OCTOBER 3, 1914







Every Elector, duly qualified, whose AFFIDAVIT OF REGISTRATION appears on the Register of the General Election Precinct, and who has continued to reside within the exterior boundaries of such General Election Precinct to day of Election, is entitled to vote.


All name sin the Indexes through which the word MOVED, REMOVED OR SUPPLEMENT are stamped are cancelled and are NOT entitled to vote.


The Electors whose names appear upon the Index of Register and having MOVED, must be carefully examined, and if found to still reside with the Election Precinct, be allowed to vote.


E. F. Pfund,

County Clerk






Precinct Sixty-Seven, 14th Assembly District

(Mississippi Bar & Fair Oaks)



1 Mrs. Acheson, Ella Hall, nurse, Fair Oaks, Dem.

2 Anderson, Nels Peter, laborer, Fair Oaks, Rep.



3 Mrs. Bailey, Maude Foster, housewife, Fair Oaks, Rep.

4 Bailey, William McFall, publisher, Fair Oaks, Dem.

5 Beauchamp, Frank Elsworth, carpenter, Fair Oaks, Rep.

6 Mrs. Bessette, Emma Hamlin, housewife, Fair Oaks, Prog.

7 Bessette, George Justice, farmer, Fair Oaks, Prog.

8 Bessey, William Douglas, farmer, Fair Oaks, Rep.

9 Mrs. Bishop, Annie May, housewife, Fair Oaks, Soc.

10 Mrs. Bishop, Birdie Adella, housewife, Fair Oaks, Soc.

11 Miss Bishop, Florence Ann, homekeeper, Fair Oaks, Prog.

12 Bishop, Frank William, rancher, Fair Oaks, Soc.

13 Bishop, Fred Jerome, orchardist, Fair Oaks, Soc.

14 Bishop, Fred Percy, orchardist, Fair Oaks, Soc.

15 Bishop, Henry Simon, orchardist, Fair Oaks, Soc.

16 Mrs. Bishop, Lottie Butcher, housewife, Fair Oaks, Rep.

17 Bishop, Percy Nathaniel, orchardist, Fair Oaks, Prog.

18 Bishop, Roy Percy, orchardist, Fair Oaks, Soc.

19 Mrs. Blanchard, Caroline Heald, housewife, Fair Oaks, Rep.

20 Mrs. Blanchard, Jessie Ede, housewife, Fair Oaks, Rep.

21 Blanchard, Webster Heald, painter, Fair Oaks, Rep.

22 Blanchard, Sidney Cole, fruit grower, Fair Oaks, Rep.

22 Mrs. Braden, Lizzie, housewife, Fair Oaks, Rep.

23 Braden, Elwood, laborer, Fair Oaks, Rep.

24 Braden, Icem Right, laborer, Fair Oaks, Rep.

25 Mrs. Braden, Martha Elen, housewife, Fair Oaks, Rep.

26 Bradford, John, farmer, Fair Oaks, Rep.

27 Mrs. Bramhall, Emma Eugenia, housewife, Fair Oaks, Dem.

28 Bramhall, Robert Nicholas, doctor. Fair Oaks, Dem.

29 Broadley, Harold Samuel, orchardist, Fair Oaks, Prog.

30 Mrs. Broadley, Jane Isabel, housewife, Fair Oaks, Prog.

31 Broadley, John Murray, plumber, Fair Oaks, Prog.

32 Broadley, Joseph, farmer, Fair Oaks, Prog.

33 Mrs. Broadley, Lulu Blanche, housewife, Fair Oaks, Prog.

34 Buffum, Howard Ames, agent, Fair Oaks, Rep.

35 Buhlert, Frederick Charles, dredgeman, Mississippi Bar, Soc.

36 Mrs. Buhlert, Minnie Elizabeth, Mississippi Bar, Soc.

37 Burlingham, George Morell, teamster, Fair Oaks, Prog.

38 Mrs. Burlingham, Jennie, housewife, Fair Oaks, Prog.



39 Camden, Guy Lee, orchardist, Fair Oaks, Dem.

40 Mrs. Camden, Harriet Parker, housewife, Fair Oaks, Dem.

40 Carll, David H., laborer, Mississippi Bar, Soc.

41 Chapman, Almon, orchardist, Fair Oaks, Soc.

42 Miss Chesson, Grace Ethel, teacher, Fair Oaks, Rep.

43 Chiesa, Joseph, laborer, Fair Oaks, Dem.

44 Mrs. Chiesa, Marie, housewife, Fair Oaks, Dem.

45 Clapp, Divella Constant, orchardist, Fair Oaks, Soc.

46 Codman, Richard, Sr., orchardist, Fair Oaks, Soc.

47 Coffing, Andrew Homer, orchardist, Fair Oaks, Rep.

48 Mrs. Coffing, Anna D., housewife, Fair Oaks, Rep.

49 Couture, John Oriler, farmer, Fair Oaks, Dem.

50 Mrs. Couture, Rose, housewife, Fair Oaks, Dem.

51 Craig, Alexander, farmer, Fair Oaks, Rep.

52 Mrs. Craig, Effie, housewife, Fair Oaks, Rep.

53 Craig, Sidney Brookes, orchardist, Fair Oaks, Rep.

53 Miss Cunningham, Ruth Bernice, teacher, Fair Oaks, Rep.

54 Mrs. Cunningham, Louisa, housewife, Fair Oaks, Dem.

55 Mrs. Cunningham, Emma Frances, housewife, Fair Oaks, Rep.

56 Cunningham, John Henry, retired, Fair Oaks, Rep.

57 Miss Cunningham, Mabel Laurette, housekeeper, Fair Oaks, Rep.



58 Daley, Ellsworth, painter, Fair Oaks, Dem.

59 Mrs. Dave, Edith Gertrude, housewife, Fair Oaks, Rep.

60 Dave, John Roamon, teamster, Fair Oaks, Rep.

62 Mrs. Davis, Oma Bennett, housewife, Fair Oaks, Prog.

64 Davis, Walter Mangrum, horticulturist, Fair Oaks, Prog.

65 Mrs. Daynes, Minnie Lenore, housewife, Fair Oaks, Rep.

66 Daynes, Percival, fruit grower, Fair Oaks, Prog.

67 Mrs. Dean, Alma Christine, housewife, Mississippi Bar, Prog.

68 Dean, George James, dredgeman, Mississippi Bar, Prog.

69 Mrs. Dickson, Annie, housewife, Fair Oaks, Proh.

70 Dickson, Ira Bardon, orchardist, Fair Oaks, Prog.

71 Dickson, Irl Daniel, orchardist, Fair Oaks, Rep.

72 Dickson, Wiley Ward, orchardist, Fair Oaks, Rep.

73 Dixon, John Ambrose, dredgeman, Mississippi Bar, Soc.

74 Mrs. Dixon, Mary, housewife, Fair Oaks, Dem.

75 Donahue, John, farmer, Fair Oaks, Dem.

76 Mrs. Donahue, Mary Jane, housewife, Fair Oaks, Declined

77 Mrs. Dufour, Anna, housewife, Fair Oaks, Rep.

78 Mrs. Dufour, Frances Wakefield, housewife, Fair Oaks, Rep.

79 Dufour, Maurice, laborer, Fair Oaks, Soc.

80 Dufour, Peter C., orchardist, Fair Oaks, Rep.

81 Durfour, William, fruit grower, Fair Oaks, Dem.

82 Duncan, John Henry, laborer, Fair Oaks, Dem.

83 Mrs. Dunkum, Nellie, housewife, Fair Oaks, Rep.

84 Dunkum, Rolan, wenchman, Mississippi Bar, Soc.

85 Dunston, William Henry, horse trader, Fair Oaks, Rep.



86 Elledge, George, dredge miner, Fair Oaks, Dem.

87 Mrs. Elledge, Ida Edna, housewife, Fair Oaks, Dem.



88 Ferguson, Wilburn Edward, farmer, Fair Oaks, Rep.

89 Fitch, Elbert Ferdinand, teamster, Fair Oaks, Dem.

90 Mrs. Fitch, Mary Burr Putnam, housewife, Fair Oaks, Prog.

91 Miss Fitzgerald, Ida Emma, housewife, Fair Oaks, Dem.

92 Fitzgerald, John, engineer, Fair Oaks, Dem.

93 Mrs. Fitzgerald, Lulu Verbena, housewife, Fair Oaks, Prog.

94 Foote, Fred, electrical worker, Fair Oaks, Declined

95 Mrs. Foote, Ethelyn Dwight, housewife, Fair Oaks, Rep.

96 Fulton, Eric Edwin, pipe fitter, Fair Oaks, Rep.

97 Mrs. Fulton, Viola Alberta, housewife, Fair Oaks, Rep.



98 Gates, Albert E., farmer, Fair Oaks, Prog.

99 Miss Gates, Artie Luvern, housewife, Fair Oaks, Prog.

100 Gates, Edward Strong, orchardist, Fair Oaks, Prog.

100 Gibbons, James, engineer, Fair Oaks, Dem.

101 Mrs. Gibson, Emeline, housewife, Fair Oaks, Dem.

102 Gibson, James, fruit grower, Fair Oaks, Dem.

103 Mrs. Gilmore, Minnie, housewife, Fair Oaks, Rep.

104 Gilmore, Vernon Henry, orchardist, Fair Oaks, Prog.

105 Graham, Arthur Glenn, banker, Fair Oaks, Dem.

106 Mrs. Graham, Lucile Trezeise, housewife, Fair Oaks, Rep.

107 Green John Calvin, carpenter, Fair Oaks, Rep.

108 Mrs. Green, Rose Della, housewife, Fair Oaks, Rep.

109 Mrs. Greenwood, Emily Gabriel, housewife, Fair Oaks, Rep.

110 Greenwood, Lester Errol, wenchman, Fair Oaks, Rep.

111 Mrs. Gregory, Emma, housewife, Fair Oaks, Rep.

112 Gregory, William, Sr., orchardist, Fair Oaks, Rep.

113 Gum, Charles Andrew, orchardist, Fair Oaks, Dem.

114 Gum, Perry Guyn, fruitgrower, Fair Oaks, Dem.

115 Gysbers, J. Henry, orchardist, Fair Oaks, Prog.

116 Grundman, Edward, farmer, Fair Oaks, Rep.

117 Mrs. Grundman, Emilie, housewife, Fair Oaks, Rep.

118 Grundman, Henry, farmer, Fair Oaks, Rep.



119 Hansen, Niels Frederick Olaf, tailor, Fair Oaks, Prog.

119 Hendren, Harry Alexander, carpenter, Fair Oaks, Dem.

120 Hiatt, Charlie Alvin, retired, Fair Oaks, Rep.

120 Mrs. Hendren, Violet Mary, housewife, Fair Oaks, Dem.

121 Mrs. Hiatt, Lillie Lawrence, housewife, Fair Oaks, Rep.

122 Hide, William, laborer, Fair Oaks, Prog.

123 Hildebrand, Alice Dingley, housewife, Fair Oaks, Prog.

124 Hildebrand, John, rancher, Fair Oaks, Prog.

125 Hillhouse, John, fruit grower, Fair Oaks, Soc.

126 Mrs. Hillhouse, Martha Jane, housewife, Fair Oaks, Soc.

127 Mrs. Hine, Elfleeda Elizabeth, housewife, Fair Oaks, Dem.

128 Hine, James Henry, farmer, Fair Oaks, Dem.

129 Hocking, Samuel John, minister, Fair Oaks, Rep.

130 Hodge, Andrew Thomas, rancher, Fair Oaks, Dem.

131 Miss Hodge, Helen Geraldine, illustrator, Fair Oaks, Dem.

132 Mrs. Hodge, Helen Louise, housewife, Fair Oaks, Dem.

133 Miss Hodge, Marion Stewart, teacher, Fair Oaks, Dem.

134 Hoey, John Joseph, publisher, Fair Oaks, Rep.

135 Mrs. Hoey, Mary Jane, housewife, Fair Oaks, Rep.

136 Holst, Arthur Chester, clerk, Fair Oaks, Rep.

137 Holst, John E., merchant, Fair Oaks, Rep.

138 Miss Holst, Luella Louise, teacher, Fair Oaks, Rep.

139 Mrs. Holst, Rose Care, housewife, Fair Oaks, Rep.

140 Mrs. Houx, Ada Elizabeth, housewife, Fair Oaks, Dem.

141 Houx, Leonard Ensley, dredgeman, Fair Oaks, Dem.

142 Howard, Lee Frank, laborer, Fair Oaks, Prog.

143 Hurst, Glenn Burnett, electrician, Fair Oaks, Declined

144 Mrs. Hurst, Jewell, housewife, Fair Oaks, Soc.



145 James, Robert Warner, orchardist, Fair Oaks, Prog.

146 Jerauld, Dwight Franklin, farmer, Fair Oaks, Rep.

147 Mrs. Jerauld, Emma, housewife, Fair Oaks, Rep.

148 Mrs. Johns, Emma Frances, homekeeper, Fair Oaks, Rep.



149 Mrs. Kale, Catherine, housewife, Fair Oaks, Declined

150 Kale, Iver Norman, farmer, Fair Oaks, Dem.

151 Kale, Thomas J., orchardist, Fair Oaks, Soc.

151 Kenealy, James Anthony, carpenter, East Fair Oaks, Rep.

152 King, George E., orchardist, Fair Oaks, Dem.

152 Mrs. Kenealy, Mabel Faye, housewife, East Fair Oaks, Dem.

153 Mrs. King, Jessie Woods, housewife, Fair Oaks, Rep.

154 Mrs. Kline, Cora Louisa, housewife, Fair Oaks, Rep.

155 Kline, Wilson John, machinist, Fair Oaks, Prog.

155 Kumle, Percy Wallace, dredgeman, Mississippi Bar, Prog.

156 Kumle, Hubert Garfield, dredgemaster, Mississippi Bar, Rep.

157 Mrs. Kumle, Minnie Baxter, housewife, Mississippi Bar, Prog.



158 Lapham, Joseph Chase, drayman, Fair Oaks, Rep.

158 Mrs. Lages, Gertrude Octavia, housewife, Fair Oaks, Dem.

159 Mrs. Lapham, Bertha Maud, housewife, Fair Oaks, Rep.

159 Lages, Theodore Seaside, orchardist, Fair Oaks, Dem.

160 Lawrence, Frank Alonzo, fruit grower, Fair Oaks, Rep.

161 Mrs. Lawrence, Belle Iona, housewife, Fair Oaks, Rep.

162 Lawrence, Jr., Herbert Johnathon, rancher, Fair Oaks, Prog.

163 Lawrence, Herbert Jonathan, Sr., bookbinder, Fair Oaks, Rep.

164 Mrs. Lawrence, Mary Louise, housewife, Fair Oaks, Rep.

165 Mrs. Lawrence, Olive Acheson, housewife, Fair Oaks, Rep.

166 Lefever, Ernest, laborer, Fair Oaks, Rep.

167 Lefever, Evert Jack, farmer, Fair Oaks, Rep.

168 Liljedahl, John Farmer, Fair Oaks, Dem.



169 McConnell, Harry W., fruit grower, Fair Oaks, Rep.

170 Mrs. McConnell, Lelia F., housewife, Fair Oaks, Rep.

171 Miss McMurray, Margaret Caroline, housekeeper, Fair Oaks, Dem.



172 Mrs. Mallory, Carrie, housewife, Fair Oaks, Rep.

173 Mallory, William Barzley, carpenter, Fair Oaks, Rep.

174 Mrs. Massey, Elizabeth Delaney, housewife, Fair Oaks, Dem.

175 Massey, Jr., Horace Andrew, orchardist, Fair Oaks, Dem.

176 Meader, Harry Raymond, laborer, Fair Oaks, Soc.

177 Mrs. Meader, Mary Louisa, housewife, Fair Oaks, Rep.

178 Meader, Myron Elliott, retired, Fair Oaks, Rep.

179 Mrs. Menteer, Alice, housewife, Fair Oaks, Dem.

180 Mrs. Midler, Inez Catherine, housewife, Fair Oaks, Dem.

181 Midler, Paul Irving, orchardist, Fair Oaks, Prog.

182 Mier, Ferdinand, orchardist, Fair Oaks, Rep.

183 Mrs. Monson, Helena Rose, housewife, Fair Oaks, Soc.

184 Monson, Neils, orchardist, Fair Oaks, Soc.

185 Montgomery, William, farmer, Fair Oaks, Soc.

185 Mrs. Munn, Grace Alma, candymaker, Fair Oaks, Rep.

186 Mrs. Murphy, Emilia, housewife, Mississippi Bar, Soc.

187 Murphy, Phlauris Todd, dredgeman, Mississippi Bar, Dem.



188 Mrs. Odom, Emerline, housewife, Fair Oaks, Dem.

189 Odom, Francis Marion, blacksmith, fair Oaks, Prog.

191 Mrs. Osgood, Ada Luella, housewife, Fair Oaks, Prog.

192 Osgood, Daniel Darrow, retired, Fair Oaks, Rep.

193 Miss Osgood, Ethel Marion, housewife, Fair Oaks, Rep.



194 Mrs. Parker, Harriet Elizabeth, housewife, Fair Oaks, Rep.

195 Parker, Robert, orchardist, Fair Oaks, Rep.

196 Miss Parker, Twonnette, housekeeper, Fair Oaks, Rep.

197 Peck, Nelson Stanley, farmer, Fair Oaks, Rep.

198 Mrs. Peck, Nora Maria, housewife, Fair Oaks, Rep.

199 Perrin, J. Henry, horticulturist, Fair Oaks, Proh.

200 Phoenix, Alexander Metcalf, farmer, Fair Oaks, Rep.

201 Phoenix, Edward Chauncey, farmer, Fair Oaks, Rep.

202 Mrs. Phoenix, Mattie Washington, housewife, Fair Oaks, Dem.

203 Miss Poorman, Celia, housework, Fair Oaks, Rep.

204 Poorman, Henry Mahlom, orchardist, Fair Oaks, Prog.

205 Pratt, Philip Horace, dredgeman, Fair Oaks, Soc.

206 Miss Putnam, Katherine Douglas, homekeeper, Fair Oaks, Rep.



207 Mrs. Raines, Emilie, housewife, Fair Oaks, Dem.

208 Raines, Harry, farmer, Fair Oaks, Dem.

209 Radke, Joseph, orchardist, Fair Oaks, Dem.

210 Mrs. Radke, Leona Louisa, housewife, Fair Oaks, Prog.

211 Reed, Bert, teamster, Fair Oaks, Rep.

212 Mrs. Rice, Carrie Retta, housewife, Fair Oaks, Rep.

213 Rice De Witt, teamster, Fair Oaks, Rep.

214 Rice, Immer Odel, blacksmith, Fair Oaks, Rep.

215 Mrs. Rice, Muriel Augusta Eugenie, housewife, Fair Oaks, Rep.

216 Mrs. Rigdon, Gertrude, housewife, Fair Oaks, Prog.

217 Rigdon, William Murdock, rancher, Fair Oaks, Prog.

218 Miss Rispley, Clara Pearl, maid, Fair Oaks, Declined

219 Mrs. Robinson, Fanny Lang, housewife, Fair Oaks, Rep.

220 Robinson, George Prescott, real estate, Fair Oaks, Rep.

221 Miss Ruggles, Anna Roberta, homekeeper, Fair Oaks, Dem.

222 Ruggles, Oliver Wilson, agent, Fair Oaks, Dem.

223 Mrs. Ruggles, Rebecca Marie, orchardist, Fair Oaks, Dem.

224 Mrs. Rusch, Amelia, housewife, Fair Oaks, Dem.

225 Rusch, Charles William, farmer, Fair Oaks, Rep.

226 Miss Rusch, Emma Laura, housewife, Fair Oaks, Rep.

227 Rusch, Grover Volle, farmer, Fair Oaks, Dem.

228 Rusch, Herman Henry, farmer, Fair Oaks, Dem.

229 Miss Rusch, Lily Evelyn, teacher, Fair Oaks, Rep.

230 Russell, Edward Fred, orchardist, Fair Oaks, Prog.

231 Mrs. Russell, Maud Henrietta De Roker, housewife

Fair Oaks, Prog.



232 Mrs. Sargent, Cherry Sprague, housewife, Fair Oaks, Soc.

233 Sargent, Franklin Herbert, builder, Fair Oaks, Rep.

234 Miss Schroeder, Edna Anna, teacher, Fair Oaks, Dem.

235 Mrs. Sechrist, Ada Belle, housewife, Fair Oaks, Prog

236 Sechrist, Edward Lloyd, apairist, Fair Oaks, Prog.

237 Sessions, George Franklin, teamster, Fair Oaks, Dem.

238 Mrs. Severson, Emily Mary, housewife, Fair Oaks, Rep.

239 Severson, Gilbert Lewis, orchardist, Fair Oaks, Rep.

240 Severson, Olaf Francis, orchardist, Fair Oaks, Rep.

241 Shannon, Dean Earl, clerk, Fair Oaks, Dem.

242 Mrs. Shannon, Lillie May, housewife, Fair Oaks, Prog.

243 Miss Shelton, Ada Belle, assistant postmaster, Fair Oaks, Declined

244 Shelton, Leonard M., merchant, Fair Oaks, Prog.

245 Mrs. Shelton, Mary Louese (sic), housewife, Fair Oaks, Proh.

246 Mrs. Skeels, Maybelle Dotson, housewife, Fair Oaks, Prog.

247 Miss Stover, Arabelle May, practitioner, Fair Oaks, Rep.

249 Slocum, Charles Henry, banker, Fair Oaks, Dem.

250 Mrs. Slocum, Sara Ann, housewife, Fair Oaks, Dem.

251 Mrs. Smart, Marie Louese (sic), housewife, Fair Oaks, Proh.

252 Smart, William Walter, mail carrier, Fair Oaks, Declined

253 Mrs. Smith, Floy Lillian, housewife, Fair Oaks, Soc.

254 Smith, Henry Martin, orchardist, Fair Oaks, Soc.

255 Mrs. Smith, Mira Kate, housewife, Proh.

256 Smith, Nathaniel Randlett, orchardist, Fair Oaks, Proh.

257 Smith, William Leland, orchardist, Fair Oaks, Dem.

258 Mrs. Sommers, Nettie, housewife, Fair Oaks, Soc.

259 Spiva, John Homer, oiler, Mississippi Bar, Prog.

260 Mrs. Spiva, Lena Liona, housewife, Mississippi Bar, Rep.

261 Mrs. Squires, Charlotte Ann, housewife, Mississippi Bar, Soc.

262 Squires, Oscar Henry, dredgeman, Mississippi Bar, Soc.

263 Miss Stewart, Alice Cynthia, librarian, Fair Oaks, Rep.

264 Straith, George, orchardist, Fair Oaks, Rep.

265 Mrs. Straith, Inda Aminan, housewife, Fair Oaks, Rep.

266 Strohecker, George R., blacksmith, Fair Oaks, Rep.



267 Taber, Benjamin J., retired, Fair Oaks, Proh.

268 Miss Taber, Mary Adrienne, housewife, Fair Oaks, Proh.

269 Thompson, Archie Clark, laborer, Fair Oaks, Dem.

269 Tompkins, Horace, laborer, Fair Oaks, Rep.



270 Mrs. Vincent, Elizabeth Halsted, housewife, Fair Oaks, Rep.

271 Vincent, Frank Wilson, orchardist, Fair Oaks, Rep.

272 Vincent, Joe, farmer, Fair Oaks, Rep.



273 Miss Wallace, Adelia Olive, fruit packer, Fair Oaks, Rep.

274 Wallace, David Earl, teamster, Fair Oaks, Rep.

275 Miss Wallace, Ella Lenora, homekeeper, Fair Oaks, Rep.

276 Mrs. Wallace, Hazel Elinor, housewife, Fair Oaks, Dem.

277 Mrs. Wallace, Olive, housewife, Fair Oaks, Rep.

278 Wands, Ora Allen, laborer, Fair Oaks, Soc.

279 Mrs. Wands, Rutha, housewife, Fair Oaks, Soc.

280 Mrs. Watkins, Leanna Estelle, housewife, Fair Oaks, Soc.

281 Watkis, Uriah Baldwin, fruit grower, Fair Oaks, Soc.

282 Watson, Thomas Hiram, fruit grower, Fair Oaks, Prog.

283 Mrs. Watson, Virginia, housewife, Fair Oaks, Prog.

284 Webb, Lorenzo Dan, orchardist, Fair Oaks, Dem.

285 Webb, Ralph Henry, orchardist, Fair Oaks, Dem.

286 Williams, Charles Dixon, engineer, Fair Oaks, Prog.

287 Miss Williams, Daisy Mary, Fruit packer, Fair Oaks, Prog.

288 Miss Williams, Nell Caroline, painter, Fair Oaks, Soc.

289 Williams, William Henry, farmer, Fair Oaks, Prog.

290 Mrs. Wood, Dora Lewella, housewife, Fair Oaks, Dem.

291 Wood, Francis Marion, carpenter, Fair Oaks, Rep.

292 Wood, Francis Theodore, fireman, Fair Oaks, Rep.

293 Woods, Daniel Carlos, engineer, Fair Oaks, Prog.

294 Mrs. Woods, Elizabeth Stanley, housewife, Fair Oaks, Prog.





Transcribed by Betty Vickroy.

Proofread by Jeanne Taylor.

2009 Betty Vickroy.