OCTOBER 3, 1914







Every Elector, duly qualified, whose AFFIDAVIT OF REGISTRATION appears on the Register of the General Election Precinct, and who has continued to reside within the exterior boundaries of such General Election Precinct to day of Election, is entitled to vote.


All name sin the Indexes through which the word MOVED, REMOVED OR SUPPLEMENT are stamped are cancelled and are NOT entitled to vote.


The Electors whose names appear upon the Index of Register and having MOVED, must be carefully examined, and if found to still reside with the Election Precinct, be allowed to vote.


E. F. Pfund,

County Clerk



Precinct Sixty-Two, 14th Assembly District

(Folsom & Repressa)



1          Adams, Edwin Cyril, guard, Represa, Prog.

2          Aldridge, Henry Howard, guard, Represa, Prog.

3          Anderson, Charles, carpenter, Folsom, Prog.

4          Anderson, Levi Hartford, miner, Folsom, Prog.

5          Mrs. Anderson, Louise C. V., housewife, Folsom, Prog.

6          Anderson, Roy V., electrician, Folsom, Prog.

7          Anderson, Walter V., guard, Folsom, Prog.

8          Anglim, John, guard, Represa, Prog.

9          Arbuckle, George Nathaniel, guard, Repressa, Prog.

10        Mrs. Arbuckle, Tersa, housewife, Repressa, Prog.

11        Ashbrook, Martin Van Buren, official letter reader, Represa, Prog.



12        Barnwell, George, guard, Represa, Prog.

13        Mrs. Barnwell, Gertrude, housewife, Represa, Prog.

14        Miss Bean, Eleanor, clerk, Folsom, Rep.

15        Mrs. Bean, Minnie, housewife, Folsom, Rep.

16        Bean, William Henry, merchant, Folsom, Rep.

17        Bean, William R., carpenter, Folsom, Prog.

18        Beardin, George Andrew, guard, Represa, Prog.

19        Bevens, Charles Eugene, guard, Represa, Prog.

20        Bolster, Fred Leroy, guard, Folsom, Prog.

21        Mrs. Borland, Mabel, housewife, Represa, Prog.

22        Brown, James Adelbert, wood worker, Folsom, Rep.

23        Mrs. Brown, Susie, housewife, Folsom, Rep.

24        Brown, Tony Charles, guard, Folsom, Prog.

25        Buddecke, Daniel Christopher, guard, Represa, Prog.

26        Mrs. Buddecke, Ivy, housewife, Represa, Prog.

27        Bunker, Edward Barron, dredgerman, Folsom, Prog.

28        Mrs. Bunker, Evelyn A., housewife, Folsom, Prog.

29        Mrs. Bunton, Blanch, housewife, Represa, Prog.

30        Bunton, John A., guard, represa, Prog.

31        Mrs. Burke, Edith, housewife, Represa, Prog.

32        Burke, Joseph A., guard, Represa, Prog.



33        Campbell, Robert Paul, guard, Represa, Prog.

34        Canny, D. S., commissary, Represa, Prog.

35        Mrs. Canny, Lulu, housewife, Folsom, Prog.

36        Carlin, John Patrick, guard, Represa, Prog.

36˝     Mrs. Carlin, Mary, housewife, Repressa (sic), Prog.

37        Carter, Henry J., guard, Folsom, Prog.

38        Castro, Manuel Francis, laborer, Folsom, Rep.

39        Castro, Manuel J., teamster, Folsom, Rep.

40        Mrs. Castro, Mary F., housewife, Folsom, Rep.

41        Castro, Tony Henry, teamster, Folsom, Dem.

42        Chandler, Russell, carpenter, Folsom, Declined

43        Cleveland, Forrest R., foreman, Folsom, Prog.

44        Mrs. Cleveland, Ida, housewife, Folsom, Prog.

45        Creamer, James Lawrence, guard, Repressa (sic), Prog.

46        Cowen, Edwin Henry, guard, Represa, Prog.

47        Mrs. Cramer, Ella, housewife, Represa, Prog.

48        Cramer, John William A., lieutenant night watch, Represa, Prog.

49        Cramer, Robert E., guard, Folsom, Prog.

50        Mrs. Cress, Elizabeth, housewife, Folsom, Prog.

51        Cress, Walter William, physician, Represa, Prog.

52        Crowell, Charles Dunn, truckman, Folsom, Rep.

53        Mrs. Crowell, Elizabeth, housewife, Folsom, Rep.

54        Mrs. Crowell, Ida May, housewife, Folsom, Prog.

55        Crowell, William Henry, retired, Folsom, Rep.

56        Mrs. Curran, Cathern T., housewife, Represa, Prog.

57        Curran, Dan, turnkey, Represa, Prog.

58        Curry, Charles Forest, dredgerman, Folsom, Dem.

59        Curry, Samuel Ellis, engineer, Folsom, Dem.

60        Curry, Thomas, guard, Folsom, Prog.

61        Curtin, Thos, gatekeeper, Folsom, Represa, Prog.



62        Darrington, Arthur Charles, guard Represa, Prog.

63        Mrs. Darrington, Grace, housewife, Represa, Prog.

64        De Rosa, Joseph, laborer, Folsom, Prog.

65        De rosa (sic), Jr., Joe, electrician, Folsom, Prog.

66        Dickerson, Clarence Antonio, guard, Represa, Prog.

67        Dixon, Edward William, guard, Represa, Rep.

68        Mrs. Dixon, Veronica, housewife, Repersa, Rep.

69        Mrs. Dowden, Clara, housewife, Represa, Prog.

70        Mrs. Drewry, Daisy, housewife, Represa, Prog.

71        Drewry, John Perry, guard, Represa, Prog.

72        Duffy, James Alexander, guard, Folsom, Prog.



73        Ellis, Smith, guard, Represa, Prog.

74        Mrs. Emslie, Elmora, housewife, Represa, Prog.

75        Emslie, Henry Andrew, guard, Represa, Prog.



76        Mrs. Farmer, Lydia Etta, physician, Folsom, Prog.

77        Farmer, William Edward, truckman, Folsom, Prog.

78        Feliz, Manuel C., guard, Folsom, Prog.

78˝     Mrs. Felize, Martina, housewife, Repressa (sic), Prog.

79        Mrs. Figueroa, Ida, housewife, Represa, Prog.

80        Figueroa, Frank Sylvester, guard, Represa, Prog.

81        Fitzgerald, Eugene George, lieutenant of guard, Represa, Prog.

82        Mrs. Fleckenstein, Dora, housewife, Represa, Prog.

83        Fleekenstein, George Independence, guard, Represa, Prog.

84        Mrs. Frates, Rose, housewife, Folsom, Rep.



85        Mrs. Gallagher, Annie, housewife, Represa, Prog.

86        Gallagher, Dominick, guard, Represa, Prog.

87        George, John Strentzel, dentist, Represa, Prog.

88        Gillies, Charles, guard, Represa, Dem.

89        Mrs. Gillies, Linnie, housewife, Represa, Prog.

91        Grainger, Clarence King, miner, Folsom, Rep.

92        Mrs. Grainger, Jessie, housewife, Folsom, Rep.



94        Hale, John Thomas, guard, Represa, Prog.

94˝     Mrs. Haggerty, Gertrude “M.,” dressmaker, Folsom, Rep.

95        Mrs. Hale, Lydia, housewife, Represa, Prog.

96        Harmony, John William, machinist, Folsom, Prog.

97        Harris, George, guard, Represa, Prog.

98        Hayden, Thomas Joseph, laborer, Folsom, Declined

99        Hede, Cecil Thomas, dredgeman, Folsom, Dem.

100      Henry, George Bollin, engineer, Folsom, Rep.

101      Mrs. Henry, Susanna, housewife, Folsom, Rep.

102      Mrs. Hickok, Eleanor, housewife, Represa, Prog.

103      Hickok, Orrin James, guard, Represa, Prog.

104      Mrs. Hicks, Bessie K., housewife, Folsom, Rep.

105      Hicks, Edward, laborer, Folsom, Rep.

106      Humeich, Frank Pete, guard, Represa, Prog.



107      Imhoff, Charles, blacksmith, Folsom, Rep.

108      Imhoff, George, merchant, Folsom, Rep.

109      Mrs. Imhoff, Minnie, housewife, Folsom, Rep.



112      Mrs. Johnston, Anner, housewife, Folsom, Prog.

113      Johnston, John H., blacksmith, Folsom, Prog.

115      Jolly, Charles, gatekeeper, Represa, Prog.

116      Mrs. Jolly, Evelyn H., housewife, Represa, Prog.



117      Keely, Harry Ulyses, railroad man, Represa, Prog.

118      Kerr, Joseph, guard, Represa, Prog.

119      Mrs. Kidder, Ida Jane, housewife, Folsom, Rep.

120      Kinlock, George Henry, guard, Represa, Prog.

121      Koch, George Nickles, carpenter, Folsom, Dem.

122      Koons, Edward Chase, engineer, Folsom, Prog.



123      Lambert, Fletcher Nelson, guard, Represa, Prog.

124      Lewis, Oliver Chellis, guard, Represa, Prog.

125      Logue, James Patrick, helper, Folsom, Dem.

126      Mrs. Logue, Mary Ellen, housewife, Folsom, Dem.

127      Lucas, James Franklin, engineer, Folsom, Prog.

128      Luttrell, Charles Edward, guard, Represa, Dem.



129      McAllister, Clarence Fletcher, chauffeur, Folsom, Rep.

130      McAllister, John Fletcher, carpenter, Folsom, Rep.

131      Mrs. McAllister, Mary Etta, housewife, Folsom, Prog.

133      McDonough, Thomas, guard, Represa, Prog.



134      Maher, Frank Edward, guard, Folsom, Prog.

134˝   Martin, Cyrus, “P.,” butcher, Folsom, Rep.

135      Marvin, Frank Edwin, painter and paper hanger, Folsom, Dem.

136      Marvin, George Isaac, laborer, Folsom, Rep.

137      Mrs. Marvin, George Isaac, laborer, Folsom, Rep.

138      Masich, Antone, guard, Represa, Prog.

139      Merritt, Benjamin Franklin, sargent (sic) of guard, Represa, Prog.

140      Mrs. Merritt, Elizabeth, housewife, Represa, Prog.

141      Merrit, Enos Wendal, laborer, Folsom, Rep.

142      Mrs. Miller, Elizabeth, housewife, Folsom, Rep.

143      Miller, Oscar Jacob, undertaker, Folsom, Rep.

143˝   Moffitt, Hugh B., dredgeman, Folsom, Rep.

144      Mrs. Moon, Anna, housewife, Folsom, Prog.

145      Moon, Augustus Loring, dredgeman, Folsom, Prog.

146      Mrs. Moon, Hazel, housewife, Folsom, Soc.

147      Moon, James Edward, machinist, Folsom, Soc.



148      Nagle, Cornelius, guard, Represa, Prog.

149      Nielsen, George W., carpenter, Folsom, Rep.

150      Mrs. Nielson, Maggie, housewife, Folsom, Rep.

151      Mrs. Norton, Della May, housewife, Folsom, Prog.

152      Norton, James Henry, driver, Represa, Prog.



153      O’Connors, Charles Arthur, dredgeman, Folsom, Prog.

154      Mrs. O’Connors, Emma, boarding house keeper, Folsom, Rep.

155      O’Hara, Michael J., guard, Represa, Prog.

156      O’Neil, Benjamin James, guard, Represa, Dem.

157      Orra, Frank Joseph, guard, Represa, Prog.

158      Miss Orum, Bessie, clerk, Folsom, Prog.



159      Platt, Frank Lincoln, watchman, Represa, Prog.



161      Reese, Benjamin Guss, guard, Represa, Prog.

162      Mrs. Reese, Clara, housewife, Represa, Prog.

163      Rellaford, John William, electrician, Represa, Prog.

164      Mrs. Rellaford, Mary, housewife, Represa, Prog.

166      Rush, Eugene, civil engineer, Represa, Prog.

167      Mrs. Rush, Minerva Bea Young, housewife, Represa, Rep.

168      Ryan, Charles James, guard, Folsom, Prog.

169      Mrs. Ryan, May Belle, housewife, Folsom, Prog.

170      Ryan, William Joseph, guard, Represa, Prog.



171      Scheppke, Arthur Benhard, guard, Represa, Prog.

171˝   Mrs. Sarmento, Augusta, housewife, Folsom, Prog.

172      Schleef, Jacob, guard, Represa, Prog.

172˝   Sarmento, Manuel Dutra, laborer, Folsom, Prog.

173      Schwilk, Charles Frederick, captain of guard, Represa, Prog.

173˝   Mrs. Scheppke, Mae, housewife, Represa, Prog.

174      Mrs. Scott, Jennie, housewife, Represa, Prog.

175      Scott, William Nelson, guard, Represa, Rep.

176      Shulte, Grover Cleveland, guard, Represa, Prog.

177      Mrs. Shulte, Mary, housewife, Represa, Prog.

178      Silva, John Frates, merchant, Folsom, Rep.

179      Silva, Joseph Fraties, dredgeman, Folsom, Rep.

180      Mrs. Simmons, Maud, housewife, Folsom, Dem.

181      Simmons, William Anthony, dentist, dentist, (sic) Folsom, Dem.

182      Singleton, Ray Tyree, guard, Represa, Prog.

183      Smith, Clarence Charles, guard, Folsom, Prog.

184      Mrs. Smith, Frances, housewife, Folsom, Prog.

184˝   Mrs. Smith, Margaret, housewife, Represa, Prog.

185      Staunton, Frederick Williams, fruit grower and Shipper, Folsom, Rep.

186      Smith, George Francis, guard, Folsom, Prog.

187      Smith, H. Watson, physician, Folsom, Prog.

188      Mrs. Smith, Ida, housewife, Folsom, Prog.

189      Smith, John Joseph, Warden, Represa, Prog.

190      Mrs. Smith, Muriel Lucile, housewife, Represa, Prog.

191      Miss Spano, Hattie, clerk, Represa, Dem.

192      Mrs. Staunton, Minnie, housewife, Folsom, Rep.

192˝   Stockdale, William Reuben, farmer, Repressa (sic), Prog.

193      Summers, James Thomas, guard, Folsom, Prog.

194      Squifflet, Floimond Thomas, guard, Represa, Prog.

195      Mrs. Squifflet, Myrtle, housewife, Represa, Prog.

196      Starbuck, William Henry, carpenter, Folsom, Rep.

197      Mrs. Stockdale, Amanda M., housewife, Represa, Prog.

198      Stockdale, Walter, guard, Represa, Prog.



199      Mrs. Taylor, Alma, housewife, Folsom, Prog.

200      Taylor, Clarence Edward, guard, Folsom, Prog.

201      Thompson, Harold, secretary, Represa, Prog.

202      Thompson Thomas William, guard, Folsom, Prog.

203      Thorington, Carroll Jesse, ranch foreman, Represa, Prog.

204      Mrs. Thorington, Mabel, housewife, Represa, Prog.

205      Tupper, Aquila Lucian, guard, Represa, Prog.

206      Mrs. Turner, Mamie, housewife, Folsom, Rep.



208      Ustick, Joy Leland, guard, Represa, Prog.



209      Wade, William Edward, railroad man, Folsom, Rep.

210      Ward, Malachy L., guard, Represa, Prog.

211      Weisback, Edward Conrad, guard, Represa, Prog.

212      Mrs. Weisback, Sarah, housewife, Represa, Prog.

213      Wentz, John Harvey, banker, Folsom, Prog.

214      Mrs. Wentz, Perle R., housewife, Folsom, Prog.

215      Whelan, John, engineer, Represa, Prog.

216      Wild, Andrew Joseph, farmer, Folsom, Prog.

217      Mrs. Wild, Annie, housewife, Folsom, Prog.

218      Wilkins, Ernest Sumner, guard, Represa, Prog.

219      Wilson, Basil Raymond, laborer, Folsom, Rep.

220      Wilson, Edward Lee, guard, Represa, Prog.

221      Winthrop, William L., guard, Represa, Prog.

222      Wood, John Henry, guard, Folsom, Prog.




Transcribed by Betty Vickroy.

Proofread by Jeanne Taylor.

© 2009 Betty Vickroy.