OCTOBER 3, 1914







Every Elector, duly qualified, whose AFFIDAVIT OF REGISTRATION appears on the Register of the General Election Precinct, and who has continued to reside within the exterior boundaries of such General Election Precinct to day of Election, is entitled to vote.


All name sin the Indexes through which the word MOVED, REMOVED OR SUPPLEMENT are stamped are cancelled and are NOT entitled to vote.


The Electors whose names appear upon the Index of Register and having MOVED, must be carefully examined, and if found to still reside with the Election Precinct, be allowed to vote.


E. F. Pfund,

County Clerk






Precinct Sixty-Nine, 14th Assembly District

(Ben Ali, Fair Oaks, Del Paso Heights, Hop Town, Park View, Carmichael Colony, North

Sacramento, Center Township, Arcade Park, Haggin Grant)



1 Addington, W. H., rancher, North Sacramento, Declined

2 Mrs. Alspach, Elizabeth R., housewife, Ben Ali, Dem.

3 Alspach, Richard L., farmer, Myrtle Ave, Declined



4 Mrs. Babcock, Mary Baker, housekeeper, Ben Ali, Rep.

5 Benson, Albert, farmer, Ben Ali, Rep.

6 Mrs. Benson, Rose Margaret, housewife, Ben Ali, Rep.

7 Bergh, Edward, farmer, Ben Ali, Prog.

8 Mrs. Bergh, Hilma, housewife, Ben Ali, Prog.

9 Bertaina, Giuseppe Fedlala, laborer, North Sacramento, Rep.

10 Blake, George Washington, farmer, Ben Ali, Dem.

11 Mrs. Blake, Sallie Henrietta, housewife, Ben Ali, Dem.

12 Braziel, Elmer, farmer, Ben Ali, Rep.

13 Brown, Harvey Nelson, farmer, North Sacramento, Dem.

14 Brown, James Harvey, farmer, Ben Ali, Dem.

15 Mrs. Brown, Mabel Carrie, housewife, North Sacramento, Dem.

16 Burris, Frank, laborer, Del Paso, Dem.

17 Butler, Frank Leslie, laborer, Hop Town, Rep.



18 Calio, John, farmer, Ben Ali, Dem.

19 Calkins, Frank Allen, farmer, Haggin Grant, Rep.

20 Mrs. Calkins, Laura Mabel, housewife, Haggin Grant, Rep.

21 Carr, Elmour George, farmer, North Sacramento, Dem

22 Mrs. Carr, Lena, housewife, North Sacramento, Dem.

23 Mrs. Caywood, Eva, housewife, Haggin Grant, Prog.

24 Caywood, John M., farmer, North Sacramento, Prog.

25 Cecchettini, Virgilio, gardener, Ben Ali, Rep.

26 Champlin, Alfred Romane, farmer, Haggin Grant, Rep.

27 Mrs. Champlin, Eleanor B., housewife, Haggin Grant, Rep.

28 Conarro, William, farmer, Ben Ali, Dem.

29 Corea, Joe, Farmer, Haggin Grant, Rep.

30 Corea, John Cunha, farmer, Ben Ali, Rep.

31 Covey, Byron, farmer, Ben Ali, Prog.

32 Covey, Edwin Fletcher, farmer, Rancho Del Paso, Dem.

33 Covey, Floyd Byron, farmer, Rancho Del Paso, Prog.

34 Mrs. Covey, Lillian Mae, housewife, Rancho Del Paso, Prog.

35 Mrs. Covey, Vera, housewife, Ben Ali, Proh.

36 Crosby, Edgar William, varnisher, Ben Ali, Rep.

37 Mrs. Crosby, Lella, housewife, North Sacramento, Soc.

38 Miss Cross, Ethel Agnes, student, Ben Ali, Rep.

39 Cross, William, farmer, Haggin Grant, Prog.

40 Mrs. Cunningham, Annie Julia, housewife, Center Township, Prog.



41 Mrs. Deal, Amelia, housewife, Ben Ali, Dem.

42 Deal, Joseph, foreman, Ben Ali, Rep.

43 Dickinson, Albert S., farmer, Ben Ali, Soc.

44 Mrs. Dickinson, Tressie Olivia, housekeeper, Ben Ali, Rep.

45 Douglass, Andrew Perry, farmer, Haggin Grant, Prog.

46 Drullinger, George Albert, farmer, Haggin Grant, Prog.

47 Dunn, Jacob Earl, motorman, Ben Ali, Dem.



48 Engberg, Fred, carpenter, Haggin Grant, Prog.

49 Engberg, George, farmer, Haggin Grant, Prog.

50 Mrs. Engberg, Martha, housewife, Ben Ali, Prog.

51 Engberg, Peter Frederick, farmer, Haggin Grant, Prog.

52 Erickson, Axel Edwin, carpenter, Ben Ali, Rep.

53 Mrs. Erickson, Olga Elisabet, housewife, Ben Ali, Rep.



54 Fagerskog, Fridthjof, farmer, Ben Ali, Rep.

55 Mrs. Ferguson, Mary Eliza, housewife, Ben Ali, Rep.

56 Mrs. Flint, Carrie Isabelle, housewife, Ben Ali, Proh.

57 Flint, Clarance Eugene, farmer, Ben Ali, Proh.

58 Mrs. Fowler, Bertha Naoma, housewife, Ben Ali, Prog.

59 Fowler, Laurence Montresser, carpenter, Ben Ali, Prog.

60 Mrs. Freese, Annie Prentiss, housewife, Center Township, Prog.

61 Fowler, Arthur Melville, rancher, Ben Ali, Prog.



62 Mrs. Gomes, Nellie Elizabeth, housewife, Ben Ali, Declined

63 Gomes, Manuel, foreman, Ben Ali, Declined

64 Gossard, Ralph, farmer Oak Plaines, Dem.

65 Green Leando David, cook, Hop Town, Prog.

66 Mrs. Greer, Ethel I., housewife, Ben Ali, Rep.

67 Greer, George Donaldson, farmer, Rancho Del Paso, Rep.

68 Mrs. Guesa Isalina, Ben Ali, Rep.

69 Gwartney, Wallace Paul, farmer, Rep.



70 Higgins, Daniel William, machinist, Haggin Grant, Rep.

71 Mrs. Higgins, Lorinda D., housewife, Ben Ali, Prog.

72 Hein, Ben, farmer, Ben Ali, Rep.

73 Hein, Frank Carl, farmer, Ben Ali, Rep.

74 Mrs. Hein, Minnie, housewife, Ben Ali, Rep.

75 Hockett, Edgar William, plasterer, North Sacramento, Dem.

76 Hoffel, Peter, farmer, Ben Ali, Dem.

77 Howell, Isrel Franklin, laborer, Haggin Grant, Dem.

78 Mrs. Howell, Mary, housewife, Ben Ali, Dem.

79 Hurley, Davi A., farmer, Ben Ali, Rep.

80 Mrs. Hurley, Kate, housewife, Ben Ali, Rep.



81 Irwin Albert, orchardist, Haggin Grant, Dem.

82 Mrs. Irwin, Margaret C., housewife, Ben Ali, Rep.



83 Mrs. Johnson, Emmaline H., housewife, Ben Ali, Rep.

84 Johnson, William, hop grower, Del Paso, Dem.



85 Mrs. Keables, Jennie, housewife, Ben Ali, Prog.

86 Keables, James, Parmer, farmer, Ben Ali, Prog.

87 Keaton, Jesse Bert, farmer, Ben Ali, Rep.

88 Keaton, Mayme, housewife, Ben Ali, Rep.

89 Mrs. Kiefer, Glora, housewife, North Sacramento, Dem.

90 Kiefer, Henry F., teamster, North Sacramento, Dem.

91 Miss Kraper, Myrtle, Arcade Park, Prog.

92 Kruger, August Rubert, rancher, Center Township, Dem.



93 Mrs. Langfield, Amy, housewife, Haggin Grant, Prog.

94 Langfield, Otto C., farmer, Haggin Grant, Prog.

95 Langley, George Whitman, farmer, Ben Ali, Dem.

96 Mrs. Lindsay, Elinor Henrietta, housewife, Ben Ali, Rep.

97 Mrs. Lindsay, Mary Ann, housewife, Ben Ali, Rep.

98 Lindsay, William Lesly, painter, Ben Ali, Rep.

99 Miss Logan, Maggie Elizabeth, housekeeper, Ben Ali, Rep.

100 Mrs. Longstreth, Alice Mabel, housewife, Ben Ali, Prog.

101 Longstreth, Edwin David, farmer, Ben Ali, Prog.



102 McAdams, Jeff, laborer, Ben Ali, Dem.

103 McDonell, Archibald Duncan, farmer, Fair Oaks, Rep.

104 Mrs. McDonell, Mary Elizabeth, housewife, Fair Oaks, Dem.

105 McGill, Ernest, laborer, Brewer Ranch, Dem.

106 Mrs. McGrew, Eva Avonia, housewife, Ben Ali, Rep.

107 McGrew, Frank Lawson, well borer, Arcade, Rep.

108 McLean, James, bricklayer, Ben Ali, Prog.



109 Masen, Rasmus, farmer, Ben Ali, Rep.

110 Millert, Ferdinand, farmer, Ben Ali, Dem.

111 Miss Millert, Ida, homekeeper, Ben Ali, Dem.

112 Mento, Antone, farmer, Ben Ali, Rep.

113 Mrs. Mento, Theresa, housewife, Ben Ali, Rep.

114 Morininin (sic), Edward, dairyman, Del Paso Ranch, Rep.



115 Neep, William M., laborer, Hop Town, Rep.

116 Mrs. Niles, Mamie Helena, housewife, Ben Ali, Prog.



117 Mrs. Orr, Ada Robena, housewife, Arcade Park, Prog.

118 Orr, Frank Leonidas, rancher, Arcade Park, Prog.

119 Mrs. Oxley, Emma Rilla, housewife, Ben Ali, Proh.

120 Oxley, Joshua Morris, farmer, Ben Ali, Proh.



121 Mrs. Pearce, Mamie Burdon, housewife, Ben Ali, Declined

122 Pearce, William E., farmer, North Sacramento, Dem.

123 Mrs. Pebbles, Carrie Leona, housewife, Ben Ali, Declined

124 Pebbles, William David, millman, Arcade Park, Declined

125 Mrs. Phipps, Mary Edna, housewife, Arcade, Prog.

126 Phipps, William Thomas, attorney, Arcade, Prog.

127 Porter, Briggs Edmund, rancher, Ben Ali, Prog.

128 Mrs. Porter, Julia Beatrice, housewife, Ben Ali, Rep.



129 Mrs. Ransom, Natalia, housewife, Ben Ali, Proh.

130 Ransom, Walter, real estate, Hop Town, Dem.

131 Mrs. Ratzlaff, Nena Garrett, housewife, Ben Ali, Dem.

132 Ripley, Martin Howard, laborer, Carmichal Colony No. 2, Prog.

133 Mrs. Ripley, Viola, housewife, Carmichael Colony, Rep.

134 Roddan, Guy Henry, contractor, Del Paso, Prog.

135 Mrs. Root, Mary Murtle, housewife, Haggin Grant, Rep.

136 Root, Ransome Grove, farmer, Haggin Grant, Prog.

137 Root, Ransom Henry, farmer, Carmichael Colony, Dem.

138 Mrs. Root, Susan Jane, housewife, Carmichael Colony, Dem.

139 Mrs. Roth, Elise, housewife, Ben Ali, Rep.

140 Roth, John, machinist, Ben Ali, Rep.



141 Mrs. Sanborn, Helen, housewife, Ben Ali, Rep.

142 Sanborn, Lorenzo Harvey, farmer, Ben Ali, Rep.

143 Schell, Jacob, farmer, Hop Town, Rep.

144 Shear, Fred Revo, farmer, Fir Ave., Prog.

145 Mrs. Shear, Jennie, housewife, Ben Ali, Declined

146 Snider, Horace Weddell, farmer, 19th & Melrose Ave, Rep.

147 Staug, Adam, farmer, Haggin Grant, Rep.

148 Mrs. Staug, Celeste, housewife, Haggin Grant, Prog.

149 Stout, Allen J., farmer, Ben Ali, Prog.

150 Mrs. Stout, Sylvia, housewife, Ben Ali, Prog.

151 Stewart, William Herbert, farmer, Ben Ali, Prog.

152 Mrs. Stewart, Xanah L., housewife, Ben Ali, Rep.

153 Swart, Reinhart Charles, farmer, Ben Ali, Soc.

154 Mrs. Swart, Mattie Irene, housewife, Ben Ali, Soc.

155 Swartz, Dwight Lyman Roy, practitioner (sic), Haggin Grant, Prog.

156 Mrs. Swartz, Nellie Grace, housewife, Ben Ali, Prog.



157 Mrs. Thompson, Lottie La Verne, housewife, Fair Oaks, Prog.

157 Thompson, Robert Edwin, orchardist, Fair Oaks, Prog.

158 Mrs. Treanor, Nellie, housewife, Haggin Grant, Dem.

160 Treanor, Oliver Franklyn, rancher, Ben Ali, Rep.

161 Mrs. Tredinnick, Mabel, housewife, Ben Ali, Prog.

162 Tredennick, William Herbert, carpenter, Ben Ali, Prog.

163 Mrs. Trimble, Fannie, housewife, Ben Ali, Dem.

164 Trimble, Forrest Edwin, farmer, Del Paso Heights, Dem.

165 Miss Trimble, Kathryn Ray, student, Ben Ali, Dem.

166 Trimble, William, farmer, Haggin Grant, Dem.

167 Mrs. Trussel, Ellen, housewife, Ben Ali, Rep.

168 Mrs. Trussel, Esther Bernice, housewife, Ben Ali, Proh.

169 Trussel, Marcus O., farmer, Ben Ali, Rep.

170 Trussel, Samuel, farmer, Ben Ali, Rep.

171 Trussel, Sherman James, Farmer, Ben Ali, Rep.

172 Trussel, Wilson H., farmer, Ben Ali, Soc.

173 Tull, Andrew Perry, rancher, North Sacramento, Dem.

174 Tull, Charles Otto, farmer, Ben Ali, Dem.

175 Mrs. Tull, Florence Clay, housewife, Ben Ali, Dem.

176 Mrs. Tuttle, Bertha Wilhelmia, housewife, Rancho Del Paso, Rep.

177 Tuttle, Moses Choate, retired, Ben Ali, Rep.

178 Tuttle, Wilson S., rancher, Rancho Del Paso, Dem.



179 Valentine, Frank Hamilton, collector, Ben Ali, Prog.

180 Mrs. Valentine, Julia Lavinia, housewife, Ben Ali, Prog.



181 Weiss, Alvis, rancher, Arcade park, Dem.

182 Weiss, Martin Leo, machinist, Ben Ali, Soc.

183 Mrs. Weiss, Eleonore, housewife, Park View, Soc.

184 Mrs. Welch, Emma Theresa, housewife, Carmichael Colony, Prog.

185 Welch, George Henry, farmer, Carmichael Colony, Prog.

186 Mrs. Weston, Edith S., housewife, North Sacramento, Dem.

187 Weston, John, carpenter, North Sacramento, Dem.

188 Wilkins, Chester Arthur, newspaper man, Center Township, Rep.

189 Mrs. Wilkins, Edna Lucille, housewife, Ben Ali, Prog.

190 Wilson, Fred Lewis, farmer, Ben Ali, Rep.

191 Mrs. Wilson, Mary J., housewife, Ben Ali, Rep.

192 Wilson, Mathew Gardner, shoemaker, Ben Ali, Dem.

193 Mrs. Wilson, Mildred Adlene, housewife, Ben Ali, Rep.

194 Wood, Robert, farmer, Ben Ali, Dem.

195 Wylie, Walter Andrew, foreman, Hop Town, Rep.



196 Miss Young, Minnie, housekeeper, Ben Ali, Cem.




Transcribed by Betty Vickroy.

Proofread by Jeanne Taylor.

2009 Betty Vickroy.