OCTOBER 3, 1914







Every Elector, duly qualified, whose AFFIDAVIT OF REGISTRATION appears on the Register of the General Election Precinct, and who has continued to reside within the exterior boundaries of such General Election Precinct to day of Election, is entitled to vote.


All name sin the Indexes through which the word MOVED, REMOVED OR SUPPLEMENT are stamped are cancelled and are NOT entitled to vote.


The Electors whose names appear upon the Index of Register and having MOVED, must be carefully examined, and if found to still reside with the Election Precinct, be allowed to vote.


E. F. Pfund,

County Clerk




Precinct Sixty-Four, 14th Assembly District




1 Arlington, Harry W., laborer, Folsom, Rep.

2 Mrs. Avery, Martha, housewife, Folsom, Dem.



3 Baham, Ernest Leon, proprietor garage, Folsom, Rep.

4 Baldwin, Harry, laborer, Folsom, Dem.

4 Barlow, Francis Marion, tailor, Folsom, Rep.

5 Barlow, Horace Lyttleton, foreman, Folsom, Dem.

5 Barton, Henry Claude, laborer, Folsom, Dem.

6 Beard, John Augustus, dredgman (sic), Folsom, Prog.

7 Mrs. Beard, Lida, housewife, Folsom, Prog.

8 Miss Bell, Bernice, seamstress, Folsom, Rep.

9 Bell, Charles Andrew, dredgerman, Folsom, Prog.

10 Mrs. Bell, Mary Elizabeth, housewife, Folsom, Prog.

11 Berry, Edward F., dairyman, Folsom, Dem.

12 Mrs. Berry, Mary E., housewife, Folsom, Dem.

13 Biggio, Louis, laborer, Folsom, Dem.

14 Mrs. Blair, Maud, housewife, Folsom, Rep.

15 Mrs. Bradley, Addie, proprietor, Folsom, Rep.

16 Brazil, John M., laborer, Folsom, Rep.

17 Mrs. Brown, Flora, housewife, Folsom, Prog.

18 Mrs. Brady, Stella, barber, Folsom, Rep.

19 Brown, George Anthony, cleaner, Folsom, Dem.

20 Brungler, Herbert, machinist, Folsom, Dem.

21 Bunker, Harry Le Roy, dredgeman, Folsom, Rep.

22 Mrs. Bunker, Ruby, housewife, Folsom, Dem.

23 Burnett, David W., Jr., clerk, Folsom, Prog.

24 Burnett, Frederick Lewis, prospector, Folsom, Soc.

25 Mrs. Burnett, Isabell, housewife, Folsom, Soc.

26 Mrs. Burnett, Sylvia, housewife, Folsom, Dem.

27 Miss Burrell, Ida, seamstress, Folsom, Rep.

28 Mrs. Burrell, Carrie F., housewife, Folsom, Rep.

29 Burt, Joseph Chriest, barber, Folsom, Rep.

30 Mrs. Burt, Leona, housewife, Folsom, Rep.

31 Butler, Guy William, merchant, Folsom, Prog.

32 Mrs. Butler, Flora, housewife, Folsom, Prog.



33 Caetano, John, laborer, Folsom, Dem.

34 Mrs. Castro, Cora, housewife, Folsom, Declined

35 Castro, John Joseph, laborer, Folsom, Declined

36 Miss Cayton, Mary Elizabeth, student, Folsom, Rep.

37 Mrs. Cheshire, Evelyn, housewife, Folsom, Rep.

37 Chauvin, Camille Aug, dredgeman, Folsom, Prog.

38 Cheshire, Fred Lewis, dredgeman, Folsom, Dem.

38 Chauvin, John Clarence, dredgeman, Folsom, Prog.

39 Clayborne, Tilden Benton, merchant, Folsom, Dem.

40 Miss Clemensen, Ethel, teacher, Folsom, Prog.

41 Clemensen, Hans C. J. R., bookkeeper, Folsom, Dem.

42 Mrs. Clemensen, Kate, housewife, Folsom, Dem.

43 Mrs. Cole, Elizabeth, housekeeper, Folsom, Rep.

43 Collins, Frank Paul, dredgerman, Folsom, Dem.

44 Cook, James, railroad man, Folsom, Rep.

44 Mrs. Collins, Vera Emma, housewife, Folsom, Dem.

45 Mrs. Cook, Julia, housewife, Folsom, Rep.

46 Mrs. Coy, Annie, housewife, Folsom, Dem.

47 Cox, James Patrick, stock raiser, Folsom, Prog.

48 Mrs. Crail, Alice J., housewife, Folsom, Prog.

49 Crail, Wilson Edward, machinist, Folsom, Dem.

50 Mrs. Crow, Mary I., housewife, Folsom, Dem.

51 Crow, Peter Garnett, merchant, Folsom, Dem.

52 Mrs. Cruickshank, Kate, housewife, Folsom, Prog.

53 Cruickshank, William, blacksmith, Folsom, Dem.

54 Miss Cullen, Nellie, waitress, Folsom, Dem.

55 Culley, Jacob, carpenter, Folsom, Dem.

55 Curtis, Francis Merwin, mechanic, Folsom, Rep.

56 Mrs. Curry, Mary E., housewife, Folsom, Prog.

56 Mrs. Curtis, Linda, housewife, Folsom, Dem.



57 Damaral, John, laborer, Folsom, Rep.

58 Mrs. Dains, Christine, housewife, Folsom, Prog.

59 Mrs. Dains, Ella, housewife, Folsom, Prog.

60 Daseking, Charles H., Dredgeman, Folsom, Prog.

61 Mrs. Daseking, Mary, housewife, Folsom, Rep.

62 Daugherty, William Albert, carpenter, Folsom, Rep.

63 Davies, Louis Anson, engineer, Folsom, Rep.

63 Deamaral, Manuel, teamster, Folsom, Dem.

64 Deely, Albin, clerk, Folsom, Prog.

65 Mrs. Deely, Catherine, housewife, Folsom, Dem.

66 Donahue, Cornelius Lee, machinist, Folsom, Dem.

67 Mrs. Donahue, Nellie, housewife, Folsom, Dem.

68 Mrs. Donnelly, Mollie, housewife, Folsom, Rep.

68 Mrs. Dustin, Gertie V., housewife, Folsom, Dem.

69 Donnelly, Peter F., Constable, Folsom, Rep.

69 Dustin, Orie Roscoe, machinist, Folsom, Rep.



70 Egan, James, watchman, Folsom, Dem.

71 Egan, James Francis, machinist, Folsom, Dem.

72 Elliott, George Warren, engineer, Folsom, Rep.

73 Mrs. Elliott, Luella L., housewife, Folsom, Rep.

74 Evanis, Joseph, carpenter, Folsom, Rep.



75 Mrs. Felton, Elizabeth, housewife, Folsom, Dem.

76 Felton, George, laborer, Folsom, Rep.

77 Fenton, Charles Henry, clerk, Folsom, Rep.

78 Mrs. Fenton, Sadie, housewife, Folsom, Rep.

79 Miss Ferguson, Martha Jane, teacher, Folsom, Declined

80 Ferguson, Oliver Elseworth, miner, Folsom, Rep.

81 Ferguson, Robert Anderson, engineer, Folsom, Dem.

82 Field, William Jasper, dredgerman, Folsom, Dem.

83 Mrs. Fields, Aurelia, housewife, Folsom, Soc.

84 Field, Charles Edward, dredgerman, Folsom, Soc.

85 Mrs. Field, Genevieve, housewife, Folsom, Soc.

86 Mrs. Finan, Mary, housewife, Folsom, Dem.

86 Miss Fleckenstein, Mary Elvira, teacher, Folsom, Prog.

87 Miss Foley, Frances, stenographer, Folsom, Prog.

88 Mrs. Foley, Margaret, housewife, Folsom, Prog.

89 Miss Foley, Margaret, seamstress, Folsom, Prog.



90 Gray, Arch Dallas, miner, Folsom, Dem.

90 Mrs. Greene, Maye, housewife, Folsom, Dem.

91 Grundman, Harry, farmer, Folsom, Rep.



92 Hall, Alvin Sims, bartender, Folsom, Dem.

93 Mrs. Hall, Frances, housewife, Folsom, Prog.

94 Hall, Lawrence Spaford, liveryman, Folsom, Rep.

95 Hargrove, Charles, cook, Folsom, Rep.

96 Harris, Matthew Henry, laborer, Folsom, Dem.

97 Hazemann, George William, chauffeur, Folsom, Dem.

98 Mrs. Herrill, Etta Mae, housewife, Folsom, Rep.

99 Herrill, Millard Fillmore, drayman, Folsom, Rep.

100 Mrs. Hesser, Elizabeth, housewife, Folsom, Prog.

101 Higgins, Charles De Witt, merchant, Folsom, Dem.

102 Mrs. Higgins, Katherine Kipp, housewife, Folsom, Rep.

103 Hood, Francis Joseph, blacksmith, Folsom, Prog.

104 Mrs. Hood, Maggie, housewife, Folsom, Dem.

105 Mrs. Hopton, Laura, housewife, Folsom, Dem.

106 Mrs. Hopton, Minerva C., housewife, Folsom, Prog.

107 Hopton, Newton Delbert, machinist, Folsom, Prog.

108 Hopton, William James, carpenter, Folsom, Prog.

109 Howard, Jefferson, Laborer, Folsom, Prog.



111 Jamison, Theodore A., salesman, Folsom, Declined

112 Joerger, John Philip, laborer, Folsom, Soc.

113 Jones, James Nelson, dredgerman, Folsom, Prog.

114 Mrs. Jones, Mildred, housewife, Folsom, Dem.

115 Jorgensen, Walter, Raymond, dredgerman, Folsom, Rep.

116 Mrs. Jorgensen, Winifred, housewife, Folsom, Rep.



117 Mrs. Kaelin, Marie Mellette, housewife, Folsom, Declined

119 Keifer, Edward, shipbuilder, Folsom, Dem.

120 Mrs. Kipp, Agnes, housewife, Folsom, Rep.

121 Mrs. Kipp, Isabel, housewife, Folsom, Rep.

122 Kipp, James Oscar, dredgeman, Folsom, Rep.

123 Kipp, Richard F., carpenter, Folsom, Rep.

124 Knight, K. Loren, machinist helper, Folsom, Dem.



125 Lawson, Edward Henry, car loader, Folsom, Rep.

126 Ledwell, Baxter Gladson, carpenter, Folsom, Soc.

127 Mrs. Leonard, Bessie, housewife, Folsom, Dem.

128 Leonard, John Bernard, merchant, Folsom, Dem.

129 Leonard, John Francis, clerk, Folsom, Dem.

130 Liek, John Patrick, laborer, Folsom, Rep.

131 Limpach, Frank, harness maker, Folsom, Soc.

132 Mrs. Limpach, Octa, housewife, Folsom, Soc.

133 Lorain, Charles Alfred, mail carrier, Folsom, Rep.

133 Lorain, Dan Leroy, dredgerman, Folsom, Rep.

134 Mrs. Lorain, Julia A., housewife, Folsom, Rep.



135 Mrs. McBeath, Laura, housewife, Folsom, Prog.

136 McBeath, Robert A., saloon keeper, Folsom, Rep.

137 McCarthy, Maurice, boilermaker, Folsom, Rep.

138 McConlogue, Bernard Benjamin, carpenter, Folsom, Rep.

139 McConlogue, Maud E., housewife, Folsom, Rep.

140 McDonald, Allen James, butcher, Folsom, Dem.

141 McDonald, Daniel Angus, dredgerman, Folsom, Rep.

142 McDonald, Donald, laborer, Folsom, Rep.

143 McDonald, Edward J., dredgerman, Folsom, Dem.

144 Mrs. McDonald, Emma, housewife, Folsom, Dem.

145 Mrs. McDonald, Katie, housewife, Folsom, Dem.

146 McDonald, Leslie Joseph, dredgeman, Folsom, Rep.

147 Miss McFarland, Hazel May, music teacher, Folsom, Rep.

148 Mrs. McFarland, Mary F., publisher, Folsom, Rep.

149 McIsaac, George Webster, painter, Folsom, Dem.

150 Mrs. McIsaac, Viola, housewife, Folsom, Dem.

151 McLaughlin, John W., laborer, Folsom, Dem.

152 McLennan, Robert, machinist, Folsom, Soc.



154 Markel, Oscar J., clerk, Folsom, Rep.

155 Mrs. Mayfield, Norine, nurse, Folsom, Dem.

156 Maze, Robert H., ironsworker, Folsom, Dem.

157 Mrs. Mitchell, Mary, housewife, Folsom, Prog.

158 Mitchell, Richard T., electrician, Folsom, Rep.

159 Monohon, James Martin, laborer, Folsom, Rep.

160 Monsen, Mrs. Emma, housewife, Folsom, Rep.

161 Monsen, Hine, timekeeper, Folsom, Declined

162 Mrs. Mosby, Emma, cook, Folsom, Rep.

163 Mundt, Herman A., dredgerman, Folsom, Dem.

164 Mrs. Mundt, Julia, housewife, Folsom, Dem.

165 Mrs. Murphy, Mary, housewife, Folsom, Rep.

166 Murphy, Richard James, solicitor, Folsom, Rep.



167 Newman, Charles Ferdinand, chauffeur, Folsom, Dem.

168 Newman, Frank Julius, merchant, Folsom, Dem.

169 Nichols, William Hudson, drayman, Folsom, Rep.



170 Parker, Theodore, C., foreman, Folsom, Prog.

171 Pennock, Erastus Henry, plumber, Folsom, Rep.

172 Mrs. Pennock, Rose, housewife, Folsom, Rep.

173 Mrs. Perazzo, Alice Grace, housewife, Folsom, Rep.

174 Miss Perazzo, Effie, stenographer, Folsom, Dem.

175 Miss Perazzo, Elvie, stenographer, Folsom, Dem.

176 Perazzo, Joseph, cattle raiser, Folsom, Rep.

177 Puffer, Herbert Charles, clerk, Folsom, Prog.

178 Mrs. Puffer, Lillian, housewife, Folsom, Rep.



179 Mrs. Relvas, Isabel, housewife, Folsom, Rep.

180 Relvas, Joseph Manuel, helper, Folsom, Rep.

181 Relvas, M., laborer, Folsom, Rep.

182 Mrs. Reitz, Blanche, housekeepr, Folsom, Rep.

183 Rhoades, William Charles, electrician, Folsom. Prog.

184 Rice, James Thomas, rancher, Folsom, Rep.

185 Rigney, Charles, saloon keeper, Folsom, Dem.

186 Miss Rigney, Jennie, housekeeper, Folsom, Dem.

188 Ritchie, John Roy, helper, Folsom, Dem.

189 Roby, George b., lodging house proprietor, Folsom, Prog.

190 Mrs. Roby, Jennie, housewife, Folsom, Rep.

191 Roussin, William T., barber, Folsom, Dem.

192 Mrs. Russell, Florence, housewife, Folsom, Prog.



193 Schlitter, Arnold, machinist, Folsom, Rep.

194 Miss Seaman, Emily, teacher, Folsom, Rep.

195 Shaffner, Amos, dairyman, Folsom, Rep.

196 Mrs. Shaffner, Mary Ann, housewife, Folsom, Rep.

197 Sharkey, Michael John, dredgerman, Folsom, Prog.

198 Mrs. Shubert, Naomi, housewife, Folsom, Rep.

199 Shumway, Everett A., merchant, Folsom, Prog.

200 Mrs. Shumway, Viola, housewife, Folsom, Prog.

201 Silva, Manuel Marshal, saloon keeper, Folsom, Rep.

202 Mrs. Slocum, Carrie R., housewife, Folsom, Prog.

203 Slocum, George M., dredgemaster, Folsom, Dem.

204 Slocum, Oliver Watson, dredgeman, Folsom, Prog.

205 Mrs. Smith, Annie, housewife, Folsom, Prog.

206 Miss Smith, Blanche, homekeeper, Folsom, Rep.

207 Smith, Frank J., blacksmith, Folsom, Prog.

208 Smith, Lloyd Preston, clerk, Folsom, Rep.

209 Smith, Raymond Edwin, auto stage driver, Folsom, Dem.

210 Stack, James J., laborer, Folsom, Declined

211 Stein, William Henry, dredgerman, Folsom, Dem.

212 Stoss, Charles, laborer, Folsom, Rep.

213 Strock, Albert Benjamin, driller, Folsom, Declined

214 Sturges, Charles Harrison, carpenter, Folsom, Rep.

215 Mrs. Sturges, Mildred, housewife, Folsom, Rep.

216 Mrs. Sussman, Ray, tailoress, Folsom, Rep.



217 Tagtmeir, George, clerk, Folsom, Dem.

218 Taylor, Charles Luther, farmer, Folsom, Dem.

219 Taylor, Charles Verne, school teacher, Folsom, Prog.

220 Mrs. Taylor, Lucy Lee, telephone operator, Folsom, Dem.

221 Mrs. Thoma, Mahala Louiza, housewife, Folsom, Rep.

222 Thoma, Thomas Benjamin, foreman, Folsom, Rep.

223 Tong, Charles S., painter, Folsom, Rep.

224 Turner, Andrew, superintendent, Folsom, Rep.

225 Mrs. Turner, Laura, housewife, Folsom, Rep.



228 Miss Warren, Kittie, clerk, Folsom, Rep.

229 Way, John Marion, dredgeman, Folsom, Dem.

231 Wilson, Grant Ulycess (sic), teamster, Folsom, Rep.

232 Wetmore, George H., banker, Folsom, Prog.

233 Mrs. Wetmore, Mamie E., housewife, Folsom, Prog.

234 White, Earl E., lumber merchant, Folsom, Prog.

235 Mrs. White, Gertrude, housewife, Folsom, Prog.

237 Mrs. Whitney, Hattie E., housewife, Folsom, Prog.

238 Wild, James David, merchant, Folsom, Rep.

239 Mrs. Wild, Sara, housewife, Folsom, Dem.

240 Wiley, David Elbridge, merchant, Folsom, Dem.

241 Mrs. Wiley, Edith M., housewife, Folsom, Dem.

242 Mrs. Willey, Elizabeth, housewife, Folsom, Dem.

243 Mrs. Williamson, C. L., tailoress, Folsom, Rep.

244 Mrs. Wilson, Margaret, housewife, Folsom, Prog.

245 Wood, Joel Benjamin, dredgeman, Folsom, Prog.

246 Mrs. Wood, Lillian Mae, housewife, Folsom, Prog.



247 Yager, Edward, laborer, Folsom, Rep.





Transcribed by Betty Vickroy.

Proofread by Jeanne Taylor.

2009 Betty Vickroy.