OCTOBER 3, 1914







Every Elector, duly qualified, whose AFFIDAVIT OF REGISTRATION appears on the Register of the General Election Precinct, and who has continued to reside within the exterior boundaries of such General Election Precinct to day of Election, is entitled to vote.


All name sin the Indexes through which the word MOVED, REMOVED OR SUPPLEMENT are stamped are cancelled and are NOT entitled to vote.


The Electors whose names appear upon the Index of Register and having MOVED, must be carefully examined, and if found to still reside with the Election Precinct, be allowed to vote.


E. F. Pfund,

County Clerk







Precinct Seventy-One, 14th Assembly District

(North Sacramento, Elverta, Del Paso Heights, Rio Linda,

American Township, Arcade & Robla)



1 Abbey, Thomas Edwin, rancher, Rio Linda, Rep.

2 Adams, John Joseph, teamster, North A St., Rep.

3 Ambrose, James Edwards, laborer, Del Paso Heights, Rep.

4 Mrs. Andross, Olive, housewife, North Sacramento, Rep.

5 Argall, Frank Longsworthy, mattressmaker, Del paso (sic) Heights, Rep.

6 Arnold, Isaac, fruit grower, Del Paso Heights, Prog.

7 Arnold, Mrs. Mattie, housekeeper, Elverta, Prog.

8 Atkins, Louis Grant, farmer, American River Bridge, Rep.

9 Aycock, John Clay, carpenter, Elverta, Declined

10 Mrs. Aycock, Myrtle Moss, housewife, Elverta, Dem.



11 Bacharach, Aaron H., nurseryman, Rio Linda, Dem.

12 Mrs. Ball, Charlotte S., housewife, North Sacramento, Rep.

13 Ball, William Joseph, retired, North Sacramento, Rep.

14 Miss Barkley, Florence F., teacher, Del Paso, Rep.

15 Miss Barkley, Mayme C., teacher, Del Paso, Rep.

16 Mrs. Basler, Daisy, housewife, 12th St., Road, Rep.

17 Mrs. Basler, Louise, housewife, 12th St. Road, Prog.

18 Basler, Martin Albert, miner, 12th St. Road, Rep.

19 Basler, William Henry, farmer, 12th St. Road, Prog.

20 Mrs. Beechinor, Mary Alice, housewife, Del Paso Heights, Dem.

21 Beechinor, Thomas John, ice cream maker, Robla, Dem.

22 Bell, John Lathren, laborer, Elverta, Rep.

23 Bender, Peter Francis, carpenter, North Sacramento, Dem.

24 Mrs. Bender, Sophia Calder, houseife, North Sacramento, Dem.

25 Mrs. Benson, Bertha L., housewife, North Sacramento, Dem.

26 Benson, Bertrand R., salesman, North Sacramento, Dem.

27 Mrs. Bertaina, Carmel J., housewife, North Sacramento, Rep.

28 Blise, Herman, musician, Del Paso Heights, Rep.

29 Binter, John, farmer, American Township, Rep.

30 Bishop, Earl Robert, millman, Del Paso Heights, Rep.

31 Mrs. Bishop, Stella Viola, housewife, Del Paso Heights, Prog.

32 Bjornson, Lorens, brewer, Elverta, Rep.

33 Mrs. Blocher, Mary Elizabeth, housewife, Rio Linda, Declined

34 Blocher, Michael, minister, Rio Linda, Rep.

35 Mrs. Boitano, Louisa, housewife, North Sacramento, Dem.

36 Borders, Bruce Lincoln, clerk, North Sacramento, Soc.

37 Mrs. Brandon, Bernice Maud, housekeeper, Elverta, Prog.

38 Brandon, Frank, carpenter, Elverta, Prog.

39 Brandon, Lester, carpenter, Elverta, Prog.

40 Mrs. Briggs, Kate, housewife, Del Paso, Dem.

41 Briggs, Howard Templer, baggageman, El Camino Ave., Prog.

42 Briggs, Lawrence Roy, farmer, Del Paso, Rep.

43 Mrs. Briggs, Maude, housewife, North Sacramento, Prog.

44 Mrs. Briggs, Sarah J., housewife, Marysville Road, Dem.

45 Britt, Frank Charles, plumber, Elverta, Prog.

46 Britt, William, farmer, Elverta, Dem.

47 Mrs. Brooke, Idylwylde Marshall, housewife, North

Sacramento, Dem.

48 Brooke, Morris, real estate, North Sacramento, Dem.

49 Mrs. Brown, Abba Martha, housewife, Del Paso, Proh.

50 Brown, Charles Dunn, apiarist, Del Paso, Dem.

51 Brown, Henry R., manager, North Sacramento, Prog.

52 Brown, Irving Ashley, apiarist, House Boat, American River, Prog.

53 Brown, Samuel James, mill man, Del Paso Heights, Prog.

54 Brown, Victor W., clerk, North Sacramento, Dem.

55 Mrs. Browning, Annie B., housewife, North Sacramento, Dem.

56 Bryant, Todd Ross, blacksmith, Del Paso Heights, Dem.

57 Buck, Claud Virner, rancher, Rio Linda, Rep.

58 Bundock, George Frederick, helper, North Sacramento, Rep.

59 Mrs. Bundock, Lilla, housewife, North Sacramento, Soc.

60 Bunker, Paul Fredericks, railroad man, North Sacramento, Prog.

61 Mrs. Bunker, Una Hazel, housewife, Del Paso, Prog.

62 Mrs. Bush, Mable, housewife, Del Paso Heights, Rep.

63 Bush, William Clinton, agriculture, Del Paso Heights, Rep.

64 Butterfield, Frank William, salesman, North Sacramento, Rep.

65 Mrs. Butterfield, Pauline, housewife, North Sacramento, Rep.



66 Campbell, Frank Sherman, carpenter, Rio Linda, Dem.

67 Mrs. Carter, Manna Jane, housewife, Elverta, Rep.

68 Carter, William M., farmer, Elverta, Rep.

69 Cebell, Guy Chas., clerk, North Sacramento, Rep.

70 Mrs. Cebell, Myrtle, housewife, North Sacramento, Dem.

71 Mrs. Chaffin, Edith, housekeeper, Elverta, Rep.

72 Chaffin, Loring, merchant, Elverta, Prog.

73 Chapman, George Lee, farmer, Elverta, Prog.

74 Mrs. Chapman, Nina, housewife, Rio Linda, Rep.

75 Chapman, Samuel Edward, farmer, Rio Linda, Rep.

76 Mrs. Chapman, Lillie May, housewife, Elverta, Prog.

77 Mrs. Chatterton, Ethel, housewife, Elverta, Prog.

78 Chatterton, John S., farmer, Elverta, Rep.

79 Mrs. Chesnut, Helen, housewife, 12th St. bridge, Prog.

80 Chesnut, James H., carpenter, American River bridge, Prog.

81 Clark, Edgar, chauffeur, Del Paso, Dem.

82 Cline, John A., laborer, American Township, Prog.

83 Cole, Charles Edgar, blacksmith, North Sacramento, Rep.

84 Mrs. Cole, Kate, housewife, North Sacramento, Rep.

85 Colbert, Frank Levi, carpenter, Rio Linda, Declined

86 Mrs. Colburn, Violetta, housewife, Elverta, Prog.

87 Cooper, Alfred D., carpenter, North Sacramento, Rep.

88 Mrs. Cooper, Edith, housewife, North Sacramento, Rep.

89 Coy, James William, concrete worker, 12th St. Road, Dem.

90 Mrs. Coy, Nelie (sic), housewife, 12th St. Road, Rep.

91 Coyle, John Robert, farmer, Robla, Dem.

92 Crawshaw, John Walls, clerk, North Sacramento, Prog.

93 Mrs. Crawshaw, Marie, housewife, North Sacramento, Dem.

94 Creighton, George Homer, carpenter, North Sacramento, Prog.

95 Mrs. Creighton, Nellie, housewife, North Sacramento, Prog.

96 Crofton, William Henry, watchman, Del Paso Heights, Prog.

97 Mrs. Crosby, Millie, housekeeper, North Sacramento, Dem.

98 Crossan, Alexander, printer, North Sacramento, Prog.

99 Mrs. Crossan, Lela M., housewife, North Sacramento, Dem.

100 Cummings, Thomas Charles, teamster, Del Paso Heights, Rep.

101 Curriston, Charlie Henry, laborer, Del Paso Heights, Rep.



102 Daniels, Charles, upholsterer, 12th St. Road, Dem.

103 Deford, Thomas, horse trader, 12th St. Road, Rep.

104 DeGrummond, William Henry, machinist, Rio Linda, Prog.

104 DeJarmette, Albert Fleming, butcher, American River Bdg., Dem.

105 Mrs. Diggs, Georgia B., housewife, North Sacramento, Dem.

107 Diggs, Jackson Dean, agent, Ben Ali, Dem.

108 Diggs, Marshall, merchant, Del Paso Heights, Dem.

109 Dillon, George M., laborer, Del Paso Heights, Soc.

110 Mrs. Dillon, Laura Eva, housewife, Del Paso Heights, Soc.

111 Dirk Joseph, laborer, Del Paso Heights, Dem.

112 Dunning, Frank, laborer, 12th St. Road, Rep.

113 Mrs. Durant, Carrie, housewife, Elverta, Rep.

114 Durant, Leonard S., farmer, Elverta, Declined

115 Durham, Orlander, hod carrier, Del Paso Heights, Rep.

116 Mrs. Durham, Rachel, homekeeper, Del Paso Heights, Rep.

117 Duskin, Earle B., machinist, Del Paso, Prog.

118 Mrs. Duskin, Fern G., housewife, North Sacramento, Prog.

119 Mrs. Dyer, Millie, housewife, North Sacramento, Prog.

120 Dyer, Robert Jessie, kiln burner, North Sacramento, Prog.



121 Edgecomb, Jacob Robert, rancher, Rio Linda, Dem.

122 Mrs. Edgecomb, Martha, Rio Linda, Declined

123 Ellis, Frank, farmer, Del Paso Heights, Dem.

124 Mrs. Ellis, Matilda Anna, housewife, Del Paso Heights, Dem.

125 Mrs. Ersing, Emilie, housewife, Del Paso, Rep.

126 Ersing, Peter, brewer, Del Paso, Rep.



127 Fagerskog, Fridthjof, farmer, Del Paso, Rep.

128 Fenner, John F., engineer, Elverta, Prog.

129 Mrs. Fern, Abigail Ann, houseife, Del Paso Heights, Rep.

130 Fern, Alexander Duncan, painter, Del Paso Heights, Rep.

131 Fish, Erskine, engineer, North Sacramento, Rep.

132 Mrs. Fish, May Giffen, housewife, North Sacramento, Dem.

133 Miss Fisher, Darlie, domestic science, Rio Linda, Declined

134 Mrs. Fisher, Elizabeth, housewife, Rio Linda, Declined

135 Fisher, John Marion, carpenter, Rio Linda, Dem.

136 Fitzgerald, Charles Lee, laborer, 12th St. Road, Dem.

137 Flanigan, William, blacksmith helper, 12 St. bridge, Dem.

138 Mrs. Fletcher, Margaret, nurse, Elverta, Rep.

139 Foland, James Irvin, farmer, Robla, Rep.

140 Mrs. Foland, Mary, housewife, Del Paso Heights, Rep.

141 Miss Foley, Mary, dairywoman, Marysville Road, Dem.

142 Frank, Samuel, farmer, Del Paso Heights, Prog.

143 Mrs. Frates, Elizabeth, housewife, Del Paso Heights, Rep.

144 Frates, William John, helper, Del Paso Heights, Rep.

145 Fray, John A., salesman, North Sacramento, Dem.

146 Mrs. Fray, Louise E., housewife, North Sacramento, Dem.

147 Mrs. French, Ida M., housewife, Robla, Proh.



148 Gardner, Charles Augusuts (sic), carpenter, Del Paso Heights, Prog.

149 Mrs. Gardener, Sarah J., housewife, Del Paso Heights, Prog.

150 Garza, Octavio, laborer, Elverta, Soc.

151 Gaylord, Electa Evans, houswife, Del Paso Heights, Rep.

152 Gaylord, William Riley, retired, Del Paso Heights, Rep.

153 Gentry, Albert Jerome, rancher, Rio Linda, Rep.

154 Gill, Glenn, laborer, Del Paso Heights, Prog.

155 Mrs. Gilman, Grace, housewife, Del Paso Heights, Rep.

156 Gilman, John William, farmer, Del Paso Heights, Rep.

157 Mrs. Giraud, Germaine, housewife, Rio Linda, Rep.

158 Giraud, Theophile, rancher, Rio Linda, Rep.

159 Goodrich, John William, farmer, North Sacramento, Rep.

160 Miss Goodrich, Minerva, housekeeper, North Sacramento, Rep.

161 Goodrich, Ole O., farmer, North Sacramento, Rep.

162 Gordon, Harry, fisherman, American Township, Dem.

163 Mrs. Gould, Margrueit Janett, housewife, Del Paso Heights, Rep.

164 Gould, Newton Thomas, janitor, Del Paso Heights, Prog.

165 Miss Graham, Mary V., farmer, Elverta, Dem.

167 Graham, Sarah, farmer, Elverta, Dem.

168 Graves, Leroy F., millhand, North Sacramento, Rep.

169 Mrs. Graves, Marguerite, housewife, Del Paso Heights, Rep.

170 Greanya, Bert F., dairying, 12th St. bridge, Rep.

171 Gripp, Hans, Laborer, North Sacramento, Dem.

172 Groat, Wm. Stuart, farmhand, Del aPso (sic) Heights, Declined

173 Groggins, David, laborer, North Sacramento, Soc.

174 Grover, Clarence Eugene, farmer, Del Paso Heights, Prog.



175 Hagen, Henry F., apiaist, Bannon Canal, Prog.

176 Mrs. Hails, Nellie, housewife, Del Paso Heights, Proh.

177 Hails, William Logan, farmer, Del Paso Heights, Proh.

178 Haley, Cornelius, laborer, American Township, Prog.

179 Halpin, Thomas Joseph, farmhand, American River bridge, Rep.

180 Mrs. Hansen, Jennie, housewife, North Sacramento, Dem.

181 Mrs. Hansen, Julia Elizabeth, housewife, Elverta, Prog.

182 Hansen, Peter, Laborer, North Sacramento, Dem.

183 Hansen, Peter Christian, farmer, Elverta, Prog.

184 Harder, Conrad Karl, engineer, Del Paso, Rep.

185 Mrs. Harder, Elle M., housewife, North Sacramento, Prog.

186 Harder, Joseph Anton, dairyman, Robla, Rep.

187 Mrs. Harder, Pauline, housewife, North Sacramento, Dem.

188 Harrell, John Belford, gardener, North Sacramento, Dem.

189 Hart, William Davis, farmer, Del Paso Heights, Soc.

190 Hartman, Henry Washington, carpenter, Del Paso Heights, Rep.

191 Mrs. Hartman, Mary Jane, housewife, Del Paso Heights, Rep.

192 Mrs. Harris, Mary Agnes, saleswoman, North Sacramento, Rep.

193 Harris, Wilber Henry, lumberman, North Sacramento, Rep.

194 Mrs. Haynes, Grace, housewife, Del Paso, Dem.

195 Haynes, Nokey Eugene, farmer, Del Paso, Dem.

196 Mrs. Heaney, Cora V., housewife, Del Paso Heights, Rep.

197 Heaney, Joseph, carpenter, Del Paso Heights, Rep.

198 Heard, William Albert, foreman, 12th St. bridge, Dem.

199 Heffner, William John, bartender, American River bridge, Rep.

200 Herfurth, William, laborer, 12th St. Road, Dem.

201 Hess, James Andrew, farmer, Del Paso Heights, Dem.

202 Mrs. Higgins, Lorinda D., housewife, North Sacramento, Prog.

203 Higgins, Thomas David, nurseryman, North Sacramento, Prog.

204 Hillman, Arthur Constantine, retired, Arcade, Dem.

205 Hodge, James, contractor, Del Paso Heights, Prog.

206 Hodge, James Hamilton, plasterer, Del Paso Heights, Prog.

207 Mrs. Hodge, Margaret E., housekeeper, Del Paso Heights, Prog.

208 Mrs. Hodge, Mary A., housewife, Del Paso Heights, Dem.

209 Hodges, Clarence Webb, teamster, North Sacramento, Prog.

210 Hodson, Chester Evert, contractor, North Sacramento, Dem.

211 Hoefling, John, rancher, Rio Linda, Dem.

212 Holbert, Charles Matthias, agent, North Sacramento, Declined

213 Mrs. Holbert, Eva M., housewife, North Sacramento, Declined

214 Holladay, Elmer Newton, agent, Del Paso Heights, Rep.

215 Mrs. Holladay, Sadie, housewife, Del Paso Heights, Rep.

216 Holmes, George Albert, foreman, Robla, Rep.

217 Mrs. Holmes, Louise J., housewife, Robla, Prog.

218 Holt, David Eldred, clergyman, North Sacramento, Dem.

219 Mrs. Holt, Mary Edith, housewife, North Sacramento, Dem.

220 Mrs. Hombostel, Geraldine, housewife, Rio Linda, Rep.

221 Hombostel, William David, rancher, Rio Linda, Rep.

222 Mrs. Horgan, Bessie, housewife, Elverta, Prog.

223 Horgen, Chent Thorwold, farmer, Elverta, Prog.

224 Horgen, Chester Thor, farmer, Elverta, Prog.

225 Miss Horgen, Ruth Electa, student, Elverta, Prog.

226 Mrs. Hughes, Mary A., housewife, Del Paso Heights, Dem.



227 Jacinto, Fred, farmer, American Township, Rep.

228 Mrs. Jackson, Clemmie, houswife, North Sacramento, Rep.

229 Jackson, Frank Benjamin, engineer, Arcade, Rep.

230 Jackson, James Monroe, fisherman, Smith Mound, Dem.

231 Mrs. Jamerson, Anna Mary, housewife, Del Paso Heights, Rep.

232 Mrs. Jefferson, Mary, housewife, Rio Linda, Rep.

233 Jefferson, Thue, rancher, Rio Linda, Rep.

234 Jefferson, Wilton Rubon, rancher, Rio Linda, Rep.

235 Mrs. Johns, Frances Elizabeth, houswife, Del Paso Heights, Dem.

236 Johns, John, farmer, Del Paso heights, Dem.

237 Johnson, Hiram, rancher, Rio Linda, Declined

238 Johnson, James Xunis, fisherman, Old McClatchy Place, Rep.

239 Mrs. Johnston, Bertha Elizabeth, housewife, North

Sacramento, Dem.

240 Johnston, Earl Edward, real estate, Del Paso Heights, Dem.

241 Mrs. Johnston, Kate Miller, housewife, North Sacramento, Rep.

242 Johnston, Volney Orcean, sheet metal worker, North

Sacramento, Rep.

243 Jones, Charles Alexander, civil engineer, 12th St. bridge, Dem.

244 Jones, Cornelius, carpenter, North Sacramento, Prog.

245 Mrs. Jones, Ellen, housewife, North Sacramento, Prog.

246 Mrs. Jones, Imogene, housewife, 12th St. bridge, Prog.

247 Mrs. Judge, Mary Teresa, housewife, 12th St. bridge, Dem.

248 Judge, Michael Joseph, Constable, 12th St. Road, Dem.

249 Julian, Richard, laborer, Mouth of American River, Dem.



250 Kaawalii, John, fisherman, Morrison, Declined

251 Mrs. Kaehler, Blanch I., housewife, North Sacramento, Rep.

252 Kaebler, William Frederick, salesman, North Sacramento, Rep.

253 Kahuhu, Bennie, fisherman, American Township, Dem.

254 Kech, Albert Gustave, salesman, North Sacramento, Rep.

255 Mrs. Kech, Ella, housewife, North Sacramento, Rep.

256 Mrs. Kiernan, Lottie Noma, housewife, Del Paso Heights, Dem.

257 Kiernan, Victor Douglass, salesman, Del Paso Heights, Soc.

258 Kincade, Claude William, storekeeper, North Sacramento, Dem.

259 Mrs. Kincade, Opal Evelyn, housewife, North Sacramento, Rep.

260 Kittinger, Harley W., farmer, Robla, Dem.

261 Mrs. Kittinger, Minnie, housewife, Robla, Soc.

262 Knight, William George, painter, North Sacramento, Rep.

263 Knoll, Elmer, rancher, North Sacramento, Dem.



264 Lain, Bud, laborer, 12th St. bridge, Dem.

265 Mrs. Langon, Esther Arnett, housewife, Elverta, Prog.

266 Langdon, James Howell, farmer, Elverta, Prog

267 Mrs. Lampert, Mary, housewife, Del Paso, Rep.

268 Lathrop, Ben F., contractor, Del Paso Heights, Declined

269 Mrs. Lathrop, Lena, housewife, Del Paso Heights, Declined

270 Mrs. Leake, Laura, housewife, Del Paso Heights, Soc.

271 Leake, Ralphel Jefferson, laborer, West Del Paso Heights, Dem.

272 Lee, King Hiram, farmer, Del Paso Heights, Prog.

273 Mrs. Lee, Lillian May, housewife, Del Paso Heights, Prog.

274 Lee, Ruben Benjamin, ship corker, Del Paso Heights, Rep.

275 Leifer, August, blacksmith, Old Marysville Road, Declined

276 Mrs. Leifer, Marie, housewife, Del Paso Heights, Rep.

277 Mrs. Leitch, Elizabeth, saleslady, North Sacramento, Prog.

278 List, Max, cook, North Sacramento, Rep.

279 Littlefield, George Reily, farmer, Del Paso Heights, Declined

280 Mrs. Littlefield, Josephine Georgiana, housewife, Del

Paso Heights, Dem.

281 Miss Littlefield, Olive, student, Del Paso Heights, Dem.

282 Loranger, Benjamin, cook, American River bridge, Rep.

283 Mrs. Longshore, Catherine, housewife, Del Paso Heights, Dem.

284 Longshore, William Lee, car builder, Del Paso, Dem.

285 Ludlow, Charles Alton, nurseryman, North Sacramento, Rep.

286 McBridge (sic), Owen, chicken raiser, North Sacramento, Dem.



287 Mrs. McCafferty, Pearl, housewife, Robla, Prog.

288 McCafferty, Walter Joal, clerk, Robla, Prog.

289 McCarty, John Daniel, farmer, McCarty's Landing, Dem.

290 Mrs. McCarty, Josephine, housewife, McCarty Landing, Prog.

291 Mrs. McComb, Alpharetta, housewife, North Sacramento, Prog.

292 McComb, Jerome, Bonepart, blacksmith, North Sacramento, Dem.

293 McCulloch, Paul, farmer, Robla, Prog.

294 Mrs. McLaughlin, Jennie, housewife, Rio Linda, Rep.

295 McLaughlin, John William, laborer, Rio Linda, Rep.

296 McLeod, James, laborer, American Township, Rep.

297 McMahon, Hugh Ebenezer, expressman, Del Paso Heights, Dem.

298 McMahon, Robert, retired, Del Paso Heights, Rep.

299 McVey, Joseph A., teamster, North Sacramento, Rep.



300 Miss Mayer, Elizabeth, farmer, Elverta, Prog.

301 Mayes, Clyde E., farmer, North Sacramento, Rep.

302 Mrs. Mayes, Lotta, housewife, North Sacramento, Soc.

303 Mayhugh, Charles, laborer, American River bridge, Rep.

304 Mendenhall, Claude Emro, carpenter, Elverta, Prog.

305 Mendenhall, Mrs. Della Annita, housewife, Elverta, Rep.

306 Mrs. Mitchell, Inona K., housewife, Reio Linda, Declined

307 Mitchell, Paul Benton, rancher, Rio Linda, Rep.

308 Monge, Alfonso Louis, boilermaker, Robla, Rep.

309 Mrs. Moody, Grace Belle, housewife, Del Paso Heights, Rep.

310 Moody, Leonard L., farmer, Del Paso Heights, Rep.

311 Mrs. Moore, Helen Mae, housewife, Del Paso Heights, Rep.

312 Moore, John Robert, teamster, Del Paso, Dem.

313 Morgan, George A., farmer, Del Paso Heights, Dem.

314 Morris, Elwood K., farmer, Del Paso Heights, Prog.

315 Morrison, Charles Vaughan, farmer, Del Paso Heights, Prog.

316 Mrs. Morrison, Willie, housewife, Del Paso Heights, Prog.

317 Mrs. Morton, Hilmar, housewife, North Sacramento, Rep.

318 Morton Ludwig, farmer, North Sacramento, Prog.

319 Mrs. Murphy, Cornelia, housewife, North Sacramento, Dem.

320 Murphy, John Orlando, plumber, North Sacramento, Dem.



321 Mrs. Nash, Emma, housewife, Del Paso, Dem.

322 Nash, Guy, inspector, Del Paso Heights, Rep.

323 Mrs. Needham, Clara B., housewife, North Sacramento, Dem.

324 Needham, Joel Walter, laborer, North Sacramento, Rep.

325 Neiman, August F., machinist, Del Paso Heights, Soc.

326 Mrs. Neiman, Eliza Z., housewife, Del Paso Heights, Soc.

327 Mrs. Nelson, Ida, cook, North Sacramento, Proh.

328 Nelson, Peter, saloonkeeper, 12th St. Road, Dem.

329 Newman, Clarence A., Auditor, Arcade Boulevard, Rep.

330 Mrs. Newman, Maud E., housewife, North Sacramento, Declined

331 Nice, George Ernest, undertaker, Del Paso, Rep.

332 Mrs. Nice, Wilhelmina F., housewife, Del Paso, Rep.

333 Nordling, Frederick, cement worker, Elverta, Rep.

334 Mrs. Nugent, Ada May, housewife, Del Paso Heights, Proh,

335 Nugent, Edward Joseph, mechanic, Del Paso Heights, Prog.

336 Nyberg, Arthur A., gardener, North Sacramento, Dem.



337 O'Donnell, John, laborer, 12th St. Road, Rep.

338 Mrs. Orr, Lillie M., housewife, 12th St. Road, Rep.

339 Orr, Silas, farmer, 12th St. Road, Rep.

340 Ozias, Jesse R., rancher, Rio Linda, Rep.

341 Page, John Edgar, hotelman, Haggin Court, Soc.

342 Mrs. Page, Lydia A., housewife, North Sacramento, Soc.

343 Pallady, Albert James, rancher, Elverta, Rep.

344 Mrs. Pallady, Hattie, housewife, Elverta, Rep.

345 Pallady, Hollie Arthur, Rancher, Elverta, Rep.



346 Palm, Charles Otto, clerk, North Sacramento, Prog.

347 Mrs. Palm, Glorene, housewife, North Sacramento, Prog.

348 Parker, Charles Alfred, mechanic, Robla, Prog.

349 Parker, Fred George, contractor, El Camino Ave., Rep.

350 Parr, Charley F., laborer, North Sacramento, Rep.

351 Mrs. Parr, Francis M., housewife, North Sacramento, Rep.

352 Payne, Benjamin Franklin, well borer, Del Paso Heights, Rep.

353 Payne, George Washington, contractor, Del Paso Heights, Prog.

354 Mrs. Payne, Ida, housewife, Del Paso Heights, Prog.

355 Payne, Thomas Harrison, contractor, Del Paso Heights, Declined

356 Mrs. Pennington, Carrie, housewife, Del Paso Heights, Dem.

357 Mrs. Pennington, Dora, housewife, River House Boat,

Sacramento Side, Rep.

358 Pennington, Fred, fisherman, House Boat, Sacramento Side, Rep.

359 Peterson, Charles John, builder, Del Paso Heights, Rep.

360 Mrs. Peterson, Emma Clara, housewife, Del Paso Heights, Rep.

361 Pollard, John Aloysius, mail carrier, Del Paso Heights, Prog.

362 Porter, Wesley Bernard, carriage painter, Del Paso Heights, Dem.

363 Mrs. Potts, Josephine Stephens, housewife, North

Sacramento, Dem.

364 Potts, Warren Charles, grocer, North Sacramento, Rep.



365 Quimby, Francis Marion, laborer, 12th St. Road, Dem.



366 Ransom, Clarence Bertram, painter, Del Paso Heights, Dem.

367 Ransom, William Percival Howard, painter Del Paso

Heights, Rep.

368 Rawle, James Edwin, window trimmer, North Sacramento, Rep.

369 Mrs. Rawle, Mabel, saleslady, North Sacramento, Rep.

370 Mrs. Reding, Elizabeth, housewife, North Sacramento, Rep.

371 Mrs. Reker, Helen, housewife, Elverta, Rep.

372 Reker, James Adolph, blacksmith, Elverta, Prog.

373 Rippon, Frank B., steamfitter, North Sacramento, Dem.

374 Mrs. Rippon, Mollie, housewife, North Sacramento, Dem.

375 Mrs. Roberts, Sybil Edith, housewife, Del Paso Heights, Soc.

376 Roberts, William Henry, manager, Del Paso Heights, Prog.

377 Robinson, Edmund, clerk, Elverta, Prog.

378 Robinson, Elden S., farmer, Marysville Road, Declined

379 Miss Robinson, Elizabeth M., stenographer, Elverta, Prog.

380 Mrs. Robinson, Maranda H., housewife, Elverta, Prog.

381 Mrs. Robinson, Mary Annie, housewife, North Sacramento, Proh.

382 Robinson, Mrs. Sue Shevlin, housewife, Reigo, Declined

383 Robinson, William Jesse, merchant, North Sacramento, Rep.

384 Roloff, William Allan, farmer, Del Paso, Prog.

385 Rood, Carroll Le Grand, rancher, Robla, Prog.

386 Mrs. Rood, Lillie Cora, housewife, Robla, Prog.

387 Rosenbaum, Allrich Henry, merchant, North Sacramento, Rep.

388 Mrs. Rosenbaum, Rose E., merchant, North Sacramento, Dem.

389 Ross, Thomas Herman, farmer, Elverta, Dem.

390 Ross, William Jesse, carpenter, Del Paso Heights, Dem.

391 Row, Francis Marion, farmer, Elverta, Rep.

392 Ruehman, Frank John, laborer, Del Paso Heights, Prog.

393 Ryan, James Henry, farmer, 12th St. bridge, Prog.



394 Sadler, George W., farmer, Rio Linda, Rep.

395 Scheidel, Albert, farmer, Elverta, Dem.

396 Scheidel, Charles, farmer, Elverta, Dem.

397 Miss Scheidel, Elizabeth, housekeeper, Elverta, Dem.

398 Mrs. Scheidel, Pauline, housewife, Elverta, Dem.

399 Scheidel, William, farmer, Elverta, Prog.

400 Schroth, Alfred, carpenter, North Sacramento, Dem.

401 Simmons, Robert Ervin, farmer, Del Paso Heights, Prog.

402 Mrs. Simpson, Adeline, storekeeper, Del Paso Heights, Prog.

403 Simpson, William Henry, storekeeper, Del Paso Heights, Rep.

404 Sing, Charles, farmer, Brannan Slough, Dem.

405 Sing, John, rancher, Brannan Slough, Rep.

406 Smith, David, rancher, Rio Linda, Prog.

407 Mrs. Smith, Jessie Bell, housewife, Rio Linda, Prog.

408 Smith, Samuel Walter, Auditor, Elverta, Declined

409 Sparks, Ira Robert, lumber handler, Del Paso Heights, Dem.

410 Mrs. Sparks, Lorena, housewife, Del Paso Heights, Dem.

411 Mrs. Stevens, Bertha, housewife, Elverta, Dem.

412 Stevens, Charles E., farmer, Elverta, Dem.

413 Stevens, Willis Edgar, carpenter, North Sacramento, Soc.

414 Steward, Arthur Cloyd, rancher, Rio Linda, Prog.

415 Miss Stewart, Estelle M., housekeeper, North Sacramento, Rep.

416 Stewart, George Dodds, retired, El Camino Ave. Rep.

417 Stieger, Frank Sylvester, laborer, North Sacramento, Rep.

418 Mrs. Stieger, Margrethe, housewife, North Sacramento, Rep.

419 Mrs. Strader, Adina Ruth, housewife, Del Paso Heights, Dem.

420 Strader, Harvey Winton, physician, Del Paso, Dem.

421 Strader, Piercy Winton, salesman, Del Paso, Dem.

422 Strauch, Charles, farmer, Elverta, Prog.

423 Strauch, Elmer J., farmer, Elverta, Rep.

424 Mrs. Strauch, Emma, housekeeper, Elverta, Prog.

425 Miss Strauch, Emma, housekeeper, Elverta, Prog.

426 Mrs. Strauch, Ethel, housekeeper, Elverta, Prog.

427 Strauch, George, farmer, Del Paso Heights, Rep.

428 Miss Strauch, Lena, dressmaker, Elverta, Prog.

429 Mrs. Strauch, Lena, housewife, Elverta, Prog.

430 Strauch, Walter William, farmer, Elverta, Prog.

431 Stroup, Louis, merchant, Elverta, Soc.

432 Mrs. Stroup, Rosa, housewife, Elverta, Dem.

433 Sullivan, Ruthven Edwin, retired, Del Paso Heights, Prog.

434 Sullivan, William A., pheasant herder, Whites Landing, Dem.



435 Tariel, George Hermen, millman, North Sacramento, Rep.

436 Mrs. Tariel, Rose, housewife, North Sacramento, Dem.

437 Tariel, Roy Arthur, carriage Trimmer, Arcade, Rep.

438 Mrs. Taylor, Grace, housewife, Del Paso Heights, Prog.

439 Taylor, Jack, blacksmith, Del Paso, Rep.

440 Taylor, Theodore Francis, shoemaker, Del Paso, Prog.

441 Terrill, John William, rancher, Del Paso Heights, Dem.

442 Mrs. Terrill, Lucy, housewife, Del Paso Heights, Rep.

443 Terry Archie, switchman, Del Paso Heights, Rep.

444 Mrs. Terry, Katie, housewife, Del Paso Heights, Rep.

445 Mrs. Thielbahr, Laura Ella, housewife, North Sacramento, Dem.

446 Thielbahr, William Adolphus, carpenter, North Sacramento, Dem.

447 Thompson, Elishe Layfayette, farmer, Del Paso Heights, Declined

448 Thompson, Robert Elisha, clerk, Del Paso Heights, Dem.

449 Toomey, Albert, boilermaker, Del Paso Heights, Rep.

450 Mrs. Toomey, Jane, housewife, Del Paso Heights, Rep.

451 Trueblood, Albert Allen, publisher, North Sacramento, Rep.

452 Mrs. Trueblood, Lizzie Emma, housewife, North Sacramento, Rep.

453 Miss turner, Mary, student, Del Paso Heights, Rep.



454 Ueberle, Ferdinand, bartender, American River Bridge, Dem.



455 Mrs. Van Alstine, Catherine, postmistress, Del Paso Heights, Dem.

456 Van Alstine, Charles P. S., salesman, Del Paso Heights, Rep.

457 Van Alstine, William David, retired, Del Paso Heights, Dem.

458 Van Norman, William George, expressman, Del Paso Hts., Dem.

459 Vaughn, Lewis, machinist, Del Paso Heights, Rep.

460 Mrs. Vaughn, Willda, housewife, Del Paso Heights, Rep.

461 Verbay, Bela, farmer, Elverta, Dem.

462 Mrs. Verbay, Flora, housekeeper, Elverta, Dem.

463 Vladyka, Frank Joseph, boat builder, Del Paso Heights, Rep.



464 Mrs. Waldy, Mary, housewife, North Sacramento, Dem.

465 Wagoner, Andrew, rancher, Rio Linda, Declined

466 Mrs. Waggoner, Eliza Holloway, housewife, Del Paso Hts., Rep.

467 Waggoner, Ruel Halloway, salesman, Del Paso Heights, Rep.

468 Mrs Wait, Annie, housewife, Elverta, Prog.

469 Wait, Carlyle, farmer, Elverta, Prog.

470 Mrs. Wait, Nettie, housewife, Elverta, Rep.

471 Wait, Willard Schuyler, farmer, Elverta, Prog.

472 Mrs. Wall, Ruth, housewife, North Sacramento, Dem.

473 Wall, William, contractor, North Sacramento, Dem.

474 Mrs. Wallace, Emma Leona, housewife, North Sacramento, Prog.

475 Wallace, Fred Earl, gardener, North Sacramento, Prog.

476 Walters, Alvin George, farming, Del Paso Heights, Prog.

477 Mrs. Walters, Stella Arnold, housewife, Del Paso Heights, Prog.

478 Ward, Alfred Ernest, mechanic, North Sacramento, Rep.

479 Mrs. Ward, Alice Margaret, housewife, North Sacramento, Rep.

480 Watson, James Russell, manager, North Sacramento, Dem.

481 Weamer, George Joe, fisherman, Morrison's, Dem.

482 Mrs. Weatherly, May Eliza, housewife, Del Paso Heights, Rep.

483 Welhousen, Henry, carpenter, American Township, Dem.

484 Welhausen, Louis, farmer, Del Paso, Dem.

485 Wentworth, Edward Branson, farmer, Elverta, Prog.

486 Mrs. Wentworth, Margaret King, housewife, Elverta, Prog.

487 Wertz, Charles Harman, rancher, Rio Linda, Proh.

488 Mrs. Wertz, Stella, housewife, Rio Linda, Proh.

489 West, Joseph Edwin, blacksmith, Del Paso Heights, Rep.

490 West, William Oswald, fisherman, American Township, Dem.

491 Whipple, Alfred Mark, rancher, Rio Linda, Declined

492 Mrs. Whipple, Golda Gwendoline, housewife, Rio Linda, Declined

493 Whitney, Charles H., merchant, Del Paso, Rep.

494 Mrs. Whitney, Martha Anne, housewife, Del Paso Hts., Declined

495 Miss Williams, Hazel housekeeper, Elverta, Dem.

496 Williams, Herbert Bromley, electrician, Del Paso, Rep.

497 Mrs. Williams, Martha, farmer, Elverta, Dem.

498 Mrs. Wilson, Berta Mae, housewife, North Sacramento, Dem.

499 Wilson, Samuel Woesester, laborer, 12th St. Road, Rep.

500 Wilson, Thomas Walker, teamster, North A, Declined

501 Wilson, William Whitton, teamster, Kings Place, Dem.

502 Winter, Adolph George, salesman, North Sacramento, Rep.

503 Mrs. Winter, Berth ., (sic) housewife, North Sacramento, Rep.

504 Writz, Albert Carl, farmer, Del Paso Heights, Soc.

505 Mrs. Wolf, Annie, housewife, Elverta, Prog.

506 Wolf, August, farmer, Elverta, Prog.

507 Mrs. Wolf, Emma, housewife, Elverta, Prog.

508 Wolf, John Joseph, farmer, Marysville Road, Prog.

509 Wood, Fred Rozell, painter, Del Paso Heights, Rep.

510 Wood, Harry Dee, Bolt maker, Del Paso Heights, Rep.

511 Mrs. Wood, Isabell, housewife, Del Paso Heights, Prog.

512 Mrs. Woods, Millie C., housewife, Del Paso Heights, Prog.

513 Mrs. Woodard, Myrtle Mitchell, housewife, Rio Linda, Rep.

514 Woodard, Oscar, merchant, Rio Linda, Rep.

515 Mrs. Woodworth, Maude, housewife, American River Bridge, Rep.

516 Woodworth, Robert, moulder, 12th St. Road, Rep.

517 Worcott, Arthur James, farmer, Del Paso, Dem.

518 Wright, James William, miner, North Sacramento, Rep.



519 Mrs. Youmans, Helen Augusta, housewife, Del Paso Hts., Prog.

520 Youmans, James DeWitt, retired, Del Paso Heights, Prog.



521 Zieser, Fritz, saloonkeeper, Elverta, Dem.




Transcribed by Betty Vickroy.

Proofread by Jeanne Taylor.

2009 Betty Vickroy.