BREEDEN, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Clarence; Burlingame.

CAROLAN, Mr. and Mrs. Francis J.; Burlingame. (Tel. Main 594.).

COLEMAN, Mr. and Mrs. Robert L., Burlingame. (Tel. Main 59 1-3 bells).

CROCKER, Mr. and Mrs. William H.; Burlingame. (Tel. Main 59 1-2 bells).

CROCKETT, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B.; Burlingame.

                        Miss Caro.

EASTON, Mr. and Mrs. Ansel M.; Burlingame. (Tel. Main 131.).

GRANT, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D.; Burlingame. (Tel. Main 583.).

                Master Douglas.

HOITT, Mr. and Mrs. Ira G.; Burlingame.

             Miss ______; Ralph.

KRUTTSCHNITT, Mr. and Mrs. J.; and Sons. Burlingame. (Tel. Main 593.).

McLELLAN, Mr. and Mrs. E. W.; Burlingame. (Tel. Main 403.).

McMONAGLE, Dr. and Mrs. Beverly; Burlingame.

MOODY, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick S.; Burlingame. (Tel. Main 401.).

NEWHALL, Mr. George A.; Burlingame.

NEWHALL, Mrs. H. M.; Burlingame.

PONIATOWSKI, Prince and Princess A.; Burlingame.

SCOTT, Mr. and Mrs. Henry T.; Burlingame. (Tel. Main 581.).

               Miss Mary; Prescott; Harry.

SPRECKELS, Mr. and Mrs. C. August.; Burlingame.

                          Miss Lurline.

TOBIN, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph S.; Burlingame.

WILSON, Mr. and Mrs. Mountford S.; Burlingame.



                                                   MENLO PARK


ADAMS, Mr. and Mrs. William J.; Menlo Park.

ALLEN, Mr. and Mrs. James M.; Menlo Park.

ATHERTON, Mr. and Mrs. Faxon D.; Menlo Park.

BARNEY, Mr. and Mrs. ____; Menlo Park.

BASSETT, Mr. and Mrs. A. C.; Menlo Park. (Tel. Main 51.).

BOLLES, Capt. and Mrs. L.; Menlo Park.

BONESTELL, Mr. and Mrs. Cutlar.; Menlo Park.

BUTTERFIELD, Mr. and Mrs. William; Fred; Menlo Park.

CROCKER, Mr. and Mrs. Henry J.; Menlo Park. (Tel. Main 121.).

DOUD, Mr. and Mrs. Aaron; Menlo Park.

DONOHOE, Mrs. J. A.; Menlo Park. (Tel. Main 101.).

DONOHOE, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A.; Menlo Park. (Tel. Main 101.).

DOYLE, Mr. and Mrs. John T.; Menlo Park. (Tel. Main 111.).

               Miss Fannie; Miss Emily; Miss Marie.

DOYLE, Mr. John J.; Menlo Park. (Tel. Main 111.). Cupertino.

EYRE, Col. and Mrs. E. E.; Fair Oaks. (Tel. Main 83.).

               Miss Mary; Robert.

EYRE, Mr. and Mrs. E. L.; Menlo Park. (Tel. Main 84.).

EYRE, Mr. and Mrs. Perry; Fair Oaks. (Tel. Main 81.).

FLOOD, Miss; James C.; Menlo Park. (Tel. Main 31.).

FELTON, Hon. Charles N.; Menlo Park.

FELTON, Mr. Charles N. Jr.; Menlo Park.

GIRVIN, Mr. and Mrs. R. D.; Menlo Park.

HOLBROOK, Mr. Charles M.; Menlo Park.

                        Miss Olive; Henry M.

HOPKINS, Mr. and Mrs. E. W.; "Boca." Menlo Park.

                    Miss Edna; Miss Helen.

MACONDRAY, Mr. and Mrs. Faxon A.; Menlo Park.

MAHON, Mr. and Mrs. Frank; "Sweeny Oaks." Menlo Park.

MILLER, Mr. and Mrs. Edgar; Miss Addie; Menlo Park.

MOORE, Mr. and Mrs. J. J.; Menlo Park. (Tel. Main 12.).

NICKEL, Mr. and Mrs. J. Le Roy; Menlo Park.

PARROTT, Mr. and Mrs. John; "Baywood." Menlo Park.

PESCIA, Dr. and Mrs. Joseph; "Sweeny Oaks." Menlo Park.

PRIOR, Mr. and Mrs. James K.; Menlo Park.

              Misses _______; James.

RATHBONE, Mr. and Mrs. Jared L.; Menlo Park.

RYAN, Mr. and Mrs. E. Black; Menlo Park.

STALLARD, Dr. and Mrs. J. H.; Menlo Park.

STANFORD, Mrs. Leland; Menlo Park. (Tel. Main 153.).

STANLEY, Dr. and Mrs. ______; Menlo Park.

SELBY, Mrs. Thomas H.; Miss Annie; Menlo Park.

SELBY, Mr. and Mrs. Percival Jr.; Menlo Park.

SMITH, Mr. and Mrs. Christian W.; Menlo Park.

STEVENSON, Mrs. R.; Miss ______; Menlo Park.

STEVENSON, Mr. and Mrs. H. G.; Menlo Park.

TUBBS, Mr. and Mrs. Austin C.; Menlo Park.

WILDER, Mr. and Mrs. C. J.; Menlo Park.




                                               REDWOOD CITY


BEYLARD, Mr. and Mrs. E. D.; Redwood City.

CHAMBERLAIN, Mr. P. P.; Redwood City. (Tel. Main 101.).

CUNNINGHAM, Mrs.; Redwood City.

FRANK, Mr. and Mrs. Louis; Redwood City.

GORDON, Mr. and Mrs. Alex.; Redwood City.

HANSON, Mr. and Mrs. Charles; Redwood City.

JOSSELYN, Mr. and Mrs. Charles; Redwood City.

KIRKPATRICK, Mr. and Mrs. M. B.; Misses _____; Harold; Redwood City.

McDEVITT, Mrs. S. A.; Miss Anna R.; Edward F.; Wednesday.

MOULTON, Mr. and Mrs. Frank F.; Redwood City.

ROBINSON, Mr. and Mrs. James A.; Redwood City.

ROSS, Dr. and Mrs. J. L.; Redwood City.

SWIFT, Mr. James H.; Redwood City.

TALBOT, Mr. and Mrs. William H.; "Casa Ramona." Redwood City. (Tel. Main 54.).

THOMPSON, Mr. and Mrs. F. P.; Redwood City.

               Miss; Miss Helen.



Transcribed by Sally Kaleta.

Source: Hoag, Charles C., Our Society Blue Book, Pages 190-191. Charles Hoag Pub., San Francisco, CA. 1899.

2006 Sally Kaleta.