Antoine Dotta to Sontina Tomasi

18-Thomas Keegan to Jane Noone

19-H.A. Wemple to T. Rosenberg

29-John B. Smith to Nora McDonald

29-Frederick Struve to B. Sprock

21-Charles H. Wyman to Mary E. Dickerson

21-A.M. Carlstin to Catherine J. Ott

23-R.B. Royer to S.J. Irving

23-C.L. Crabtree to Annie V. Haynie

24-Michael R. Riddle to Emma L. Holsinger

24-Andrew Peltier to Clara C. Rich

24-A.B. Murray to Elizabeth Downs

24-J.B. Hayford to Mary Innis

27-Aaron Berg to Rosa L. Frank

28-Samuel E. Harvey to Jane B. Biggs

28-Frederick Copsey to Margaret Roach

28-James Fewings to Anna Linn

28-Frederick Copsey to Margaret Roach



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