(1889 Blue Book a mirror copy with permission from
Source: San Francisco Blue Book, Published by The Bancroft Company, San Francisco, 1889


ADAMS, Mr and Mrs F.B., 1525 L st.
ADAMS, Miss Lizzie, 910 Seventh st.
ALSIP, Mr. and Mrs. E.K., 1711 N st.
ARMSTRONG, Judge and Mrs. J.W., 817 O st.
ATKINSON, Prof. and Mrs. E.C., 1711 I st.

BAINBRIDGE, Mr. and Mrs. J.C., 816 M st.
BARRETT, Miss Mamie, 701 Twelfth st.
BECKMAN, Mr. and Mrs. William, Golden Eagle Hotel
BENNETT, Miss Eva, 1411 K st.
BERNARD, Miss Lizzie, 600 L st.
BIRDSALL, Mr. and Mrs. Fred, 727 Ninth st.
BONTE, Mr. and Mrs. Charles, 909 F st.
BOWERS, Mr. and Mrs. W.O., Golden Eagle Hotel
BOYD, Mrs. J.W., 912 G st.
BOYD, Miss Mabel
BRECKENFELD, Mr. and Mrs. H.B., 1316 I st.
BRIGGS, Dr. and Mrs. W.A., 1300 I st.
BROWN, Mrs. W.B.C., 1100 H st.
BRUSIE, Mr. and Mrs. Jud. C., 917 K st.
BUCHANAN, Mr. and Mrs. A.N., Tenth and H sts.
BULLARD, Miss Etta, Davisville
BURNHAM, Mr. and Mrs. C.E., 916 1/2 J st.

CAREY, Mr. and Mrs. C.E., 1003 H st.
CARROLL, Miss Flora, SW cor. 10th and H sts.

CARROLL, Miss Liela
CARROLL, Miss Mae, 729 Seventh st
CHIPMAN, Mr. and Mrs. H.C., 914 N st.
CLARK, Miss Minnie, 1128 10th st.
CLARK, Mr. and Mrs. George H., 1017 Fourth st.
CLARK, Mr. and Mrs. C.W., 10th and H sts.
CLARK, Miss Laura
CLUNESS, Dr. and Mrs. W.R., 805 H st.
CLUNESS, Miss Minnie
COLEMAN, Mr. and Mrs. W.P., 325 J st.
COSBY, Gen. and Mrs. George B., 1208 P st.
COSBY, Miss Edith
COTHRIN, Mr. and Mrs. W.K., 1228 N st.
COX, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick, 21st and W sts.
COX, Mrs. Genevieve
COX, Mr. and Mrs. Crawford J.
CROCKER, Mr. and Mrds. B.R., 618 L st.
CROUCH, Mr. and Mrs. E.A., 308 O st.
CROUCH, Miss Mamie

DAVIDSON, Gen. and Mrs. H.B., 1114 N st.
DEMMING, Miss Mamie, 21st ant T sts
DEMMING, Miss Ella
DENSON, Judge and Mrs. S.C., 1021 H st.
DILLMAN, Mr. and Mrs. C.F., 1214 N st.
DILLMAN, Mr. and Mrs. M.J., 1420 O st.
DIXON, Dr. and Mrs. G.M., 728 Ninth st.
DORN, Mrs. W.E., 1100 G st
DRAY, Senator and Mrs. F.R., 1323 I st.
DRAY, Miss Annie
DUEL, Mr. and Mrs. S.J., 1118 H st.
DUEL, Miss Alice
DUEL, Miss Ethel

FARIS, Mr. and Mrs. James, 1123 H st.
FELTER, Mr. and Mrs. J.I., 619 Tenth st.
FELTER, Miss Emma
FELTER, Mr. and Mrs. W.R., 1700 H st
FOLGER, Mr. and Mrs. A.G., 1122 H st
FOY, Mrs. A.L., 1228 N st
FROST, Mr. and Mrs. A.L., 1521 I st.

GALE, Mr. and Mrs. George, 912 Fourteenth st
GARDNER, Dr. and Mrs. M., Sutter Building
GARFIELD, Miss Susie, 218 M st.
GERBER, Mr. and Mrs. E.W., 1424 N st.
GILL, Mr. and Mrs. John A., 1108 G st.
GILLIS, Mrs. J.L., 1220 Seventh st.
GLOVER, Mrs. J.T., 1021 1/2 Front st.
GREGORY, Mayor and Mrs. E.J., 721 I st.
GREGORY, Miss Millie, 128 J st.
GREGORY, Miss Daisy
GREGORY, Miss Malvene
GRIFFITH, Mr. and Mrs. Fred D., 1812 H st.
GRIFFITH, Mr. and Mrs. J.T., 1231 H st.
GRIFFIN, Miss Lizzie, 2512 H st.
GRISSIM, Mr. and Mrs. W.W., 1417 I st.

HAHN, Miss Florence, 1309 H st.
HALE, Mrs. E.W., Fifteenth and O sts.
HALL, Mr. and Mrs. T.B., 1236 O st.
HAMILTON, Col. and Mrs. E.R., cor. Fifth and J sts.
HANCHETTE, Miss Louise, 1402 H st.
HARMON, Mr. and Mrs. R.B., 606 Seventh st.
HART, General and Mrs. A.L., 1027 L. st.
HEILBRON, Mr. and Mrs. Henry, 604 N st.
HENDRICKS, Sec. and Mrs. W.C., 1823 H st.
HETZEL, Mr. and Mrs. Selden, 624 O st.
HICKMAN, Mr. and Mrs. Frank, 1313 I st.
HOITT, Mr. and Mrs .Ira G., 916 L st.
HOLL, Judge and Mrs. Solon, 1325 G st.
HOLT, Mr. and Mrs. E.J., 1220 G st.
HOUGHTOH, Mr. and Mrs. C.H., 1429 I st.
HOPKINS, Mr. and Mrs. A.S., 1413 I st.
HUBBARD, Mr. and Mrs. C.H., 1329 I st
HUGHSON, Miss Edith, 704 N st.
HUNTINGTON, Dr. and Mrs. T.W., 515 13th st.
HUNTOON, Miss Eva, 721 M st.
HURD, Mrs. Horatio, 1317 H st.

INGRAM, Mr. and Mrs. William, Jr., 724 N st.
IRVINE, Mr. and Mrs. R.C., 1900 H st.

JACKSON, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. W., 813 Eighth st.
JOBSON, Mrs. Jennie, 21st and T sts
JOHNSON, Miss Mollie B., 1100 F st.
JOHNSON, Mr. and Mrs. A.J., 1319 I st.

KASEBERG, Mr. and Mrs. J.W., 1515 H st.
KASEBERG, Miss Fannie
KATZENSTEIN, Mr. and Mrs. G.B., 1213 O st.
KEEGAN, Mr. and Mrs. J.J., Metropolitan Building
KENNEDY, Mrs. M.A., 1603 H st.
KEWEN, Miss May, 1616 M st
KEWEN, Perrie

LAINE, Dr. and Mrs. J.R., 913 K st.
LaRUE, Mr. and Mrs. H.M., 1600 H st.
LEAKE, Mr. and Mrs. W.S., 1215 Seventh st.
LENOIR, Mr. and Mrs. C.J., 803 M st.
LEWIS, Mr. and Mrs. L.L., 1623 H st.
LINDLEY, Mr. and Mrs. D., 1021 H st.
LINDLEY, Miss Liela J., 1314 H st.
LINDLEY, Miss Helen, 1314 H st.
LINDLEY, Miss Mamie, 1314 H st.
LOCKE, Miss Ella, 330 M st.
LORENZ, Mr. and Mrs. George W., 1007 I st.
LYON, Mr. and Mrs. William M., 1601 Second st.

McCLATCHY, Mr. and Mrs. V.S., 2207 J st.
McCLATCHY, Mr. and Mrs. C.K., 1416 Third st.
McCORD, Mr. and Mrs. J.L., 1220 N st.
McCREARY, Mr. and Mrs. Charles, 1128 Tenth st.
McKEE, Mrs. E.H., 420 P st.
McKILLIP, Miss Hattie, 1415 J st.
McKUNE, Judge and Mrs. J.H., 1511 H st.
McLAUGHLIN, Major and Mrs. William, 152 Second st.
McNASSER, Col. and Mrs. James, 1200 Tenth st.
MEBIUS, Mr. and Mrs,. L., 1101 N st.
MERKELEY, Mrs. R.J., PO Box 366
MILLER, Mr. and Mrs. Frank, 831 N dst.
MILLIKEN, Mr. and Mrs. J.M., 1108 H dst.
MILLIKEN, Miss Louise
MILLS, Mr. and Mrs. J.E., 1526 Third st.
MOTT, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. M., 1515 I st.

NICHOLS, Dr. and Mrs. C.B., 1601 L st.
NICHOLS, Dr. and Mrs. H.L., 909 F st.
NIXON, Dr. and Mrs. A.B., 918 M st.
NORRIS, Mrs. W.E., 1012 P st.

ORCUTT, Mr. and Mrs. F.L., 1803 H st.

PARKINSON, Dr. and Mrs. J.H., 1030 I st.
PETRIE, Miss Lottie, 622 J st.
POND, Mr. and Mrs. J.H., Lull House
PORTER, Mr.and Mrs. J.N., 722 Ninth st.
POST, Mr. and Mrs. C.NB., 1922 H st.

RAY, Mrs. F.E., 710 H st.
RICHARDSON, Miss Jocey, 1503 H st.
ROBIN, Mr. and Mrs. Charles, 1420 I st.
ROSS, Mrs. Charles H., 1202 H st.
RUSSELL, Mr. and Mrs. P.H., 1029 H st.
RUSSELL, Miss Susie, 1029 H st.
RYAN, Mr. and Mrs. F.D., 1200 P st.

SAFFORD, Judge and Mrs. W.L., Lull House
SHEEHAN, Gen. and Mrs. T.W., 21st and U sts.
SIDDONS, Mr. and Mrs. W.M., 1421 I st.
SIDDONS, Miss Daisy
SIMMONS, Dr. and Mrs. G.L., cor. 10th and N sts.
SIMMONS, Miss Celia
SLIGHT, Mrs. S.P., 1309 I st.
SMITH, Mr. and Mrs. H.G., 500 Ninth st.
SMITH, Miss Alice, 1224 H st.
SMITH, Mr. and Mrs. F.B., 600 Ninth st.
SMITH, Mr. and Mrs. S. Prentiss, 2100 J st.
SNEAD, Miss Minnie, Dixon
SNEAD, Miss Kate
SNIDER, Dr. and Mrs. T.A., 913 M st.
SOUTHWORTH, Dr. S.S., 1905 J st.
SPEIKER, Mr. and Mrs. J.J., 1322 I st.
STEFFENS, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph, 1524 H st.
STEINMAN, Mr. and Mrs. B.U. 717 I st.
STEPHENS, Mr. and Mrs. R.D., 926 1/2 Sixth st.
STEVENSON, Miss Carrie, 1228 N st.
STEVENSON, Miss Lela, Vacaville
SULLIVAN, Mr. and Mrs. J.H., 1430 H st.
SULLIVAN, Miss Julia, 1430 H st.
SULLIVAN, Miss Sophie

TALBOTT, Miss May F., 1626 H st.
TAYLOR, Miss Mary, 1810 H st.
TAYLOR, Miss Clara
TEBBETTS, Dr. and Mrs. F.F., 914 6th st.
THAYER, Miss E., 1021 1/2 Front st.
TOLL, Miss Laura, 1808 O st.

TOZER, Gen. and Mrs. L., 1329 H st.
TRYON, Mr. and Mrs. E.H., 1122 Ninth st.
TUFTS, Mr. and Mrs. A.C., 1605 H st.
TYRRELL, Miss Lulu, 617 N st.

UPSON, Mr. and Mrs. L.S., 1010 F st.
UPSON, Miss Lucy

VAN FLEET, Judge and Mrs. W.C., 815 Eighteenth st.
VAN VOORHIES, Mr. and Mrs. A.A., 1403 H st.
VAN VOORHIES, Mr. and Mrs. R.J., 800 J st.

WATERMAN, Gov. and Mrs. R.ZW., 1100 H st.
WATSON, Mrs. J.R., 731 F st.
WEINRICH, Miss Kittie, 1114 N st.
WEINSTOCK, Mr. and Mrs. H., 1207 L st.
WILCOX, Miss Florence, 1020 F st.
WILCOX, Miss Mertie
WILLIAMS, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Y., 719 H st.
WILSON, Miss Ida
WILSON, Miss Lutie
WISEMAN, Miss Julia, 308 M st.
WITTENBROCK, Miss Eliza, 1303 I st.
WOOD, Dr. and Mrs. William, 814 Seventeenth st.
WOOD, Mr. and Mrs. A.A., State House Hotel
WOOD, Miss May
WRIGHT, Col., and Mrs. J.B., 1402 H st.

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