A Pacific-Union Club

Club Rooms

1000 California Street

San Francisco

January 1922






The Pacific-Union Club is a consolidation of the Pacific and the Union Clubs, two social organizations that existed in San Francisco; the former since the year 1852, and the latter since 1854.  The Pacific-Union Club was incorporated in March, 1881, and a consolidation took place in February, 1889. 


Articles of Incorporation of the Pacific-Union Club


Dated March 1st, 1881


Know All Men By These Presents:--- That we, the undersigned, having formed an association for social purposes, do hereby incorporate ourselves under the laws of the State of California.


And we certify that the name of such corporation is


"The Pacific-Union Club"


That the purpose for which the said corporation is formed is to acquire and maintain a Club House for social intercourse among its members under such by-laws, rules and regulations as the said corporation shall establish.


That the place where the principal business of the said corporation is to be transacted is the City and County of San Francisco, in the said the State of California.


That the said corporation is to exist for the term of fifty years from the date of these Articles.

That the number of its directors shall be eight.


And we do further certify that JAMES T. BOYD and C. TEMPLE EMMET were duly appointed the officers to conduct the election for Directors of the said corporation for the first year.


That on the first day of March, one thousand eight hundred and eighty-one, an election for Directors to serve the first year was held in the office of the UNION CLUB, on the northwest corner of California and Montgomery Streets, in the City and County of San Francisco aforesaid, at which a majority of the undersigned were present and voted; and that at such election the following Directors were chosen to serve for the first year, viz.:


Archibald McKinlay, Residing at the City and County of San Francisco.

Donald C. McRuer, Residing at the City and County of San Francisco.

Richard P. Hammond, Residing at the City and County of San Francisco.

Horace L. Hill, Residing at the City and County of San Francisco.

James Freeborn, Residing at the City and County of San Francisco.

William L. Booker, Residing at the City and County of San Francisco.

Joseph G. Eastland, Residing at the City and County of San Francisco.

Charles F. Crocker, Residing at the City and County of San Francisco.


As will more fully appear by the verified certificate of the officers conducting the said election hereto annexed, and made part of these Articles of Incorporation.


IN WITNESS WHEREOF--- We have here on to set our Hands first (1st) the date of March, A.  D. One Thousand Eight Hundred and Eight One.


A. McKinlay,

Richard P. Hammond,

Joseph G. Eastland,

Charles F. Crocker,

Horace L. Hill,

James Freeborn,

William Lane Booker

C. Temple Emmet,

James Thomas Boyd,

Donald C. McRuer.



STATE OF CALIFORNIA              }  ss.

City and County of San Francisco}


On the First day of March, A. D. One Thousand Eight Hundred and Eighty One, before me, George T. Knox, a Notary Public in and aforesaid City and County, residing therein, duly commissioned and sworn, personally appeared A.  McKinlay, R. P. Hammond, J. G. Eastland, C. F. Crocker, H. L. Hill, J. Freeborn, W. L. Booker, C. T. Emmet, J. T. Boyd, and D. C. McRuer, known to me to be the persons described in, whose names are subscribed to, and who executed the within instrument, and they severally duly acknowledged to me that they executed the same.


IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my Hand, and affixed my official seal, at my office in the City and County of San Francisco, the day and year last above written.




George T. Knox,

Notary Public.



Officers Directors






President: Kenneth R. Kingsbury

Vice-President: C.  O.  G. Miller

Secretary: Arthur Goodall

Treasurer: Robert B. Henderson




Kenneth R. Kingsbury

C. O. G. Miller

Arthur Goodall

Robert B. Henderson

Atholl McBean

R. I. Bentley

J. O. Tobin

Allen L. Chickering


Standing Committees



House Committee


Arthur Goodall

Robert B. Henderson

J. O. Tobin


Auditing Committee


Atholl McBean

R. I. Bentley


Election Committee



Samuel Knight (Chairman)

Charles M. Cooper

Burke Corbet

Edward L. Eyre

James J. Fagan

George S. Garritt

Alfred Holman

Alexander S. Lilley

Marshall P. Madison

William P. Roth

Dean G. Witter




Grant Selfridge

Charles R. Blyth

Thomas B. Eastland

George U. Hind

John A. McNear

Andrew P. Welch


The President is ex-officio a member of all committees.



With Dates of There are Election.


Richard P. Hammond                                           1889

Thomas C. Van Ness                                           1889-1891

Russell J. Wilson                                                 1891-1892

Jared L. Rathbone                                                1892

Charles Page                                                         1892-1893

Henry T. Scott                                                      1893-1895

Joseph B. Crockett                                               1895-1896

Edward W. Hopkins                                            1896-1897

A. Chesebrough                                                   1897-1898

George Whittell                                                    1898

Chauncey R. Winslow                                        1898-1899

Horace G. Platt                                                      1899-1900

James W. Byrne                                                   1900-1902

W. Mayo Newhall                                                1902-1903

James W. Byrne                                                   1903-1905

Wakefield Baker                                                   1905-1906

Edgar J. De Pue                                                    1906-1908

William B. Bourn                                                  1908-1911

Archibald C. Kains                                              1909

Albert H. Payson                                                 1911-1912

George A. Pope                                                    1912-1913

William H. Crocker                                               1913-1914

Charles K. McIntosh                                           1914-1915

Charles P. Eells                                                     1915-1916

Frederick S. Moody                                             1916-1917

Frederick S. Moody                                             1917-1918

William Sproule                                                    1918-1919

Frank D. Madison                                                1919-1920

Frank D. Madison                                                1920-1921

Kenneth R. Kingsbury                                        1921-1922




With Dates of There are Election.


Joseph G. Eastland                                              1889

Winfield S. Keyes                                                1889-1892

John Scott Wilson                                               1892

Winfield S. Keyes                                                1892-1893

William F. Goad                                                    1893-1894

Charles Webb Howard                                        1894-1896

Russell J. Wilson                                                 1896-1897

William Babcock                                                  1897

Charles Page                                                         1897-1898

Chauncey R. Winslow                                        1898

George W. Spencer                                              1898-1902

Wakefield Baker                                                   1902-1904

Timothy Hopkins                                                 1905

William S. Tevis                                                   1905-1906

Frederick W. Van Sicklen                                    1906-1907

Robert P. Rithet                                                    1907-1911

Frank B. Anderson                                              1911-1912

William A. Bissell                                                 1912-1913

Charles K. McIntosh                                           1913-1914

Frederick S. Moody                                             1914

Charles P. Eells                                                     1914-1915

Vanderlynn Stow                                                 1915-1916

C. Frederick Kohl                                                 1916-1917

C. Frederick Kohl                                                 1917-1918

John A. McGregor                                               1918-1919

Kenneth R. Kingsbury                                        1919-1920

Kenneth R. Kingsbury                                        1920-1921

C. O. G. Miller                                                       1921-1922




With Dates of There are Election.


Charles F. Crocker                                                1889

Joseph M. Quay                                                   1889-1891

Harold Wheeler                                                    1891-1892

W. F. Russell                                                        1892

L. Carroll McAfee                                                1892-1893

Charles P. Eells                                                     1893-1895

Henry J. Crocker                                                   1895-1896

George A. Newhall                                               1896-1897

James W. Byrne                                                   1897

Gates D. Fahnestock                                           1897-1898

George W. Spencer                                              1898

Bernard Faymonville                                           1898-1899

James W. Reid                                                      1899-1900

Thomas Binny                                                      1900-1901

Charles E. Green                                                   1901-1902

Warren D. Clark                                                    1902-1903

George A. Pope                                                    1903

Timothy Hopkins                                                 1903-1904

Joseph M. Quay                                                   1905

Frederick S. Moody                                             1905

John C. Augsbury                                               1905-1906

George A. Pope                                                    1906-1907

Samuel Knight                                                      1907-1908

George Boyd                                                         1908-1912

Horace D. Pillsbury                                              1912-1913

Atholl McBean                                                     1913-1914

Atholl McBean                                                     1914-1915

Spencer C. Buckbee                                             1915-1916

Frederick D. Van Sicklen                                     1916-1917

Frederick D. Van Sicklen                                     1917

Eugene Lent                                                          1917-1918

Kenneth R. Kingsbury                                        1918-1919

Robert G. Hooker                                                 1919-1920

Robert G. Hooker                                                 1920-1921

Arthur Goodall                                                     1921-1922



With Dates of Bearer Election.


John McKee                                                         1889-1892

W. H. H. Benyaurd                                              1892

John McKee                                                         1892-1893

William Babcock                                                  1893-1895

James D. Phelan                                                   1895-1897

Edgar J. De Pue                                                    1897

George W. Spencer                                              1897-1898

John I. Sabin                                                         1898-1900

Alexander F. Morrison                                        1900-1901

Joseph A. Donahoe                                             1901-1902

Timothy Hopkins                                                 1902

George A. Pope                                                    1902-1903

Timothy Hopkins                                                 1903-1904

George A. Pope                                                    1904-1905

Clinton E. Worden                                               1905-1906

Charles K. McIntosh                                           1906-1907

Norman D. Rideout                                              1907

George Babcock                                                   1907-1908

George A. Newhall                                               1908

William Irwin                                                         1908-1909

Archibald C. Kains                                              1909-1911

William Babcock                                                  1909

Frank G. Drum                                                       1911-1914

Charles P. Eells                                                     1914

John D. McKee                                                    1914-1915

Samuel Knight                                                      1915-1916

Ernest R. Folger                                                    1916-1917

John S. Drum                                                        1917-1918

Edgar J. De Pue                                                    1918-1919

Wigginton E. Creed                                             1919-1920

Wigginton E. Creed                                             1920-1921

Robert B. Henderson                                           1921-1922