Bacon, Prof. and Mrs. T. R.; Bushnell, near College way. Tuesday.

-         Miss Annie S.;  Miss Harriet B.  (Tel. Red 751.)

Ballard, Mr. and Mrs. John; Claremont Ave., near Tyler.

-         Frank.

Barker, Mr. and Mrs. James L.; 2031 Dwight Way.

-         Miss Georgie; Frederick P.

Bergen, Judge and Mrs. B. F.; 2034 Telegraph Ave. Thursday.

-         Miss Emily; Miss Ethel; Benj. C.; Ashby Ave., cor. Ellsworth

Blake, Mr. and Mrs. Sherman T.; 3027 Fulton, cor. Ashby. Wednesday.

Blake, Mr. A. S.; (Tel Black 501.)

Blood, Mrs. Ellen; Miss May E.; George D.; 2526 Durant Ave.

Bonte, Mrs. Emily; Miss Fannie; 2624 Bancroft Way.

Boone, Mr. and Mrs. Philip R.; 2029 Durant Ave. (Tel. Red 341.)

Booth, Mr. William F.; 2302 Dana.

Bradley, Prof. and Mrs. Cornelius B.; 2317 Bancroft Way.

-         Miss Bertha T.; Harold C.

Bunnell, Mr. and Mrs. James S.; 2730 Dwight Way.   2nd and 4th Tuesday.

-         Miss Katherine C.; Sterling. (Tel Red 411.)

Chase, Mr. and Mrs. C. H.; 2247 Dwight Way.

Chick, Mrs. Florence H.; 2611 Durant Ave. (Tel. Red 541.)

-         Guy H.; Ralph H.

Clark, Mr. and Mrs. C. K.; 2301 Durant Ave. (Tel. Red 571.) Wednesday.

-         Eugene B.; Clarence D.; C. Weston.

Clark, Mr. and Mrs. F. H.; 2530 Mark. (Tel. Red 501.) 2nd and 4th Tuesday.

Clayes, Mr. and Mrs. H. M.; 2420 Dwight Way.

-         Miss Edith M.; Miss Mary B.

Colby, Mr. and Mrs. George Elden; Claremont Ave. 1st and 3rd Tuesday.

Connor, Mr. and Mrs. Fred F.; 2014 Cedar Ave. Tuesday.

Davenport, Mr. and Mrs. E. H.

Day, Mr. and Mrs. Clinton; 2747 Bancroft Way. (Tel. Red 151.)

Deakin, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin; 3100 Telegraph Ave. Saturday

-         Miss Edna M.; Miss Dorothy.

Deakin, Mr. and Mrs. Fred H.; 2321 Vine. 1st and 2nd Wednesday.

-         Fred; Clarence.

Deane, Mrs. John; Claremont Ave. cor. Tyler.

-         Miss Esma; Miss May R.; John F.; Henry E.

Doble, Mr. and Mrs. Abner; 2322 Fulton.

Donald, Mr. and Mrs. James C.; 2012 Dwight Way. 2nd and 4th Friday.

Dunn, Dr. and Mrs. Martin J.; 2522 Dana. 2nd and 4th Wednesday.

-         Miss Letitia Leonard

Durgin, Miss H. E.; 2165 Center. Friday.

-         Frank W.

Dutch, Miss Mary A.; 2519 College Ave., near Dwight Way.

Eames, Mrs. Ninetta; N. W. cor. Fulton and Parker. Tuesday.

Eames, Mr. Roscoe L.; N. W. cor. Fulton and Parker.

Eastman, Dr. and Mrs. Joseph S.; 2164 Center. (Tel. Red 331.)

Elder, Mr. and Mrs. David Paul; 1325 Henry. 1st Tuesday.

Elston, Rev. Dr. and Mrs. A. M.; 2023 Channing Way.

-         Miss Girlie J.; Charles A.; J. Arthur; Thomas S.

Everding, Mr. and Mrs. John; S. W. cor. Second and Bristol.

-         Miss Elsa; John Jr.

Flagg, Prof. and Mrs. Isaac; 2001 Francisco.

-         Miss.

Fox, Mrs. Annie; 2301 Bancroft Way. cor. Ellsworth. Saturday.

-         Miss Frederica; Miss Sarah; Miss Rebecca; Dr. J. Moore.

Freeman, Mr. and Mrs. Allen G.; 2401 Telegraph Ave. (Tel. Red 141.)

Garber, Judge and Mrs. John; Claremont Ave. (Tel. Red 1781.) Thursday.

-         Miss Juliet W.; Miss Lida B.; Joseph B.

Gayley, Prof. and Mrs. Charles M.; 1745 Oxford, near College Way.

Goodrich, Mr. and Mrs. Edward E.; 2749 Dwight Way. (Tel. Red 561.)

Gray, Mr. John Jr.; 1610 Louisa. cor. Cedar.

Green, Mr. and Mrs. Adam T.; 2627 Dwight Way. near Bowditch.

-         Miss Florence E.

Greenleaf, Col. and Mrs. Charles R.; U. S. A.; 2700 Bancroft Way.

-         Miss Edith L.; Ray; Dr. Henry S. (Tel. Red 815.)

Griffith, Mr. and Mrs. H. B.; 2218 Chapel. Wednesday.

Gross, Miss Mabel H.; 2538 Dwight Way.

Haight, Mr. and Mrs. George W.; 2208 Dwight Way.

Haley, Dr. Charles S.; 1019 Channing Way.

-         Miss Eugenia; Clarence; Chas. S. Jr.

Hammond, Rev. John D.; Miss Annie; 2427 Blake.

Hanscom, Mr. and Mrs. John O.; 1521 Walnut.

Hanscom, Mr. and Mrs. Meldon L.; 1525 Walnut.

-         Miss Adelaide; Miss Marion; Miss Sarah.

Hart, Mr. and Mrs. Edward H.; 2511 Durant Ave. Thursday.

Hatch, Rev. Dr. and Mrs. George B.; 2500 Dana.

Hathaway, Mr. and Mrs. Edmund; 2427 Channing Way. Friday.

-         Miss Mary P.

Hayne, Mr. and Mrs. Brewton A.; 2421 Piedmont Ave. (Tel. Black 281.)

Henry, Mr. and Mrs. William W.; Le Conte Ave., cor. Scenic Ave. Wed.

-         Miss Evelyn; Miss Aurelia; Paul.

Hilgard, Prof. and Mrs. Eugene W.; 2728 Bancroft Way. (Tel. Red 471.)

-         Miss Louise; Miss Alice R.

Hill, Dr. Albert; 2909 Adeline.

Howison, Prof. Geo. H.; 2731 Bancroft Way

Hume, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J.; Dwight Way, cor. Milvia.

- Joseph W.; Herbert; John S.

Hunt, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence M.; 2143 Center. 2nd and 4th Tuesday

-         Miss Pearl M.; Reuben H.

Hurlburt, Mr. and Mrs. Howard R.; 2025 Virginia. 1st and 3rd Thursday

Huse, Mrs. Helen C.; Mr. Charles G.; 2345 Channing Way

Jones, Prof. and Mrs. William Carey; 2520 Mark

Jones, Mr. Cecil K.; 2210 Atherton

Justice, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph; 1729 Shattuck Ave.

Keeler, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. A.; Ridgewood and Highland. (Tel. Black 451.)

Keen, Mr. and Mrs. C. W.; 2216 Dana. Tuesday

Kellogg, Prof. and Mrs. Martin; Bushnell, near College Way. (Tel. Red 661.)

-         Miss Annie D.

Kellogg, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Y.; 1743 Oxford. 2nd and 4th Tuesday

Keith, Mr. William; 2207 Atherton, near Allston Way.

Kennedy, Mr. and Mrs. Richard T.; 2643 Telegraph Ave.

-         Miss Mary A.; Miss Evelyn; Richard T., Jr.

Kierulff, Dr. and Mrs. Harry N.; Shattuck Ave. cor Carleton

King, Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm G.; 2313 Durant Ave.

-         Miss Nettie W.; Miss M. Alice; Miss Edith D.

Kinghorn-Jones, Mr. and Mrs. J. A.; 2537 Virginia, cor. Le Roy Ave.

-         Miss E.; Miss A.; Frank; Douglas

Landstrom, Mr. and Mrs. E.; 2200 College Ave.

-         Miss.

Lange, Prof. Alexis F.; 2729 Haste

Lansing, Mrs. Mary R.; 2345 Channing Way

Lawton, Mr. and Mrs. Frank H.; 2211 Durant Ave.

Le Conte, Dr. and Mrs. J.; 2739 Bancroft Way. (Tel. Red 171.) Tuesday

-         Miss Carrie; Joseph N.

Leechman, Mr. and Mrs. John; 2655 Dwightway. 2nd and 4th Tuesday

Leonard, Miss Letitia; 2522 Dana; 2nd and 4th Wednesday

Leuschner, Mr. and Mrs. A. O.; 2226 Chapel.

Little, Mr. and Mrs. James R.; 2224 Durant Ave.

Marliave, Mr. and Mrs. Edward C.; 2037 Lincoln, Tuesday

-         Miss Alice D.; Victor

McCleave, Capt. and Mrs. William; 1515 Walnut, near Vine

-         Miss Mary C.; Miss Annie E.; Edward G.

McMichael, Mr. and Mrs. H. M. J.; Channing and Piedmont. (Tel. Black 551.)

Merriam, Mr. and Mrs. John C.; 2223 Durant Ave.

Merrill, Prof. W. A.; 2413 Bancroft Way.

Metcalf, Mr. and Mrs. G. D.; Bushnell, nr. College Way. (Tel. Black 751.)

-         John B.; Peyton

Meyer, Mr. and Mrs. J. Henry; 2216 College Way. (Tel. Black 441.) Thursday

-         Miss Olga; Miss Alice M.

Mighell, Mr. and Mrs. William E.; Frank E.; 1533 Oxford

Miner, Dr. Henry N.; 2227 Dwight Way. (Tel. Red 481)

Morgan, Mr. Horace W.; 2747 Channing Way

Morrison, Capt. and Mrs. John T.; 2143 Addison

-         Miss May; Dr. John McI.

Morse, Mr. and Mrs. Ralza E.; 2230 Shattuck Ave., cor. Bancroft Way

-         Miss Blanche; Miss Ruby; Clinton R.

Moses, Prof. and Mrs. Bernard; 2225 College Ave., cor. Allston Way

Naylor, Mr. and Mrs. A. W.; 2221 Dwight Way

Osterhout, Mrs. W. J. V.; 2200 College Ave.

Ott, Mr. and Mrs. A. L.; 1501 Louisa, cor. Vine. Wednesday

-         Miss Ethel

Paget, Prof. and Mrs. F. V.; 2727 Dwight Way. (Tel. Red 281)

Palache, Mr. and Mrs. James; Claremont Ave. (Tel. Black 1781.) Wed.

-         Miss Eliza; Miss Mary; Charles; Whitney

Palmer, Mrs. Harriet D.; Harold; Piedmont Ave., and Bancroft Way

Partridge, Mr. and Mrs. Sam C.; 2021 Haste. Tuesday

Partsch, Dr. and Mrs. H.; 2001 Lincoln, N. Berkeley. 2nd and 4th Thursday

Peck, Mr. Edward P.; 2229 Channing Way, nr. Ellsworth

Powell, Mr. and Mrs. Walter; 2203 Atherton

-         Miss Mary; Miss Elizabeth; Wm. A.

Preble, Mr. Charles S.; 1534 Arch. nr. Cedar

Putzsker, Prof. and Mrs. Albin; 26 Telegrah Ave.

-         Miss Anna E.; Otto A.; Oscar E.

Rising, Prof. and Mrs. Willard B.; 2202 Chapel, cor. Allston Way

-         Miss Ruth L.; Miss Alice S.; Lawrence

Ritter, Prof. Wm. E.; Dr. Mary Bennett; 2434 Durant Ave.

Robinson, Mr. and Mrs. C. P.; 2747 Channing Way. 2nd and 4th Friday

-         Miss Edna; Miss Ida

Roberson, Mr. and Mrs. Victor Jr.; 1307 Shattuck Ave. Wednesday

Rosenstirn, Dr. and Mrs. J.; Bancroft Way and College Ave.; (Tel. Black 351)

-         The Misses

Senger, Prof. J. H.; (Tel. Black 351)

Slate, Prof. and Mrs. Frederick; 2231 College Ave.

Shattuck, Mrs. F. K.; 2216 Shattuck Ave., nr. Bancroft Way

Smith, Mr. and Mrs. William Stuart; 2538 Dwight Way

Squires, Mr. and Mrs. John; 2102 Vine

-         Harry J.; Will E.

Stewart, Col. and Mrs. Joseph (U.S.A. retired) 1507 Walnut

-         Miss Helen; Miss Josephine; Miss Alice; Chas.; Edward J.

Stringham, Prof. and Mrs. Irving; Bancroft Way, nr. Piedmont

Stuart, Mr. and Mrs. Alex C.; 2594 Dwight Way

Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. Henry; 1020 Albina. (Tel. Red 311)

Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel; 1730 University Ave.

Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. R. P.; "La Loma:, Vine, nr. Spring

Trimble, Maj. and Mrs. Joel G.; (U.S.A. retired). 2027 Francisco

-         Miss Mary N.; Miss Maitie; Edward; Allan

Wall, Mrs. Sarah; 2200 Atherton. (Tel. Red 421)

-         Miss Lillie B.; Dr. Benj. P.

Waters, Mr. and Mrs. Byron; 2315 Durant. (Tel. Black 431)

-         Miss Clara; Miss Sylvia

Wattles, Mr. and Mrs. William S.; 2136 University Ave.

-         J. Otis

Webb, Mr. and Mrs. E. H.; Virginia, nr. Euclid. (Tel. Black 491) Monday

Wellendorff, Mr. and Mrs. Louis; Miss  Maude; 1601 Walnut

Wells, Mr. and Mrs. Amasa H.; 2000 Bancroft Way, cor. Milvia

Wells, Mrs. M. A.; 2000 Bancroft Way, cor. Milvia

Whirlow, Mrs. Harriet E.; 2214 Atherton

Wickson, Prof. and Mrs. E. J.; 2723 Bancroft Way

-         Miss Edna H.; Miss Katherine R.

Wickson, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. G.; 2309 Fulton. 1st and 3rd Wednesday

Whitworth, Dr. and Mrs. George F.; 2200 Fulton. (Tel. Black 381)

Wiley, Mr. and Mrs. Harley R.; 2545 Benvenue Ave. Tuesday

Wilkinson, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. T.; 2644 Dwight Way. (Tel. Black 172)

Wilkinson, Mr. and Mrs. W.

Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. Frank

Winn, Mr. and Mrs. William B.; 1927 Haste

Woolsey, Mr. Walter P.; Dr. Frank R.; Fairview, nr. Telegraph Ave.

Wright, Mr. and Mrs. Paxton; Calais, cor. Woolsey



Transcribed by Elaine Sturdevant.

Source: Hoag, Charles C., Our Society Blue Book, Page 177-180. Charles Hoag Publishing, San Francisco, CA. 1899.

2006 Elaine Sturdevant.





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