OCTOBER 3, 1914







Every Elector, duly qualified, whose AFFIDAVIT OF REGISTRATION appears on the Register of the General Election Precinct, and who has continued to reside within the exterior boundaries of such General Election Precinct to day of Election, is entitled to vote.


All name sin the Indexes through which the word MOVED, REMOVED OR SUPPLEMENT are stamped are cancelled and are NOT entitled to vote.


The Electors whose names appear upon the Index of Register and having MOVED, must be carefully examined, and if found to still reside with the Election Precinct, be allowed to vote.


E. F. Pfund,

County Clerk







Precinct Fifty-Five, 14th Assembly District



1          Alber, Arthur Willie, salesman, 3109 6th Ave.,

2          Mrs. Alber, Emma, housewife, 3109 6th, Prog.

3          Alber, Martin, plumber, 3109 6th Ave., Prog.

4          Miss Allen, Minnie, houseword, 3100 6th Ave., Prog.

5          Armstrong, George Washington, porter, 3209 7th Ave., Rep.

6          Mrs. Armstrong, Hanna, housewife, 3126 7th Ave., Soc.

7          Armstrong, Charles Rudolf, gardener, 3126 7th Ave., Soc.



       Mrs. Baceellia, Crystal, housewife, 3429 Lower Stockton Rd., Dem.

8          Mrs. Bahran, Emelia, housewife, East Ave., Prog.

       Baccellia, Victor, laborer, 3429 Stockton Ave. Dem.

9          Bahran, Gustav Arthur, painter, East Ave., Rep.

  10      Mrs. Becker, Alice L., housewife, 3312½ Central Ave., Prog.

  11      Becker, Herbert Sidney, foreman, 3312 Center Ave., Prog.

  12      Becker, Roy Earl, pressman, 3312 Center Ave., Rep.

  13      Mrs. Belise, Henriette, housewife, 3209 6  th (sic) Ave., Dem.

  14      Belise, Rosario Joseph, machinist, 3209 6th Ave., Prog.

  14½   Mrs. Belmont L., housewife, 3119 7th Ave., Dem.

  15      Mrs. Benjamin, Flora Jane, housewife, 3426 East Ave., Prog.

  16      Benjamin, William Robert, salesman, 3426 East Ave., Prog.

  17      Bergen, Jacob, retired, 3114 5th Ave., Rep.

  18      Mrs. Best, Annie, housewife, 3118 5th Ave., Rep.

  19      Best, Henry, retired, 3120 5th Ave., Rep.

  20      Best, William Henry, carpenter, 3118 5th Ave., Rep.

  21      Bird, Harry Walter, machinist, 3106 7th Ave., Soc.

  22      Mrs. Bolton, Mary Eleanor, housewife, 856 Palmetto Ave., Rep.

  23      Bolton, John Jacob, linotype operator, 856 Palmetto Ave., Prog.

  24      Mrs. Boone, Laura, teacher, 3308 East Ave., Rep.

  25      Mrs. Boust, Martha, housewife, 3222 6th Ave., De clined (sic)

  26      Boone, Melvin M., drayman, 3308 East Ave., Prog.

  27      Mrs. Breech, Ada, housewife, 3108 7th Ave., Rep.

  28      Breech, James William, engineer, 3108 7th Ave., Rep.

  29      Brocar, Charles Paul, painter, 3114 5th Ave., Rep.

  30      Mrs. Brocar, Eleanor Daily, housewife, 3114 5th Ave., Rep.

  31      Brockman, George Louis, hostler, 3210 5th Ave., Dem.

  31½   Miss Brockman, Minnie Elizabeth, clerk, 3210 5th Ave., Declined 

  32      Brockman, Raymond, clerk, 3210 5th Ave., Dem.

  33      Brown, George Charles, merchant, 3208 7th Ave., Rep.

  34      Mrs. Brown, Flora, housewife, 3208 7th Ave., Rep.

  35      Bundock, Henry Frederick, potter, 3418 Central Ave., Dem.

  36      Bundock, Robert Bartlett, potter, 3418 Center Ave., Proh.

  37      Butts, Clyde Mitchell, helper, 3304 East Ave., Rep.

  38      Butler, William Benjamin, patternmaker, 8th Ave., Prog.



  39      Cahill, Eugene Henry, painter, 3405 Stockton Ave., Declined

  39½   Mrs. Cahill, Carrie, housewife, 3405 Stockton Ave., Declined

  40      Catchadal, Alphonse Joseph, painter, Palmetto Ave., Rep.

  40½   Mrs. Canfield, Ella M., tailoress, 3130 5th Ave., Rep.

  41      Chapman, Frank E., boilermaker, 3220 6th Ave., Soc.

  42      Clark, Acel Burton, smith, 3116 7th, Rep.

  43      Mrs. Clark, Gertrude Rose, housewife, 3116 7th Ave., Dem.

  44      Mrs. Clark, Hazel, housewife, 3223 6th Ave., Prog.

  45      Clark, Thomas Francis, laundry worker, 3223 6th Ave., Prog.

  46      Clayton, Hiram D., boilermaker, 3111 6th Ave., Soc.

  47      Mrs. Clayton, Nora B., housewife, 3111 6th Ave., Rep.

  48      Coghill, Edward Thomas, clerk, 3106 East Ave., Prog.

  49      Mrs. Catchadel, Samilda Magdaline, housewife, Palmetto Av., Rep. 

  50      Mrs. Coughlin, Mary Ellen, housewife, 3211 7th Ave., Dem.

  51      Coughlin, Owen Eugene, painter, 3211 7th Ave., Dem.



  52      Daniel, Opie, watchman, 3202 5th Ave., Dem.

  53      Danielson, Elmer Vernon, laborer, 3310 East Ave., Rep.

  54      Davidson, George Kenneth, laborer, 3224 6th Ave., Rep.

  54½   Doherty, Patrick, painter, 3119 6th Ave., Prog.

  55      Dosch, George Francis, salesman, 3317 Center Ave., Prog.

  56      Mrs. Dosch, Grace, housewife, 3317 Center Ave., Rep.

  57      Duff, Edward, foreman, 3309 Center Ave., Rep.

  57½   Duff, Edward Everett, foreman, 3119 6th Ave., Rep.



  58      Mrs. Ehlers, Lily, nurse, 3508 East Ave., Rep.

  59      Ervin, Ralph Edgar, laborer, 3125 7th Ave., Dem.



  60      Mrs. Fath, Mary Madaline, housewife, Palmetto & 7th Ave., Rep.

  61      Mrs. Fleck, Minerva, homekeeper, 3120 5th Ave., Rep.

  62      Frago, Frank Antone, ironworker, 3504 East Ave., Dem.

  63      Frago, Joe Joaquin, laborer, 3504 East Ave., Rep.

  64      Frago, John, finisher, 3504 East Ave., Dem.

  64½   Mrs. Frago, Mary J., housewife, 3504 East Ave., Dem.  

  65      Fuller, Fred, teamster, 3204 7th Ave., Prog.



  66      Garlick, Edward Aaron, millman, East Ave. & Palmetto, Prog.

  67      Mrs. Garlick, Grace Marie, housewife, 870 East Ave., Prog.

  68      Mrs. Garvin, Laura Belle, housewife, 3423 East Ave., Prog.

  69      Gibfried, William John, clerk, 3314 East Ave., Prog.

  70      Mrs. Glover, Caroline Christina, housewife, 3112 6th Ave., Rep.

  71      Glover, Egbert Francis, driver, 3112 6th Ave., Rep.

  72      Gratiot, David S., moulder, 3217 6th Ave., Rep.

  73      Mrs. Gratiot, Harriet, housewife, 3217 6th Ave., Proh.

  74      Green, Edwin Leo, carpenter, 3318 Center Ave., Prog.

  75      Mrs. Gordon, Edna Frances, housewife, 3422 Marshall Ave., Dem.

  76      Mrs. Green, Mary A., housewife, 3208 7th Ave., Rep.

  77      Grigsby, Edwin James, clerk, 3126 5th Ave., Prog.

  78      Grigsby, James Pulaski, carpenter, 3126 5th Ave., Prog.

  79      Mrs. Grigsby, Laura F., housewife, 3126 5th Ave., Prog.

  80      Grimm, Albert Edwin, detective, 3114 7th Ave., Prog.

  81      Mrs. Grimm, Blanch, housewife, 3114 7th Ave., Dem.



  82      Mrs. Hawkins, Jessie Pearl, dressmaker, 3216 6th Ave., Dem.

  83      Hawkins, Robert DeWitt, clerk, 3216 6th Ave., Dem.

  84      Heisch, Edward Joseph, blacksmith, 3306 East Ave., Prog.

  85      Mrs. Heisch, Elsie Winfred, housewife, 3306 East Ave., Prog.

  85½   Miss Herndon, Alma S., nurse, 3209 9th Ave., Rep.

  86      Herndon, Clarence Neal, inspector, 9th Ave., West, Dem.

  87      Mrs. Herndon, Gertrude, housewife, 3306 East Ave.,Dem.

  88      Hertig, Edward, 3119 6th Ave., Dem.

  89      Mrs. Hitchcock, Agnes Foster, housewife, 3331 Central Ave., Dem.

  90      Mrs. Hoeckel, Clara, housewife, 3108 5th Ave., Rep.

  91      Miss Hoeckel, Edna, student, 3108 5th Ave., Prog.

  92      Hoeckel, Charles, packer, 3108 5th Ave., Rep.

  93      Mrs. Holtkamp, Emma, housewife, 3220 6th Ave., Soc.

  94      Hoppe, Willie Frank, fireman, 3429 Lower Stockton Road, Rep.

  95      Holtkamp, Louis John, ironworker, 3220 6th Ave., Rep.



  96      Jenkins, Harry Joseph, carman, 3208 6th Ave., Rep.

  96½   Mrs. Jenkins, Mattie Grace, housewife, 3208 6th Ave., Rep.

  97      Jensen, Charles William, foreman, 3310 East Ave., Rep.

  98      Mrs. Jensen, Mae, housewife, 3310 East Ave., Rep.

  99      Johnson, Christian, iceman, 3216 5th Ave., Prog.

100      Mrs. Johnson, Ingeborg, housewife, 3216 5th Ave., Prog.

101      Mrs. Jones, Georgie, housewife, 3210 6th Ave., Prog.

102      Mrs. Jordan, Nettie, housewife, 3320 Central Ave., Rep.

103      Jordan, Edward Michael, blacksmith, 3320 Central Ave., Rep.

104      Mrs. Jori, Emma, bookkeeper, 3109 6th Ave., Dem.



105      Keller, Grant Montrose, laborer, 3115 7th Ave., Prog.

106      Kurtz, Frederick, retired, 3120 6th Ave., Rep.

107      Kurtz, John Frederick, metal worker, 3120 6th Ave., Rep.



108      Lange, Joseph Bernard, machine hand, 3218 5th Ave., Declined

108½   Mrs. Lial, Josephine, housewife, West Ave., Dem.

109      Lial, Joseph, laborer, East Ave., Prog.

109½   Locke, Lloyd Harmon, salesman, 3215 9th Ave., Rep.

110      Longnecker, Lew Russell, fireman, 3314 Central Ave., Rep.

111      Mrs. Longnecker, Theresa E., housewife, 3314 Central Ave., Rep.



112      McCants, William, clerk, 3200 6th Ave., Prog.

113      Mrs. McCarthy, Annie Elizabeth, housewife, 320 06th (sic) Ave., Prog.

114      McCarthy, William Joseph, binder, 3200 6th Ave., Prog.



115      Maker, Lee Wells, laundryman, 3209 7th Ave., Rep.

116      Mrs. Maker, Mary Adelaid, housewife, 3209 7th Ave., Rep.

117      Mann, Alton Howard, gardener, 3212 6th Ave., Prog.

118      Mann, Clifton Ray, driver, 3212 6th Ave., Prog.

119      Mrs. Mann, Josie, housewife, 3212 6th Ave., Prog.

120      Marshall, Robert Sherman, paperhanger, 3213 6th Ave., Prog.

120½   Martin, Harry, engineer, 3515 Stockton Ave., Rep.

121      Mrs. Maskey, Viola, homekeeper, 3118 6th Ave., Prog.

122      Mason, Edward Snowden, builder, 3214 5th Ave., Prog.

123      Meseth, Charles George, teamster, 3223 7th Ave., Dem.

124      Mrs. Mitchell, Hattie Marston, h’sewife, 3317 Stockton Ave., Rep.

125      Mitchell, Rowland Tyler, gardener, 3317 Stockton Ave., Rep.

126      Morrissey, James Francis, boilermaker, Lower Stockton Rd., Prog.



127      Newbert, Alice Maud, housewife, 25½ Palmetto Ave., Prog.

128      Newbert, Frank Millard, merchant, 25½ Palmetto Ave., Prog.

129      Mrs. Newington, Alma, homekeeper, 3130 7th Ave., Rep.

130      Newington, John George, machine hand, 3130 7th Ave., Prog.

131      Mrs. Newington, Nellie, housewife, 3128 7th Ave., Rep.

132      Newington, William James, conductor, 3128 7th Ave., Rep.

133      Newington, Roy Ernest, moulder, 3130 7th Ave., Rep.

134      Noyman, Thorvald, ice maker, 3210 5th Ave., Prog.



134½   Parker, Sam, laborer, 320 97th (sic) Ave., Dem.

135      Pemberton, Elmer C. E., boilermaker, 3111 7th Ave., Dem.

135½   Mrs. Parker, Viola Olive, housewife, 3209 7th Ave., Dem.    

136      Mrs. Pesterfield, Elnor, housewife, 847 Palmetto Ave., Prog.

137      Pesterfield, Charles, carpenter, Palmetto Ave., Prog.

138      Prince, Herbert Carson, millman, East & Palmetto Ave., Prog.

139      Mrs. Prince, Mary, housewife, 870 East Ave., Dem.

140      Mrs. Pruett, Rose, housewife, 3302 East Ave., Dem.



141      Mrs. Ravellette, Elizabeth, housewife, 3110 5th Ave., Dem.

142      Ravellette, Henry Louis, painter, 3110 5th Ave., Rep.

143      Reen, Gilbert La Fayette, filler, 342 2East (sic) Ave., Prog.

144      Mrs. Rice, Frances Theresa, housewife, Natoma & West Ave., Rep.

145      Rice, William Charles, carpenter, West Ave. & Natoma Ave., Rep.

146      Rittenhouse, Mathew, laborer, 3420 Central Ave., Dem.

147      Rooney, James Bernard, farmer, 27½ Palmetto Ave., Dem.

148      Rooney, Jr., James Bernard, rancher, 27½ Palmetto Ave., Dem.

149      Miss Rooney, Loretta Aloysius, teacher, 27½ Palmetto Ave., Dem.

150      Mrs. Rooney, Mary Aloysius, housewife, 27½ Palmetto Ave., Dem.

151      Ross, Benjamin Porter, cook, 3224 7th, Soc.

152      Mrs. Russell, Bettie, housewife, 3118 6th , Rep.

153      Russell, Walter Scott, carpenter, 3118 6th Ave., Rep.



154      Sangmaster, Henry, engineer, 3508 East Ave., Prog.

155      Sangmaster, Henry G., laborer, 3508 East Ave., Prog.

156      Mrs. Sangmaster, Viola, housewife, 3508 East Ave., Prog.

157      Mrs. Sargent, Ida Lena, housewife, 3110 7th Ave., Declined

158      Sawyer, James Chester, bookkeeper, 3210 7th Ave., Soc.

159      Sawyer, Michael Joseph, barber, 3200 5th Ave., Dem.

160      Mrs. Sawyer, Mary E., 3200 5th Ave., Dem.

161      Mrs. Sawyer, Mathilde, housewife, 3210 7th Ave., Soc.

162      Shearer, Lewis Livingston, polisher, 3109 7th, Prog.

163      Mrs. Shearer, Ola, housewife, 3109 7th Ave., Prog.

164      Mrs. Silva, Isabel Rodguers, merchant, Whiskey Hill, Dem.

165      Simons, Thomas, merchant, 3215 6th Ave., Rep.

166      Mrs. Skidmore, Mary Elizabeth, housewife, 3125 7th Ave., Prog.

167      Skidmore, Walter Edwin, policeman, 3125 7th Ave., Prog.

168      Spaulding, Arthur Wilber, machinist, 3114 6th Ave., Prog.

169      Mrs. Spaulding, Martha E., housewife, 3114 6th Ave., Prog.

170      Specht, Gustavus Charles, carpenter, 3218 5th Ave., Dem.

171      Mrs. Specht, Mary Pauline, housewife, 3218 5th Ave., Dem.

172      Stephen, William F., clerk, 3212 7th Ave., Prog.

173      Mrs. Stone, Edna, housewife, 3210 6th Ave., Prog.

173½   Stone, William Auttie, blacksmith, 3210 6th Ave., Rep.

174      Strong, George Henry, clerk, 3315 Center Ave., Prog.

175      Strong, Ira, painter, 3315 Center Ave., Dem.

176      Mrs. Strong, Lydia, housewife, 3315 Central Ave., Dem.

177      Summers, Laurence James, engineer, 3508 East Ave., Prog.

178      Sutton, Elmer John, millman, East Ave., Prog.



179      Mrs. Taylor, Carrie Estelle, housewife, 3311 Central Ave, Dem.

180      Mrs. Taylor, Elsie Eliza, housewife, 3120 7th Ave., Proh.

181      Taylor, John Albert, iron moulder, 3311 Center Ave., Rep.

182      Taylor, Lewis Edward, painter, 3120 7th Ave., Dem.

183      Mrs. Taylor, Minnie May, housewife, 3311 Center Ave., Rep.

184      Tougaw, John Logan, painter, 3106 6th Ave., Dem.



185      Mrs. Wackford, Evelyn Marie, housewife, 3207 6th Ave., Prog.

186      Wackford, Thomas Herbert, clerk, 3207 6th Ave., Prog.

187      Mrs. Ward, Indiana, housewife, 3218 6th Ave., Rep.

188      Ward, William Isaac, teamster, 3218 6th Ave., Prog.

189      Miss Ward, Jessie May, clerk, 3219 6th Ave., Rep.

190      Ward, John, Retired, 3218 6th Ave., Prog.

191      Whittaker, John Eli, barber, 3214 6th Ave., Soc.

192      Mrs. Whittaker, Laura, housewife, 3214 6th Ave., Rep.

193      Whittaker, Lawrence barber, 3214 6th Ave., Rep.

193½   Mrs. Williams, Anna E., housewife, 3117 7th Ave., Dem.

194      Williams, Frank Patrick, contractor, 3117 7th Ave., Prog.

195      Mrs. Woodson, Gladys, housewife, 3108 5th Ave., Rep.

196      Wright, Allen Thurman, press feeder, 3223 7th Ave., Dem.

197      Wright, Bertram Samuel, storekeeper, 3123 6th Ave., Rep.

198      Wright, Harry Oliver, laborer, 3223 7th Ave., Dem.

199      Mrs. Wright, Lulu May, housewife, 3123 6th Ave., Rep.

200      Mrs. Wright, Minnie Louise, 3223 7th Ave., Dem.

201      Wright, Ned Ezra, 3223 7th Ave., Dem.

202      Wright, Romulus S., retired, 3223 7th Ave., Dem.




Transcribed by Betty Vickroy.

Proofread by Jeanne Taylor.

© 2009 Betty Vickroy.