OCTOBER 3, 1914







Every Elector, duly qualified, whose AFFIDAVIT OF REGISTRATION appears on the Register of the General Election Precinct, and who has continued to reside within the exterior boundaries of such General Election Precinct to day of Election, is entitled to vote.


All name sin the Indexes through which the word MOVED, REMOVED OR SUPPLEMENT are stamped are cancelled and are NOT entitled to vote.


The Electors whose names appear upon the Index of Register and having MOVED, must be carefully examined, and if found to still reside with the Election Precinct, be allowed to vote.


E. F. Pfund,

County Clerk




Precinct Fifty-Seven, 14th Assembly District

(Perkins, Brighton, Colonial Acres, Manlove Station, Remona Flats, Jackson Road

Elvas, Folsom Road & Florin)



1                Aldrich, Charles Edward, farmer, Perkins, Rep.

             Anderson, Frank G., mechanic, Brighton, Rep.

2                Anderson, Gus A., clerk, Brighton, Rep.

             Anderson, Ira T., laborer, Brighton, Rep.

3                Ames, Charles D., laborer, Perkins, Rep.

4                Anderson, Edwin, farmer, Brighton, Rep.

5                Antinozzi, Joseph, merchant, M St. Road, Rep.

             Ayers, Eugene, laborer, Perkins, Rep.



6                Bachli, Edward, butcher, 1799 Mill Ave., Rep.

7                Bailey, Charles Augustus, laborer, Perkins, Dem.

8                Mrs. Baker, Edith Mae, housewife, Perkins, Rep.

9                Baker, George Henry, laborer, Perkins, Rep.  

10              Baker, Samuel Sheridan, laborer, Perkins, Rep.

11              Bell, Elton Bertrum, teamster, Manlove Station, Rep.

12              Mrs. Belnap, Mary Ann, housewife, Brighton, Prog.

13              Beskeen, William Henry, teamster, 1710 Redding Ave., Prog.

14              Mrs. Beskeen, Mabel Agusta, housewife, 1710 Redding Ave., Dem.

15              Best, Charles Marion, salesman, Perkins, Rep.

16              Best, Hampton Wall, millman, Perkins, Dem.

17              Best, Willie, laborer, Perkins, Rep.

18              Blankenship, Joe, laborer, Perkins, Dem.

19              Blodgett, Harvey I., farmer, Perkins, Rep.

20              Miss Bonetti, Lena, student, Vine & Mill Ave., Prog.

21              Mrs. Bracken, Anna, housewife, Brighton, Dem.

22              Bracken, Thomas, dairyman, Perkins, Dem.

23              Brannen, George Anthony, laborer, Perkins, Prog.

24              Brown, James Stephen, farmer, Manlove, Rep.

25              Brown, Bennett Clark, laborer, Perkins, Dem.

26              Mrs. Burdisso, Madelina, housewife, Brighton, Dem.

27              Mrs. Burns, Sarah Alma, housekeeper, Vine & Mill Ave., Prog.

28              Bye, Al, blacksmith, Perkins, Prog.



29              Cahill, William Francis, teamster, Perkins, Dem.

30              Cannon, Patrick, laborer, Perkins, Dem.

31              Mrs. Casselman, Annie, housewife, Perkins, Rep.

32              Casselman, Edwin Adam, hop grower, Perkins, Rep.

33              Casselman, Ezra, farmer, Manlove, Rep.

34              Casselman, Jacob, hop grower, Perkins, Rep.

35              Mrs. Casselman, Mary, housewife, Perkins, Rep.

36              Casselman, Reuben, farmer, Perkins, Rep.

37              Chaussee, Philip H., farmer, Colonial Acres, Dem.

38              Mrs. Chaussee, Zelma, housewife, Colonial Acres, Rep.

39              Clippinger, David Hicks, clerk, Perkins, Prog.

40              Mrs. Clippinger, Mary, housewife, Perkins, Prog.

41              Mrs. Cook, Lillian Mary, housewife, Brighton, Dem.

42              Cooke, Bert Edward, fireman, Brighton, Prog.

43              Cook, Thomas Warren, laborer, Brighton, Rep.

44              Mrs. Counsman, Amelia Frances, farmer, Folsom Road, Rep.

45              Mrs. Coy, Alice M., housewife, Colonial Acres, Rep.

46              Coy, William, farmer, Colonial Acres, Rep.

47              Cupich, Martin, laborer, Perkins, Dem.

47˝           Clinton, George Wellmond, machinist, Perkins, Rep.

48              Mrs. Cupich, Marie Lucy, housewife, Perkins, Dem.

48˝           Cummins, John Michael, laborer, Perkins, Declined



49              Davies, Earl Wayne, fruitgrower, Perkins, Rep.

50              Davies, Edward William, farmer, Brighton, Rep.

51              Davis, Fred Marshall, laborer, Brighton, Rep.

52              Mrs. Davis, Hattie Helen, Brighton, Prog.

53              Mrs. Davis, Hattie Huston Humphrey, housewife, 1753 Redding Ave., Prog.

54              Mrs. Davies, Harriet Adaline, housewife, Florin, Rep.

55              Davies, John Morgan, farmer, Florin, Rep.

56              Mrs. Davies, Margaret, housewife, Davies Ave., Rep.

57              Davis, William Oliver, teamster, Perkins, Dem.

58              Derr, Jessie, laborer, Perkins, Rep.

59              Droke, Howard Franklin, merchant, 167 Herbert Ave. Dem.

60              Duncan, Abraham, merchant, Schley Ave., Rep.

61              Mrs. Duncan, Etta, housewife, 1317 Schley Ave., Rep.



62              Miss Eastin, Maud, missionary, Mortimer Ave., Proh.

63              Eskridge, Leonard W., poultryman, Folsom Road, Prog.

64              Mrs. Eskridge, Martha A., housewife, Folsom Road, Rep.



65              Felker, Daniel Webster, blacksmith, Perkins, Prog.

66              Mrs. Ferguson, Mary B., housewife, Perkins, Prog.

67              Mrs. Fiedler, Nellie Amanda, housewife, Perkins, Dem.

68              Fiedler, William Julien, superintendent, Perkins, Prog.

69              Fields, John Garraid, carpenter, Perkins, Dem.

70              Flavell, Charles William, bookkeeper, Brighton, Rep.

71              Mrs. Flavell, Mary, housewife, Brighton, Prog.

72              Flint, George Beaford, cattleman, Colonial Acres, Rep.

73              Mrs. Flint, Olive Ethel, housewife, Colonial Acres, Rep.

74              Flower, Charles Alfred, farmer, Brighton, Dem.

75              Miss Flower, Florence Euola, teacher, Perkins, Prog.

76              Mrs. Flower, Mary Etta, housewife, Perkins, Prog.

77              Foote, James Lansig, clerk, Brighton, Rep.

78              Foote, William Milo, constable, Perkins, Rep.

79              Foster, John, Jr., wellborer, Jackson Road, Rep.

79˝           Foster, John Cameron, transfer man, Vine & Redding Ave., Decline (sic)

80              Mrs. Foster, Sussye Ellen, housewife, Perkins, Rep.

81              Freitas, John Archibal, laborer, Perkins, Rep.

82              Fry, Ralph Easley, operator, Brighton, Rep.

83              Furon, John, butcher, Perkins, Rep.



84              Garvey, William, farmer, M St., Road, Dem.

85              Gettier, John Galigher, signal man, Elvas, Dem.

86              Gibson, Mitchel Baldwin, laborer, Perkins, Rep.

87              Mrs. Guthrie, Betsy Ann, housewife, Perkins, Proh.



88              Hall, Alexander Mathew, farmer, Perkins, Dem.

89              Mrs. Hall, Georgiana, housewife, Perkins, Dem.

90              Hall, Horace Franklin, laborer, Perkins, Dem.

91              Miss Hall, Lillian Agnes, student, Perkins, Dem.

92              Miss Hall, Mary C., student, Perkins, Dem.

93              Miss Hall, Margaret J., Perkins, Rep.

94              Hammond, Edward, laborer, Perkins, Rep.

95              Hansen, Hans Gerard, farmer, Perkins, Soc.

96              Miss Harlow, Allie May, student, Perkins, Rep.

97              Mrs. Harlow, Eudora G., housewife, Perkins, Rep.

98              Harlow, George Marion, clerk, Perkins, Rep.

99              Harlow, Jesse Jacob, farmer, Manlove Station, Rep.

100            Hawk, Albert, laborer, Perkins, Rep.

101            Mrs. Hawk, Kittie, housewife, Brighton, Rep.

102            Mrs. Hawley, Roselia, housewife, Colonial Acres, Rep.

103            Hawley, Shell, carpenter, Colonial Acres, Rep.

104            Hebard, Roy, operator, 1735 Redding Ave., Rep.

105            Hertz, Albert, wellborer, Perkins, Dem. 

106            Hennessey, Michael Joseph, clerk, Brighton, Dem.

107            Hennessey, William Francis, merchant, Brighton, Dem.

108            Mrs. Hewitt, Edith Elizabeth, housewife, Colonial Acres, Soc,

109            Hicks, Garfield O., cement worker, Perkins, Rep.

110            Hicks, George Bridgemore, cement worker, Brighton, Rep.

110˝         Mrs. Hicks, Isabelle, housewife, Perkins, Rep.

111            Hicks, Walter Sylvester, concrete worker, Remona Flats, Rep.

111˝         Mrs. Hebard, Lillian, housewife, 1735 Redding Ave., Prog.

112            Mrs. Hosler, Edna, housewife, Mill Ave., Dem.



112˝         Ispen, Alfons, William, farmer, Perkins, Rep.



113            Jackman, James Clarence, chicken raiser, Brighton, Rep.

114            Mrs. Jackman, Nellie L., housewife, Brighton, Rep.

115            Jackson, Oscar Bertram, rancher, 1610 Vine, Rep.

115˝         Mrs. Johnson, Anna, housewife, Perkins, Rep.

116            Johnson, Peter Emil, fruitgrower, Perkins, Prog.

116˝         Mrs. Johnson, Florence “A.,” housewife, 365 Davis Ave., Rep.

117            Jordan, Turell Francis, laborer, Perkins, Rep.

117˝         Johnson, Theodore, carpenter, Perkins, Rep.

118            Julian, Harry Hartley, farmer, Perkins, Declined

118˝         Julian, Leon “A.,” laborer, Perkins, Declined

119            Julian, Waldo Emerson, farmer, Perkins, Declined



120            Miss Kern, Rachel, cook, Perkins, Dem.

121            Ketcham, William E., laborer, Perkins, Rep.

122            Kies, Harry Winters, laborer, Perkins, Dem.



123            Mrs. Laine, Cora, housewife, Perkins, Rep.

124            Laine, William Henry, farmer, Perkins, Rep.

124˝         Mrs. Littell, Bessie, housewife, Colonial Acres, Prog.

125            Lillie, Arthur Harry, lineman, Mill Ave., Rep.

125˝         Mrs. Longley, Emily, housewife, Perkins, Dem.

126            Mrs. Lowry, Inez, housewife, Brighton, Rep.

127            Lowry, James, private detective, Brighton, Rep.

127˝         Longley, George Whitman, laborer, Perkins, Dem.

128            Miss Lyons, Anna Jeanette, bookkeeper, Perkins, Prog.

129            Lyons, Charles Hodge, farmer, Perkins, Prog.

130            Miss Lyons, Elizabeth Mena, bookkeeper, Perkins, Prog.

131            Miss Lyons, Mary Lorraine, rancher, Perkins, Prog.



132            McBrayer, Albert P. farmer, Brighton, Rep.

133            McDonell, George Francis, farmer, Perkins, Rep.

134            Mrs. McDonell, Margaret Virtue, housewife, Perkins, Dem.

135            McDonell, Edward Leander, wellborer, Perkins, Declined

136            McFarlane, Chester Abram, laborer, Colonial Acres, Rep.

137            McGregor, Joseph Thomas, Farmer, Perkins, Dem.

138            Mrs. McGuire, Hannah, housewife, Perkins, Dem.

139            McGuire, Henry, carpenter, Perkins, Dem.

140            McInnes, John C., foreman, Perkins, Rep.

141            McQueen, Albert Marion, carpenter, Perkins, Dem.

142            McQueen, Earl Esthes, clerk, Brighton, Dem.

143            McQueen, Harry Christopher, teamster, Brighton, Dem.

144            McQueen, Joseph Tannar, carpenter, Perkins, Dem.

144˝         McQueen, Rolla Orval, carpenter, Perkins, Rep.

145            McQueen, Warren Sewell, carpenter, Perkins, Dem.



146            Mahon, George, laborer, Brighton, Rep.

147            Mainville, Roy John, fireman, Brighton, Dem.

148            Mrs. Majors, Birdie, housewife, Brighton, Dem.

149            Majors, Sidney Mateson, bookkeeper, Brighton, Dem.

150            Manlove, John Edward, farmer, Manlove Station, Dem.

151            Manseau, Wallace Benton, blacksmith, Perkins, Prog.

152            Marshall, James Kimball, laborer, Perkins, Rep.

153            Mast, Elmer William, carpenter, Perkins, Dem.

154            Meier, William Frederick, carpenter, Perkins, Dem.

155            Mears, Levi, retired, Brighton, Prog.

156            Mrs. Mears, Mary, retired, Brighton, Prog.

157            Menke, Frederick William, hopgrower, Perkins, Rep.

158            Menke, Frederick William, farmer, Manlove, Rep.

159            Mrs. Menke, Minnie Theodora, housewife, Manlove, Rep.

160            Menke, Royal Leon, farmer, Perkins, Rep.

161            Meyers, John S., farmer, Brighton, Rep.

162            Millard, Hiram Dumont, contractor, Perkins, Rep.

163            Miller, Clarence, blacksmith, Perkins, Prog.

164            Miner, Guy Lorenzo, butcher, Perkins, Rep.

165            Mrs. Miner, Julia, housewife, Perkins, Rep.

166            Morgan, John E., laborer, Perkins, Prog.

167            Morton, Arthur Lee, superintendent, Colonial Acres, Rep.

168            Morinine, Alexander, laborer, Perkins, Rep.

169            Mueller, Emil August, farmer, M St. Road, Rep.

170            Mrs. Mueller, Ida May, housewife, M St. Road, Rep.

171            Mrs. Murphy, Carrie R., housewife, Perkins, Rep.

172            Miss Murphy, Corda Luella, bookkeeper, Perkins, Prog.

173            Murphy, Dan J., laborer, Perkins, Rep.

173˝         Mrs. Murphy, Elise Anna Marie, housewife, Perkins, Rep.

174            Murphy, George Albert, stockraiser, Perkins, Rep.

175            Murphy, Harry Lane, farmer, Perkins, Prog.

176            Murphy, James Arthur, painter, Perkins, Dem.

177            Mrs. Murphy, Mattie, housewife, Perkins, Rep.

178            Mrs. Myers, Francis Cecillie, housewife, Perkins, Dem.

179            Myers, George Akin, laborer, Perkins, Dem.



180            Neal, Henry William, rancher, Perkins, Rep.

181            Nelson, Nels, laborer, Perkins, Rep.

181˝         Nelson, Albert David, laborer, Perkins, Dem.

182            Mrs. Nilsson, Jennie Helen, housewife, Perkins, Prog.

183            Nilsson, John Leonard, farmer, Perkins, Prog.

184            Nilsson, Lars Christian, farmer, Perkins, Rep.



185            O’Brien, Herbert John, farmer, Brighton, Dem.

186            Mrs. O’Keefe, Margrett, housewife, Perkins, Dem.

187            Owen, Daniel Tilden, engineer, Perkins, Dem.



188            Mrs. Patton, Alice, housewife, Perkins, Rep.

189            Patton, Charles William, barkeeper, Perkins, Rep.

190            Patton, James, saloonkeeper, Perkins, Rep.

191            Patton, Joseph, retired, Perkins, Rep.

192            Mrs. Peck, Susannah, housewife, Mill Ave., Rep.

192˝         Peck, Herbert, teamster, Mill Ave, Rep.

193            Mrs. Perkins, Bertha, housewife, Perkins, Prog.

194            Pennock, Thomas Henry, laborer, Perkins, Rep.

195            Perkins, Charles Calley, merchant, Perkins, Prog.

196            Mrs. Phipps, Ida, housewife, Perkins, Dem.

197            Phipps, John, laborer, Perkins, Dem.

198            Pierce, David Willis, farmer, Perkins, Dem.

199            Pierle, Eugene Littell, collector, Colonial Acres, Rep.

200            Mrs. Pierle, Maude, housewife, Colonial Acres, Rep.

201            Mrs. Pierson, Anna Genevieve, housewife, Perkins, Rep.

202            Pierson, William Baxter, farmer, Perkins, Prog.

203            Pierson, William Francis, farmer, Perkins, Dem.

204            Mrs. Pitner, Laura A., housewife, Perkins, Dem.

205            Pitner, Wilson Spray, carpenter, Schley Ave., Rep.

206            Pitt, Albert Eleath, blacksmith, Perkins, Rep.

206˝         Pomeroy, Charles Alfred, laborer, Brighton, Rep.

207            Powell, Claude James, helper, Florin Ave., Dem.

208            Mrs. Powell, Mary A., housewife, Brighton, Soc.

209            Pugh, Charles Lorenzo, wellborer, Perkins, Prog.

210            Pugh, Franklin Earl, wellborer, Perkins, Dem.

211            Purdy, Alfred Lee, laborer, Perkins, Dem.



212            Rauth, William Peter, farmer, Perkins, Dem.

213            Rhoads, John Murray, laborer, Perkins, Prog.

214            Richardson, Charles Solomon, farmer, Brighton, Rep.

215            Mrs. Richardson, Mary Ann, housewife, Brighton, Dem.

216            Mrs. Ricker, Mary, hotelkeeper, Perkins, Rep.

217            Mrs. Ross, Elizabeth, retired, Perkins, Rep.



218            Santos, George, farmer, Perkins, Rep.

219            Schmittgen, Frank Henry, cigarmaker, Redding Ave., Rep.

220            Schmittgen, Henry, car builder, Brighton, Dem.

221            Schmittgen, Henry Antone, carpenter, Mill Ave., Dem.          

222            Mrs. Sexton, Alma Knecht, housewife, Colonial Acres, Prog.

223            Sexton, William Allen, salesman, Colonial Acres, Prog.

224            Mrs. Sheibley, Lucinda, housekeeper, Brighton, Soc.

225            Mrs. Smith, Florence, housewife, Colonial Acres, Rep.

226            Mrs. Snook, Ella Katherine, housewife, Brighton, Dem.

227            Snook, Harry Haven, saloonkeeper, Brighton, Dem.

228            Snook, Jerry George, carpenter, Brighton, Dem.

229            Snook, Lloyd Arleigh, clerk, Perkins, Dem.

230            Mrs. Spahn, Caroline, housewife, Brighton, Prog.

231            Spahn, George Michael, machinist, Brighton, Prog.

231˝         Sprague, Samuel Clark, laborer, Perkins, Dem.

232            Squaglia, Amerigo, farmer, Brighton, Rep.

233            Squaglia, Giovani, farmer, 1672 Redding Ave., Rep.

234            Mrs. Stafford, Annie, housewife, Perkins, Rep.

235            Stafford, Oscar William, laborer, Perkins, Rep.

236            Straight, James Eamon, farmer, Perkins, Dem.

237            Mrs. Straight, Jemima, housewife, Perkins, Dem.

238            Strait, Charles, gardener, Brighton, Prog.

239            Streuer, Paul, laborer, Perkins, Soc.

240            Sullivan, Jerry, laborer, Perkins, Rep.



242            Taylor, Harvey Balantyne, laborer, Perkins, Dem.

243            Tilden, Charles Ford, laborer, Perkins, Rep.

244            Tickner, Harold Edwin, electrician, Perkins, Prog.

245            Trull, Kenneth P., laborer, Brighton, Dem.

246            Tuttle, Charles Henry, carpenter, Perkins, Rep.



247            Vance, Oliver Austin, laborer, Perkins, Rep.



249            Mrs. Waggoner, Angeline, housewife, Perkins, Rep.

250            Waggoner, William Wallace, blacksmith, Perkins, Rep.

251            Wahl, Gustave, Laborer, Perkins, Declined

252            Watkins, Edward, signal man, Perkins, Prog.

253            Mrs. Watkins, Mary, housewife, Brighton, Prog.

254            Warren, Wesley Wirt, farmer, Colonial Acres, Rep.

255            Mrs. Warren, Mabel, housewife, Colonial Acres, Rep.

256            Wells, Charles Eli, farmer, Mayhews, Rep.

257            Wilkins, Stanley D., farmer, Perkins, Soc.

258            Mrs. Wilkins, Vera Cleghorn, housewife, Perkins, Prog.

258˝         Wiget, John Joseph, laborer, Elvas, Rep.

259            Mrs. Williams, Margueritte, housewife, Brighton, Rep.

260            Miss Wire, Alma Gertrude, housekeeper, Perkins, Dem.

261            Wire, Clayton Bartlet, farmer, Perkins, Dem.

262            Mrs. Wire, Nancy Helena, housewife, Perkins, Rep.

263            Wire, Ray Warner, farmer, Perkins, Dem.



264            Young, Albert Loftus, bookkeeper, Perkins, Prog.




Transcribed by Betty Vickroy.

Proofread by Jeanne Taylor.

© 2009 Betty Vickroy.