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Alexander, Mr. and Mrs. Granville W.; 1015 Morton. Tuesday.

-----------Philip W.

Allen, Mr. and Mrs. Isaac P.; 462 Santa Clara Ave. Wednesday.

----------Arthur F.; Sidney D.; Cristopher.

Anthony, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin R.; 1617 Alameda Ave.

Anthony, Mrs. John A.; 1636 Central Ave.

Austin, Mr. and Mrs. Beni. Cooper; 917 Chestnut. 1st Wednesday.

----------Miss Stella; Miss Harriet

Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. W. W.; Univ’y Academy, 520 Rail’d Ave. Wed.

---------Miss: L. S.

Bacon, Mrs. Mary E.; 1736 Eagle. Tuesday.

---------Miss Mattie E.; Wm. R.

Ballance, Mr. and Mrs. James H.; 917 Chestnut. Thursday.

Barber, Mrs. Sarah: Miss Mabel H.; 1323 High.

Baehr, Mr. Wm. H., Jr.; 2029 Central. (Tel. Red 91.)

Bartlett, Mr. and Mrs. Columbus; 1233 St. Charles.

----------Miss Ellen M.; Miss Louise C.; Julian; Francis H.

Barton, Mr. and Mrs. John; cor. Broad’y and Central Ave., P. Hotel S.F.

----------Miss Grace.

Barton, Mr. and Mrs. Phineas W.; 1117 Morton.

Bates, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur C.; 2226 Central Ave. Thursday.

----------Miss Victoria.

Bates, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C.; 2165 Central Ave. Friday.

----------Miss Caroline H.; Miss Lucy H.; Joseph C., Jr.

Baum, Mr. and Mrs. Alex R.; cor Bay and San Antonio. (Tel. Black 921.)

Bennett, Mr. and Mrs. Sanford; 2311 Buena Vista Ave.

----------Miss Laura S.

Bew, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. H.; 1222 Grand Ave.

Binder, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick; 1345 Park Ave. Friday.

Bradford, Mr. Charles A.; 1901 Pacific Ave.

Bradley, Mrs. Bessie E.; 2604 Morton, cor. Railroad Ave. Thurs.

----------Miss Lulie D.; Henry W.

Bramhall, Mr. and Mrs. Walter M.; 1824 Clinton Ave. Monday.

Brand, Mr. and Mrs. A.; 2311 Buena Vista Ave. Monday.

Brand, Mr. Lucien; Miss Mary; 2241 Pacific Ave.

Brooks, Mr. and Mrs. Shelby A.; 1813 San Antonio Ave.

Brown, Mrs. Agnes E.; 3223 Central Ave.

----------Miss Bessie; Dr. Maurice W.; Clara Ave. Thursday.

Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur M.; 152 Percy J.

Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Edward; 1823 S. 9 Union.

----------Miss Edith; Miss Ethel; Herbert H. (Tel. Black 121.)

Browning, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob; 1519 Grand, nr. Railroad Ave.

----------Miss Frances M.; Edward.

Browning, Mr. and Mrs. Frank E.; 1515 Sherman.

Bull, Dr. and Mrs. C. Geo.; 2015 Central Ave. (Tel. Black 91.)

Bullock, Mr. and Mrs. Ezra B.; 812 Paru, nr. Clinton.

----------Miss Martha L..

Byrne, Mr. and Mrs. John T.; 1183 Broadway.

Canfield, Mrs. E.; 887 Cedar.

Canfield, Mr. and Mrs. C. L.; 1616 Clinton Ave. Monday.

Carpentier, Mr. and Mrs. Alphonse; 1003 Paru. (Tel. Red 391.)

----------Miss Gabriel N.; Miss Jennie.

Cashman, Mrs. Mary T.; 1804 Central Ave. Tuesday

----------Miss Madeline; Miss Helen; Wm. F., Jr.

Chappell, Mr. and Mrs. Scott R.; 2211 Central Ave.

----------Miss Mary W.

Chipman, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. F.; 1290 Weber. (Tel. Red 221.)

Clark, Mr. and Mrs. R. Frank; 1808 Alameda Ave. Monday.

Clay, Mr. and Mrs. Allen M.; 1428 Oak. (Tel. Black 571.) 3d Thursday.

----------Miss Edith; Miss Roberta.

Clement, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred; 518 Taylor Ave. 1st Thursday.

Cohen, Mrs. A.; 833 Santa Clara Ave.

----------Miss Alice H.; Miss Isabelle A.; Miss Maud G.

Cohen, Mr. Donald A.; 2618 Lincoln Ave.

Cohen, Mrs. E. G.; Versailles Ave. (Tel. Red 241.) Monday.

Cohen, Mr. and Mrs. E. A.; 1605 Versailles Ave. (Tel. Red 241.) Monday.

Colburn, Mr. and Mrs. Frank D.; 1729 Central Ave. (Tel. Black 961.)

----------Robert D.

Colby, Mrs. Dora; 1118 Lafayette. 1st and 3rd Monday.

----------G. Wilder.

Colby, Mrs. Ruth E.; Miss Bessie E.; 2205 San Antonio.

Cowing, Mr. and Mrs. E.H.; 924 Union, cor. San Jose Ave.

Cramer, Mr. and Mrs. W. H.; 1535 Santa Clara Ave.

Cranz, Dr. and Mrs. Louis T.; 1626 Sherman. Thursday.

Crawford, Mr. J. J.; (Tel. Main 221.)

Cubury, Mr. and Mrs. William M.; 1527 Minturn.

Daggett, Mr. and Mrs. John; (Tel. Red 361.)

----------Miss Hallie.

Darneal, Mr. and Mrs. Hervey; 903 Grand.

----------Miss Susie; Claybourne.

Deardorff, Mr. and Mrs. Frank; 1106 Grand. Thursday.

D’Evelyn, Dr. and Mrs. F. W.; 2103 Clinton. (Tel. Red 341.) Wednesday.

----------Miss Mina; Norman; Wright.

Dodge, Mr. and Mrs. Jared S.; 2049 Central Ave.

Dodson, Rev. and Mrs. G. R.; 2207 San Jose Ave.

Donnels, Mr. and Mrs. Horace C.; 2nd and 4th Tuesday.

----------Miss Mary.

Donnels, Mrs. Mary; 2nd and 4th Tuesday.

Durney, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph; 2249 San Antonio Ave. (Tel. Red 791.)

Duveneck, Mr. and Mrs. Hugo; 1004 Paru. (Tel. Black 731.)

Dwinelle, Mrs. C. E.; 2270 Weber. Tuesday.

Earl, Mr. and Mrs. J. O.; Ogden M.; 1025 Morton.

Eckley, Mr. and Mrs. Henry; 3267 Briggs Ave.

----------Miss Carrie A.; Miss Emma.

Eisen, Mrs. Babette; 2014 Central Ave. 1st and 3rd Friday.

----------Miss Ada; Miss Alice.

Ellery, Mr. and Mrs. E.; 1506 Morton.

----------Miss Alice E.; Miss Edith G.; Miss Georgiana.

Ellsworth, Judge and Mrs. John; 3000 Central Ave.

Epstein, Mr. and Mrs. Henry; 1000 Paru.

----------Miss Elsa.

Evans, Mr. and Mrs. Edward J.; 1611 Webster.

Fagan, Mr. and Mrs. James J.; 1900 Central Ave.

Farrar, Mr. and Mrs. Fred W.; 2042 Pacific Ave.


Field, Mr. and Mrs. Henry K.; 717 Paru. (Tel. Black 321.) 1st Thursday.

----------Charles K.; H. Willard; Russell B.

Fink, Mr. and Mrs. A. W.; 1024 Union. Friday.

----------Miss Alice M.; A. Walter.

Fletter, Mr. and Mrs. Freeborn J.; 2225 Central Ave. (Tel. Black 41.)

----------Benjamin F.

Fraser, Mr. and Mrs. Duncan A.; 2103 Santa Clara Ave.

----------Miss Eva A.; Miss Maude.

Friedrich, Col. and Mrs. Robert A.; 2117 Buena Vista Ave. Thursday.

----------Miss Augusta H.

French, Miss Susie A.; 2000 Santa Clara Ave., cor. Chestnut.

Frost, Mrs. Mary L.; Charles H.; Horatio T.; 1605 Walnut.

Gayford, Mrs. Ellen M.; Miss Grace M.; 1348 Broadway.

Gerald, Mr. and Mrs. Edward F.; 1524 Chestnut.

Gerald, Miss Eliza; Miss G. Maud; Ezekiel F.; 1620 Central Ave.

Gibbons, Mr. and Mrs. Robinson; 3534 Central Ave.

----------Miss Alice.

Gould, Mr. and Mrs. James L.; 1816 Encinal Ave. 2nd and 4th Wednesday.

Graves, Mr. and Mrs. Hiram T.; 1424 ½ Park.

Graves, Mr. and Mrs. Walter E.; 1213 Central Ave. Wednesday.

Green, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur F.; 1520 Grand.

Gutsch, Mr. and Mrs. Gustave; 2055 Clinton Ave. Last Sunday.


Hall, Mrs. Emma Wiggins; 2101 Central Ave. (Tel. Rd 191.)

Hammersmith, Mrs. Margaret; 1174 Park Ave.

----------Miss Millie; Miss Carrie; George; Frank A.

Harnden, Mrs. F. A.; 1137 Broadway. Wednesday.

----------Miss M.; Miss S.; Miss N.; Miss E.; Wm. E.

Haslett, Mr. and Mrs. Oliver; 1533 Grand.

Haslett, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel; 1540 Central Ave. (Tel. Black 231.)


Haslett, Mr. and Mrs. S. M.; 1605 Central Ave. (Tel. Black 381.) Thursday.

Hatch, Mrs. Emma C.; 1734 Central Ave., bet. Grand and Union.

Havens, Mr. and Mrs. Howard; 1427 San Antonio Ave. (Tel. Main 26.)

----------Miss Ella M.

Heise, Mr. and Mrs. Charles E.; 1135 Morton, cor. Central Ave. Friday.

----------Carl E.; Percy.

Henkenius, Mr. and Mrs. J. C.; 1210 Paru.

----------Fred J.

Henko, Mr. and Mrs. A. V.; 2111 Clement Ave. Thursday.

Henn, Mr. and Mrs. W. Otto; 2053 Central Ave.

Hibbard, Mr. and Mrs. A. A.; 1820 Clinton Ave. 1st and 3rd Friday.

Hickok, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur M.; 1410 Santa Clara Ave.

Holmes, Mr. and Mrs. Edward B.; 912 Paru.

----------Edward L.; Robert J.

Holt, Mr. and Mrs. Edward J.; 1007 Morton.

Holt, Mrs. Mary E.; 1007 Morton.

Hooper, Mr. and Mrs. Charles A.; 1234 Hawthorne. 2nd and 4th Tuesday.

----------Miss Isabel; Miss Idolene; (Tel. Black 591.)

Hovey, Mr. and Mrs. Charles E.; 1424 Oak. Monday.

----------Elbridge S.

Howe, Mr. and Mrs. Frank C.; 1118 Grand.

Humphrey, Dr. and Mrs. John G.; 2217 Alameda Ave.

Hunter, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph; 2050 Santa Clara Ave.

----------Miss Emma; Miss Isabelle; James; Walter V.; Richard B.

Hutchinson, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick W.; 1715 St. Charles.

----------Frederick W. Jr.; Charles T.

Ingerson, Mrs. M. F.; 1001 Alameda Ave. Thursday.

----------Miss May M.; Harry F.; Frederick S.

Ives, Mr. and Mrs. Stephen D.; 2515 Broadway. Friday.

Jacobi, Mr. and Mrs. Louis H.; 815 Grand, near Clinton. (Tel. Main 16.)

James, Miss Lynn A.; Edwin P.; 2245 Central Ave. 2nd and 4th Tuesdays.

Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. D. H.; 2008 Alameda Ave.

Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Henry C.; 1337 Versailles.

Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Reed; 1834 San Antonio Ave.

----------Reed, Jr.; Leigh S.; Maxwell G.

Junkins, Mr. and Mrs. C. K.; 1603 Paru.

Junkins, Mrs. R. H.; 1603 Paru.

Kaltenbach, Mrs. William; 1207 Belton.

Knowland, Mr. joseph; 2426 Lincoln Ave. (Tel. Red 891.)

Knowland, Mr. J. R.; 1543 Everett. (Tel. South 402.)

Knowles, Mr. Edward I.; 1010 Pacific Ave.

Knowles, Dr. and Mrs. S. E.; 1915 Santa Clara Ave. (Tel. Red 831.) Tuesday.


Knowles, Dr. and Mrs. William A.; 1423 Versailles.

----------Miss Lillian.

Kollofrath, Mr. and Mrs. Edmund; 1117 Union.

Kunz, Mr. and Mrs. Henry; 1720 San Antonio Ave.

Lachman, Mr. and Mrs. S.; 1515 Lafayette. (Tel. Red 131.)


Lally, Mr. and Mrs. Henry T.; 1615 Central Ave., cor. Union. Monday.

-----------Henry J.

Lamb, Mrs. D. F.; Miss Neva F.; George W.; 1604 Central Ave.

Landsberger, Mr. Henry M.; 1417 San Antonio Ave.

Landsberger, Mr. and Mrs. I.; 1615 San Jose Ave. (Tel. Black 851.)

----------Miss Florence; Miss Lillie; Julius A.; Albert H.

Le Count, Mr. and Mrs. J. P.; 1211 Regent. (Tel. Black 601.)

Le Count, Mr. and Mrs. Frank R.; 1833 San Antonio Ave.

Leonard, Mr. and Mrs. I. A.; Union, near Bay. (Tel. Black 601.)

----------George W.; R. Stanley.

Lewis, Dr. and Mrs. A. N.; 1737 Alameda Ave. (Tel. Red 871.) Wednesday.

----------Miss Mattie; Miss Marian R.; George L.; Wm. W.

Lubbock, Dr. and Mrs. C. H.; 2255 Central Ave. (Tel. Black 871.) Thursday.

Lubbock, Capt. and Mrs. W. M.; 144 Grand.

Lurt, Mr. Oliver A.; Miss Olita S.; Hall; 2101 Central Ave.

Lutgen, Mr. and Mrs. J.; 917 Santa Clara Ave. Friday.

----------Miss Adele.

Lynch, Mr. and Mrs. James K.; 1236 Sherman. (Tel. Red 971.) Friday.

Mackie, Mr. Alexander; 2033 San Antonio Ave.

Magill, Mr. and Mrs. Robert H.; 1915 Buena Vista Ave.

Manson, Miss Florence; 1815 Central Ave. 1st and 3rd Thursday.

Marriott, Mrs. F.; 2151 Clinton Ave. Thursday.

----------Miss Adele; Frederick A.; Edwin R.

Marsh, Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Jr.; 2055 San Jose Ave. Friday.

Masten, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M.; 2044 Central Ave. 1st Thursday.

Mastick, Mr. and Mrs. E. B.; 821 Pacific Ave. (Tel. black 541.)

----------Miss Mary L.; Miss Laura C.

Mastick, Mr. and Mrs. George H.; 918 Pacific Ave. (Tel. red 271.)

Mastick, Mrs. Josephine W.; 1612 Morton.

----------J. W.

Mastick, Mr. and Mrs. Reuben W.; 1528 St. Charles.

McChesney, Mr. and Mrs. R. W.; 1815 Central. (T. South 502.) 1st and 3rd Thursday..

McCormick, Mr. and Mrs. F. H.; 1803 Alameda Ave. (Tel. Black 101.)

McGlauflin, Mr. and Mrs. L. W.; 2250 San Antonio Ave.; (Tel. Black 341.)

----------Miss Ivy M.; Lewis W., Jr.

McGurn, Mrs. Thomas R.; 2000 Central Ave. Wednesday.

McQuesten, Dr. and Mrs. C. A.; 1214 Park Ave. (Tel. North 492.) Wednesday.

Medcraft, Mr. and Mrs. R. C.; 1413 Paru. (Tel. Black 462.) Thursday.

Metzger, Mr. and Mrs. L.; 1829 Santa Clara Ave. (Tel. Red 121.) Thursday.

Michaels, Mr. and Mrs. Henry; 1637 Central Ave. (Tel. Red 141.)

Michaels, Mr. and Mrs. Charles F.; 1637 Central Ave. 1st, 2nd and 3rd Monday.

Mitchell, Mr. and Mrs. R. B.; 1221 Sherman. 1st and 3rd Thursday.

Mohns, Mr. and Mrs. Henry; 1207 Benton.

Moore, Mr. and Mrs. George A.; 916 Union. (Tel. Black 291.) Tuesday.

Moore, Mr. and Mrs. Wellersley; 1623 San Jose Ave.

Moreal, Mr. and Mrs. H. P.; 1566 Pacific Ave. Thursday.

----------Miss Minnie.

Morris, Mr. and Mrs. David; Artesian Block.

Mott, Mr. and Mrs. Robert B.; 1531 Benton.

----------Miss Leah F.; Miss Debbie A.

Mott, Mrs. M. J.; 1531 Benton.

Murdock, Mr. George H.; 1809 San Antonio Ave.

----------Miss Dorothy.

Nahl, Mrs. Annie J.; 1601 Central Ave. Wednesday.

----------Perham W.; Constant A.; Virgil T.

Naylor, Mr. and Mrs. Charles E.; 1439 Morton. (Tel. Black 781.) Thursday.


Neal, Mr. Allen S.; 1415 Union. (Tel. Black 131.)

Neal, Mr. and Mrs. Charles S.; 1224 Central Ave.

----------Charles W.

Okell, Mr. and Mrs. C. J.; Sherman and Dayton. (Tel. Red 382.) Thursday.

Osborne, Mr. and Mrs. Homer E.; 1014 Paru.

Osborn, Robert F.; 1203 Railroad Ave.a Clara Ave. (Tel. Black 251.) Thur.

Otis, Mr. and Mrs. Frank; 1609 Santa Clara Ave. (Tel. Black 251.) Thursday.

Owens, Mr. and Mrs. John; 1909 Santa Clara Ave.

----------Miss Mamie M.

Painter, Mr. and Mrs. Edgar; 1912 Clinton Ave. (Tel. Black 721.) Friday.

Painter, Mr. and Mrs. Edward R.; 1207 Regent.

----------Miss June G.; Miss Olive M.

Painter, Mr. and Mrs. George; 1217 Sherman.

Parkhurst, Mr. John W.; 925 Taylor Ave.

Pariser, Mr. and Mrs. James A.; 2245 Central Ave. 2nd and 4th Tuesdays.

----------Miss; Miss Edythe C.

Parr, Mr. and Mrs. Richard E.; 1193 Park Ave. 1st, 2nd and 3rd Wednesday.

Phillips, Mr. and Mrs. Louis A.; 1822 Santa Clara Ave. 1st Wednesday.

Plummer, Mr. and Mrs. George E.; 1433 San Antonio Ave. (Tel. Black 391.)

Plummer, Mr. and Mrs. John A.; 2137 Clinton Ave.

----------Miss Crystal.

Poindexter, Mr. and Mrs. Theo.; 1719 Chapin.

Potter, Mr. and Mrs. Alden H.; 1348 Broadway. Wednesday.

Porter, Mr. and Mrs. Abel W.; 1816 San Jose Ave.

Pratt, Mr. and Mrs. G. C.; 1162 Broadway. Wednesday.

Prosser, Mr. and Mrs. A. M.; 2016 San Antonio Ave. 2d and 4th Wednesday.

Randolph, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel L.; 1251 St. Charles .

----------Harry L.

Rathbun, Mr. and Mrs. George A.; 2029 Alameda Ave. 1st and 3d Tuesday.

Read, Mr. and Mrs. Frank W.; 2039 Alameda Ave.

Repsold, Mr. and Mrs. A.; 1551 Benton. 2d and 3d Tuesday.

Reynolds, Dr. and Mrs. G. P.; 2256 Central Ave. (Tel. Black 71.)


Reynolds, Mr. and Mrs. A.; 2065 Alameda Ave. Wednesday.

----------Miss Fannie F.; Miss Grace E.; George A.

Rix, Mr. and Mrs. William; 1013 Paru. (Tel. Black 901.)

Robinson, Dr. and Mrs. W. H.; 2237 San Antonio Ave. Thursday.

----------Miss S. Mae; Miss Claire S.; Leo S.

Rosseter, Mr. and Mrs. George R.; 2030 San Jose Ave.

----------Miss Anita; James T.; George R. Jr.; Theo. W. T.

Rosseter, Mrs. Winifred E.; 900 Grand. 1st and 3rd Wednesday.

----------Miss Bessie W.; John H.; (Tel. Red 291.)

Rountree, Mr. James O.; 2201 San Jose Ave. Tuesday.

----------Miss Louise S.

Russell, Mrs. Louisa; 648 Pacific Ave. (Tel. Black 161.)

----------Miss Henrietta J.; Miss Jennie H.

Rue, Mr. and Mrs. Edmund D.; 2029 Encinal Ave. Thursday.

Schemmel, Mr. Edward; 1224 Park Ave.

Schonwasser, Mr. and Mrs. Emil G.; 1201 Lafayette.

Scott, Mr. and Mrs. George W.; 1723 Central Ave. (Tel. Red 661.) Tuesday.

----------Miss Maude.

Scribner, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert D.; 1008 Central Ave. Wednesday.

Sellier, Mr. and Mrs. Louis J.; 1732 Alameda Ave.

----------Miss Anna M.

Severing, Mr. and Mrs. Henry; cor. Central Ave. and Everett.

----------Miss Lulu.

Shattuck, Mr. and Mrs. William F.; 1836 Clinton Ave. Monday.

Sherwood, Mr. and Mrs. Henry H.; Alameda. (Tel. Main 19.) Thursday.

Sherwood, Mr. and Mrs. E.; cor. Encinal and Paru. 1st and 3rd Thursday.

----------Miss Isabelle; Miss Rose; Miss Jessie; Miss Winifred; Lionel.

Shreve, Mr. and Mrs. George W.; 1805 Santa Clara Ave. Thursday.

----------Miss Minerva.

Siegfried, Mr. and Mrs. John C.; 2044 Alameda Ave.

----------Miss Helen; Miss Alice.

Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence M.; 1825 Clinton Ave. (Tel. Red 821.) Tuesday.


Smith, Mr. and Mrs. E. Minor; 2721 Buena Vista Ave.

Smith, Mr. and Mrs. H. A.; 2067 San Jose Ave. Tel. Black 911.) Wednesday

Soule, Mrs. Mary M.; Miss H. Gertrude; William F.; 1232 Sherman.

St. Sure, Mrs. Ellen O.; 1215 Pacific Ave. (Tel. Black 401.)

----------A. F.; Frank A.

Stedman, Mr. and Mrs. A. M.; 1219 Regent. 1st and 4th Thursday.

Stedman, Mr. Henry S.; 1019 Paru.

----------Miss Annie B.

Steiger, Mr. and Mrs. Charles D.; 1422 Willow. 1st Tuesday.

Stephens, Dr. William Barclay; cor. Oak and Central Ave. (Tel. Red 571.)

Stiefwater, Mr. and Mrs. Simon; 907 Central. Tuesday.

----------Miss; A. P. de W.; Gerhard E.

Stoddard, Mr. A. C.; 2109 Eagle Ave.

Stoddard, Mr. T. C.; 2109 Eagle Ave.

Stratton, Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius; 1834 San Jose Ave.

----------Miss Carrie A.

Sutter, Mr. and Mrs. Alphonse; 1522 Willow. Wednesday.

Swayne, Mr. and Mrs. R. H.; 1717 Alameda Ave. (Tel. Red 101.) Wednesday.

Swayne, Mr. and Mrs. William G.; 1005 Morton.

----------Miss Alice E.; Miss Helen M.

Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. Edward K.; 1375 Regent. cor. Central Ave.

Teller, Mr. and Mrs. Philip S.; 1819 Central Ave.

Thorn, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Jr.; S. E. cor. Paru and San Jose Ave.


Tisdale, Dr. and Mrs. C. L.; N. E. cor. Alameda and Paru. (Tel. Black 201.)

Tisdale, Dr. and Mrs. Thomas P.; 2300 Central Ave. (Tel. Red 201.)

----------Miss Blanche.

Tyson, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. H.; 1501 Central Ave. (Tel. Black 221.) Friday.

Tyson, Mr. James; 1540 Central Ave.

Tyson, Mr. Robert J.; 1710 Santa Clara Ave. (Tel. Red 961.)

Van Brunt, Miss Ruth E.; 1727 Encinal Ave.

Van Meter, Mr. and Mrs. F. L.; 940 Santa Clara Ave. (Tel. Red 541.)

Van Norden, Dr. and Mrs. L.; 1125 Paru. (Tel. Red 851.) 1st Monday.

Van Sicklen, Mr. and Mrs. F. W.; 1831 Central Ave. (Tel. Black 111.) Tuesday.

----------Miss Hilda.

Voogt, Mr. and Mrs. Fred W.; 1113 Chestnut. Wednesday.

----------Miss Edna.

Walker, Mr. and Mrs. E. J.; 1539 Versailles Ave. (Tel. Black 861.) Tuesday.

Wall, Capt. and Mrs. J. G.; 1836 Santa Clara Ave. (Tel. Red 111.)

----------Miss Margaret.

Ward, Mr. and Mrs. A. H.; 723 Paru. (Tel. Red 321.)

----------Harold C.

Ward, Mrs. John G.; 1539 Versailles Ave. (Tel. Black 861.) Tuesday.

---------Miss Emma W.; Louis T.

Waterman, Mr. and Mrs. Augustus; 728 Paru. Friday.

Waymire, Judge and Mrs. James A.; Buena Vista and Walnut. Wednesday .

----------Miss Maud V.; Miss Edna M.

Wellman, Mr. and Mrs. William B.; (Tel. Black 661.)

Wever, Mr. and Mrs. Charles H.; 1502 Park. Tuesday.

Weller, Mr. and Mrs. Charles L.; 2256 Buena Vista Ave.

Whitney, Mrs. E. J.; 1804 Alameda Ave. Friday.

----------Miss Norma; George H.

Wiggin, Mr. and Mrs. Marcus P.; 1357 Broadway.

----------Miss Helen; Marcus H.

Winterburn, Mr. and Mrs. G. F.; 2038 San Jose Ave. 1st and 3rd Wednesday.

Winters, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P.; 2268 Central Ave. 2nd Thursday.

Wright, Mr. and Mrs. George T.; 1417 San Antonio Ave. (Tel. Red 301.)

Young, Mr. and Mrs. John N.; 2128 Alameda Ave.

Youngberg, Capt. and Mrs. John E.; 1403 Morton.

----------Frederick C.; Charles J.

Younger, Dr. and Mrs. Edward A.; 325 Pacific Ave. cor. Fourth.

Ziel, Mr. and Mrs. Fedor R.; 1617 Alameda Ave., near Paru.




Transcribed by Elaine Sturdevant.

Source: Hoag, Charles C., Our Society Blue Book, Page 169-175.  Charles Hoag Publishing, San Francisco, CA. 1899.

© 2007 Elaine Sturdevant.





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