OCTOBER 3, 1914







Every Elector, duly qualified, whose AFFIDAVIT OF REGISTRATION appears on the Register of the General Election Precinct, and who has continued to reside within the exterior boundaries of such General Election Precinct to day of Election, is entitled to vote.


All name sin the Indexes through which the word MOVED, REMOVED OR SUPPLEMENT are stamped are cancelled and are NOT entitled to vote.


The Electors whose names appear upon the Index of Register and having MOVED, must be carefully examined, and if found to still reside with the Election Precinct, be allowed to vote.


E. F. Pfund,

County Clerk





Precinct Sixty-Five, 14th Assembly District

(Natoma & Folsom)



1 Miss Alley, Eulalia C., stenographer, Natoma, Rep.

2 Mrs. Alley, Nellie C., housewife, Natoma, Prog.

3 Miss Alley, Ruth, stenographer, Natoma, Declined

3 Arend, Harry Gillispie, real estate, Natoma, Prog.

3 Attridge, James, laborer, Natoma, Dem.

4 Mrs. Avery, Laura, housewife, Natoma, Soc.

5 Avery, William Jewett, dredgeman, Natoma, Prog.



6 Bazeley, William Henry, blacksmith, Natoma, Rep.

7 Bicker, Harvey David, machanist, Natoma, Soc.

8 Mrs. Bicker, Louise, housewife, Natoma, Soc.

9 Boarman, Sylvester, dredgeman, Natoma, Dem.

10 Mrs. Buchanan, Fae, housewife, Natoma, Rep.

11 Buchanan, Percy E., engineer, Natoma, Rep.

12 Mrs. Bray, Agnes, housewife, Natoma, Rep.

12 Bray, Albert H., dredgerman, Natoma, Rep.

13 Brown, George Milton, dredgeman, Natoma, Prog.

14 Buzzo, Broughton, tinsmith, Natoma, Prog.

15 Byrd, Frank, teamster, Natoma, Rep.

15 Byrne, James D., miner, Natoma, Prog.

16 Bryne, Robert Emmet, dredgeman, Natoma, Prog.



16 Caselli, Louis A., machinist, Natoma, Prog.

17 Casey, Hugh E., miner, Natoma, Dem.

18 Caughlin, Joe, dredgeman, Natoma, Prog.

19 Mrs. Clark, Hillyard B., housewife, Natoma, Prog.

20 Clark, R. J., dredgeman, Natoma, Prog.

21 Class, Gattfried, dredgeman, Natoma, Prog.

25 Crouch, John, draughtsman, Natoma, Declined

26 Cox, Harry M., machinist, Natoma, Rep.



27 Dale, Clarence E., laborer, Natoma, Rep.

28 Dixon, Peter, dredgeman, Natoma, Prog.

29 Mrs. Duchow, Alida L., housewife, Natoma, Prog.

30 Duchow, Martin Casper, machinist, Natoma, Rep.

31 Durkee, Wallace S., dredgeman, Natoma, Rep.



34 Epler, William Ben, machinist, Natoma, Rep.



35 Flick, Philip, laborer, Natoma, Prog.

36 Mrs. Forney, Anetta, housewife, Natoma, Dem.

36 Forney, James Monroe, waiter, Natoma, Rep.

37 Forney, John Westley, cook, Natoma, Dem.

37 Fraser, William, driver, Natoma, Dem.

38 Freeman, John Henry, dredgeman, Natoma, Prog.

39 Fuller, Samuel Floyd, helper, Natoma, Dem.



39 Gardner, Eben, dredgeman, Natoma, Prog.

40 Garrison, Charles, chauffeur, Natoma, Prog.

41 Mrs. Garrison, Gertrude Siebert, housewife, Natoma, Prog.

42 Mrs. Gibson, Grace May, housewife, Natoma, Rep.

43 Gibson, William A., boilermaker, Natoma, Rep.

44 Mrs. Goss, Mary F., housewife, Natoma, Declined

45 Goss, Thomas Jefferson, engineer, Natoma, Rep.



45 Miss Hagemann, Anna Margaret, teacher, Natoma, Rep.

46 Hahn, Everett Edson, dredgeman, Natoma, Prog.

47 Hahn, Jacob Marion, laborer, Natoma, Prog.

48 Mrs. Kahn (sic), Katie, housewife, Natoma, Prog.

49 Henike, Robt. P., dredgeman, Natoma, Prog.

50 Hess, Harry Lee, draughtsman, Natoma, Prog.

51 Himes, Charles Edmond, foreman, Natoma, Prog.

52 Mrs. Himes, Grace, housewife, Natoma, Rep.



53 Jacobsen, Jacob, A. S. P. agent, Natoma, Soc.

54 Jones, Frank E., dredgeman, Natoma, Declined

55 Jones, Walter Sumner, dredgeman, Natoma, Dem.

55 Jorgensen, John Elmore, dredgerman, Natoma, Rep.

56 Mrs. Jubb, Beva, housewife, Natoma, Dem.

57 Jubb, Milan Henry, dredgeman, Natoma, Soc.



57 Kaelin, William F., oiler, Natoma, Dem.

58 Mrs. Kuster, Annie Josephine, housewife, Natoma, Rep.

59 Kuster, Samuel Henry, dredgeman, Natoma, Rep.



60 Mrs. Limao, Dolly, housewife, Folsom, Rep.

61 Limao, Manoel P., gardener, Folsom, Prog.



62 Mrs. McFarling, Alice, housewife, Natoma, Prog.

63 McFarling, Cecil C., dredgeman, Natoma, Prog.

64 Mrs. McFarling, Florence, housewife, Natoma, Dem.

65 McFarling, Leslie, electrician, Natoma, Rep.

66 McHugh, Daniel Joseph, clerk, Natoma, Dem.

67 Mrs. McIntosh, Georgia Anna, housewife, Natoma, Soc.

68 McIntosh, John William, dredge master, Natoma, Soc.

69 Mrs. McKugh, Mary B., housewife, Natoma, Dem.

69 McMahon, Arthur, blacksmith, Natoma, Rep.


70 MacDonald, Donald Allen, dredgeman, Natoma, Prog.

71 Marhoff, Edward Martin, carpenter, Natoma, Dem.

72 Mrs. Matteson, Cora Luella, housewife, Natoma, Soc.

73 Matteson, Leland, J., engineer, Natoma, Dem.

74 Miller, John A., machinist, Natoma, Dem.

75 Mitchell, Willis, dredgerman, Natoma, Rep.

77 Murphy, Mrs. Elizabeth, housewife, Natoma, Rep.

78 Murphy, John Carrol, electrician, Natoma, Dem.

79 Murphy, Philip Bernard, dredgerman, Natoma, Prog.

80 Murphy, Thomas Peter, dredgeman, Natoma, Prog.



81 Mrs. Nisbet, Jennie, housewife, Natoma, Rep.

82 Nisbet, William Goldie, dredgeman, Natoma, Prog.

83 Nuttall, George W., dredgeman, Natoma, Prog.



84 O'Keefe, Patrick, waiter, Natoma, Soc.



85 Parker, Franklin Wilcox, goldman, Natoma, Rep.

87 Mrs. Phelan, Kathryn, housewife, Natoma, Dem.

88 Phelan, James L., helper, Natoma, Dem.

89 Phelan, Thomas F., boilermaker, Natoma, Dem.

90 Price, John B., machinist foreman, Natoma, Rep.

91 Mrs. Price, Mary, housewife, Natoma, Dem.



92 Rankin, Charles Edward, teamster, Natomas, Rep.

93 Roberts, Edgar, dredgeman, Folsom, Rep.

94 Roberts, Frank J., helper, Natoma, Dem.



95 Sanders, James Franklin, carpenter, Natoma, Dem.

96 Sheaks, Norman H., machinist, Natoma, Prog.

97 Shinkle, Benjamin Franklin, clerk, Natoma, Rep.

98 Sieman, Henry John, laborer, Natoma, Prog.

99 Mrs. Smith, Ethel Anda, housewife, Natoma, Dem.

100 Smith, Richard G., engineer, Natoma, Rep.

101 Mrs. Soule, Margaret, housewife, Natoma, Dem.

102 Stewart, Chas., electrician, Natoma, Prog.

103 Mrs. Stewart, Nellie, housewife, Natoma, Prog.

104 Strouse, Edward Eugene, dredgeman, Natoma, Prog.

105 Mrs. Strouse, Mariette, housewife, Natoma, Prog.



106 Tabean, Chas. F., carpenter, Natoma, Rep.

107 Terrell, Harlough Allyn, chauffeur, Natoma, Prog.

107 Thaw, Albert L., electrician, Natoma, Soc.

107 Mrs. Thaw, Lois, housewife, Natoma, Dem.

108 Todhunter, John Silas, boilermaker, Natoma, Rep.

109 Mrs. Todhunter, Julia, housewife, Natoma, Prog.

109 Todd, Geo. Andrew, laborer, Natoma, Soc.

110 Towle, Leslie Harry, boilermaker, Natoma, Rep.

110 Tuhey, Cornelius James, clerk, Natoma, Prog.

111 Turnbaugh, Harry H., dredgeman, Natoma, Dem.



112 Utz, Herman F., machinist, Natoma, Dem.



112 Velander, Gustaf Emil, laborer, Natoma, Dem.



113 Wall, Edwin Taylor, superintendent, Natoma, Prog.

114 Mrs. Wall, Jane, housewife, Natoma, Prog.

115 Wall, John T., apprentice to machinist, Natoma, Rep.

116 Wall, Robert Bee, chauffeur, Natoma, Prog.

117 Warnholz, Archie Henry, machinist, Natoma, Soc.

118 Mrs. Waterbury, Gertrude, housewife, Natoma, Dem.

119 Waterbury, Irving B., electrician, Natoma, Dem.

120 Weinreich, Herman E., dredgerman, Natoma, Dem.

121 Weldon, George Alvin, clerk, Natoma, Prog.

121 Whitted, Charles Milton, dredgerman, Natoma, Prog.

122 Wilson, Edward, engineer, Natoma, Rep.

123 Wright, Robert, clerk, Natoma, Rep.

124 Wright, Robert McGlashen, bookkeeper, Folsom, Rep.



Transcribed by Betty Vickroy.

Proofread by Jeanne Taylor.

2009 Betty Vickroy.