OCTOBER 3, 1914







Every Elector, duly qualified, whose AFFIDAVIT OF REGISTRATION appears on the Register of the General Election Precinct, and who has continued to reside within the exterior boundaries of such General Election Precinct to day of Election, is entitled to vote.


All name sin the Indexes through which the word MOVED, REMOVED OR SUPPLEMENT are stamped are cancelled and are NOT entitled to vote.


The Electors whose names appear upon the Index of Register and having MOVED, must be carefully examined, and if found to still reside with the Election Precinct, be allowed to vote.


E. F. Pfund,

County Clerk



Precinct Sixty-Three, 14th Assembly District




1          Askani, Gofflieb Henrich, cook, Folsom, Dem.

2          Aymar, Benjamin, carpenter, Folsom, Rep.



3          Bigelow, Chester Warren, dredgeman, Folsom, Rep.

      Bolton, George F., laborer, Folsom, Prog.

4          Mrs. Barton, Daisy, housewife, Folsom, Dem.

5          Mrs. Bolton, Lena, W., housewife, Folsom, Prog.

      Brewer, James Frederick, stage driver, Folsom, Rep.

6          Barton, Hiram Emett, Jr., dredgeman, Folsom, Rep.

7          Bauer, Gustave, merchant, Folsom, Dem.

8          Bauer, Mrs. Rosa, housewife, Folsom, Dem.

9          Beal, David B., boilermaker, Folsom, Rep.

10        Bell, Hugh Harrison, carpenter, Folsom, Dem.

11        Mrs. Biggs, Anna L., housewife, Folsom, Prog.

12        Biggs, Charles Oscar, carpenter, Folsom, Dem.

13        Biggs, Edwin Paul, bookkeeper, Folsom, Declined

14        Biggs, Joseph Theodore, carpenter, Folsom, Dem.

15        Biggs, Jr., Joseph Theodore, dredgeman, Folsom, Prog.

16        Mrs. Biggs, Maud, housewife, Folsom, Prog.

17        Bird, Howard Munroe, engineer, Folsom, Prog.

18        Borges, Joseph, miner, Folsom, Rep.

19        Mrs. Bray, Clara Viola, housewife, Folsom, Prog.

20        Mrs. Brock, Ida, housewife, Folsom, Rep.

21        Brooks, Abraham Lincoln, carpenter, Folsom, Rep.

22        Brooman, Howard P., laborer, Folsom, Soc.

24        Mrs. Brown, Theresa, housewife, Folsom, Dem.

25        Burnham, Frederick Parker, druggist, Folsom, Prog.

26        Burnham, Jas. H., druggist, Folsom, Prog.

27        Burnham, Louis Philander, painter, Folsom, Dem.

28        Mrs. Burnham, Mary, housewife, Folsom, Prog.



29        Mrs. Corman, Claudia E., housewife, Folsom, Rep.

30        Corman, Frank Cary, dredgeman, Folsom, Prog.

31        Mrs. Cheshire, Annie J., housewife, Folsom, Dem.

32        Cheshire, George Robert, dredgeman, Folsom, Dem.

33        Clock, Frank E., electrician, Folsom, Dem.

34        Mrs. Cohn, Alice, housewife, Folsom, Dem.

35        Miss Cohn, Mabel, clerk, Folsom, Dem.

36        Cohn, Philip Charles, retired, Folsom, Dem.

37        Cohn, William Morris, broker, Folsom, Dem.

38        Mrs. Comstock, Emily, housewife, Folsom, Dem.

39        Miss Comstock, Jennie, clerk, Folsom, Dem.

40        Mrs. Comstock, Nati B., housewife, Folsom, Declined

41        Comstock, William Henry, farmer, Folsom, Dem.

42        Connell, Albert, teamster, Folsom, Dem.

43        Connelly, Cicero Clay, laborer, Folsom, Rep.

44        Currier, Ralph G., fruitgrower, Folsom, Rep.

45        Mrs. Curry, Mary H., housewife, Folsom, Rep.

46        Curry, Raymond John, dredgeman, Folsom, Prog.



48        Dickson, Alexander, dredgeman, Folsom, Rep.

48˝     Dickson, Frank Sims, grocer, Folsom, Rep.

49        Mrs. Dickson, Fannie, housewife, Folsom, Prog.

50        Miss Dorian, Margaret May, stenographer, Folsom, Prog.

51        Dorian, Patrick, watchman, Folsom, Dem.

52        Dorian, Robert Emmit, laborer, Folsom, Rep.

53        Dowdin, Samuel, blacksmith helper, Natoma, Rep.

53˝     Downing, Jack, dredgeman, Folsom, Rep.

54        Doyle, Thomas Patrick, laborer, Folsom, Dem.



55        Eaton, Thomas Peter, laborer, Folsom, Dem.

55˝     Edwards, Walter P., electrician, Folsom, Rep.

56        Ellis, Austin Deal, electrician, Folsom, Rep.

57        Mrs. Ellis, Gladys Beatrice, housewife, Folsom, Rep.

57˝     Enright, John Henry, fireman, Folsom, Dem.

58        Mrs. Eveland, Emma, housewife, Folsom, Prog.

59        Eveland, George Hamilton, dredgeman, Folsom, Rep.

60        Ewing, Thomas, laborer, Folsom, Declined



61        Farmer, George Christopher, dentist, Folsom, Rep.

62        Fleckenstein, Albert Chester, clerk, Folsom, Rep.

63        Miss Fleckenstein, Lily, telephone operator, Folsom, Dem.

65        Mrs. Foley, Mary Ellen, housewife, Folsom, Dem.

66        Miss Fricke, Belle, clerk, Folsom, Dem.

67        Fricke, Edwin Sylvester, dredgeman, Folsom, Prog.

68        Fricke, Edwin Valentine, clerk, Folsom, Prog.

69        Mrs. Fricke, Louella, housewife, Folsom, Dem.

70        Fritz, Frank, merchant, Folsom, Dem.



71        Gardner, William H., chauffeur, Folsom, Dem.

72        Gerber, Max, barkeeper, Folsom, Rep.

73        Glasford, Harry Richard, carpenter, Folsom, Rep.

74        Mrs. Gomes, Esther, housewife, Folsom, Rep.

75        Gomes, Frank Alfred, machinist, Folsom, Prog.

76        Gomes, John Edwood, dredgeman, Folsom, Rep.

77        Gomes, Manuel, laborer, Folsom, Rep.

78        Gorman, James H., caulker, Folsom, Dem.

79        Green, John, dairyman, Folsom, Dem.

80        Mrs. Green, Stora Rachel, housewife, Folsom, Dem.

81        Miss Griffith, Margaret, teacher, Folsom, Rep.



82        Hall, Norvin Nobbie, liveryman, Folsom, Dem.

83        Mrs. Hamblen, Rachel Catherine, housekeeper, Folsom, Rep.

84        Hancock, William H., tel. operator, Folsom, Dem.

85        Hansen, Chris, farmer, Folsom, Prog.

86        Mrs. Hansen, Laura, housewife, Folsom, Rep.

87        Harvey, Horatio E., merchant, Folsom, Prog.

87˝     Miss Harding, Ethel, waitress, Folsom, Prog.

88        Harland, Frederick, William, teamster, Folsom, Prog.

88˝     Heriford, Charley, dredgeman, Folsom, Rep.

89        Heiken, Fred Henry, merchant, Folsom, Dem.

90        Mrs. Heiken, Ora, housewife, Folsom, Soc.

91        Miss Henze, Alma, student, Folsom, Dem.

92        Mrs. Henze, Fannie Elizabeth, housewife, Folsom, Dem.

93        Mrs. Hickok, Marion A., housewife, Folsom, Prog.

94        Hickok, William Lorenzo, dredgerman, Folsom, Prog.

94˝     Hilbert, Harry, laborer, Folsom, Rep.

95        Hoke, James William, laborer, Folsom, Soc.

96        Mrs. Houston, Mary Elizabeth, housekeeper, Folsom, Dem.

97        Mrs. Hyman, Belle, housewife, Folsom, Prog.

98        Hyman, Isaac, merchant, Folsom, Rep.

99        Mrs. Hyman, Lillie, housewife, Folsom, Rep.

100      Hyman, Walter Anchel, clerk, Folsom, Rep.



101      Jackson, Roy Alvin, dredgeman, Folsom, Declined

102      Mrs. Jacobs, Dora, housewife, Folsom, Prog.

103      Jacobs, Julius Samuel, clerk, Folsom, Prog.

104      James, John Lester, carpenter foreman, Folsom, Rep.

105      Janes, John Merrick, driver, Folsom, Rep.

106      Jensen, Niels Peter, laborer, Folsom, Dem.

107      Joerger, Charles Frank, clerk, Folsom, Dem.

108      Joerger, Louis, shoemaker, Folsom, Dem.

109      Miss Johnson, Edith, dressmaker, Folsom, Rep.

110      Johnson, Frank, laborer, Folsom, Rep.

111      Johnson, Homer N., electrician, Folsom, Rep.

112      Mrs. Johnson, Philenia, housewife, Folsom, Rep.

113      Johnson, William Dennis, dairyman, Folsom, Rep.

114      Jones, Charles Sanford, barber, Folsom, Rep.

115      Jones, Lloyd Owen, dredgeman, Folsom, Rep.



116      Miss Keefe, Francis, teacher, Folsom, Rep.

116˝   Mrs. Keefe, Margaret Carroll, housewife, Folsom, Declined

117      Kennedy, John T., cook, Folsom, Declined

117˝   Miss Keefe, Margaret Evelyn, clerk, Folsom, Dem.

118      Kerns, Jacob Charles, electrician, Folsom, Rep.

118˝   Keefe, Robert Frances, ball player, Folsom, Declined

119      Kinney, Lucius H., laborer, Folsom, Rep.

119˝   King, Edward William, laborer, Folsom, Dem.

120      Kipp, Henry John, merchant, Folsom, Rep.

121      Kipp, John Eugene, merchant, Folsom, Rep.

122      Mrs. Kipp, Mary, housewife, Folsom, Rep.

123      Mrs. Kipp, Mary E., housewife, Folsom, Rep.

124      Klumpp, Louis, merchant, Folsom, Rep.

125      Kruger, Conrad, baker, Folsom, Dem.



126      Lawton, Herbert Wallace, electrician, Folsom, Rep.

127      Mrs. Lawton, Rita Bell, housewife, Folsom, Rep.

128      Mrs. Levy, Auguste, housewife, Folsom, Rep.

129      Levy, Edward Roger, merchant, Folsom, Prog.

130      Miss Levy, Lotta Leona, clerk, Folsom, Rep.

131      Loughridge, James, physician, Folsom, Prog.

132      Mrs. Loughridge, Anna, housewife, Folsom, Rep.

133      Luneman, George Albert, blacksmith helper, Folsom, Dem.



134      McCarthy, Benjamin Franklin, cook, Folsom, Soc.

135      McCarthy, Jack, dredgeman, Folsom, Dem.

136      Mrs. McCollim, Ada Cathryne, housewife, Folsom, Rep.

137      McCollim, Jean Raymond, engineer, Folsom, Declined

137˝   McConnell, Nelson Richard, machinist, Folsom, Dem.

138      Mrs. McCormack, Rosetta, housewife, Folsom, Prog.

139      Mrs. McDerby, Katherine, housewife, Folsom, Dem.

140      McDerby, Thomas Henry, water agent, Folsom, Prog.

141      Mrs. McFarland, Carrie, housewife, Folsom, Rep.

142      McFarland, Ray Dudley, publisher, Folsom, Rep.

143      Mrs. McGreal, Linda, housekeeper, Folsom, Dem.

144      Mrs. McKay, Lula, housewife, Folsom, Prog.

145      McKay, Thomas William, teacher, Folsom, Prog.

146      McKean, William Alexander, saloonkeeper, Folsom, Dem.



148      Mrs. Manchester, Bertha, housewife, Folsom, Rep.

149      Manchester, Harry Earle, hotelman, Folsom, Rep.

150      Mars, Charles Henry, barkeeper, Folsom, Rep.

151      Mrs. Martin, Agnes, nurse, Folsom, Dem.

152      May, Murel W., machinist, Folsom, Rep.

153      Meiss, John Daniel, auto stage line, Folsom, Dem.

154      Mrs. Meiss, Minnie Margaret, housewife, Folsom, Dem.

155      Miss Miller, Alma E., Wells Fargo agent, Folsom, Rep.

156      Miller, Edward P., cook, Folsom, Prog.

157      Mrs. Miller, Ethel, housewife, Folsom, Rep.

158      Miss Miller, Henrietta M., clerk, Folsom, Rep.

159      Miller, Marion, laborer, Folsom, Rep.

160      Moreland, Max V., saloonman, Folsom, Rep.

161      Morris, James Carter, cook, Folsom, Dem.

162      Mrs. Morrison, Hattie B., librarian, Folsom, Rep.

163      Murer, Guiseppe, hotelkeeper, Folsom, Rep.



164      Mrs. Neil, Lelia, housewife, Folsom, Dem.

165      Neil, Walter Eugene, saloon proprietor, Folsom, Dem.



166      O’Brien, Barney, laborer, Folsom, Rep.

167      O’Neil, Michael, clerk, Folsom, Dem.

168      Orr, George Thomas, engineer, Folsom, Rep.

169      Orr, James A., barkeeper, Folsom, Rep.



170      Mrs. Pelton, May L., housewife, Folsom, Prog.

171      Pelton, Myron Samuel, merchant, Folsom, Declined

172      Pelton, Samuel C., retired, Folsom, Prog.

173      Mrs. Perry, Alvina, housewife, Folsom, Rep.

174      Perry, Manoah, blacksmith, Folsom, Dem.

175      Perry, Manuel, laborer, Folsom, Rep.

176      Mrs. Perry, Sara, housewife, Folsom, Dem.

177      Porter, John Andy, teamster, Folsom, Soc.

178      Pratt, Neal Burke, clerk, Folsom, Dem.



179      Richards, Charles, teamster, Folsom, Prog.

179˝   Rich, Frank Joe, cook, Folsom, Rep.

180      Mrs. Rowlands, Mary, housewife, Folsom, Prog.

181      Rowlands, William Perry, dredgerman, Folsom, Prog.

182      Roy, Austin H., agent, Folsom, Prog.

182˝   Rossner, Frank, cook, Folsom, Rep.

183      Mrs. Rumsey, Carrie Belle, housewife, Folsom, Rep.

184      Rumsey, William Madison, merchant, Folsom, Dem.

185      Mrs. Russi, Emilie, housewife, Folsom, Rep.

186      Russi, John Antone, butcher, Folsom, Dem.

187      Mrs. Russi, Lizzie, housewife, Folsom, Dem.

188      Russi, Louis, butcher, Folsom, Rep.



189      Mrs. Sales, Anna Mirie, housewife, Folsom, Rep.

190      Sales, Frank Wilbur, dredgeman, Folsom, Rep.

191      Sanborn, Gust, laborer, Folsom, Rep.

192      Mrs. Sheets, Alta Vivian, housewife, Folsom, Rep.

192˝   Sheets, Glen S., agriculturist, Folsom, Rep.

193      Schacke, Ernest, blacksmith, Folsom, Prog.

194      Scheller, Arnold W., laborer, Folsom, Soc.

195      Schwegler, August, laborer, Folsom, Soc.

196      Mrs. Schwegler, Mary E., housewife, Folsom, Rep.

197      Mrs. Scott, Anna, housewife, Folsom, Rep.

198      Scott, Henry Charles, drayman, Folsom, Rep.

199      Mrs. Scott, Julia, housewife, Folsom, Rep.

200      Scott, Roy Chester, merchant, Folsom, Rep.

201      Secombe, Perry John, laborer, Folsom, Rep.

202      Showers, Frank, clerk, Folsom, Dem.

203      Showers, James Harrison, merchant, Folsom, Dem.

204      Mrs. Showers, Minnie, housewife, Folsom, Prog.

205      Silberhorn, Charlie Wallace, dredgeman, Folsom, Prog.

206      Mrs. Silberhorn, Flora May, housewife, Folsom, Rep.

207      Silberhorn, John, butcher, Folsom, Rep.

208      Silberhorn, John Theodore, farmer, Folsom, Prog.

209      Silviera, Joe Foster, teamster, Folsom, Rep.

210      Mrs. Silviera, Marian Foster, housewife, Folsom, Rep.

211      Slaughter, Kentuckey John, physician, Folsom, Dem.

213      Stapleton, J. W., miner, Folsom, Rep.

214      Mrs. Surbaugh, Georgia A., housewife, Folsom, Soc.

215      Surbaugh, Marshall Brown, warehouse keeper, Folsom, Dem.



216      Tarry, Howard Conrad, laborer, Folsom, Dem.

219      Mrs. Thorp, Maude Edith, housewife, Folsom, Dem.

220      Thorp, Orley Blyth, machinist, Folsom, Dem.

221      Tong, Leslie Arthur, barber, Folsom, Prog.

222      Mrs. Tonge, Allie, housewife, Folsom, Dem.

223      Trail, James Beauregard, dredgeman, Folsom, Prog.

224      Mrs. Trentman, Alice, housewife, Folsom, Dem.

225      Trentman, Henry John, dredgeman, Folsom, Prog.

226      Tretheway, John James, laborer, Folsom, Rep.

227      Mrs. Tretheway, Louise, housewife, Folsom, Dem.



228      Verback, George Vernor, engineer, Folsom, Rep.

229      Vrooman, George Nelson, laborer, Folsom, Dem.

230      Vieira, John, merchant, Folsom, Rep.

230˝   Vincent, Edward Eugene, printer, Folsom, Prog.



231      Wade, Robert T., merchant, Folsom, Soc.

232      Mrs. Waites, Anna Catherine, housewife, Folsom, Rep.

233      Waites, William John, electrician, Folsom, Rep.

234      Walker, Charles Thomas, butcher, Folsom, Dem.

235      Walters, Frank, laborer, Folsom, Dem.

236      Weber, Fritz, baker, Folsom, Rep.

237      White, Rollen E., salesman, Folsom, Rep.

237˝   Whitted, Charles Milton, laborer, Folsom, Prog.

238      Wild, John, merchant, Folsom, Rep.

239      Mrs. Wild, Kate, housewife, Folsom, Dem.

240      Williams, Richard Charles, miner, Folsom, Declined

241      Miss Wilson, May, housekeeper, Folsom, Rep.

242      Wilson, William Enoll, electrician, Folsom, Prog.



243      Young, George, clerk, Folsom, Rep.

244      Young, William L., clerk, Folsom, Dem.



245      Mrs. Zutz, Apollonia, housewife, Folsom, Rep.

246      Zutz, Theodor, helper, Folsom, Rep.




Transcribed by Betty Vickroy.

Proofread by Jeanne Taylor.

© 2009 Betty Vickroy.