OCTOBER 3, 1914







Every Elector, duly qualified, whose AFFIDAVIT OF REGISTRATION appears on the Register of the General Election Precinct, and who has continued to reside within the exterior boundaries of such General Election Precinct to day of Election, is entitled to vote.


All name sin the Indexes through which the word MOVED, REMOVED OR SUPPLEMENT are stamped are cancelled and are NOT entitled to vote.


The Electors whose names appear upon the Index of Register and having MOVED, must be carefully examined, and if found to still reside with the Election Precinct, be allowed to vote.


E. F. Pfund,

County Clerk



Precinct Fifty-Six, 14th Assembly District

(Stockton Road, Sunnyside, Colonial Heights, Fruit Ridge Road, Lower Stockton Road, Sacramento Ave., Colonial Acres, Hillside Terrace, Lake House, Five Mile House & much more.)


  1        Allgeier, Philip George, farmer, Fruit Ridge Park, Dem.

       Adkins, Daniel Charles, car inspector, Laurel Ave., Dem.

  2        Ames, Frank Guy, farmer, Fruit Ridge Road, Rep.

       Mrs. Adkins, Matilda, housewife, Sacramento Ave., Rep.

  3        Mrs. Ames, Grace Edythe, housewife, Fruit Ridge Ave., Rep.

       Mrs. Aldrich, Anna Elizabeth, housewife, Salano (sic) Ave., Prog.

  4        Mrs. Anderson, Hattie Viola, housewife, Lower Stockton Rd., Prog.

       Aldrich, Thomas Wing, engineer, Solano Ave., Prog.

  5        Arney, Clifford B., peddler, 2106 Sequoia Ave., Soc.

  6        Asbill, Charles William, farmer, Colonial Heights, Dem.

  7        Mrs. Asbill, Irene, housewife, Santa Ana Ave., Rep.

  8        Ayers, Frederick Hawley, mechanic, Washington Ave., Rep.



  9        Baltic, Alfred Joseph, contractor, Fruit Ridge Road, Dem.

  10      Baltic, George Washington, sculptor, 470 Fruit Ridge Road, Dem.

  11      Mrs. Baltic, Mary Sarah, housewife, Fruit Ridge, Dem.

  12      Barnes, Harry Alonzo, proprietor, San Bonita Ave., Prog.

  13      Mrs. Barnes, Helen Conkling, housekeeper, San Bonita Ave., Prog.

  14      Barton, Hiram E., retired, Upper Stockton Road, Rep.

  15      Barton, James Nickols, miner, Sacramento Heights, Dem.

  16      Mrs. Barton, Sarrie Sabine, housewife, Sacramento Heights, Dem.

  16½   Bauerle, August, farmer, Florin, Prog.

  17      Basler, Charles Martin, retired, San Francisco Boulevard, Rep.

  17½   Bauerle, Charles, farmer, Florin, Prog.

  18      Mrs. Bates, Jessie, housewife, Upper Stockton Road, Rep.

  18½   Miss Bauerle, Matilda, teacher, Lake House, Prog.

  19      Bates, Joseph, Cofield, laborer, Central Ave., Rep.

  19½   Bedell, Melvin W., clerk, Colonial Heights, Soc.

  20      Becki, Henry, farmer, Fruit Ridge Road, Dem.

  21      Mrs. Benscoter, Gertrude Blanch, housewife, Vine & Garfield, Rep.

  22      Benscoter, Lewis, carpenter, Vine and Garfield Ave., Rep.

  22½   Mrs. Bergquist, Hilda C., housewife, Parker Ave., Prog.

  23      Mrs. Bertie, Jessie, housewife, Mendocino Ave., Rep.

  23½   Bergquist, Peter, section foreman, Parker Ave., Prog.

  24      Besoaini, Alexander Aerial, laborer, Sacramento Ave., Rep.

  25      Bird, John Marshall, motorman, Colonial Heights, Dem.       

  26      Mrs. Bird, Rose, housewife, Colonial Heights, Dem.

  26½   Mrs. Bishop, Catherine, housewife, San Francisco Ave., Dem.

  27      Bishop, Wallace Lincoln, carpenter, San Francisco Ave., Dem.

  28      Miss Bishop, Rachel Annie, dressmaker, Fruit Ridge, Rep.

  29      Bitterwolf, Valentine, farmer, Upper Stockton Road, Prog.

  29½   Bogges, Levi Melville, farmer, 2076 Vine, Dem.

  30      Mrs. Bonetti, Cora May, housewife, Vine St., Dem.

  31      Bonetti, Frederick, bookkeeper, 661 Vine, Rep.

  32      Mrs. Bostwick, Artemesia Glover, housewife, San Francisco Boulevard, Rep.

  33      Bostwick, George W., manager, San Francisco Boulevard, Rep.

  34      Bowers, Alden Randall, farmer, Upper Stockton Road, Prog. 

  35      Bowers, Warren O., retired, Al Presa Tract, Dem.

  36      Brazil, John Baptist, trimmer, Elliott Ave., Rep.

  37      Mrs. Brazil, Norah, housewife, Elliott Ave., Dem.

  38      Briggs, Byron S., salesman, Parker Ave., Rep.

  39      Mrs. Briggs, Sarah J., housewife, Parker Ave., Rep.

  39½   Brooks, Albert, farmer, Roosevelt Ave., Rep.

  40      Brooks, David Louis, farmer, Colonial Heights, Prog.

  40½   Mrs. Brooks, Leola, housewife, Roosevelt Ave., Rep.

  41      Brown, James Carlisle, clerk, Fruit Ridge Road, Prog.

  42      Mrs. Brown, Sophia, housewife, Fruit Ridge Road, Prog.

  43      Mrs. Buell, Elizabeth, housewife, Upper Stockton Road, Rep.

  44      Buell, Fred James, merchant, Upper Stockton Road, Rep.

  45      Burton, Henry Theodore, farmer, Upper Stockton Road, Rep.

  46      Byam, George, laborer, Upper Stockton Road, Declined



  47      Campbell, Emory Lyle, brakeman, Hillside Ave., Prog.

  48      Mrs. Campbell, Hannah, housewife, Fruit Ridge Road, Soc.

  49      Campbell, John Newton, teamster, Fruit Ridge Road, Rep.

  50      Campbell, Joseph, guard, Hillside Ave., Rep.

  51      Mrs. Campbell, Viola, housewife, Hillside Ave., Soc.

  52      Mrs. Carll, Anna M., housewife, Fruit Ridge Ave., Dem.

  53      Carll, Charles Adam, housesmith, Fruit Ridge Road, Dem.

  54      Carlson, Charles Alfred, machinist, Sacramento Heights, Prog.

  55      Mrs. Carlson, Dora, housewife, Sacramento Heights, Rep.

  56      Mrs. Carlson, Ida J., housewife, Upper Stockton Road, Rep.

  57      Carlson, Nels Birger, clerk, Upper Stockton Road, Prog.

  58      Mrs. Carr, Emma F., housewife, Sacramento Ave., Dem.

  59      Carr, Walter C., farmer, Sacramento Ave., Dem.

  60      Caselli, Albert, farmer, Sacramento Ave., Rep.

  61      Caselli, Alfred, farmer, Fruit Ridge, Rep.  

  62      Caselli, Edward, janitor, Sacramento Ave., Prog.

  63      Caselli, Frank, mail carrier, Sacramento Ave., Rep.

  64      Mrs. Caselli, Katie, housewife, Sacramento Ave., Rep.

  65      Caselli, Manuel, farmer, Fruit Ridge Road, Rep.

  66      Mrs. Caselli, Sofia, housewife, Sacramento Ave., Rep.

  67      Caselli, Vincenzo, farmer, Sacramento Ave., Rep.

  68      Mrs. Cassel, Edna Sarah, housewife, Sacramento Ave., Soc.

  69      Cassell, Henry Elmer, clerk, Fruit Ridge, Declined

  70      Mrs. Cecchettini, Flora, housewife, Sacramento Ave., Rep.

  71      Cecchettini, Orozio, farmer, Sacramento Ave., Rep.

  72      Mrs. Chambers, Ella, laundress, Vine St., Declined

  73      Christie, George Washington, Jr., water vender, Lower Stockton Road, Rep.

  74      Mrs. Christman, Caroline, housewife, Fruit Ridge Road, Dem.

  75      Christman, William Joseph, carpenter, Fruit Ridge Road, Dem.

  76      Clark, Lewis, painter, 2077 Vine, Dem.

  77      Mrs. Clark, Luella Rebecca, housewife, 2077 Vine, Dem.

  78      Clark, Oliver E., farmer, Lower Stockton Road, Rep.

  79      Mrs. Coleman, Edith A., housewife, Sierra Vista Ave., Rep.

  80      Coleman, Richard W., salesman, Sierra Vista Ave., Rep.

  81      Coote, Orville W., real estate, Fruit Ridge Park, Rep.

  82      Coyle, Charles Lewis, farmer, Lower Stockton Road, Dem.

  83      Coyle, James Joseph, clerk, Lower Stockton Road, Dem.

  84      Mrs. Coyle, Julia Mary, housewife, Lower Stockton Road, Dem.

  85      Crook, David Alexander, car repairer, Elder Creek Ave., Rep.

  86      Mrs. Crook, Louise Gertrude, housewife, Elder Creek Road, Rep.

  87      Crone, James Henry, janitor, Sutter Ave., Prog.

  88      Mrs. Crone, Mary Kate, housewife, Sutter Ave., Prog.

  89      Crown, Eugene Henry, superintendent, Fruit Ridge Road, Prog.

  90      Mrs. Crown, Mary M., Housewife, Fruit Ridge Road, Dem.

  91      Currier, Frank George, contractor, 180 Vine, Rep.



  92      Dathe, Frederick Robert, farmer, Lower Stockton Road, Prog.

  92½   Mrs. Dathe, Rosa, housewife, Lower Stockton Road, Rep.

  93      Davies, Albert Morgan, fruit grower, Lake House, Rep.

  94      Mrs. Davies, Joanna A., housewife, Lake House, Prog.

  95      Davis, Benjamin F., minister, 10 San Benito Ave., Rep.

  96      Davis, Clarissa Amelia, housewife, San Benito Ave., Rep.

  97      Davis, George Quinsey, machinist, 9 Ventura Ave., Rep.

  98      Mrs. Davis, May, housewife, Ventura Ave., Soc.

  99      Mrs. Deas, Minnie Florence, housewife, Solano Ave., Prog.

100      De Roin, Frank Richard, carpenter, Lower Stockton Road, Prog.

102      Mrs Devine, Catharina Adelaide, h’wife, Fruit Ridge Rd., Rep.

103      Devine, Joseph Mark James, merchant, Upper Stockton Rd., Dem.

104      Doty, Arthur Nelson, steam fitter, Solano Ave., Rep.

105      Mrs. Doty, Carrie, housewife, Solano Ave., Rep.

106      Mrs. Duke, Grace, housewife, ine (sic) St., Dem.



106½   Miss Eastin, Maud, Missionary, Mortimer Ave., Proh.

107      Eaves, William, carpenter, Sutter Ave., Rep.

108      Ebner, Jacob, farmer, Mendocino Ave., Dem.

109      Eilers, Christian Herman, farmer, Lemon Hill, Rep.

110      Mrs. Eizinger, Edna M., housewife, Vine St., Prog.

110½   Eizinger, William G., pattern maker, Vine St., Declined

111      Elliott, Benjamin Franklin, carpenter, Lower Stockton Rd., Rep.

112      Elmstrand, Gust, farmer, Colonial Heights, Declined

113      Mrs. Evans, Alice M., housewife, Laurel & East Ave., Rep.

114      Evans, Francis A., laborer, Laurel & East Ave., Rep.

115      Evans, Frank Eugene, broom maker, Five Mile House, Rep.



116      Fetherolf, Edwin Harry, butcher, Vista Ave., Prog.

117      Mrs. Fetherolf, Isabella Jane, housewife, Vina Vista Ave., Prog.

117½   Mrs. Feusi, Anna, housewife, Lower Stockton Road, Rep.

118      Mrs. Feusi, Aurelia Blanch, housewife, Lower Stockton Rd., Dem.

119      Feusi, Joseph John, carpenter, Lower Stockton Road, Dem.

120      Feusi, Joseph, Sr., farmer, Lower Stockton Road, Rep.

121      Fippin, Jesse Daniel, blacksmith helper, Box 451 Fruit Ridge Road, Prog.

122      Mrs. Fites, Laura J., dressmaker, 666 Vine, Rep.

123      Fleischbein, Charles Louis, machinist, Vine, Rep.

124      Fleischbein, Louis, machinist, Vine, Prog.

125      Mrs. Fleischbein, Mary R., housewife, Vine, Prog.

126      Fleischbein, Orval John, helper, Vine, Prog.

127      Fleischbein, William Henry, machinist, Vine, Prog.

128      Mrs. Fletcher, Emma, housewife, Hillside Terrace, Rep.

129      Miss Fletcher, Ethyle Helen, teacher, Upper Stockton Rd., Prog.

130      Fletcher, John Newton, merchant, Hillside Terrace, Prog.

131      Mrs. Furrer, Josephina, housewife, Fruit Ridge Road, Rep.

132      Furrer, Yost, farmer, Fruit Ridge Road, Rep.

133      Mrs. Francisco, Anna, housewife, Lake House, Dem.

133½   Francisco, Jasper, machinist, Parker Ave., Soc.

134      Frohlich, Hugo, machinist, Upper Stockton Road, Rep.

135      Frohlich, Mrs. Maria, housewife, Upper Stockton Road, Rep.

136      Mrs. Fruhauf, Emily, housewife, Parker Ave., Prog.

137      Fruhauf, Nicholaus, builder, Parker Ave., Prog.

138      Fuller, Frank M., plumber, Hickory St., Prog.




139      Gaddi, Carlo, farmer, Fruit Ridge Road, Rep.

140      Gaddi, David, farmer, Fruit Ridge, Rep.

141      Mrs. Gaddi, Della, housewife, Fruit Ridge Road, Rep.

142      Gaddi, Ernest, farmer, Fruit Ridge, Rep.

143      Gaddi, Veneranda, housewife, Fruit Ridge Road, Dem.

143½   Gaffney, James Francis, manager, Upper Stockton Road, Dem.

144      Mrs. Gard, Elda Jane, housewife, Pacific Ave., Soc.

144½   Mrs. Gaffney, Helen, housewife, Upper Stockton Road, Dem.

145      Gard, Luman Arlington, newspaper man, Lake House, Soc.

146      Garibaldi, John, farmer, Fruit Ridge Road, Rep.

147      Garibaldi, Victor, farmer, Fruit Ridge road, Rep.

148      Genereux, Emil, carpenter, Gould Tract, Prog.

149      Mrs. Genereux, Helen M. M., housewife, Oakland Ave., Prog.

149½   Gerhardt, Herman E., laborer, Fruit Ridge Road, Dem.

150      Mrs. Gould, Evalyn Adel, housewife, 308 Ventura Ave., Rep.

150½   Mrs. Gifford, Anna, homekeeper, San Francisco Boulevard, Rep.

151      Gould, Lucius Frederick, carpenter, Colonial Heights, Rep.

152      Grant, James Austine, truck builder, Lower Stockton Road, Rep.

153      Mrs. Grant, Lizzie, housewife, Lower Stockton Road, Rep.

154      Mrs. Greule, Margareta, housewife, Colonial Heights, Prog.

155      Greule, Philip, farmer, Colonial Heights, Prog.

156      Miss Giusti, Alba K., housewife, Goldberg Ave., Rep.

157      Mrs. Giusti, Margherita, housewife, Goldberg Ave., Rep.

158      Mrs. Glover, Sarah J., housewife, Colonial Heights, Dem.

158½   Grigsby, Francis Albert, blacksmith, McKinley Ave., Dem.

159      Grosch, Charles Gideon, pressman, Vina Vista Ave., Prog.

160      Mrs. Grosch, Ella Darby, housewife, Vina Vista Ave., Prog.



161      Hall, Charles Lander, merchant, Upper Stockton Road, Rep.

162      Mrs. Hall, Jessie Porter, housewife, Lake House, Rep.

163      Mrs. Halstrom, Teckla, housewife, Upper Stockton Road, Rep.

164      Hanger, Denzil Lee, clerk, Sutter St., Dem.

165      Mrs. Hanger, Edna May, h’wife, Sacramento & Sutter Ave., Dem.

165½   Harris, Joseph R., machinist, Lower Stockton Road., Prog. 

166      Head, Frank Marion, advertising, 5 Mariposa Ave., Dem.

166½   Mrs. Harris, Pauline, housewife, Lower Stockton Road, Prog.

167      Mrs. Head, Edna Earle, housewife, 5 Colonial Heights, Dem.

168      Miss Heath, May, housewife, Sacramento Ave., Porg. (sic)

169      Mrs. Heil, Grace Estella, housewife, Fruit Ridge Park, Soc.

170      Heil, William Griffith, machinist, Fruit Ridge, Rep.

171      Henderson, Charles Alfred, clerk, Upper Stockton Road, Prog.

172      Henning, John Anson, teamster, Clairmont Ave., Rep.

173      Mrs. Henning, Matilda, housewife, Clairmont Ave, Rep.

174      Mrs. Henry, Clara Elizabeth, homekeeper, 662 Vine, Dem.

176      Mrs. Hinman, Cora Gates, h’wife, Chestnut & Perry Aves., Prog.

177      Hinman, Elmore Brown, merchant, Chestnut & Comet Ave., Prog.

178      Mrs. Hite, Cora Louise, housewife, Fruit Ridge Road, Dem.

179      Hite, Frank Festues, farmer, Fruit Ridge Road, Dem.

180      Hite, Isaac Newton, farmer, Fruit Ridge Road, Prog.

181      Hoffman, Albert Andreas, machinist, Clairmont Ave., Rep.

182      Mrs. Hoffman, Laura Minnie, housewife, Clairmont Ave., Rep.

183      Mrs. Holmes, Flora E., housewife, Lake House, Rep.

184      Holmes, Harry Bradford, expressman, Hill Side Terrace, Dem.

185      Holmes, James Wood, fruit grower, Lake House, Rep.

186      Mrs. Hazlet, Cathryn T., housewife, Roosevelt Ave., Proh.

187      Mrs. Howard, Effie Melvine, school teacher, Mortimer Ave., Prog.

187½   Headgwood, Albert, buttermaker, Sutter Colony, Dem.

188      Hutchinson, David Herbert, carpenter, Clairmont Ave., Dem.

189      Mrs. Hutchinson, Margaret, housewife, Clairmont Ave., Rep.



189½   Mrs. Jackman, Lillian Ernestine, housewife, 1610 Vine St., Rep.

190      Mrs. Jackson, Eulah, housewife, San oJse (sic) Ave., Rep.

191      Jackson, Francis Pierce, waiter, San oJse (sic) Ave., Rep.

192      Jackson, James T., farmer, Upper Stockton Road, Rep.

193      Jackson, Ralph J., farmer, Upper Stockton Road, Prog.

194      Jacobsen, Jens Christian, porter, Solano Ave., Soc.

195      Mrs. Jacobsen, Karen, housewife, Solano Ave., Soc.

196      Jakobsen, Jens, porter, Colonial Heights, Soc.

196½   James, John William, deputy Pound master, Pine St., Rep.

197      Jennings, Harry Arthur, carpenter, 190 Vine, Rep.

197½   Jennings, Dudly Leo, carpenter, 190 Vine St., Rep.

198      Mrs. Jennings, Lula Blanche, housewife, 190 Vine, Rep.

199      Johnson, Alfred Wiley, carpenter, Hickory St., Soc.

200      Miss Johnson, Alto L., student, Upper Stockton Road, Rep.

201      Jonhson, Harold Edmund, farmer, Sutter Ave., Rep.

202      Mrs. Johnson, Fidella Venetta, housewife, Hickory St., Soc.

203      Mrs. Johnston, Clyde Cantebury, housewife, Vine & Upper Stockton Road, Dem.

204      Johnston, Howard Waynick, salesman, Vine St, Dem.



205      Mrs. Keller, Anna, housewife, San Francisco Boulevard, Rep.

206      Keller, Clyde Leslie, cigarmaker, Colonial Heights, Rep.

207      Mrs. Kerr, Esther, housewife, Pacific Ave., Rep.

208      Mrs. Kilian, Anna L., housewife, Fruit Ridge Road, Prog.

209      Kilian, Fredrich, farmer, Fruit Ridge Road, Prog.

209½   King, Clarence O., farmer, Upper Stockton Road, Declined

210      King, Alfred, gardener, Pacific Road, Soc.

210½   Mrs. King, Irene Puett, housewife, Upper Stockton Road, Dem.

211      Kirchgates, Adolph, farmer, Vine St., Rep.

211½   Mrs. Kirchgates, Lizzie, housewife, Vine St., Rep.

212      Mrs. Kirksey, Etta, housewife, Sacramento Heights, Prog.

213      Kirksey, William, gas fitter, Parker Ave., Prog.

214      Kloose, Paul John, farmer, Fruit Ridge Road, Dem.

215      Mrs. Kloose, May, housewife, Fruit Ridge Road, Dem.

216      Kuhn, Anthony, blacksmith, Fruit Ridge, Dem.

217      Mrs. Kuhn, Louisa, housewife, Fruit Ridge, Rep.



218      Lang, James William, laborer, Pacific Ave., Rep.

219      Mrs. Lang, Myrtle Isabel, housewife, Pacific Ave., Dem.

220      Langdon, Harry William, farmer, Clairmont Ave., Dem.

221      Mrs. Langdon, Jane, housewife, Fruit Ridge, Rep.

222      Mrs. Lehman, Esther E., housewife, 908 Fort Wayne Ave., Prog.

223      Lehman, Frederick William, machinist, Fort Wayne Ave., Prog.

224      Leisling, August, shoemaker, Barker Ave., Prog.

225      Mrs. Leisling, Bertha Creistonelle, housewife, Parker Ave., Prog.

226      Mrs. Leriche, Matilda, housewife, 14 Solano Ave., Prog.

227      Leriche, Paul, motorman, 14 Solano Ave., Prog.

228      Lerond, Gustav R., actor, Fruit Ridge Road, Dem.

229      Lewis, Ira, laborer, Colonial Acres, Prog.

230      Mrs. Lilly, Lillian, housewife, Solano Ave., Prog.

231      Lily, Urie, agent, Colonial Heights, Declined

232      Mrs. Lowry, Emma, housewife, Lower Stockton Road, Rep.

233      Lowry, James, carpenter, Parker Ave., Rep.




234      McCoon, Howard Duvan, carpenter, Pacific Ave., Proh.

235      McGinnis, Bruce, tinner, Yosemite Ave., Dem.

235½   Mrs. McGinnis, Mary, housewife, Yosemite Ave., Dem.

236      McEwen, Albert Roger, engineer, Vine Ave., Dem.

236½   McGinnis, William, tinner, Yosemite Ave., Dem.

237      McEwen, Edwin, merchant, Upper Stockton Road, Dem.

238      McMahon, John Sylvester, Justice of Peace, 223 Parker Ave., Rep.



239      Mabrey, Charles Streeter, carpenter, San Jose Ave., Prog.

240      Mrs. Maybrey, Grace, housewife, San Jose Ave., Prog.

241      Madsen, Anton, farmer, Upper Stockton Road, Dem.

242      Mrs. Madsen, Mette, housewife, Upped (sic) Stockton road, Declined

243      Manhart, Jacob William, carpenter, S. E. Cor. Vine & Pine, Prog.

244      Mrs. Manhart, Nellie Belle, housewife, Pine & Vine Ave., Prog.

245      Mantz, John G., carpenter, Elder Creek Road, Prog.

246      Maracci, Damaso, farmer, Fruit Ridge Ave., Rep.

246½   Morracci, Joe, concrete worker, Fruit Ridge Road, Rep.

247      Mrs. Marracci, Onesta, housewife, Fruit Ridge Road, Rep.

248      Mrs. Marryat, Marguet, housewife, Sacramento Ave., Rep.

249      Mason, Albert Lee, dairyman, Fruit Ridge Road, Dem.

250      Mason, Albert Ray, farmer, Fruit Ridge Road, Dem.

251      Mason, George James, boilermaker, Fruit Ridge Road, Dem.

252      Mrs. Mason, Stella May, housewife, Fruit Ridge Road, Dem.

253      Measure, Alfred, carpenter, Mendocino Ave., Rep.

254      Mrs. Measure, Emma, housewife, Mendocino Ave., Rep.

255      Merwin, Henry, farmer, Elder Creek Ave., Rep.

256½   Mrs. Meyers, Addie May, housewife, Upper Stockton Road, Rep.

256      Mrs. Merwin, Sophie, housewife, Elder Creek Ave., Rep.

257      Mrs. Miller, Anna Humphrey, housewife, San Bonita Ave., Prog.

257½   Meyers, Charles August, laborer, Upper Stockton Road, Rep.

258      Miller, George Austin, clerk, Howard Ave., Prog.

259      Miller, George Edmonds, carpenter, San Bonita Ave., Prog.

260      Mrs. Miller, Hattie Mae, housewife, Howard Ave., Rep.

261      Mrs. Monroe, Corena Maybell, housewife, Sacramento Ave., Prog.

262      Montalbano, Mike, transferman, 205 Vine, Rep.

263      Moody, Humphrey, farmer, Lower Stockton Road, Rep.

264      Mrs. Moody, Josephine, housewife, Lower Stockton Road, Rep.

264½   Mrs. Moyer, Bertha Eva, housewife, Mortimer Ave., Proh.

265      Morelli Guiseppe, farmer, Fruit Ridge Road, Rep.

265½   Mullin, David L., Farmer, Lake House, Soc.    

266      Mrs. Mugford, Sarah, housewife, Fruit Ridge Road, Proh.

266½   Mrs. Mullin, Jane, housewife, Fruit Ridge, Soc.

267      Murphy, Mathew Martin, laborer, Upper Stockton Road, Dem.

167½   Mrs. Musacchia, Lizzie, housewife, Upper Stockton Road, Dem.



268      Mrs. Nichols, Mary J., housewife, Vine, Dem.

269      Miss Nicholas, Dora, homekeeper, Pacific Ave., Dem.

270      Nicholas, Edwin, farmer, lake House, Dem.

271      Mrs. Nicholas, Eva, housewife, Pacific Ave., Dem.

272      Mrs. Nicholas, Louise, housewife, Pacific Ave., Dem.

273      Niebel, Ralph S., poultry raiser, Upper Stockton Road, Rep.

274      Mrs. Niess, Carrie G., housewife, Fruit Ridge Road, Rep.

275      Niess, William, farmer, Fruit Ridge Road, Rep.

276      Northrup, David, carpenter, Vine, Rep.

277      Nutting, Benjamin Franklin, poultryman, Sacramento and Vine, Prog.



278      O’Brien, John Vernon, iceman, Fruit Ridge Road, Prog.

279      O’Connor, Joseph Michael, farmer, Lower Stockton Road, Dem.

280      O’Keefe, John, horseshoer, Clairmont Ave., Dem.

281      Osborne, Frank Thomas, bartender, Rosevelt Ave., Dem.   

282      Osborne, Thomas Henry, bartender, Rosevelt Ave., Dem.



283      Pagnello, Henry, retired, Vina (sic), Prog.

284      Pagnello, Henry retired, Vine, Prog.

285      Pausback, Julius Philip, laborer, Sacramento Ave., Rep.

285½   Mrs. Pausback, Mary M., housewife, Sacramento Ave., Rep.

286      Pearson, David H., fireman, Upper Stockton Road, Dem.

286½   Mrs. Pearson, Benjamin, housewife, Upper Stockton Road, Rep.

287      Pearson, Edwin Robert, clerk, Colonial Heights, Rep.

287½   Pearson, Benjamin H., storekeeper, Upper Stockton road, Dem.

288      Mrs. Pearson, Ethel, housewife, Upper Stockton road, Rep.

289      Mrs. Planck, Emily Elizabeth, housewife, Rosevelt (sic) Ave., Soc.

290      Planck, Robert, teamster, Roosevelt Ave., Dem.

291      Mrs. Porter, Alice, housewife, Parker Ave., Rep.

292      Porter, Wildey Merlin, sheet metal worker, Parker Ave., Dem.

292½   Miss Preisser, Emma, farmer, Upper Stockton Road, Rep.

293      Pulliam, Ulysses, inspector, Sacramento Ave., Soc.

294      Mrs. Pulliam, Lily, housewife, Sacramento Ave., Soc. 



295      Robinson, Marcellus Lee, carpenter, Sacramento Ave., Prog.

296      Robles, Joseph A., mining engineer, Vine St., Rep.

297      Mrs. Rajnush, Alsbeta, housewife, Lower Stockton Road, Soc.

298      Rajnush, Vaslav, cabinet maker, Lower Stockton Road, Soc.

299      Mrs. Raynor, Carrie, housewife, Parker Ave., Rep.

300      Raynor, Charles Clarence, teamster, Parker Ave., Rep.

301      Raynor, John Peter, foreman, Upper Stockton and Parker, Rep.

302      Mrs. Raynor, Maria, housewife, Parker Ave., Rep.

303      Mrs. Ressiguie, Florence Jane, hsewife, Vine  & Sutter Ave., Soc.

304      Ressiguie, Frank Judkins, contractor, Vine and Sutter, Soc.

305      Mrs. Richardson, Josephine Florence, housewife, Elder Creek Road, Dem.

306      Richardson, Herbert T., solicitor, Elder Creek Road, Dm (sic).

307      Mrs. Richardson, Loise Francina, housewife, Upper Stockton Road, Dem.

308      Rickey, Aaron Ross, farmer, Upper Stockton Road, Dem.

309      Mrs. Rickey, Ida Maria, housewife, Fruit Ridge Road, Proh.

310      Rickey, John Quincy, clerk, Fruit Ridge Road, Rep.

311      Mrs. Rieff, Clarabelle, housewife, Hickory Ave., Prog.

312      Rieff, Walter Louis, clerk, Hickory Ave., Prog.

313      Riesenberg, Henry Charles Frederick, carpenter, Vina Vista, Rep.

314      Riesenberg, Max Henry, fireman, Fruit ridge Road, Soc.

315      Mrs. Riesenberg, Max H., housewife, Upper Stockton Road, Soc.

316      Mrs. Riggs, Grace Lee, housewife, Sacramento Ave., Rep.

317      Riggs, William Stephen, teamster, Sacramento Ave., Rep.

318      Roberts, Hugh Carles, carpenter, Colonial Heights, Dem.

319      Robinson, Charles Webon, lather, Vina Vista Ave., Rep.

320      Mrs. Robinson, Etta Cora, housewife, Sacramento Ave., Prog.

321      Robinson, Harry Elmer, painter, Fruit Ridge Road, Prog.

322      Mrs. Robinson, Sarah E., housewife, Vina Vista, Rep.

323      Mrs. Robles, Elise, housewife, Vine, Rep.

324      Roemer, Peter, farmer, Upper Stockton Road, Prog.

325      Rogers, John, teamster, Fruit Ridge Road, Rep.

326      Mrs. Rogers, Minnie, housewife, Fruit Ridge Road, Rep.

327      Mrs. Ross, Josie H., housewife, Roosevelt Ave., Soc.

328      Ross, Luther Adams, teamster, Roosevelt Ave., Soc.

329      Miss Ross, May Helen, dressmaker, San Francisco Boulevard, Rep.

330      Rubino, Harry, shoemaker, Washington Ave., Dem.

331      Mrs. Rubins, Sara H., housewife, Washington Ave., Dem.

332      Rush, David Franklin, laborer, Upper Stockton Road, Dem.

333      Rutman, Eda M., housewife, Del Norte Ave., Rep.

334      Rutman, Milton Thomas, carpenter, Del Norte Ave.



335      Mrs. Samuels, Evaline, housewife, Del Norte Ave., Rep.

336      Samuels, Henry H. T., electrician, Del Norte Ave., Rep.

337      Mrs. Schell, Charlotte Caroline, housewife, Upper Stockton Road, Dem.

338      Schell, John, farmer, Upper Stockton Road, Dem.

339      Schell, William, farmer, Upper Stockton Road, Dem.

340      Miss Schenk, Clara, housekeeper, Fruit Ridge Road, Rep.

341      Schanbacher, Albert Henry, butcher, Upper Stockton Road, Prog.

342      Schenk, John, farming, Fruit Ridge Road, Prog.

343      Mrs. Schanbacher, Cecelia Evalyn, housewife, Upper Stockton Road, Prog.

343½   Sherrer, Niles Edgar, cement finisher, Roosevelt Ave., Rep.

344      Mrs.Schenk, Mary Rosina, housewife, Fruit Ridge Road, Rep.

344½   Shovlin, Charles, laborer, Upper Stockton Road, Rep.

345      Schultze, Adalbert, farmer, Lower Stockton Road, Dem.

346      Schultze, Gustave, bottler, Lower Stockton Road, Rep.

347      Mrs. Schultze, Helena Maria, h’sewife, Lower Stockton Rd., Rep.

348      Mrs. Schultze, Joseykor, housewife, Lower Stockton Road, Dem.

349      Scoggins, James William, clerk, Mortimer Ave., Dem.

350      Mrs. Scoggins, Martha Florence,hswf., Colonial Height, Prog.

351      Mrs. Shea, Alice, housewife, Clairmont Ave., Rep.

352      Shea, Jay Boyd, lineman, Lake House, Prog.

353      Shearer, John Daniel, retired, Roosevelt Ave., Rep.

354      Mrs. Shouse, Christine J., housewife, 28 Ellitt (sic) Ave., Prog.

355      Shouse, George Washington, clerk, 28 Elliott Ave., Porg (sic).

355½   Miss Silva, Kate, homekeeper, Fruit Ridge Ave., Prog.

356      Mrs. Silva, Bessie, housewife, Fruit Ridge Ave., Rep.

357      Silva, Francisco F., farmer, Fruit Ridge Road, Rep.

357½   Miss Simpson, Christina, housewife, Upper Stockton Road, Dem.

358      Mrs. Sinclair, Rosa E., nurse, 9998 Fruit Ridge Ave., Declined

358½   Sinclair, George A., photographer, Sacramento Ave., Dem.

359      Mrs. Slawson, Clara Ethel, housewife, Lake House, Prog.

360      Slawson, De Witt Silas, rancher, Hack Ave., Lower Stockton Road, Dem.

361      Smith, Albert, horse dealer, Vine and Sutter, Rep.

362      Smith, Arthur Elliott, vulcanizer, Pacific Ave., Rep.

363      Smith, J. B., farmer, Pacific Ave., Rep.

363½   Smith, Ross Arthur, farmer, Laurel & Hickory Sts., Upper Stockton Road, Dem.

364      Mrs. Smith, Viola May, housewife, Pacific Ave.,Rep.

365      Smyth, John Patrick, laborer, Lower Stockton Road, Dem.

366      Snearley, David Richard, carpenter, Mendocino Ave., Dem.  

367      Spence, James, farmer, Pacific Ave., Rep.

368      Spiegle, Jason J., clerk, Sutter Ave., Prog.

369      Mrs. Spiegle, Lela, housewife, Sutter Ave., Prog.

370      Mrs. Spink, Clara Dudley, housewife, Solano Ave., Dem.

371      Spink, Joseph Edwin, civil engineer, Solano Ave., Prog.

371½   Spiva, James D., Expressman, 681 Vine St., Declined

372      Spiva, John G., farmer, Lake House, Declined

372½   Mrs. Spiva, Mary, housewife, Vine St., Declined

373      Spiva, Pleasant A., engineer, 681 Vine St., Dem.

374      Stadler, Frank, farmer, Fruit Ridge Road, Rep.

375      Stahl, George B., builder, San Francisco Boulevard, Prog.

376      Mrs. Stahl, Jennie, housewife, Colonial Heights, Prog.

377      Stamm, Adam, farmer, Elder Creek Ave., Prog.

378      Stanberg, Alexander Bordoen, Clerk, Saladad, Ave., Dem.

379      Mrs. Stanberg, Raychel Teamer, housewife, Saladad Ave., Dem.

380      Stewart, John James, laborer, Roosevelt Ave., Rep.

381      Mrs. Stewart, Mary Thomas, housewife, Roosevelt Ave., Rep.

382      Strauch, Gustave Antone, farmer, Fruit Ridge Road, Rep.

383      Mrs. Strauch, Henrietta Wilhelmina, housewife, Fruit Ridge Road, Rep.

384      Stone, Edward Franklin, horseman, Upper Stockton Road, Dem.

385      Mrs. Sturtevant, Rose, housewife, Roosevelt Ave., Rep.

385½   Mrs. Sutton, Cordelia, housewife, Lower Stockton Road, Rep.

386      Sutton, John Lewis, Timberman, Lake House, Rep.

386½   Miss Sutton, Laura E., laundry worker, Lower Stockton Rd., Rep.



387      Taylor, Charles, teamster, Upper Stockton Road, Rep.

387½   Talbot, Arthur K., farmer, Elder Creek Road, Rep.

388      Mrs. Taylor, Nannie, housewife, Roosevelt Ave., Rep.

389      Thielbahr, Charles John, carpenter, Upper Stockton Road, Dem.

390      Miss Thomas, Delvena, housewife, Roosevelt Ave., Rep.

391      Mrs. Thomas, Elizabeth, housewife, Upper Stockton Road, Rep.

392      Thomas, George Allison, printer, Upper Stockton Road, Rep.

392½   Mrs. Tilden, Hattie, housewife, Upper Stockton Road, Soc.

393      Mrs. Timm, Caroline Pulcifer, housewife, Colonial Heights, Prog.

393½   Tilden, Miles, salesman, Lower Stockton Road, Rep.

394      Timm, Richard Martin William, retired, Colonial Heights, Prog.

395      Mrs. Tinnin, Lily, housewife, Upper Stockton Road, Rep.

395½   Mrs. Todd, Kate A., housewife, Roosevelt Ave., Proh.

396      Tinnin, Tilefus Tyler, constable, Sunnyside, Rep.

396½   Miss Todd, Nellie R., milliner, Roosevelt Ave. Dem.

397      Todd, Clarence Demond, glazier, Roosevelt Ave.,

397½   Mrs. Townsend, Mary, housewife, Upper Stockton Road, Soc.

398      Todd, Walter Scott, painter, Roosevelt Ave., Dem.

389½ (sic) Mrs. Truax, Blanche, housewife, Clairmont Ave.,

399      Mrs. Trainor, Angeline, housewife, Sunnyside, Dem.

399½   Truax, Earl, lather, Clairmont Ave.,

400      Trainor, Frank Claire, deputy clery (sic), Sunnyside, Dem.

400½   Miss Turpin, Susie, missionary, Mortimer Ave., Proh.



401      Mrs. Van Horn, Eugenia Bond, housewife, San Francisco Boulevard, Prog.

402      Van Horn, John Coleman, manager, Colonial Heights, Prog.

403      Virga, Saverio, car repairer, Vine, Rep.

404      Mrs. Vogt, Bertha, housewife, Fruit Ridge Road, Rep.

405      Vogt, William, farmer, Fruit Ridge Road, Proh.

406      Vogt, William Henry, electrician, 471 Fruit Ridge Road, Prog.



407      Warmoth, Honer, B., lineman, Colonial Heights, Rep.

408      Mrs. Warmoth, Luella, housewife, Solano Ave., Rep.

409      Mrs. Waterbury, Amanda Ellen, housewife, Mariposa Ave., Rep.

410      Waterbury, Frank Glanville, retired, Colonial Heights, Rep.

411      Mrs. Webber, Kate, housewife, Fruit Ridge Road, Dem.

412      Webber, William, farmer, Fruit Ridge Road, Dem.

413      Mrs. Webster, Helen A., housewife, Sacramento Ave., Proh.

413½   Webster, William Nathan, retired, Fruit Ridge (sic),

414      Wells, Roy A., lineman, Upper Stockton Road, Soc.

415      Welty, James Bedford, farmer, Pacific Ave., Dem.

416      Miss Welty, Mamie May, homekeeper, Elder Creek Ave., Prog.

417      Mrs. Welty, Mary A., Lake House, Prog.

418      Whaley, James R., clerk, Lake House Inn, Rep.

419      Mrs. Weiderhold, Marie, housewife, Fruit Ridge Road, Dem.

420      White, Robert, farmer, Clairmont Ave., Rep.

421      Whitney, Edward, credit man, 7 Mariposa Ave., Dem.

422      Mrs. Whitney, Minnie, housewife, Mariposa Ave., Dem.

423      Wiederhold, John George, millman, Fruit Ridge Road, Dem.

423½   Wilkie, Harry, engineer, Elder Ave., Rep.

424      Wilkinson, Levi, freight handler, Parker Ave., Rep.

425      Mrs. Williams, Harriet Eaves, housewife, Sutter Ave., Soc.

426      Williams, Joseph Bruce, pressman, Park and Sutter Ave., Rep.

427      Williams, Joseph Henry, floorman, Sutter Ave., Prog.

428      Williams, Thomas Taylor, retired, Goldberg Ave., Dem.

429      Mrs. Wilson, Cora V., housewife, Perry Ave., Prog.

430      Miss Williams, Marion Dorothy, milliner, 635 Sutter Ave., Rep,

431      Wilson, Seth, carpenter, Perry Ave., Prog.

431½   Mrs. Woodbury, Jennie M., housekeeper, Sacramento Ave., Prog.

432      Mrs. Woodbury, Martha Ann, housewife, Sacramento Ave., Prog.

433      Woodbury, William Worthley, farmer, 415 Sacramento Ave., Prog.



434      Young, Charles William, foreman, San Bonita Ave., Dem.

435      Mrs. Young, Velma, housewife, San Bonita Ave., Dem.




Transcribed by Betty Vickroy.

Proofread by Jeanne Taylor.

© 2009 Betty Vickroy.