OCTOBER 3, 1914







Every Elector, duly qualified, whose AFFIDAVIT OF REGISTRATION appears on the Register of the General Election Precinct, and who has continued to reside within the exterior boundaries of such General Election Precinct to day of Election, is entitled to vote.


All name sin the Indexes through which the word MOVED, REMOVED OR SUPPLEMENT are stamped are cancelled and are NOT entitled to vote.


The Electors whose names appear upon the Index of Register and having MOVED, must be carefully examined, and if found to still reside with the Election Precinct, be allowed to vote.


E. F. Pfund,

County Clerk






Precinct Sixty-Eight, 14th Assembly District

(Fair Oaks, Carmichael Colony & Citrus Heights)



Mrs. Andrus, Kate, housewife, Fair Oaks, Prog.

Andrus, Sterling Glen, Secretary, Fair Oaks, Prog.



1 Bannister, Joseph Arnold, bookkeeper, Fair Oaks, Prog.

1 Mrs. Bannister, Florence May, housewife, Fair Oaks, Rep.

2 Barrett, Edward Thomas, farmer, Fair Oaks, Rep.

3 Barrett, John Francis, farmer, Fair Oaks, Dem.

4 Barrett, Michael Edward, farmer, Fair Oaks, Dem.

5 Mrs. Barrett, Rosalie Ellen, housewife, Fair Oaks, Dem.

6 Barrett, William Henry, farmer, Fair Oaks, Dem.

7 Bass, Gail Edgar, oiler, Fair Oaks, Prog.

8 Bassman, Henry Emil, orchardist, Citrus Heights, Dem.

9 Mrs. Bassman, Maggie, housewife, Citrus Heights, Dem.

10 Mrs. Beauchamp, Gnettie Bell, housewife, Fair Oaks, Rep.

10 Beecher, Nicholas M., orchardist, Fair Oaks, Prog.

11 Beauchamp, Oliver Perry, carpenter, Fair Oaks, Rep.

12 Mrs. Boone, Cora Bell, housewife, Fair Oaks, Dem.

13 Boone, James Arthur, farmer, Fair Oaks, Dem.

14 Bourque, Nelson Frank, farmer, Fair Oaks, Dem.

15 Boyd, George Willfred, orchardist, Fair Oaks, Prog.

16 Mrs. Boyd, Gertrude Emma, housewife, Fair Oaks, Rep.

17 Mrs. Boyer, May Amsden, housewife, Fair Oaks, Prog.

18 Boyer, Oliver Daniel, orchardist, Carmichael Colony, Prog.

19 Mrs. Buffum, Anna Marie, housewife, Fair Oaks, Rep.

20 Buffum, Eugene Howard, physician, Fair Oaks, Rep.

21 Miss Burker, Clara Eaton, homekeeper, Fair Oaks, Prog.

22 Burnette, Pearl Price, teacher, Fair Oaks, Dem.

23 Bushart, Joseph, farmer, Fair Oaks, Soc.



24 Caulfield, Jack Waring Hanvey, clerk, Fair Oaks, Dem.

25 Caufield, William Henry Hanvey, foreman, Fair Oaks, Rep.

26 Miss Chase, Daisy Mabel, homekeeper, Fair Oaks, Prog.

27 Chase, Elmore, orchardist, Fair Oaks, Prog.

28 Mrs. Chase, Malvina Harvey, housewife, Fair Oaks, Prog.

29 Chesson, Charles Fred, farmer, Fair Oaks, Rep.

30 Chesson, George James, orchardist, Fair Oaks, Rep.

31 Chesson, Ralph Arthur, farmer, Fair Oaks, Prog.

32 Coons, Frank Marshall, farmer, Antelope, Dem.

33 Mrs. Coons, Mary Ellen, housewife, Fair Oaks, Dem.

34 Coyle, Edward George, farmer, Fair Oaks, Dem.

35 Mrs. Crafts, Christiann, housewife, Fair Oaks, Rep.

36 Crafts, Isaac Blackburn, orchardsit, Fair Oaks, Rep.

37 Cunningham, James Polk, farmer, Fair Oaks, Dem.

38 Mrs. Cutting, Elenora Vieena, housewife, Fair Oaks, Prog.



39 Mrs. Davis, Amanda Melissa, hsewife, Carmichael Colony, Prog.

40 Davis, Wesley, farmer, Carmichael Colony, Prog.

41 Davis, Charles Edgar, dredgerman, Fair Oaks, Dem.

41 Mrs. Davis, Sarah, housewife, Fair Oaks, Dem.

42 Dean, Sam, farmer, Carmichael Colony, Dem.

43 Deterding, Charles William, farmer, Carmichael Colony, Dem.

44 Mrs. Deterding, Mary Ann, housewife, Fair Oaks, Dem.

45 Mrs. Dewey, Bertha, housewife, Fair Oaks, Rep.

46 Dewey, Harold Jacob, farmer, Fair Oaks, Rep.

47 Dewey, Harry, farmer, Fair Oaks, Rep.

48 Mrs. Dillingham, Frances Cook, housewife, Fair Oaks, Proh.

49 Donley, John, orchardist, Fair Oaks, Prog.

50 Mrs. Donley, Pearl Eugenia, housewife, Fair Oaks, Prog.

51 Mrs. Dufour, Alice, housewife, Fair Oaks, Rep.

52 Mrs. Duncan, Dollie, housewife, Fair Oaks, Dem.

53 Duncan, Henry Calvin, orchardist, Fair Oaks, Dem.

54 Duncan, Ray Calvin, laborer, Fair Oaks, Dem.



55 Elder, John, laborer, Fair Oaks, Dem.



56 Fetters, George Elwood, orchardist, Carmichael Colony, Prog.

57 Mrs. Fetters, Mary Weir, housewife, Carmichael Colony, Prog.

58 Fisk, Fred Savino, orchardist, Fair Oaks, Soc.

59 Mrs. Fisk, Lura Bella Nisley, housewife, Fair Oaks, Soc.

60 Fowler, Albert M., orchardist, Fair Oaks, Dem.

61 Mrs. Fowler, Edna Sybilla, housewife, Fair Oaks, Rep.

62 Mrs. Fox, Clara Ellen, housewife, Fair Oaks, Rep.

63 Fox, Frederick Dexter, fruitgrower, Fair Oaks, Prog.

64 Fudge, Charles Milton, orchardist, Carmichael Colony, Prog.



65 Gerber, Charles, orchardist, Fair Oaks, Dem.

66 Mrs. Gerber, Elizabeth Margaret, housewife, Fair Oaks, Rep.

67 Gilmore, Addison Howell, rancher, Fair Oaks, Prog.

68 Mrs. Gilmore, Catherine Julia, housewife, Fair Oaks, Prog.

69 Miss Gilmore, Ella Mae, teacher, Fair Oaks, Proh.

70 Gilmore, Ralph Rensselaer, farmer, Fair Oaks, Prog.

71 Miss Gore, Hortense Sybil, teacher, Fair Oaks, Dem.

72 Mrs. Gore, Lizzie, housewife, Fair Oaks, Rep.

73 Gore, William Ralph, merchant, Fair Oaks, Dem.

74 Green, Elmer Rae, painter, Fair Oaks, Rep.

75 Mrs. Green, Myrtle Ivalle, housewife, Fair Oaks, Rep.

76 Mrs. Gregory, Eva Cordelia, housewife, Fair Oaks, Rep.

77 Gregory, Jr., William, orchardist, Fair Oaks, Rep.

78 Grudgel, John Wesley, restaurant keeper, Fair Oaks, Rep.

78 Mrs. Gudgel, America, housewife, Fair Oaks, Rep.



79 Hagen, Jeremiah, laborer, Fair Oaks, Dem.

80 Hanvey, Charles Brace Hewitt, physician, Fair Oaks, Rep.

80 Mrs. Hanvey, Jean, housewife, Fair Oaks, Rep.

81 Miss Hanvey, Marguerite Charles, bookkeeper, Fair Oaks, Rep.

82 Harrison, Richard Henry, orchardist, Carmichael Colony, Dem.

83 Heim, Alvin Leopold, orchardist, Fair Oaks, Soc.

83 Mrs. Hays, Julietta J., housewife, Fair Oaks, Dem.

83 Hays, Walter D., farmer, Fair Oaks, Dem.

84 Mrs. Heintz, Julia, homekeeper, Fair Oaks, Rep.

85 Heisel, Clark, fruitgrower, Fair Oaks, Rep.

86 Heisel, George Allen, mechanic, Fair Oaks, Rep.

87 Mrs. Heisel, Mary, housewife, Fair Oaks, Rep.

88 Mrs. Hinsey, Carrie Etta, Fair Oaks, Rep.

89 Hinsey, Charles Melville, boxmaker, Fair Oaks, Prog.

90 Hinsey, William Walter, manager, Fair Oaks, Rep.

91 Hoover, James Henry, laborer, Fair Oaks, Rep.

92 Mrs. Hoover, Wildia, housewife, Fair Oaks, Dem.

92 Mrs. Howser, Pearl Mae, housewife, Fair Oaks, Soc.

93 Hoover, William, laborer, Fair Oaks, Dem.

93 Mrs. Hull, Martha, housewife, Fair Oaks, Rep.



94 Johnson, Elmer Newton, fruitgrower, Carmichael Colony, Prog.

95 Johnson, Henry, farmer, Carmichael Colony, Rep.

96 Mrs. Johnson, Johanna, housewife, Fair Oaks, Prog.

97 Johnson, John August, orchardist, Fair Oaks, Prog.

98 Johnston, James Robertson, retired, Fair Oaks, Dem.

99 Mrs. Johnston, Mary Lucretia, housewife, Fair Oaks, Dem.

100 Mrs. Jones, Augusta, housewife, Fair Oaks, Soc.

101 Mrs. Jones, Effie Maud, housewife, Fair Oaks, Dem.

102 Mrs. Jones, Helen Stevens, housewife, Carmichael Colony, Rep.

103 Jones, James Platt, laborer, Fair Oaks, Dem.

104 Jones, John Morgan, farmer, Fair Oaks, Prog.

105 Jones, John Phillips, farmer, Fair Oaks, Prog.

106 Mrs. Jones, Selma Gertrude, housewife, Carmichael Colony, Rep.

107 Jones, Wayland Edgar, orchardist, Fair Oaks, Soc.

108 Jordan, Richard Dodge, laborer, Fair Oaks, Rep.



109 Miss Kay, Ethel Irene, clerk, Carmichael Colony, Prog.

110 Mrs. Kay, Minnie, housewife, Fair Oaks, Rep.

111 Kay, Walter Rothwell, farmer, Fair Oaks, Prog.

112 Kimble, Edwin, farmer, Fair Oaks, Rep.

113 Mrs.Kroh, Emma, housewife, Fair Oaks, Rep.

114 Kroh, Frank Irwin, farmer, Fair Oaks, Rep.



115 Layton, John Raymond, carpenter, Carmichael Colony, Rep.

116 Lemmon, Allen Bosley, Jr., warrant clerk, Fair Oaks, Rep.

117 Mrs. Lemmon, Augusta Hardison, houswife, Fair Oaks, Prog.

118 Levering, Charles Douglass, fruitgrower, Fair Oaks, Dem.

119 Levering, Lawrence V., farmer, Fair Oaks, Dem.

120 Mrs. Levering, Lottie, housewife, Fair Oaks, Dem.



121 McKeown, Harry, painter, Fair Oaks, Dem.

122 Mrs. McKeown, Mattie Elizabeth, housewife, Fair Oaks, Dem.

123 McMillan, Finlay, farmer, Fair Oaks, Prog.

124 Mrs. McTrent, Martha Jane, housewife, Fair Oaks, Prog.

125 McTrent, William, barber, Fair Oaks, Prog.



126 Marshall, Alfred Francis, carpenter, Fair Oaks, Prog.

127 Mrs. Marshall, Ellen Alice, housewife, Fair Oaks, Dem.

128 Mrs. Meader, Abbie Lucena, homekeeper, Fair Oaks, Rep.

129 Mrs. Meader, Gertrude Whittier Dillingham, huosewife (sic),

Fair Oaks, Rep.

130 Meader, Thomas Jefferson, orchardist, Fair Oaks, Rep.

131 Mrs. Meads, Mabel Elsie, waitress, Fair Oaks, Rep.

132 Meir, August Henry, laborer, Fair Oaks, Rep.

133 Miller, John W., dredgeman, Fair Oaks, Dem.

134 Mrs. Miller, Nettie, housewife, Fair Oaks, Dem.

135 Morford, Earl Clifford, laborer, Fair Oaks, Soc.

136 Mrs. Morford, Nellie, housewife, Fair Oaks, Soc.

136 Morrow, Arthur Leland, foreman, Fair Oaks, Dem.

137 Morrow, James Stewart, orchardist, Fair Oaks, Dem.

138 Mrs. Morrow, Jean S., housewife, Fair Oaks, Dem.

139 Mrs. Morrow, Sopia Becker, housewife, Fair Oaks, Dem.

140 Miss Muir, Helen Isabelle, teacher, Fair Oaks, Dem.

141 Muldrow, Edwin, farmer, Fair Oaks, Dem.

142 Mumm, Arthur W., orchardist, Fair Oaks, Prog.

143 Miss Mumm, Beulah Christelle, librarian, Fair Oaks, Prog.

144 Mrs. Mumm, Emma Hull, housewife, Fair Oaks, Prog.

145 Munn, John Wesley, farmer, Fair Oaks, Rep.



146 Nelson, Henry Lau, orchardist, Carmichael Colony, Prog.

147 Mrs. Nelson, Mary Basye, housewife, Carmichael Colony, Prog.

148 Nightingale, Abraham Henry, orchardist, Fair Oaks, Rep.

149 Mrs. Nightingale, Lyda, Housewife, Citrus Heights, Rep.



150 O'Donnell, Edward James, farmer, Fair Oaks, Rep.

151 Mrs. O'Donnell, Lucy Isadore, housewife, Fair Oaks, Rep.

152 Overholtzer, Edwin Clarence, teacher, Fair Oaks, Rep.

153 Mrs. Overholtzer, Hattie Belle, housewife, Fair Oaks, Declined



154 Parker, North, farmer, Fair Oaks, Rep.

155 Mrs. Peck, Barbara L., housewife, Fair Oaks, Rep.

156 Peck, Charles Leo, farmer, Fair Oaks, Prog.

157 Peck, Charles Walter, rancher, Fair Oaks, Dem.

157 Pershing, Lawrence Chalmer, orchardist, Fair Oaks, Prog.

158 Mrs. Phelps, Francis Dorthy, hsewife, Carmichael Colony, Prog.

159 Phelps, Frederick Tracy, orchardist, Carmichael Colony, Prog.

160 Phillips, Charles Ray, chauffeur, Fair Oaks, Dem.



161 Ralston, John Edwin, orchardist, Fair Oaks, Prog.

162 Mrs. Raymond, Kittenrah Luzelle, housewife, Fair Oaks, Soc.

163 Raymond, William LaFayette, butcher, Fair Oaks, Rep.

164 Rice, Henry, orchardist, Fair Oaks, Proh.

165 Mrs. Rice, Olivia Grace, housewife, Fair Oaks, Rep.

166 Mrs. Rice, Phebe Ann, housewife, Fair Oaks, Proh.

167 Rice, Roscoe, merchant, Fair Oaks, Rep.

168 Mrs. Ricketts, Adeline, housewife, Fair Oaks, Rep.

169 Ricketts, John Franklin, orchardist, Fair Oaks, Rep.

170 Ricketts, Joseph Earl, orchardist, Fair Oaks, Rep.

171 Rogers, William Lee, farmer, Carmichael Colony, Dem.

171 Rose, Arvel Otto, laborer, Fair Oaks, Rep.

172 Mrs. Rose, Carrie May, housewife, Fair Oaks, Rep.

173 Rose, Robert Allen, agent, Fair Oaks, Prog.

174 Ruff, Joseph, orchardist, Carmichael Colony, Soc.

175 Mrs. Ruff, Louise Gesine, housewife, Carmichael Colony, Soc.

176 Mrs. Rust, Jane Morris, housewife, Fari Oaks, Rep.



177 Safholm, August, orchardist, Fair Oaks, Prog.

178 Safholm, Carl Enander, gardener, Fair Oaks, Prog.

179 Mrs. Salfholm, Josephine, housewife, Fair Oaks, Prog.

180 Mrs. Sargent, Adele Buckley, housewife, Fair Oaks, Rep.

181 Sargent, Haven Phineas, deputy county clerk, Fair Oaks, Rep.

182 Sawyer, Charles Edmund, orchardist, Fair Oaks, Rep.

183 Schroeder, Bernard, farmer, Carmichael Colony, Dem.

184 Mrs. Schroeder, Frances, housewife, Carmichael Colony, Dem.

185 Slater, George W., painter, Fair Oaks, Dem.

186 Mrs. Slater, Maggie Jane, housewife, Carmichael Colony, Dem.

187 Smallwood, Christopher Columbus, farmer, Fair Oaks, Dem.

188 Mrs. Smith, Lenia Carrie, housewife, Fair Oaks, Declined

189 Mrs. Spangle, Jeanette, housewife, Fair Oaks, Dem.

190 Spangle, William E., plumber, Fair Oaks, Soc.

191 Stanley, Alfred Ozias, orchardist, Carmichael Colony, Deem (sic).

192 Mrs. Stanley, Cora Catherine, hsewife, Carmichael Colony, Dem.

193 Mrs. Stapp, Ida Pearl, housewife, Fair Oaks, Soc.

194 Mrs. Stapp, Vevluna, housewife, Carmichael Colony, Dem.

195 Stapp, William A., farmer, Carmichael Colony, Soc.

196 Stapp, William Leslie, farmer, Carmichael Colony, Soc.

197 Mrs Stephenson, Cora Belle, housewife, Fair Oaks, Dem.

198 Mrs. Stevenson, Emma Louise, housewife, Fair Oaks, Prog.

199 Stevenson, Robert Montgomery, minister, Fair Oaks, Dem.

200 Stewart, Dexter Gardner, retired, Fair Oaks, Dem.

201 Strandburg, Dan, laborer, Fair Oaks, Rep.

202 Mrs. Stroube, Mary, housewife, Fair Oaks, Prog.

203 Mrs. Svoboda, Mary, housewife, Fair Oaks, Soc.

204 Svoboda, Wenzel Frank, farmer, Fair Oaks, Soc.

205 Sweet, Cyrus J., orchardist, Carmichael Colony, Rep.



206 Mrs. Tarry, Bettie Perkins, housewife, Fair Oaks, Rep.

207 Tarry, Charles Henry, poultry raiser, Fair Oaks, Dem.

208 Mrs. Tarry, Eugenie, telephone operator, Fair Oaks, Dem.

209 Tarry, Lester Arthur, oiler, Fair Oaks, Dem.

210 Mrs. Thalmann, Emilie, housewife, Fair Oaks, Rep.

211 Mrs. Truman, Ella Margaret, housewife, Fair Oaks, Rep.



212 Unruh, Jacob B., farmer, Fair Oaks, Rep.

213 Mrs. Unruh, Lizzie, housewife, Citrus Heights, Rep.

214 Mrs. Unruh, Minnie, housewife, Citrus Heights, Rep.

215 Unruh, Peter Ben, farmer, Fair Oaks, Rep.



216 Mrs. VanAlstine, Imogene Louise, saleswoman, Carmichael

Colony, Prog.

217 VanAlstine, Edward, salesman, Fair Oaks, Prog.

218 Mrs. Vaughan, Althea Evylin, housewife, Fair Oaks, Rep.

219 Vaughan, Clayton Edmond, barber, Fair Oaks, Rep.



220 Miss Ward, Ella Violet, teacher, Fair Oaks, Dem.

221 Miss Ward, Ida May, stenographer, Fair Oaks, Prog.

222 Mrs. Ward, Ida May, housewife, Fair Oaks, Dem.

223 Ward, Thomas Washington, contractor, Fair Oaks, Dem.

224 Weir, Thomas Bradford, farmer, Carmichael Colony, Dem.

225 White, James W., orchardist, Fair Oaks, Rep.

226 Mrs. White, Sarah Beaton, housewife, Fair Oaks, Dem.

226 Wiekert, Clarence Edgar, clerk, Fair Oaks, Rep.

227 Williams, George, farmer, Fair Oaks, Dem.

227 Mrs. Weikert, Maude Wright, housewife, Fair Oaks, Rep.

228 Williams, Harry David, teamster, Fair Oaks, Dem.

229 Mrs. Williams, Lulu, housewife, Fair Oaks, Rep.

230 Williamson, Allen, laborer, Fair Oaks, Soc.

231 Williamson, Bert, rancher, Fair Oaks, Soc.

232 Mrs. Williamson, Lenora Louise, housewife, Fair Oaks, Soc.

233 Mrs. Wright, Rosalie, housewife, Fair Oaks, Rep.

234 Wright, William Frederick, orchardist, Fair Oaks, Rep.




Transcribed by Betty Vickroy.

Proofread by Jeanne Taylor.

2009 Betty Vickroy.