Social Register










ADAMS, Mr. C. L.; 509 S. Third.

ADEL, Capt. and Mrs. W. T.; 516 N. First. Wednesday.

             Miss Mabel; Miss Grace H.; Jesse J.

ALEXANDER, Mr. and Mrs. Henry J.; 266 S. Second. Thursday.

ALEXANDER, Mr. William G.; 533 S. Third.

ALLEN, Mr. and Mrs. Charles H.; 419 S. Third.

ALLISON, Mr. and Mrs. William D.; 752 S. Second. Wednesday.

                  Miss Camille.

ANDREWS, Mr. and Mrs. W. C.; 98 N. Third, cor. St. John. Wednesday.

                      Miss Mabel.

ARCHER, Judge and Mrs. Lawrence; cor. Keyes and Senter Road. Thursday.

                   Lawrence Jr.; Leo B.

ARQUES, Mrs. Nellie G.; Hotel Vendome. Thursday.

                   Clement R.

AUSTIN, Mr. and Mrs. Paul P.; 683 S. Second. (Tel. Black 621.). Monday.

AUZERAIS, Mr. and Mrs. John E.; 343 E. Reed.

                     Miss Amy.

AUZERAIS, Mrs. Louisa; 145 E. San Carlos. Tuesday.

BAKER, Capt. William B.; P. O. Box 604. (Sum. Res.) Pacific Grove.

                Miss Matilda S.; Miss Emily L.; A. Hollis.

BALLOU, Mr. and Mrs. J. Q. A.; Milpitas Road, near Charles.

                  Miss ______.

BALLOU, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. H.; Milpitas Road, near Charles.

BANGS, Dr. Fred H.; 86 N. Third. (Tel. Black 1261.).

BARKER, Dr. and Mrs. Albert M.; 336 N. Third. Wednesday.

BARNETT, Mr. and Mrs. T. C.; 322 N. First.

BASSLER, Mrs. A.; Stockton Ave. near Newhall. Wednesday.

                     Miss ______; Miss Alice.

BEACH, Mr. and Mrs. Tyler; St. James Hotel. Thursday.

                William H.

BEACH, Mr. and Mrs. Charles S.; 164 S. Tenth.

BEAL, Mrs. H. L.; Sunol, near San Fernando. Tuesday.

             Miss ______; Edward H.

BEANS, Mr. and Mrs. T. Ellard; "Ivyhurst." (Tel. Red 1432.). 1st and 3d Friday.

                Miss Mary V.; Miss Frances L.; Miss Rowena.

BEANS, Mr. and Mrs. William K.; 411 N. Third. Tuesday.

BELDEN, Mrs. Elizabeth C.; 189 S. Eleventh. (Tel. White 481.).

BENSON, Capt. and Mrs. Henry M.; Fourth, corner Hensley Ave.

                   Miss Maude.

BETHELL, Miss Cora; 431 W. Salvador, near Delmas.

                    Miss Laura.

BLACKFORD, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. W.; 53 S. Sixth. Monday.

                           Miss Florence; Miss Lillie; Miss Maude.

BLANCHARD, Mr. and Mrs. William W.; "The Alameda". cor. Polhemus. Tuesday.

BLANEY, Mr. and Mrs. C. D.; Stevens Creek Road. (Tel. Red 441.). Tuesday.

                 Miss _______.

BOSCHKEN, Mr. Jacob; William J.; 136 S. Fifth.

BOSCHKEN, Mr. and Mrs. Henry D.; 108 N. Third.

BOTHWELL, Mr. and Mrs. Charles A.; 442 S. Fifth.

BOTHWELL, Mr. and Mrs. J. L.; 95 N. Seventh.

BOULWARE, Mr. and Mrs. M. A.; 281 E. St. James. Wednesday.

BOWDEN, Mr. and Mrs. N.; The Alameda near Fremont. (Tel. Red 901.).

BOWDEN, Mr. and Mrs. William A.; The Alameda near Sunol. (Tel. Black 1211).

BOWMAN, Mr. and Mrs. G.  M.; 480  NFirst. (Tel. Red 1191.). Wednesday.

                    Miss _____; George William; Melville B.

BRACKETT, Miss Dora; J. N. Bruce; 469 S. Second.

BRAGG, Mr. and Mrs. George H.; 466 N. Third. (Tel.  Red 1131.).

BRAINARD, Mr. and Mrs. Henry A.; Guadaloupe Road. Wednesday.

BRAINARD, Mrs. M. D.; Guadaloupe Road near old Guadaloupe Mine.

BRASSY, Mr. and Mrs. F.; 344 Alum Rock Ave. 1st and 3d Thursday.

                  Miss Louise; Miss Irene; A. L. (Tel. Blue 683.).

BREYFOGLE, Mr. Charles E.; 59 Empire.

BROWN, Mr. and Mrs. A. A.; 390 E. Santa Clara.

BRUCE, Mr. and Mrs. G.  M.; 55 Stockton Ave.

BRYANT, Mr. Daniel T.; Sainte Claire Club.

BURCHARD, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel W.; 478 N. Third. (Tel. White 471.).

BURKE, Mr. and Mrs. John P.; 341 Alum Rock Ave. (Tel. Black 991.).

BURKE, Dr. Richard H.; 68 S. First. (Tel. Red 1532.).

BURKHOLDER, Mr. and Mrs. Frank; 310 S. Tenth.

CADWALLADER, Mrs. E. J.; The Alameda, near Morrison Ave. Tuesday.

CALLISCH, Mr. and Mrs. Louis; 210 W. San Fernando. Thursday.

CAMPBELL, Mr. A. C.; Campbell, Santa Clara Co.

CAMPBELL, Mr. and Mrs. J. H.; First and Empire. (Tel. White 191.). Tuesday.

CASTLE, Mr. and Mrs. Neville H.; Hotel Vendome.

CHAPIN, Mrs. Maria E.; University Ave., cor. Elm. 2d and 4th Friday.

                 Miss _____ ; John E.

CHIPMAN, Mr. and Mrs. Lemuel J.; 410 E. San Salvador.

CLARK, Mr. and Mrs. James B.; 105 E. Julian. Thursday.

CLAYTON, Mr. and Mrs. Edward W.; 471 N. First.

CLAYTON, Mrs. J. A.; Miss Ethel; Miss Florence; John J.; 471 N. First.

CLAYTON, Mr. and Mrs. Willis S.; Sunol, cor. Park. (Tel. Red 1121.). Monday.

COLOMBET, Mrs. A.; Miss Annie; William; Clemente. 731 San Fernando.

COLOMBET, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph; 45 N. Eighth.

CONNELLY, Mrs. A. P.; 310 S. Seventh Wednesday.

COOK, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W.; 75 Pond.

COPPOCK, Mr. and Mrs. Enos; 19 E. San Salvador. Wednesday.

                 Miss _____ ;

CORY, Mrs. Sarah A.; 435 S. Second.

                 Miss Harriet; Miss Susanna. Thursday.

COYKENDALL, Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan; 362 Senter.

                             Frank E.; R.

COYKENDALL, Mr. Horatio G.; Alum Ro.

DAVIS, Mrs. Livingston; cor.  Heddingck Ave., near Herman Ave., and Elm.

              Miss Frances M.; Miss Belle.

DAWSON, Mrs. J. M.; The Alameda, near Polhemus. Tuesday.

                    Miss Emma.

DE SAISSET, Mr. and Mrs. Pedro; 243 S. Market.

                          Miss Henrietta; Miss Isabelle; Ernest P.

DUNNE, Mrs. Catherine; 436 S. Third. (Tel. Red 141.). Wednesday.

DUSING, Mr. H. F.; 16 Knox Block.

EARLE, Mrs. E. R.; 329 N. Third. Thursday.

EATON, Mr. Alfred C.; 530 N. First.

EDWARDS,  Mr. Harry J.; 351 N. Fifth. (Tel. Main 169.).

EDWARDS, Mr. and Mrs. Henry W.; 694 S. Second. Thursday.

                       Miss Cora M.; Wilbur J.

ELWOOD, Prof. and Mrs. J. H.; 223 S. Second.

ENRIGHT, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph G.; 341 S. Second.

FAULL, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H.; 329 N. Third. Tuesday.

FAY, Mr. Charles W.; Saint Claire Club.

FIELD, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur G.; 523 S. Sixth. (Tel. White 291.).

FINCH, Mr. and Mrs. William H.; 63 S. Ninth.

FINDLAY, Mr. James W.; Saint Claire Club.

FINIGAN, Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence; cor. Eleventh and San Fernando.

                 Miss Juliette; Dr. Frank.

FISHER, Mr. J. Edward; 63 Hedding.

FRASSE, Dr. and Mrs. Irwin N.; 117 N. Fifth. (Tel. Black 1431.). Thursday.

FRIANT, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred; S. W. cor. Fifth and Reed. Thursday.

                Miss L.; Miss F.

FRIANT, Mr. and Mrs. Ant.; Sixth and William. (Tel. Black 791.). Monday.

GAINES, Mr. and Mrs. W. S.; 503 N. Fourth. Monday.

                 Miss Addie.

GEORGE, Mrs. Fanny; Miss Mattie; 256 N. Third.

GILL, Mr. William L.; 28 S. First. (Tel. Main 33.). Sainte Claire Club.

GILLESPIE, Mr. and Mrs. T. L.; 441 W. San Fernando.

                      Miss Cora E.; Charles F.

GORDON, Mrs. Mary; Pala Rancho. McKee Road, nr. Kirk Road.

GOODRICH, Mrs. Knox; 346 N. First. (Tel. Black 761.).

GOSBEY, Mr. and Mrs. P. F.; 489 N. Fourth. (Tel. Blue 663.). Wednesday.

GOSSARD, Mr. and Mrs. William D.; 64 S. Eighth.

GUPPY, Mr. and Mrs. E. H.; 691 S. Third.

                Miss Estelle; Miss Ruth; Miss Florence; Edward S.

HALE, Mr. and Mrs. O. A.; 269 S. Second. (Tel. Red 811.). 1st Monday.

HALL, Mr. and Mrs. Charles A.; 917 N. Fourteenth. Friday.

HALL, Dr. and Mrs. J. U.; 200 Washington.

            Miss Pearl; Miss Grace.

HALL, Dr. and Mrs. J. U. Jr.; 216 Autumn. (Tel. Black 1151.).

HARMON, Mr. and Mrs. Charles H.; 303 S. Ninth.

HART, Mr. and Mrs. Henry; 843 Julian. cor. Fourteenth.

HATCH, Mr. and Mrs. Jackson; 351 Alum Rock Ave. (Tel. Red 991.). Tuesday.

HAWLEY, Mr. and Mrs. W. G.; 372 E. St. John. Tuesday.

HAYDOCK, Mr. and Mrs. C.; 475 N. Fifth. (Tel. Black 1461.). Thursday.

HAYDOCK, Mr. W. H.; 487 N. Fifth. (Tel. Black 1461.). Thursday.

HERRINGTON, Mr. B. A.; 105 E. Julian.

HIGGINS, Mr. and Mrs. R. M.; McLaughlin Ave., cor. Lendrum Ave.

HILL, Dr. and Mrs. W. B.; 715 W. Julian. (Tel. Blue 256.). Friday.

HOBSON, Mr. and Mrs. T. W.; 263 N. First.

HOEBER, Mr. and Mrs. E. G. L.; "Valley View." Los Gatos.

HUGGINS, Mr. and Mrs. A. G.; The Alameda. cor. McKendrie. Tuesday.

HUGHES, Mrs. S. E.; 351 S. Fourth. (Tel. White 644.). Monday.

                   Miss Mary P.

HUNKINS, Mr. and Mrs. S. B.; Fourth.

                   Arthur B.; Romayne S.

HYLAND, Judge and Mrs. M. H.; S. E. cor. First and Hensley. Thursday.

                  Miss Irene.

INGALSBE, Mr. A. W.; Sainte Claire Club.

JOHNSON, Mr. and Mrs. Duncan C.; 447 N. Second.

JOHNSON, Mr. and Mrs. T. E.; Schiele Ave. (Tel. Black 1951.). Monday.

JOHNSTON, Mr. and Mrs. Walter S.; 130 S. Seventh. (Tel. White 391.).

KALFUS, Mr. and Mrs. J. Lee; Alum Rock Ave. opp. Monroe.

KELL, Mr. and Mrs. Martin D.; Senter Road, near Tully Road.

KING, Mr. and Mrs. A.; 843 E. Julian. cor. Fourteenth.

KING, Mr. and Mrs. F. Loui; 259 N. Second. Wednesday.

           Miss Luena; M.; Loui F.; Frank G.

KIRKPATRICK, Mr. and Mrs. W. J.; 219 W. San Fernando. (Tel. White 171.). Tuesday.

KITTREDGE, Judge and Mrs. Ashbel S.; 557 E. St. John.

                         Ashabel H.; Henry S.

LEDYARD, Mrs. Jane A.; 441 S. Second. Thursday.

LEDYARD, Dr. and Mrs. F. K.; 441 S. Second. Thursday.

                     Miss May F.

LEIB, Mr. and Mrs. S. F.; Alameda Ave. (Tel. Black 191.). Tuesday.

LENDRUM, Mrs. A. J.; McLaughlin Ave. Near Lendrum. Thursday.

                     Miss _____; James G.; B. A.

LENZEN, Mr. and Mrs. Theo.; 53 Lenzen Ave. (Tel. Red 111.). 2 & 4 Tuesday.

LENZEN, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Theo.; 53 Lenzen Ave. 2d & 4th Tuesday.

                  Miss Helen; Miss Carrie.

LEWIS, Mrs. Elizabeth M.; 60 N. Fifth. Wednesday.

LION, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest P.; 94 N. Second. Wednesday.

LION, Mr. and Mrs. Gustave; cor. Third and Julian. Wednesday.

LION, Mr. and Mrs. Henry J.; 121 E. Julian. Wednesday.

LION, Mr. and Mrs. Leon; 94 N. Second. Friday.

           Miss Estelle; Emile M.

LORIGAN, Judge and Mre. W. G.; 408 S. Fifth.

LOTZ, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A.; 118 S. Ninth.

LOWE, Mr. and Mrs. James R.; 314 N. First.

LUSSON, Dr. and Mrs. P. M.; 2d and S. Fernando. (Tel. Black 771.). Thurs.

LUX, Mr. and Mrs. H.; Alum Rock Ave. (Tel. Black 1101.). 2d & 4th Friday.

LYNDON, Mr. and Mrs. James H.; Mr. William; 333 South Fourth.

MABURY, Mr. and Mrs. H.; McKendrie Ave. (Tel. White 281.). Tuesday.

                   Miss Bella; Miss Carlotta; Miss Eloise; Miss Eugenia; Paul R.

MACHEFERT, Mr. and Mrs. Leon; 180 N. Third.

MACHEFERT, Mr. and Mrs. Fred L.; Santa Clara, Cal.

MANNING, Mr. and Mrs. William H.; 476 N. Second.

MARTEN, Mr. and Mrs. A. H.; 293 S. Second. (Tel. Red 1641.).

MARTIN, Hon. and Mrs. C. J.; 296 S. Third.

                 Miss H. J.

MASSON, Mr. and Mrs. Paul; 445 S. Market. Wednesday.

MAUVAIS, Mr. and Mrs. Romeo; 50 Stockton Ave. Thursday.

                   Miss Juliette C.

MAYNARD, Mr. and Mrs. E. W.; 223 W. San Fernando.

McCOMAS, Mr. and Mrs. Rush; 540 N. Third.

                   Miss Anna; Miss Hattie; Miss Kate; Allan W. Henry W.

McGEOGHEGAN, Mr. and Mrs. J. T.; Chapman and Emery. (Tel. Red 1981.).

                   Miss Lolita; Thomas J.; John T. Jr.

McGRAW, Dr. and Mrs. D. F.; 353 S. Fernando. (Tel. Black 1141.). Thurs.

McKEE, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. B.; 226 S. Second. Tuesday.

                Miss Georgia; Hubbard B.

McLAUGHLIN, Mr. and Mrs. E.; 592 S. Seventh, cor. Reed. (Tel. Red 791.).

                           Miss Winifred.

McLELLAN, Mrs. G. W.; Miss C. F.; Alameda Ave., near Hedding. Tuesday.

McMILLAN, Mr. and Mrs. John G.; 353 S. Eleventh. (Tel. Red 1311.).

MILLER, Rev. and Mrs. William Y.; 234 S. Second. (Tel. Black 751.). Wednesday.

                Miss Letitia; Miss Elizabeth.

MILLER, Dr. and Mrs. John J.; 234 S. Second. (Tel. Black 751.).

MONTGOMERY, Mr. and Mrs. Thos. S.; 456 N. Third. (Tel. Red 761.).

MOODY, Mr. and Mrs. Alden E.; 381 N. Sixth. Tuesday.

MOODY, Mr. and Mrs. David B.; 57 Devine.

                 Miss Anna L.; Miss Nettie.

MOORE, Judge and Mrs. John H.; The Alameda, cor. Schiele Ave. Tuesday.

                 Miss Bessie; Murray H.; 304 S. Second.

MOORE, Mr. Howell C.; 67 N. First. or Sainte Claire Club.

MOREHOUSE, Mr. H. V.; 441 S. Sixth. (Tel. Red 51.).

MORRISON, Miss Angela; N. E. cor. Fifth and Julian. Wednesday.

                       Miss Frances E.; Miss Julia E.

MORRISON, Mr. and Mrs. T. F.; 155 E. Julian. (Tel. Blue 606.). Wednesday.

MORTON, Mr. and Mrs. H.; 647 S. Sixth. (Tel. White 751.).

MUIRSON, Mr. and Mrs. George; N. W. cor. Third and Julian.

MURPHY, Mr. and Mrs. Bernard D.; 357 S. Third. (Tel. Red 101.).

                   Miss Elizabeth; Miss Eveline; Martin.

MURPHY, Mr. Dan. M.; Sainte Claire Club.

NESMITH, Mr. L. G.; Hotel Vendome.

NEWHALL, Mrs. S.; Lincoln, cor. Coe. (Tel. Suburban 343.). Thursday.

                     Miss Belle; Carl.

O'BANNON, Mr. and Mrs. C. S.; 71 E. San Salvador. Monday.

                       Miss Cora L.; William H.

O'CONNOR, Judge and Mrs. Myles P.; Race, near San Carlos.

OTTER, Mr. and Mrs. Hugo W.; 23 N. Third.

OWEN, Mr. and Mrs. Charles P.; 177 Devine.

OWEN, Mr. and Mrs. Clifford J.; 39 W. San Fernando. (Tel. Red 1781.).

OWEN, Mr. and Mrs. Fred.; cor. Santa Clara and Seventh.

PARK, Mr. and Mrs. C. T.; 508 N. First. cor. Empire.

PARKER, Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur F.; Moorpark Ave.; near Infirmary Road.

PARKHURST, Mr. and Mrs. W. A.; 518 S. Second.

PFISTER, Mr. and Mrs. A.; The Alameda. Near Cinnabar.

                   Miss Emily.

PFISTER, Mr. and Mrs. H. C.; 10 S. Second, cor. Santa Clara. (Tel. Red 741.)

PFISTER, Mr. and Mrs. Henry A.; Santa Clara, Cal.

PHILLIPS, Mr. and Mrs. C. H.; 474 N. Fourth. (Tel. Black 1791.).

PHILLIPS, Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell; 121 E. St. James. Wednesday.

PIERCE, Mr. and Mrs. J. H.; Alameda Ave., cor. Villa Ave.

PIERCE, Dr. and Mrs. Robert E.; Hotel Vendome. Monday.

PIERCE, Mr. and Mrs. R. T.; Santa Clara, Cal.

PLANK, Dr. and Mrs. Fred.; The Alameda, near Fremont. Tuesday.

               Miss Adella; Miss Amelia; Fred Jr.

POLHEMUS, Mr. and Mrs. G. B.; cor. Polhemus and Stockton Ave. Tuesday.

                   Miss Ellen V.; Miss Josephine; Charles B.; (Tel. Red 483.)

POPP, Mr. and Mrs. Edward; 45 Lenzen Ave. 2d and 4th Tuesday.

POPP, Mr. and Mrs. William; 14 Pleasant Ave. (Tel. Black 1781.). Thursday.

PORTER, Mr. and Mrs. D. Avery; 70 N. Fifth.

PORTER, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J.; 97 S. Fifth.

PORTER, Mr. Norman; 75 E. St. James. Wednesday.

                   Miss Evangeline; Miss Anna; Miss Mary A.

POTTS, Dr. J. S.; 85 S. Second. (Tel. Black 1751.).

REED, Mr. and Mrs. Elliott; 279 N. San Pedro.

REED, Mr. and Mrs. Edward P.; 269 N. Market.

REED, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. A.; 97 W. Julian. Monday.

REYNOLDS, Judge and Mrs. John; 301 N. Third. cor. Julian.

RHODES, Mr. A. J.; The Alameda. Near Morrison Ave.

                   James H.

RHODES, Judge and Mrs. A. L.; The Alameda. opp. Morrison Ave. Tuesday.

RICHARDS, Mr. and Mrs. W.  S.; S. Third and Salvador. (Tel. Black 1521.).

RILEY, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J.; 164 S. Tenth.

RINALDO, Mr. and Mrs. T.; 280 N. 3d. (Tel. White 241.). 1st & 3d Wed.

RINALDO, Mr. and Mrs. S.; 45 S. Sixth.

ROSS, Mr. and Mrs. Frank H.; 481 N. Third. Thursday.

ROSS, Mr. Frank H. Jr.; 115 Hensley Ave.

ROSS, Mr. and Mrs. F. C.; Lindsay, Cal.

RUCKER, Mr. and Mrs. I. T.; 275 N. Third. (Tel. White 111.). Wednesday.

RUCKER, Mr. and Mrs. J. H.; 418 S. Third. (Tel. Blue 121.). Wednesday.

RUCKER, Mr. Samuel N.; Sainte Claire Club.

RUSSELL, Prof. and Mrs. F. P.; 1124 S. Second. (Tel. Blue 831.).

RYDER, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. W.; 356 S. Second. (Tel. Blue 641.). Wednesday.


RYDER, Mr. and Mrs. William G.; 356 S. Second. (Tel. Blue 641.). Wednesday.

RYLAND, Mr. and Mrs. Charles R.; Azule Vineyard. Saratoga, Cal.

RYLAND, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R.; Los Gatos, Cal.

RYLAND, Mrs. Letitia.; 431 N. First; (Tel. Black 1341.). Los Gatos.

                  Miss Ada; Miss Norma; John E.; Dwight E.

SALISBURY, Mr. and Mrs. Guy H.; 161 N. Eleventh; 2d and 4th Thursday.

                        Miss Neva May.

SCHEMMEL, Mr. and Mrs. H. L.; The Alameda. (Tel. Red 191.). Thursday.


SECORD, Dr. and Mrs. James K.; Letitia Block.

SEIFERT, Dr, and Mrs. George W.; 68 S. First. (Tel. Main 218.).

SHORTRIDGE, Mr. and Mrs. C. M.; Twelfth, cor. Santa Clara. (Tel. Red 291.).

                            Miss _____; Maurice.

SHORTRIDGE, Mrs. T. C.; N. W. cor. Twelfth and Santa Clara. (Tel. Red 291)

SIMPSON, Dr. and Mrs. William; 142 N. Third. (Tel. Black 81.). Thursday.

SIMPSON, Mrs. Harriett; 142 N. Third. (Tel. Black 81.).

SINGLETARY, Mr. and Mrs. E. C.; Stockton Ave., cor. Cinnabar. Tuesday.

SINNOTT, Mrs. D.; 283 S.  Market. (Tel. Black 1651.).

                   Miss Delia.

SMITH, Mr. and Mrs. Frank E.; 1128 S. Second. Friday.

SMITH, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas O.; 322 N. First. Wednesday.

SNELL, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. P. 488 N. Second. Tuesday.

               Miss Edna Rachel; Edward Lawson.

SNELL, Mr. Geo. P.; Hotel Vendome. (Tel. Main 218.).

SOMAVIA, Mr. and Mrs. John Y.; Gonzales, Cal.

SOUTHWORTH, Dr. and Mrs. M. A.; 31 N. Second. 1st and 3d Thursday.

SPENCER, Mrs. F. F.; 216 Autumn. (Tel. Black 1151.). Thursday.

SPITZER, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis A.; 339 N. First.

               Miss Sallie E.; Miss Florence B.; Miss Ethel I.; Frank E.; Louis A.

SPRING, Mr. and Mrs. H. M. N.; cor. Seventh and San Antoino

STEIGER, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. A.; 404 Autumn, near Cinnabar.

STERLING, Mr. Edward T.; 145 E. San Carlos. (Tel. Black 1641.). P. O. Bx 386.

STERN, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick M.; cor. Eighth and St. John.

TAAFFE, Miss Mary; 361 S. Market. (Tel. Red. 1651.).

                  William F.

TENNYSON, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel D.; 45 N. First.

THORPE, Mr. and Mrs. James M.; 272 E. Washington.

TISDALE, Mr. and Mrs. W. D.; Miss Bettie. ; Los Gatos, Cal. Tuesday.

TRADER, Mr. and Mrs. Wells S.;  143 E. Julian. Wednesday.

TRAVIS, Mr. and Mrs. J. C.; 1128 S. Second. 1st and 3d Friday.

TRAVIS, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. A.; 338 S. Market.

TUTTLE, Mr. ______; Hiram D.; Hotel Vendome.

WAGENER, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel H.; 82 E. San Salvador.

WAKEFIELD, Rev. J. B. D. D.; 81 N. Second.

                         Miss Hannah; George F.

WALTER, Mrs. Carrie Stevens; Miss Mary; 600 N. Third.

WARD, Mr. and Mrs. W. B.; 97 S. Market, cor. San Fernando. (Tel. Black 331)

WAYLAND, Dr. Charles A.; 140 N. Third. (Tel. Black 1621.).

WHARTON, Mr. and Mrs. William H.; 56 Fox Ave.

WHITTON, Col. A. K.; Sainte Claire Club or Hotel Vendome.

WILCOX, Mr. and Mrs. Elbert J.; 97  S. First.

                  Miss Annie; Elbert J. Jr.

WILDER, Mr. and Mrs. A. E.; 553 N. Fourth.

                  Miss Gertrude E.; Miss Mina.

WILLIAMS, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew S.; 271 Provost.

WILLIAMS, Mr. and Mrs. Charles W.; 70 E. Julian.

WILLIAMS, Mr. and Mrs. Edward; 609 S. Third. (Tel. Red 181.).

                    Miss Edith; Miss Emily.

WOOD, Mr. and Mrs. Uriah; 425 S. Second.

WOODROW, Mr. and Mrs. W. L.; 260 N. Third. (Tel. Black 1991.). Wednesday.

                        Miss Grace E.

WOOSTER, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence M.; St. James Hotel.

WORCESTER, Mr. and Mrs. H. B.; Alum Rock Ave. (Tel. Blue 681.). Wed.

WRIGHT, Mr. and Mrs. Charles D.; 217 N. First.

WRIGHT, Mr. and Mrs. F. V.; 521 Santa Clara. (Tel. Black 1921.). 1 & 3 Thur.

WRIGHT, Mr. and Mrs. H. Ward; 426 N. First. (Tel. Red 221.).

WRIGHT, Mrs. W. F.; 258 N. Fourteenth. (Tel. Blue 771.).

                 Miss Kate M.

WRIGHT, Mr. and Mrs. W. H.; 295 E. San Fernando. (Tel. Black 1691.).

WYLLIE, Mrs. Alexander; 72 S. Sixth. Wednesday.

                Arthur L.

YOELL, Mr. and Mrs. J. Alex.; The Alameda. Near Cinnabar. (Tel. Black 441.)

               Miss Gertrude E.; Miss Genevieve; William A.

YOELL, Mr. and Mrs. John H.; 55 Schiele Ave. Friday.

YOUNGER, Mrs. Augusta; "Forest Home." Alviso Road. Tuesday.



Transcribed by Sally Kaleta.

Source: Hoag, Charles C., Our Society Blue Book, Pages 181-187. Charles Hoag Pub., San Francisco, CA. 1899.

2006 Sally Kaleta.




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