OCTOBER 3, 1914







Every Elector, duly qualified, whose AFFIDAVIT OF REGISTRATION appears on the Register of the General Election Precinct, and who has continued to reside within the exterior boundaries of such General Election Precinct to day of Election, is entitled to vote.


All name sin the Indexes through which the word MOVED, REMOVED OR SUPPLEMENT are stamped are cancelled and are NOT entitled to vote.


The Electors whose names appear upon the Index of Register and having MOVED, must be carefully examined, and if found to still reside with the Election Precinct, be allowed to vote.


E. F. Pfund,

County Clerk






Precinct Seventy, 14th Assembly District

(Antelope, Fair Oaks & Citrus Heights)



1 Aiston, John Alma, farmer, Antelope, Rep.

1 Art, Mathias, laborer, Antelope, Declined

2 Atwood, Henry Irwin, farmer, Antelope, Rep.



2 Berry, William, farmer, Antelope, Rep.

3 Bigham, James William, laborer, Antelope, Rep.

4 Mrs. Bivens, Clara Mylvina, housewife, Antelope, Rep.

5 Bivens, Cuba N., farmer, Citrus eHights (sic), Soc.

6 Butler, Albert Frank, farmer, Antelope, Dem.

7 Mrs. Butler, Angeline Isabelle, housewife, Antelope, Dem.

8 Mrs. Butler, Ethel Laura, housewife, Angelope, Dem.

9 Mrs. Butler, Ida Bell, housewife, Antelope, Dem.

10 Butler, Richard Thomas, Antelope, Dem.

11 Butler, Vital, farmer, Anteleope, Dem.



12 Chatterton, Edgar Chester, farmer, Antelope, Prog.

13 Chatterton, Frances, student, Antelope, Dem.

14 Chatterton, James Francis, farmer, Antelope, Prog.

15 Churchill, Elias Edwin, farmer, Antelope, Dem.

16 Mrs. Churchill, Ollie Myrtle, housewife, Antelope, Declined

16 Mrs. Clemens, Berdenea Francis, housewife, Antelope, Declined

17 Clemens, Edward Henry, engineer, Antelope, Prog.

18 Clemens, Richard Briggs, farmer, Antelope, Prog.

19 Coleman, George, farmer, Antelope, Rep.

20 Miss Coleman, Leta Ellice, student, Antelope, Rep.

21 Mrs. Coleman, Emma Clara, housewife, Antelope, Rep.

22 Crabb, Edward Clay, farmer, Fair Oaks, Prog.

22 Mrs. Crabb, Louise, housewife, Fair Oaks North, Rep.

22 Crowder, Louis William, farmer, Antelope, Declined



23 Dahlstrom, Frederic, farmer, Antelope, Declined

24 Mrs. Dahlstrom, Mary Cecelia, housewife, Antelope, Declined

25 Davis, William Howels, carpenter, Fair Oaks, Rep.

26 DeKay, Guy Patten, farmer, Antelope, Rep.

27 Mrs. De Kay, William, housewife, Antelope, Rep.

28 Donahue, John Franklin, farmer, Antelope, Dem.

29 Donahue, Mrs. Annie Frances, housewife, Antelope, Dem.

30 Donahue, Cornelius, Leo, farmer, Antelope, Dem.

31 Donahue, Daniel, farmer, Antelope, Dem.

32 Miss Donahue, Irene Cecilia, homekeeper, Antelope, Dem.

33 Doran, James, laborer, Antelope, Dem.

34 Dorman, Charles Emery, farmer, Antelope, Prog.

35 Mrs. Dorman, Mary, housewife, Antelope, Prog.

36 Drake, Walter Wesley, farmer, Antelope, Dem.

37 Driver, Charles Alfred, farmer, Antelope, Prog.

37 Mrs. Driver, Lorenia, housewife, Antelope, Declined

37 Dynan, Daniel, farmer, Antelope, Declined



38 Mrs. Emerson, Alice, housewife, Antelope, Proh.

38 Emerson, Isaac Errett, farmer, Antelope, Prog.



39 Fertig, John, farmer, Antelope, Rep.

40 Mrs. Fertig, Carrie, housewife, Antelope, Proh.

41 Fertig, Benjamin Dynan, farmer, Antelope, Declined

41 Fisher, Charles Lincoln, teamster, Antelope, Declined



43 Gardner, John Joseph, farmer, Antelope, Soc.

44 Mrs. Gardner, Martha Maria, retired, Antelope, Soc.

45 Gesford, George, laborer, Antelope, Rep.

46 Mrs. Gladney, Elizabeth Winn, housewife, Antelope, Dem.

47 Gladney, James Finley, farmer, Antelope, Rep.

47 Miss Gladney, Margaret Ann, At Home, Antelope, Declined

48 Gladney, Samuel Strong, farmer, Antelope, Rep.

48 Miss Gladney, Mary Hadassah, student, Antelope, Declined

49 Miss Goodrich, Julia Evelyn, housekeeper, Antelope, Rep.

50 Mrs. Gould, Olive, housewife, Antelope, Declined

51 Gould, Raymond De Witt, farmer, Antelope, Dem.

52 Mrs. Gove, Bertha Lena, housewife, Antelope, Rep.

53 Gove, Jeremiah Dearborn, farmer, Antelope, Dem.

54 Gray, Frederick, laborer, Antelope, Rep.



55 Mrs. Hutton, Hattie Bell, housewife, Antelope, Dem.

56 Hutton, Nelson, farmer, Antelope, Dem.



57 Mrs. Johnston, Louise, housewife, Fair Oaks, Prog.

58 Johnston, Richard Grant, farmer, Antelope, Prog.

59 Junior, Eugene Alfred, farmer, Antelope, Soc.

60 Mrs. Junior, Minnie Luana, housewife, Antelope, Declined



61 Keithly, William Ulmer, farmer, Antelope, Dem.

62 Keithly, James Donald, farmer, Antelope, Dem.

63 Miss Keithly, Mary Emma, student, Antelope, Dem.

64 Keithly, Abram, farmer, Antelope, Dem.

65 Koehn, Jacob, laborer, Antelope, Dem.

66 Mrs. Kohlbaker, Edith, housewife, Antelope, Dem.

67 Kohlbaker, Frank, farmer, Antelope, Dem.

68 Koster, Herman, farmer, Antelope, Rep.



69 Mrs. Lauppe, Regna, retired, Antelope, Rep.

70 Lauppe, Mrs. Sarah, housewife, Antelope, Dem.

71 Lauppe, Edward, merchant, Antelope, Dem.

72 Lauppe, Harold Columbus, farmer, Antelope, Dem.

73 Mrs. Lauppe, Mary Josephine, housewife, Antelope, Dem.

74 Lauppe, Rudolph, farmer, Antelope, Dem.

75 Lehan, Joseph Timothy, fruit grower, Antelope, Dem.

76 Leonhart, Balsco, nurseryman, Antelope, Rep.

77 Mrs. Leonhart, Rebecca Taylor, housewife, Antelope, Rep.

78 Leonhart, Leonard Wilson, nurseryman, Antelope, Rep.

79 Mrs. Lewis, Alice Belle, housewife, Antelope, Dem.

80 Lewis, Charles Frederick, Farmer, Antelope, Dem.

81 Lewis, William Chris, merchant, Antelope, Dem.

82 Mrs. Lewis, Abbie, housewife, Antelope, Rep.

83 Mrs. Lewis, Carrie Frances, housewife, Antelope, Proh.

84 Lewis, William Frederich, blacksmith, Antelope, Dem.

85 Loeser, Frank Cusperert, laborer, Antelope, Dem.



86 McAdams, Adolph, farmer, Antelope, Dem.

87 McAdams, Luther, farmer, Antelope, Dem.

88 Mrs. McAdams, Mary, housewife, Antelope, Dem.

89 McBride, Arthur Thomas, farmer, Antelope, Rep.

90 Mrs. McBride, Elva May, housewife, Antelope, Rep.

91 Mrs. McBride, Olga Louise, housewife, Fair Oaks, Prog.

92 McDermott, John, farmer, Antelope, Dem.

93 McFarland, Woodford Slater, carpenter, Antelope, Rep.

94 McKinnon, Thomas, farmer, Antelope, Dem.

95 McKinnon, Thomas, Jr., farmer, Antelope, Dem.

96 McTye, Charles, laborer, Antelope, Dem.



97 MacBride, Johnston, orchardist, Fair Oaks, Prog.

98 Mrs. May, Lillian Marie, housewife, Antelope, Dem.

99 Mrs. Morgan, May, housewife, Antelope, Rep.



100 Mrs. Neuerburg, Mable Eve, housewife, Antelope, Dem.

101 Neuerburg, Philip Edwin, farmer, Antelope, Dem.



102 Mrs. Paris, Alice Cornelia, farmer, Antelope, Rep.

103 Mrs. Pilcher, Bertha Amelia, housewife, Antelope, Rep.

104 Pilcher, William Henry, farmer, Antelope, Rep.

105 Plum, Orrin Henry, laborer, Antelope, Rep.

105 Plumb, Alonzo Theodore, farmer, Antelope, Prog.

106 Pruett, John Willis, farmer, Antelope, Rep.

107 Mrs. Pruett, Minnie Amelia, housewife, Antelope, Rep.



108 Mrs. Ross, Bertha Grace, housekeeper, Antelope, Proh.

109 Rusch, Frederick Herman, farmer, Antelope, Rep.

110 Mrs. Rusch, Julia Matilda, student, Antelope, Rep.

111 Rutherford, Earl Lavere, laborer, Antelope, Dem.



112 Mrs. Slater, Minnie, housewife, Antelope, Dem.

113 Slater, Thomas Mathew, farmer, Antelope, Dem.

113 Mrs. Smith, Ginevra, housewife, Antelope, Declined

114 Smith, Joe Hamilton, nurseryman, Antelope, Dem.

114 Smith, John Edson, laborer, Antelope, Rep.

115 Smith, William Henry, farmer, Antelope, Rep.

116 Soller, Conrad, laborer, Antelope, Dem.

117 Soost, Stephen Elias, farmer, Antelope, Dem.

118 Speakman, Walter, laborer, Antelope, Rep.

119 Sturgill, James Albert, farmer, Antelope, Dem.

120 Mrs. Sturgill, Virginia Lee, housewife, Antelope, Dem.

121 Sullivan, William Robert, laborer, Antelope, Dem.



122 Terrell, Robert, farmer, Antelop, Rep.

122 Mrs. Tremoureux, Eugenia Adell, housewife, Antelope, Prog.



123 Van Alstine, Edward Clark, laborer, Antelope, Rep.

124 Van Maren, Adolph Clyde, farmer, Antelope, Rep.

125 Van Maren, Adolph, orchardist, Fair Oaks, Rep.

126 Van Maren, Cornelius Francis, farmer, Antelope, Rep.

127 Mrs. Van Maren, Ida May, houseife, Antelope, Rep.

128 Mrs. Van Maren, Catherine, housewife, Antelope, Prog.

129 Mrs. Van Maren, Nettie Elvira, housewife, Antelope, Prog.

129 Miss Van Maren, May, teacher, Fair Oaks, Rep.

130 Van Maren, Nicholas, farmer, Antelope, Rep.

131 Van Maren, Philip, farmer, Antelope, Prog.

132 Vickers, James, laborer, Antelope, Dem.



133 Mrs. Williams, Carrie, housewife, Antelope, Rep.

134 Williams, Franklin Lafayette, farmer, Antelope, Dem.

135 Williams, George, farmer, Antelope, Rep.

136 Mrs. Williams, Laura Ann, housewife, Antelope, Rep.



137 Zeh, Charles Leonard, farmer, Antelope, Rep.

138 Zeh, gottfried, Mathnes, farmer, Antelope, Rep.





Transcribed by Betty Vickroy.

Proofread by Jeanne Taylor.

2009 Betty Vickroy.