OCTOBER 3, 1914







Every Elector, duly qualified, whose AFFIDAVIT OF REGISTRATION appears on the Register of the General Election Precinct, and who has continued to reside within the exterior boundaries of such General Election Precinct to day of Election, is entitled to vote.


All name sin the Indexes through which the word MOVED, REMOVED OR SUPPLEMENT are stamped are cancelled and are NOT entitled to vote.


The Electors whose names appear upon the Index of Register and having MOVED, must be carefully examined, and if found to still reside with the Election Precinct, be allowed to vote.


E. F. Pfund,

County Clerk






Precinct Sixty-Six, 14th Assembly District

(Orangevale, Ashland, Auburn Road, Folsom, Cardwell Colony, Fair Oaks,

Landis Colony & Mississippi Bar)



1 Mrs. Adams, Louise S., housekeeper, Orangevale, Prog.

2 Alexander,George P., salesman, Orangevale, Prog

3 Mrs. Alexander, Minnie C., housewife, Orangevale, Prog.

4 Mrs. Andrew, Maud C., housewife, Orangevale, Prog.

5 Andrew, William J., fruitgrower, Orangevale, Prog.

6 Avery, Lukens Conrad, laborer, Ashland, Rep.

7 Mrs. Avery, Nellie, housewife, Ashland, Dem.



8 Bailey, George Adison, farmer, Folsom, Prog.

8 Mrs. Bailey, Ida, housewife, Orangevale, Prog.

9 Balderston, George A., fruitgrower, Orangevale, Proh.

10 Bartholomew, Andrew W., retired, Orangevale, Rep.

11 Bartholomew, Guy, carpenter, Orangevale, Proh.

12 Mrs. Bartholomew, Minnie D., housewife, Orangevale, Rep.

13 Mrs. Bartholomew, Vena, housewife, Orangevale, Proh.

14 Mrs. Beauchamp, Annie Janet, housewife, Orangevale, Rep.

15 Beauchamp, Harry Herschel, physician, Orangevale, Prog.

16 Bird, Edwin, rancher, Orangevale, Rep.

17 Boom, Charlie A., fruitgrower, Orangevale, Rep.

18 Mrs. Bounds, Mary Melvina, retired, Orangevale, Rep.

19 Mrs. Brazel, Anna I., housewife, Orangevale, Prog.

20 Brazel, Frank W., fruitgrower, Orangevale, Prog.

21 Brown, Americus O., farmer, Orangevale, Rep.

22 Mrs. Brown, Emma, housewife, Auburn Road, Rep.

23 Mrs. Brown, L., housewife, Orangevale, Rep.

24 Brown, Noah, fruitraiser, Orangevale, Rep.

25 Buck, Grover Cleveland, laborer, Orangevale, Dem.

26 Mrs. Buck, Katherine, housewife, Orangevale, Rep.



27 Mrs. Cable, Sadie, teacher, Orangevale, Prog.

28 Mrs. Calder, Mary Alice, housewife, Orangevale, Prog.

29 Calder, William, fruitgrower, Orangevale, Prog.

29 Camp, William, machinist, Orangevale, Rep.

30 Campbell, John Wesley, laborer, Orangevale, Rep.

31 Camfield, Albert H., fruitgrower, Orangevale, Prog.

32 Mrs. Camfield, Mary E., fruitgrower, Orangevale, Prog.

33 Mrs. Campbell, Nellie Maud, housewife, Orangevale, Rep.

34 Carrick, Charles W., farmer, Orangevale, Dem.

35 Carrick, Lester, farmer, Orangevale, Dem.

36 Mrs. Chambers, Inez M., housekeeper, Orangevale, Prog.

37 Chapman, Lauren L., fruitgrower, Landes Colony, Declined

38 Mrs. Chapman, Marie C., housewife, Landes Colony, Declined

39 Chesson, Frank James, farmer, Orangevale, Rep.

40 Mrs. Chesson, Maida Ellen, housewife, Orangevale, Rep.

41 Mrs. Chorley, Elsie I., housewife, Auburn Road, Rep.

42 Chorley, Oswall Humphreys, poultry raiser, Auburn Road, Rep.

43 Close, Joseph F., fruitgrower, Orangevale, Prog.

44 Close, Otha Harrison, teacher, Orangevale, Prog.

45 Coan, James Paul, fruitgrower, Orangevale, Prog.

46 Mrs. Coan, Lillian D., housewife, Orangevale, Rep.

47 Coan, Lyle A., fruitgrower, Orangevale, Prog.

48 Mrs. Coan, Mary Rose, housewife, Orangevale, Rep.

49 Mrs. Cockrill, Alice May, housewife, Orangevale, Proh.

50 Cockrill, Walter Creath, fruitgrower, Orangevale, Prog.

51 Mrs. Cook, Louise, housewife, Orangevale, Rep.

52 Cook, Richard, fruitgrower, Orangevale, Rep.

52 Cordano, Louis, farmer, Ashland, Rep.

53 Mrs. Cowan, Anna M., housewife, Cardwell Colony, Prog.

53 Miss Cowan, Anna W., clerk, Orangevale, Prog.

54 Miss Cowan, Josephine, domestic, Cardwell Colony, Prog.

55 Mrs. Cramer, Jessie G., housewife, Orangevale, Prog.

56 Cramer, Vey, fruitgrower, Orangevale, Dem.

57 Mrs. Curle, Rose A., housewife, Orangevale, Soc.

57 Curle, John H., painter, Orangevale, Declined



58 Mrs. Deegan, Delphine, housewife, Landis Colony, Soc.

59 Dalchow, Albert E., shoemaker, Folsom, Declined

60 Dimmick, Milton L., fruitgrower, Orangevale, Rep.

61 Mrs. Dodd, Elizabeth J., housewife, Orangevale, Rep.

62 Dodd, Joseph, fruitgrower, Orangevale, Rep.

63 Mrs. Dodds, Adelia J., housewife, Orangevale, Rep.

64 Dodds, William E., fruitgrower, Orangevale, Rep.

65 Dormody, William, real estate, Orangevale, Dem.

66 Mrs. Dormody, Annie Louise, housewife, Orangevale, Dem.

67 Mrs. Dowden, Clara J., housewife, Ashland, Prog.

68 Mrs. Dyche, Mattie, nurse, Cardwell Colony, Declined



69 Mrs. Eddy, Lou P., housewife, Orangevale, Proh.

70 Eddy, William Thomas, fruitgrower, Orangevale, Declined

71 Ehrmann, Fred William, dredgerman, Ashland, Rep.

72 Mrs. Ehrman, Stella Frances, housewife, Ashland, Rep.

73 Miss Eller, Helen, nurse, Orangevale, Dem.

74 Eller, Henry, salesman, Orangevale, Rep.

75 Eller, James Calaway, fruitgrower, Orangevale, Dem.

76 Mrs. Eller, Lucy J., housewife, Orangevale, Dem.

77 Ellsworth, George Marshall, fruitgrower, Orangevale, Soc.



78 Mrs. Fairman, Ivie Bigelow, housewife, Orangevale, Dem.

79 Fairman, Ephrain Parsons, farmer, Orangevale, Dem.

80 Fleming, Daniel Rufus, fruitgrower, Orangevale, Dem.

81 Mrs. Fleming, Eva, housewife, Orangevale, Proh.

83 Mrs. Flinn, Sarah Jane, housewife, Orangevale, Rep.

84 Foizey, Thomas Edgar, laborer, Orangevale, Rep.

86 Freeman, Lyle C., teamster, Orangevale, Dem.

87 Freeman, Monte Cristo, fruitgrower, Orangevale, Rep.

88 Mrs. Freeman, Pearl, housewife, Orangevale, Dem.

89 Mrs. Fuller, Laura, housewife, Cardwell Colony, Soc.

90 Fuller, Robert E., farmer, Orangevale, Declined

91 Fuller, Scott Albert, fruitraiser, Orangevale, Declined

92 Fulton, David Oliver, farmer, Orangevale, Rep.

93 Mrs. Fulton, Wanda, housewife, Orangevale, Rep.


94 Gill, Joseph Woodie, farmer, Ashland, Prog.

95 Miss Gibbons, Aris Mabel, milliner, Orangevale, Prog.

96 Gibbons, Robert Linus, farmer, Orangevale, Prog.

97 Gibson, John W., fruitgrower, Orangevale, Prog.

98 Mrs. Gibson, Pansy, housewife, Orangevale, Rep.

99 Mrs. Gill, Anna Dowden, housewife, Ashland, Prog.

100 Goetze, Arthur Clarence, laborer, Orangevale, Prog.

101 Goetze, Herman G., farmer, Orangevale, Prog.

102 Mrs. Goetze, Laura Ann, housewife, Orangevale, Prog.

103 Graves, George W., carpenter, Orangevale, Prog.

104 Mrs. Graves, Harriet E., housewife, Orangevale, Rep.

105 Mrs. Greenhalgh, Eva, housewife, Orangevale, Soc.

106 Miss Greenhalgh, Lillian E., musician, Orangevale, Prog.

107 Greenhalgh, Perry T., fruitgrower, Orangevale, Rep.

108 Greenhalgh, Theodore, fruitgrower, Orangevale, Rep.



109 Hamilton, Arch H., farmer, Auburn Road, Rep.

110 Mrs. Hamilton, Minnie, housewife, Auburn Road, Rep.

111 Hanlon, Edward, laborer, Ashland, Dem.

112 Haywood, Charles H., fruitgrower, Orangevale, Prog.

113 Mrs. Haywood, Carrie Marie, housewife, Orangevale, Prog.

114 Haywood, Sam S., fruitgrower, Orangevale, Prog.

115 Mrs. Hilberg, Isabel S., housewife, Orangevale, Dem.

116 Hinkle, Isaac, superintendent, Ashland, Dem.

117 Mrs. Hinkle, Jessie, housewife, Ashland, Dem.

118 Hoffner, Edgar, fruitgrower, Orangevale, Rep.

119 Mrs. Hoffner, Mary Virginia, housewife, Orangevale, Rep.

120 Mrs. Hogaboom, Lizzie, housewife, Orangevale, Soc.

121 Hogaboom, Phineas Allen, fruitgrower, Orangevale, Soc.

121 Miss Howard, Sadie, housekeeper, Orangevale, Prog.

122 Hulings, Burton Fisher, fruitgrower, Orangevale, Prog.

123 Mrs. Hulings, Dora M., housewife, Orangevale, Prog.

124 Mrs. Hystrem, Lillian E., housewife, Orangevale, Prog.



125 Jacobs, Adolf Albert, fruitgrower, Orangevale, Dem.

125 Mrs. Jackson, Annie, housewife, Orangevale, Rep.

126 Jackson, James D., orchardist, Orangevale, Rep.

127 Jackson, James D., Carl, pruner, Orangevale, Rep.

128 Mrs. Jeffs, Lavinia, S., housewife, Orangevale, Rep.

129 Jeffs, William F., mail carrier, Orangevale, Rep.

129 Johnson, Henry Benjamin, farmer, Orangevale, Declined

130 Johnson, John E., farmer, Orangevale, Rep.

131 Mrs. Johnson, Louisa, housewife, Ashland, Rep.

132 Johnson, William Max, farmer, Ashland, Rep.



133 Kohlbaker, Albert, farmer, Orangevale, Dem.

134 Kohler, Fred A., farmer, Ashland

135 Mrs. Kohler, Laura Eva, housewife, Ashland, Dem.

136 Miss Kohlbaker, Emma, student, Fair Oaks, Prog.



137 Lancaster, Clyde W., carpenter, Orangevale, Dem.

138 Mrs. Lancaster, Mary L., housewife, Cardwell Colony, Dem.

139 Landis, Anthony Lionidas, cattle business, Orangevale, Prog.

140 Miss Landis, Frances Ellen, fruitgrower, Orangevale, Rep.

141 Lawton, John, retired, Ashland, Prog.

142 Mrs. Lawton, Mary Kittridge, housewife, Ashland, Prog.

142 Mrs. Lee, Caroline, housewife, Orangevale, Soc.

143 Lee, William Gilbert, blacksmith, Orangevale, Soc.

144 Mrs. Levin, Annie, housewife, Orangevale, Dem.

145 Levin, John, fruitgrower, Orangevale, Dem.

146 Little, William, fruitgrower, Ashland, Rep.

147 Longstreth, Samuel, laborer, Orangevale, Rep.



148 McGee, Amos, fruitgrower, Orangevale, Rep.

149 McGee, George Amos, fruitgrower, Orangevale, Rep.

150 Mrs. McGee, Ida M., nursing, Orangevale, Prog.

151 McGinnis, Joseph F., laborer, Orangevale, Rep.

152 McLeod, Benjamin F., nursery, Orangevale, Prog.

153 Mrs. McLeod, Grace E., housewife, Orangvale, Prog.



154 Mann, Lowry Huston, fruitgrower, Orangevale, Prog.

155 Mrs. Mann, Marie A., housewife, Orangevale, Prog.

156 Madden, Abraham Alfonso, farmer, Orangevale, Dem.

156 Mrs. Madden, Norah, housewife, Orangevale, Dem.

157 Mrs. Madison, Alice, housewife, Landis Colony, Prog.

158 Mampel, Jacob Philip, fruitgrower, Orangevale, Rep.

159 Mrs. Mampel, Sarah Angeline, housewife, Orangevale, Rep.

159 Meyers, Edward M., farmer, Orangevale, Dem.

160 Mrs. Middlemass, Alice, housewife, Orangevale, Rep.

161 Middlemass, Joseph Hiram, farmer, Orangevale, Prog.

162 Miller, Emil, carpenter, Ashland, Prog.

163 Mrs. Miller, Frances Catherine, housewife, Ashland, Rep.

164 Moeszinger, Elizabeth Brown, housewife, Orangevale, Rep.

165 Miss Moeszinger, Mabel Bessie, dressmaker, Orangevale, Rep.

166 Miss Moeszinger, Maud Ray, student, Orangevale, Prog.

167 Moeszinger, Jr., William Frantz, fruitgrower, Orangevale, Rep.

168 Moesinger, William Frantz, Sr., laborer, Orangevale, Rep.

169 Moncur, John, fruitgrower, Orangevale, Soc.

170 Mrs. Morse, Mary Adelaide, housewife, Orangevale, Rep.

171 Morse, Warren M., fruitgrower, Orangevale, Rep.

172 Miss Munsterman, Anna M., housekeeper, Orangevale, Rep.

173 Mrs. Murphy, Minnie, housewife, Orangevale, Declined

174 Murphy, Paul L., laborer, Orangevale, Declined

175 Murphy, William, dredgerman, Orangevale, Rep.

176 Mrs. Myers, Mollie, housewife, Cardwell Colony, Soc.

177 Myers, William H., farmer, Cardwell Colony, Soc.



178 Mrs. Nethercott, Susan, housewife, Ashland, Rep.

179 Nethercott, William, planter, Ashland, Rep.



180 Odlin, Guy, fruitgrower, Orangevale, Rep.

181 Mrs. Odlin, Ida Mathilda, housewife, Orangevale, Rep.

181 Mrs Ogden, C. M., cook, Orangevale, Dem.

182 Owen, Asa, fruitgrower, Orangevale, Prog.

183 Mrs. Owen, Ida, housewife, Orangevale, Rep.

184 Owen, Irving Ray, fruitgrower, Orangevale, Prog.



185 Mrs. Page, Emily S., housewife, Orangevale, Dem.

186 Page, Frank T., fruitgrower, Orangevale, Dem.

187 Parker, John W., barber, Orangevale, Prog.

188 Patterson, John Lesker, fruitgrower, Orangevale, Prog.

189 Mrs. Patterson, Nora Mabel, housewife, Orangevale, Prog.

190 Phelan, Francis P., farmer, Orangevale, Dem.

191 Mrs. Phelan, Vinnie M., stenographer, Orangevale, Dem.

192 Phelps, Alvin, farmer, Fair Oaks, Rep.

193 Pierce, Ellsworth Lennan, carpenter, Orangevale, Rep.

194 Mrs. Pierce, Maud Irvin, fruitgrower, Orangevale, Rep.

195 Mrs. Pierce, Ruby A., housewife, Orangevale, Rep.

196 Pilcher, Albert Benjamin, farmer, Orangevale, Dem.

197 Pilcher, George Edward, farmer, Orangevale, Rep.

198 Pilcher, Stephen Wooden, farmer, Orangevale, Prog.

199 Mrs. Powers, Dora Dorothy, housekeeper, Orangevale, Soc.

200 Preuss, John, farmer, Orangevale, Rep.

201 Mrs. Preuss, Louise, housewife, Orangevale, Declined

202 Pruett, Nat, laborer, Orangevale, Declined



203 Mrs. Ragesdale, Annie L., housewife, Orangevale, Prog.

204 Mrs. Ragesdale, Jewell A., housewife, Orangevale, Dem.

205 Ragesdale, John William, fruitgrower, Orangevale, Prog.

206 Ragesdale, William E., fruitgrower, Orangevale, Prog.

207 Reniff, David, farmer, Fair Oaks, Rep.

208 Mrs. Reniff, Rose, housewife, Fair Oaks, Rep.

209 Mrs. Rhoads, Barbara, housewife, Landis Colony, Rep.

210 Rhoads, John Rufus, clerk, Landis Colony, Rep.

211 Rickery, Aaron Ross, fruitgrower, Orangevale, Dem.

212 Rickey, Joseph B., fruitgrower, Folsom, Rep.

213 Robben, Bernard, laborer, Orangevale, Dem.

213 Rowe, William J., laborer, Orangevale, Rep.

214 Rutherford, Thomas C., farmer, Orangevale, Dem.



215 Sands, Frank Melvin, fruitgrower, Orangevale, Prog.

216 Mrs. Sands, Laura Ann, housewife, Orangevale, Prog.

217 Mrs. Sands, Josephine, housewife, Orangevale, Prog.

218 Scott, Bert L., farmer, Orangevale, Dem.

219 Mrs. Scott, Cathrine H., retired, Orangevale, Rep.

220 Mrs. Scott, Elsie, housewife, Auburn Road, Rep.

221 Scott, George, farmer, Orangevale, Dem.

222 Scott, John M., farmer, Auburn Road, Rep.

223 Sears, Denver E., farmer, Orangevale, Rep.

224 Mrs. Sears, Eunice, housewife, Orangevale, Rep.

225 Mrs. Sears, Hannah, housewife, Orangevale, Rep.

226 Shaw, Frederick Merrill, farmer, Orangevale, Rep.

227 Mrs. Shaw, Katherine, housewife, Orangevale, Prog.

228 Simmons, Jacob, dredgeman, Mississippi Bar, Rep.

229 Mrs. Simmons, Lottie, housewife, Orangevale.

229 Smith, Claude Raymond, farmer, Orangevale, Dem.

230 Mrs. Smith, Annie C., housewife, Orangevale, Prog.

231 Mrs. Smith, Alta F., housewife, Orangevale, Rep.

232 Smith, Eugene Lee Roy, laborer, Orangevale, Rep.

232 Mrs. Smith, Kate, housewife, Orangevale, Dem.

233 Smith, Harrie Guy, laborer, Orangevale, Prog.

234 Smith, Jay H., fruitgrower, Orangevale, Prog.

235 Spillman, Ben Frank, fruitgrower, Orangevale, Dem.

236 Mrs. Spillman, Lottie, housewife, Orangevale, Prog.

237 Stewart, George W., retired, Orangevale, Rep.

238 Mrs. Stewart, Harriet A., housewife, Orangevale, Rep.

239 Mrs. Stumbo, Emma Mae, housewife, Orangevale, Rep.

240 Mrs. Stone, Cora L., housewife, Orangevale, Rep.

241 Story, Harry Hayward, farmer, Orangevale, Dem.

242 Mrs. Story, Sarah B., housewife, Orangevale, Prog.

243 Story, William Edmund, minister, Orangevale, Prog.

244 Stumbo, Forrest, farmer, Orangevale, Dem.

245 Suggett, Archie Dean, ditch tender, Ashland, Rep.

246 Mrs. Suggett, Emma Pearl, housewife, Ashland, Rep.

247 Suggett, George Forrest, fruitpicker, Folsom, Rep.

248 Sutliff U. Lewellin, fruitgrower, Orangevale, Rep.

249 Swain, Benjamin, laborer, Orangevale, Soc.

250 Mrs. Swain, Caroline, housekeeper, Orangevale, Rep.

251 Mrs. Swain, Isabelle, fruitgrower, Orangevale, Rep.

252 Swain, James W., retired, Orangevale, Rep.

253 Swain, Jeremiah, laborer, Orangevale, Rep.

254 Swain, Walter, miner, Orangevale, Rep.

255 Swain, William, laborer, Orangevale, Soc.



256 Miss Terhune, May, homekeeper, Orangevale, Rep.

256 Taylor, Ray, laborer, Orangevale, Rep.

257 Mrs. Thompson, Elizabeth A., housewife, Orangevale, Prog.

257 Terhune, Albert, fruit grower, Orangevale, Rep.

258 Thompson, Samuel, fruitgrower, Orangevale, Rep.

259 Mrs. Tomich, Eleanor, F., housewife, Orangevale, Prog.

260 Tomich, Prosper, fruitgrower, Orangevale, Prog.

261 Miss Trippett, Ruby Catherine, teacher, Orangevale, Prog.



262 VanCamp, William, laborer, Ashland, Declined

263 Vance, Charles Cameron, civil engineer, Ashland, Rep.

264 Mrs. Vance, Jennie Woodbury, housewife, Ashland, Rep.

266 Vincent, Joe, farmer, Orangevale, Rep.

267 Mrs. Volf, Georgine, housewife, Orangevale, Dem.

268 Mrs. Volf, Ida May, housewife, Orangevale, Dem.

269 Volf, John J., laborer, Orangevale, Dem.

270 Volf, Joseph A., farmer, Ashland, Dem.



271 Mrs. Wachtel, Frederika, housewife, Auburn Road, Rep.

271 Wachtel, Chris, farmer, Auburn Road, Declined

272 Mrs. Wahrhaftig, Leah, housewife, Orangevale, Prog.

272 Mrs. Wachtel, Eva, housewife, Auburn Road, Declined

273 Wahrhaftig, Matthias, student, Orangevale, Declined

274 Wahrhaftig, Myer Jacob, student, Orangevale, Prog.

275 Wahrhaftig, Peter Samuel, fruitgrower, Orangevale, Prog.

276 Wahrhaftig, Solomon, fruitgrower, Orangevale, Prog.

277 Walbridge, Lyle A., farmer, Cardwell Colony, Soc.

278 Wallace, David Earl, teamster, Orangevale, Rep.

279 Walters, Arthur, farmer, Orangevale, Soc.

280 Walters, James C., farmer, Orangevale, Prog.

281 Walters, Jesse, farmer, Orangevale, Rep.

282 Walters, Liberty, fruitgrower, Orangevale, Rep.

283 Mrs. Wasem, Mary Emily, housewife, Orangevale, Rep.

284 Wheadon, Alma M., farmer, Orangevale, Prog.

285 Mrs. Wickstrom, Hannah M., fruitgrower, Orangevale, Rep.

285 Miss Wickstrom, Ruth V., teacher, Orangevale, Prog.

286 Williams, Alfred A., fruitgrower, Orangevale, Rep.

287 Mrs. Williams, Elizabeth Anna, housewife, Folsom, Rep.

288 Mrs. Williams, Ella J., housewife, Orangevale, Rep.

289 Williams, Joseph Hooker, farmer, Folsom, Prog.

290 Wilson, Andrew, farmer, Ashland, Soc.

291 Mrs. Wilson, Bertha, housewife, Ashland, Dem.

292 Wilson, John A., fruitgrower, Orangevale, Prog.

293 Miss Wilson, Mary, retired, Orangevale, Proh.

294 Mrs. Wilson, Mary F. C., housewife, Orangevale, Prog.



295 Yantiss, Joseph J., farmer, Orangevale, Rep.

296 Mrs. Yantiss, Lillie M., housewife, Orangevale, Soc.

297 Yantiss, Manfred E., fruitgrower, Cardwell Colony, Soc.



Transcribed by Betty Vickroy.

Proofread by Jeanne Taylor.

2009 Betty Vickroy.