OCTOBER 3, 1914







Every Elector, duly qualified, whose AFFIDAVIT OF REGISTRATION appears on the Register of the General Election Precinct, and who has continued to reside within the exterior boundaries of such General Election Precinct to day of Election, is entitled to vote.


All name sin the Indexes through which the word MOVED, REMOVED OR SUPPLEMENT are stamped are cancelled and are NOT entitled to vote.


The Electors whose names appear upon the Index of Register and having MOVED, must be carefully examined, and if found to still reside with the Election Precinct, be allowed to vote.


E. F. Pfund,

County Clerk



Precinct Fifty-Eight, 14th Assembly District

(Mills, Mayhews, Fair Oaks, Routiers, Perkins, Dredge No. 4, Placerville Road, Folsom Road,

Humphrey Ranch, Brighton, Cordova Pit, Walsh Station & Hoey Crossing)



1          Mrs. Alrich, Bessie Theresa, rancher, Mills, Rep.

      Adams, Edwin Cyril, guard, Rouiters, Prog.

2          Alvernaz, John Viera, farmer, Routiers, Rep.

3          Anthony, Harry, dredgeman, Routiers, Prog.



4          Bagley, James Howard, car loader, Mills, Dem.

5          Barrett, Harry Oliver, dredgeman, Rouiters, Prog.

6          Beach, James Elliott, farmer, Mills, Prog.

7          Beach, Jr., James Elliott, farmer, Fair Oaks, Prog.

8          Mrs. Beach, Mary Anastasia, housewife, Fair Oaks, Prog.

9          Beandry, Joseph Clodomir, vineyardist, Mayhews, Prog.

10        Bellani, Albert Joseph, superintendent, Mills, Rep.

11        Mrs. Bennett, Alma E., farmer, Mayhews, Rep.

12        Best, Albert, farmer, Walsh Station, Dem.

13        Best, Frank Litte, farmer, Routiers, Rep.

14        Best, Roy Elwood, laborer, Walsh Station,Rep.

15        Boesberry, Richard H., laborer, Routiers, Rep.

16        Boyd, John Joseph, farmer, Routiers, Dem.

17        Boye, Claus Madsen, farmer, Mills, Soc.

19        Brooks, George, farmer, Mayhew, Dem.

20        Brooks, Robert, farmer, Mayhew, Dem.

21        Mrs. Brooks, Sarah Betsy, housewife, Mayhews, Dem.

22        Brul, Eddo John, dredgeman, Routiers, Prog.

23        Burton, John Burgess, laborer, Mayhew, Dem.

24        Bush, Frederick, Ward, farming, Routiers, Dem.

25        Mrs. Bush, Macie Mabel, housewife, Routiers, Dem.



26        Campbell, Michael Owen, teamster, Placerville Road, Soc.

27        Mrs. Carroll, Elizabeth Mamie, housewife, Hoey Crossing, Dem.

28        Mrs. Carroll, Margaret Ellen, housewife, Mayhews, Dem.

29        Carroll, Patrick, farmer, Mayhews, Dem.

30        Carroll, Patrick James, farmer, Mayhew (sic), Dem.

31        Carroll, Thomas Francis, farmer, Mayhew (sic), Dem.

32        Castello, John Cruz, engineer, Fair Oaks, Soc.

33        Chaix, Arthur Joseph, dredgeman, Fair Oaks Bridge, Dem.

34        Mrs. Chaix, Edna Margaret, housewife, Fair Oaks, Dem.

35        Clark, James Edward, laborer, Brighton, Rep.

36        Mrs. Clifford, Mabel, housekeeper, Routiers, Rep.

37        Clifford, Samuel Bernard, clerk, Routiers, Rep.

38        Cline, Harry G., laborer, Routiers, Rep.

39        Mrs. Cole, Elizabeth, domestic, Routiers, Rep.

40        Colquohoun, Charles, farmer, Mills, Prog.

41        Mrs. Colquohoun, Frankie Elizabeth, housewife, Mills, Prog.

42        Conlow, Hugh, laborer, Mills, Dem.

43        Mrs. Connan, Claudia E., housekeeper, Brighton, Prog.

44        Cook, Jimmie William, farmer, Mills, Dem.

45        Cory, John Ellis, blacksmith, Mills, Dem.

46        Miss Cornell, Etta Susan, homekeeper, Mills, Dem.

47        Cornell, James, farmer, Folsom Road, Dem.

48        Costa, John G., farmer, Folsom Road, Rep.

49        Mrs. Costa, Mary, housewife, Folsom Road, Rep.

50        Crawford, Robert, teamster, Placerville Road, Dem.

50½     Mrs. Criswell, Laura Ann, housewife, Routiers, Dem.

51        Miss Cullen, Eleanor, student, Folsom, Rep.

52        Miss Cullen, Katie, student, Folsom, Rep.

53        Mrs. Cullen, Katie, housewife, Folsom, Rep.

54        Miss Cullen, Mae Cecelie, student, Folsom, rep.

55        Cullen, Mike, foreman, Brighton, Rep.

56        Mrs. Cunningham, Agnes Barbara, houewife, Routiers, Dem.

57        Cunningham, Clarence Benedict, rancher, Routiers, Dem.



58        Darling, John, foreman, Cardova Pit, Prog.

59        Mrs. Dixon, Nellie, housewife, Fair Oaks, Dem.

60        Dixon, Thomas Howard, engineer, Fair Oaks, Dem.

61        Donaldson, George Edward, teamster, Fair Oaks, Soc.



62        Edge, Frank, laborer, Fair Oaks, Rep.

62½     Ehring, William, teamster, Mills, Rep.

63        Erickson, Alfred Rodman, laborer, Mills, Prog.

64        Erickson, Christian, farmer, Mills, Soc.

65        Mrs. Erickson, Jennie Elizabeth, housewife, Mills, Rep.



66        Fairbairn, James Cumming, laborer, Mayhews, Prog.

67        Ferry, Frank, farming, Routiers, Declined

67½     Mrs. Ferry, Margaret Gertrude, housewife, Mills, Rep.

68        Fields, Robert, laborer, Routiers, Rep.

69        Mrs. Frost, Dahlia, housewife, Mayhews, Prog.

70        Frost, Harry Lawrence, farmer, Mayhews, Prog.



71        Ganong, Charles Wentworth, dredgeman, Routiers, Prog.

71½     Gessen, George, rancher, Mills, Rep.

72        Gleason, Ralph M., ditchtender, Routiers, Dem.

73        Goethe, Traver Wolfgang, farmer, Routiers, Prog.

73½     Green, Fred Elmer, mechanic, Mayhews, Rep.

74        Mrs. Griffith, Rose Elizabeth, housekeeper, Routiers, Rep.



75        Hall, Thomas, dredgeman, Routiers, Prog.

76        Mrs. Hathaway, Kate B., housewife, Fair Oaks, Dem.

76½     Hansen, Hans Geraid, farmer, Perkins, Soc.

77        Hathaway, William Edgar, superintendent, Fair Oaks, Dem.

77½     Hansen, John, farmer, Perkins, Rep.

78        Hinters, Francis Joseph, clerk, Routiers, Rep.

79        Hinters, John James, merchant, Mills, Rep.

80        Mrs. Hoey, Annie, housewife, Mayhew (sic), Dem.

81        Miss Hoey, Grace Elizabeth, nurse, Mayhews, Rep.

82        Hoey, Oliver Peter, farmer, Mayhews, Dem.

83        Miss Hoey, Rose, Cecilia, stenographer, Mayhews, Dem.

84        Holcomb, Frank, dredgeman, Routiers, Prog.

85        Mrs. Horn, Annie Thersia, housewife, Routiers, Rep.

86        Humphrey, Anthony Byrd, fruit grower, Mayhews, Prog.



87        Mrs. Jansen, Christine, housewife, Mills, Soc.

88        Janson, Daniel, dredgeman, Routiers, Rep.

89        Jansen, Fritz, blacksmith, Mills, Soc.

90        Jedden, James Elisha, farmer, Routiers, Dem.

91        Johnson, William Clarence, agent , Fair Oaks, Rep.



92        Keefe, Jackson John, laborer, Mills, Rep.

94        Knudsen, Hans Jorgen, farmer, Mills, Dem.

95        Koch, Benjamin, laborer, Mills, Declined

96        Koch, Edward Carl, Farmer, Mills



97        Landsborough, Leonard Bartlett, salesman, Mayhew (sic), Prog.

97½     Mrs. Landsborough, Winnie Humphrey, h’swife, Mayhews, Prog.

98        Mrs. Lauridson, Julia Elvira, housewife, Mills, Rep.

98½     Lasher, William Hall, bartender, Mills, Dem.

99        Lauridson, Julius, farmer, Mills, Rep.

100      Lauridson, Laurids, farmer, Mills, Rep.

101      Lorenz, William Henry, laborer, Routiers, Rep.



102      McCall, Andrew, laborer, Routiers, Rep.

102½   McBain, John Wesley, carpenter, Mills, Rep.

103      Mrs, McDermott, Caroline, housewife, Placerville Road, Rep.

104      McDermott, James Garfield, farmer, Placerville Road, Rep.

105      McDonell, Albert William, farmer, Routiers, Rep.

106      Miss Mcdonell, Margaret Vivian, housekeeper, Mills, Dem.

107      McMahon, James, laborer, Routiers, Dem.

108      McMillan, Frank Harold, teamster, Mills, Rep.



109      Mallory, Milton Meareen, carpenter, Fair Oaks, Prog.

110      Mandonca, Manuel Machado, farmer, Mills, Rep.

111      Mrs. Mandonca, Mary, housewife, Folsom Road, Rep.

112      Martin, Antone Alexander, laborer, Mayhews, Prog.

113      Maurer, Charles Jakob, farmer, Humphrey Ranch, Prog.

114      Miss Maxfield, Maud Pearl, student, Mills, Declined

114½   Mrs. Mendonca, Luvita Machado, housewife, Mills, Rep.

115      Mrs. Menke, Alice, housewife, Mills, Rep.

116      Mrs. Menke, Anna Catherine, housewife, Mills, Rep.

117      Menke, George Henry, hopgrower, Mills, Rep.

118      Menke, Jr., George Henry, farmer, Mills, Rep.

119      Mrs. Mitchell, Pearl, housewife, Fair Oaks, Rep.

120      Mitchell, Robert Edward, telegrapher, Fair Oaks, Rep.

121      Mrs. Moffett, Angie May, housewife, Mayhews, Rep.

122      Moffett, James Albert, merchant, Mayhew (sic), Rep.

123      Moffett, William Albert, clerk, Mayhews, Rep.

124      Murphy, John, laborer, Mills, Dem.

124½   Myers, Leonard, laborer, Mills, Rep.



125      Nichols, Tomas Grant, barber, Routiers, Rep.



126      O’Connor, Jery, cook, Routiers, Soc.

126½   O’Toole, Johnnie Parnell, carpenter, Mills, Prog.



127      Pacheco, Manuel, farmer, Routiers, Rep.

128      Mrs. Parkison, Ellie Marie, dressmaker, Fair Oaks, Dem.

129      Mrs. Pierson, Susan Evadna, housewife, Mayhews, Prog.

130      Pierson, John, farmer, Mayhews, Dem.

131      Plummer, George, clerk, Fair Oaks, Rep.

132      Powers, Clyde, dredgerman, Routiers, Dem.



133      Miss Quale, Minnie Ellen, housekeeper, Mayhews, Dem.

134      Quale, Stephen, farmer, Mayhews, Dem.



135      Ray, Whitten, dredgeman, Routiers, Prog.

136      Regan, George Thomas, painter, Mills, Soc.

137      Robinson, James Edward, farmer, Mayhews, Dem.

138      Mrs. Robinson, Minnie, housewife, Mayhews, Dem.

139      Robinson, Peter Moorhead, fruitgrower, Mayhews, Dem.

141      Mrs. Rucker, Minnie, housewife, Fair Oaks, Dem.

142      Rucker, William Maurice, farmer, Fair Oaks, Dem.



143      Saul, Edwin Joseph, fireman, Fair Oaks, Rep.

144      Mrs. Saul, Mabel, housewife, Fair Oaks, Dem.

145      Schmidt, Herman Paul, farmer, Mayhews, Dem.

146      Schmidt, William Herman, foreman, Mayhews, Dem.

147      Seabury, Charles Sumner, dredgeman, Routiers, Prog.

148      Mrs. Sherman, Gertrude Mary, housewife, Mayhew (sic), Prog.

149      Sherman, Maurice, farmer, Mayhews, Dem.

149½   Skidmore, Isaac Edward, blacksmith, Fair Oaks, Rep.

150      Silva, Jose Ignaci, farmer, Routiers, Rep.

150½   Silva, John Ignacio, farmer, Mills, Rep.

151      Smith, H. P., teamster, Routiers, Rep.

151½   Mrs. Skidmore, Myrtle Alma, housewife, Fair Oaks, Rep.

152      Stone, John, teamster, Routiers, Dem.

153      Stout, James, laborer, Mills, Dem.

154      Stowell, William Robert, dredgeman, Routiers, Prog.

155      Mrs. Studarus, Anna May, housewife, Mills, Prog.

156      Studarus, Clarence, farmer, Routiers, Dem.

157      Mrs. Studarus, Della Elizabeth, housewife, Routiers, Dem.

158      Mrs. Studarus, Esther Luise Tyra, housewife, Mills, Dem.

159      Studarus, Harry Gordon, farmer, Mills, Prog.

160      Studarus, John, merchant, Mills, Rep

161      Mrs. Studarus, Margaret, farmer, Routiers, Dem.

162      Mrs. Studarus, Sine, housewife, Mills, Rep.

163      Studarus, William Henry, merchant, Mills, Rep.



164      Mrs. Tedder, Carrie May, housewife, Perkins, Dem.

165      Mrs. Thoma, Olive Elizabeth, housewife, Mayhews, Rep.

166      Mrs. Thomas, Lottie Olive, housewife, Fair Oaks, Rep.

167      Thoma, John Wilson, foreman, Mayhews, Rep.

168      Thomas, Lawrence Ellery, electrician, Fair Oaks, Dem.

169      Mrs. Thompson, Annie, housewife, Dredge No. 4, Dem.

170      Thompson, James J., dredgeman, Dredge No. 4, Dem.

171      Mrs. Traviolia, Harriet, hwf, N. E. of Mills Old Coloma Rd., Rep.

171½   Trowbridge, Harold Augustus, fireman, Fair Oaks, Rep.

172      Travoli, Ira, dredgeman, Routiers, Prog.

172½   Mrs. Trowbridge, Lottie Ray, housewife, Fair Oaks, Rep.



172½ (sic) Van Dorn, Charles Henry, laborer, Mills, Rep.

173      Van Doorn, George Joseph, laborer, Mills, Rep.

173½   VanKirk, Robert James, laborer, Mills, Rep.

174      Vesey, James Lincoln, operator, Fair Oaks, Rep.



175      Walker, George Leander, farmer, Mills, Rep.

176      Walz, Lee, dredgeman, Routiers, Prog.

177      Mrs. Warnock, Ida R., housewife, Mills, Rep.

178      Warnock, Samuel M., farmer, Mills, Rep.

179      Wells, Alfred, cook, Routiers, Dem.

180      Whipple, Douglas Albert, farmer, Mills, Rep.

181      Mrs. Whipple, Mabel Estella, housewife, Mills, Dem.

182      Mrs. Williamson, Louisa, housewife, Mills, Dem.

183      Williamson, William, Henry, farmer, Mills, Prog.

184      Winkelman, George, vineyardist, Mayhews, Prog.

185      Mrs. Winkelman, Mollie Ray, housewife, Mayhews, Prog.

186      Willis, Conley, dredgerman, Routiers, Rep.

187      Mrs. Woodward, Eleanor Agatha, housewife, Fair Oaks, Dem.

188      Woodward, James Garfield, Dredgeman, Fair Oaks, Prog.



Transcribed by Betty Vickroy.

Proofread by Jeanne Taylor.

© 2009 Betty Vickroy.