OCTOBER 3, 1914







Every Elector, duly qualified, whose AFFIDAVIT OF REGISTRATION appears on the Register of the General Election Precinct, and who has continued to reside within the exterior boundaries of such General Election Precinct to day of Election, is entitled to vote.


All name sin the Indexes through which the word MOVED, REMOVED OR SUPPLEMENT are stamped are cancelled and are NOT entitled to vote.


The Electors whose names appear upon the Index of Register and having MOVED, must be carefully examined, and if found to still reside with the Election Precinct, be allowed to vote.


E. F. Pfund,

County Clerk



Precinct Fifty-One, 14th Assembly District



1          Attama, Rudolph John, mechanic, S. W. Cor., Rose & Upper Stockton Road, Rep.



2          Bailey, Isaac Jesse, retired, 4127 Sacramento Ave., Soc.

3          Bailey, Joshua James, retired, 4127 Sacramento Ave., Reclined (sic)

4          Barber, Albert William, collector, 4339 Tuolumne Ave., Prog.

5          Barber, Conrad William, conductor, 4339 Tuolumne Ave., Prog.

6          Mrs. Barber, Hattie E., housewife, Upper Stockton Road, Rep.

8          Mrs. Brome, Katie May, housewife, 24 Rose Ave., Prog.

9          Mrs. Bloom, Clementine, housewife, 4028 Palmetto Ave., Declined

10        Mrs. Brown, May Maggie, dressmaker, 4312 Calaveras Ave., Prog.



11        Campbell, John, retired, 199 Vine St., Rep.

12        Mrs. Campbell, Helene, housewife, 199 Vine St., Rep.

13        Capps, Lenni Cimble, janitor, 4318 Calaveras Ave., Prog.

14        Mrs. Cassidy, Emma Keith, housewife, Traction Ave., Prog.

15        Cassidy, Francis Raymond, machinist, 8 Traction Ave., Rep.

16        Mrs. Carter, Pearl, housewife, 4338 Calaveras Ave., Rep.

17        Carter, William Washington, helper, 4338 Calaveras Ave., Rep.

17˝     Clark, Charles Henry, laundry man, 319 Pine Ave., Prog.

18        Clark, Juston Edward, sweeper, Rose Ave., Dem.

19        Mrs. Clark, Mary Ruth, housewife, 78 Rose Ave., Rep.

20        Colman, Eugene, plumber, 4306 Rose Ave., Dem.

21        Cunningham, James Contractor, 622 Vine St., Rep.



22        Mrs. Dailey, Benecia Velijo, housewife, 82 Rose Ave, Rep.

23        Dailey, Charles Edgar, carpenter, 82 Rose Ave.

24        Dorling, Chancellor John, car builder, 3928 Rose Ave., Rep.

25        Mrs. Davidson, Eva Jane, housewife, Sutter & Calaveras, Proh.

25˝     Mrs. Davidson, Louise, housewife, Tresch Ave. East, Prog.

26        Davidson, Summer Ernest, janitor, Sutter & Calaveras, Rep.

26˝     Davidson, Samuel James, foreman, Tresch Ave., Rep.

27        Davis, Lewis Birdell, blacksmith 203 Vine St., Rep.

28        Miss Desmond, Claire, stenographer, 197 Vine St., Prog.

29        Desmond, Philip D., grocer, 197 Vine St., Dem.

30        Mrs. Desmond, Elizabeth, housewife, 197 Vine St., Dem.

31        Desmond, Daniel, merchant, Vine & U. Stockton Road, Dem.

32        Miss Dolley, Annie Lucy, domestic, 4334 Calaveras Ave., Rep.

33        Dolley, Charles Cullis, elevator operator, 4334 Calaveras Ave., Rep.

34        Dolley, Edward Milton, clerk, 4334 Calaveras Ave., Rep.

35        Drake, Charles Stillman, finisher, 4027 Myrtle Ave., Prog.



36        Finch, John Wesley, clerk, 4320 Calaveras Ave., Dem.

37        Mrs. Floyd, Edith E., housewife, 4325 Tuolumne Ave., Rep.

38        Francies, Sr., Sidney Enous, mchnt., 1436 U. Stockton Ave., Dem.

39        Floyd, Thomas Washington, well borer, 4325 Tuolumne Ave., Rep.



40˝     Mrs. Gleeson, Charlotte, saleslady, Tresch Ave., Prog.

41        Garrett, David Thomas, salesman, Pine & Myrtle Ave., Rep.

41˝     Mrs. Graham, Annie E., housewife, 4025 Pine Ave., Proh.

42        Mrs. Garrett, Magert, housewife, 4337 Tuolumne Ave., Rep.

42˝     Graham, Frank, lumber inspector, 9 Pine Ave., Dem.

43        Mrs. Greenway, Mary, housewife, Pine Ave., Soc.

43˝     Miss Guenther, Katie, saleslady, 1432 U. Stockton Rd., Declined



44        Mrs. Hogue, Mary Ellen, retired, 4151 Sacramento Ave., Prog.

45        Hansen, Axel Ohn, electrician, 3340 Glenn St., Prog.

46        Hoffelt, Nicholas, laborer, 4312 Calaveras Ave., Rep.

47        Mrs. Holt, Nornie, housewife, 4306 Calaveras Ave., Rep.

48        Holt, George Whiteley, contractor, 4315 Tuolumne Ave., Rep.

49        Hough, George William, ironworker, 22 Pine Ave., rep.

50        Mrs. Houghton, Sarah Elizabeth, china artist, 133 Rose Ave., Rep.



50˝     Johnson, Frank, laborer, 4315 Calaveras Ave., Dem.



51        Mrs. Kennedy, Mary Jane, housewife, 4026 Palmetto Ave., Rep.

51˝     Mrs. Kinney, Julia A., housekeeper, Uhl Court, Dem.

52        Kennedy, William Butler, hodcarrier, 4026 Palmetto Ave., Rep.

52˝     Kinney, Samuel Henry, salesman, 4 Uhl Court, Dem.

53        Mrs. Kirchgater, Lizzie, housewife, 673 Vine St., Rep.



53˝     Lee, Otis Phineas, carpenter, Rose (sic), Dem.

54        Mrs. Lee, Phoebe, housewife, Rose Ave., Dem.

55        Miss Lee, Susie Geneva, tel. operator, Rose Ave., Box 70, Dem.

56        Leonard, Leon Albert, driver, 4015 Myrtle Ave., Dem.



57        McClellan, John David, carpenter, 130 Rose Ave., Dem.

58        Mrs. McCrary, Edith, housewife, 4316 Calaveras Ave., Dem.

58˝     McIntyre, Charles Kenyon, clerk, Tresch Ave., Dem.

59        McCrary, Wilmot Bluford, engineer, 4316 Calaveras Ave., Dem.

59˝     Mrs. McIntyre, Lucy May, housewife, Tresch Ave., Rep.



60        Mancuso, Sam, wellborer, 3923 Palmetto Ave., Declined

61        Mrs. Masdoe, Caroline, housewife, 3923 Palmetto Ave., Rep.

61˝     Masdeo, Carmino, laborer, 3923 Palmetto Ave., Ave. (Sic)

62        Miller, Pomeroy Denis, farmer, Rose & Pine Ave., Declined

62˝     Miller, Charles William “J.,” clerk, 1512 U. Stockton Rd., Prog.

63        Morshead, John Edward, teamster, Amelia & Sutter Aves., Dem



64        Nesler, Ross, merchant, Amelia Ave., Rep.



65        Mrs. O’Kelly, Ethel May, housewife, Cor. Tuolumne Ave. & Sutter St., Soc.

66        O’Kelly, Thomas Jefferson, real estate, Tuolumne & Sutter, Soc.

66˝     Orelli, Gabriel, house painter, Upper Stockton Road, Rep.



67        Parker, Frank Adelbert, salesman, 50 Rose Ave., Prog.

68        Mrs. Paule, Annie, housewife, 40 Rose Ave., Prog.

69        Paule, Charles, foreman, 40 Rose Ave., Prog.

70        Mrs. Perry, Marie, laundress, 4418 Rose Ave., Prog.

71        Perry, Frank, laborer, 4418 Rose Ave., Rep.

72        Mrs. Petrig, Ana, housewife, 3306 Camellia Ave., Soc.

73        Petrig, Josef Anton, laborer, 3306 Camellia Ave., Soc.

74        Pierini, Annibale, farmer, 140 Rose Ave., Rep.

75        Pierini, Jachin, laborer, Rose Ave., Rep.

76        Mrs. Pierini, Louisa Flora, housewife,4414 Rose Ave., Rep.

77        Pierini, Virgil Albert, blacksmith, 4414 Rose Ave, Rep.

78        Mrs. Plank, Ellen D., nurse, 4001 Sacramento Ave., Dem.

79        Mrs. Pleasant, Laura, housewife, 4335 Tuolumne Ave., Dem.



80        Rose, Manuel, millhand, 4323 Calaveras Ave., Soc.

81        Russell, Joseph, farmer, Pine Ave., Dem.

82        Mrs. Russell, Lydia, housewife, 332 Pine Ave., Dem.



83        Mrs. Scholl, Agnes, housewife, Palmetto & Rose, Prog.

84        Scholl, Ernst, watchman, Palmetto Ave., Prog.

85        Scholl, Harry Benjamin, engineer, Palmetto & Sycamore, Dem.

86        Scholl, Fred Joseph, laborer, Palmetto & Sycamore Ave., Prog.

87        Schulze, Edmund George, painter, 650 Vine Ave., Rep.

88        Miss Schulze, Lena Estelle, teacher, 650 Vine, Rep.

89        Mrs. Shliff, Chisia, housewife, 4319 Calaveras Ave., Dem.

90        Shliff, Solomon, clerk, 4319 Calaveras Ave., Rep.

91        Sturdivant, Joseph Walter, carpenter, 130 Rose Ave., Dem.

92        Mrs. Sturdivant, Mary Ann, housewife, 130 Rose Ave., Soc.

93        Mrs. Sturtevant, Rose, housewife, 1721 U. Stockton Rd., Prog.

94        Sturtevant, Timothy Ray, machinist, 1721 U. Stockton Rd., Rep.

95        Swasey, Gussie Lee, housewife, 4007 Palmetto Ave., Soc.

96        Swasey, Horace William, teamster, 4007 Palmetto Ave., Soc.



97        Mrs. Theobald, Maude Marion, housewife, 4151 Sacramento Ave., Prog.

98        Theobald, William Wallace, engineer, 4151 Sacramento Ave., Prog.

99        Mrs. Tilden, Hattie, housewife, 326 Pine Ave., Soc.

100      Trezise, Thomas Henry, retired, Palmetto (sic) Ave., Prog.



102      Uhl, Harry, builder, Uhl Court, Prog.

103      Mrs. Uhl, Mary Anna, housewife, Uhl Court, Prog.



104      Mrs. Vaughn, Delia Ellen, housewife, 4324 Calaveras Ave., Soc.



105      Ward, Frank, teamster, 4007 Myrtle Ave., Dem.

105˝   Mrs. Ward, Nellie, housewife, 4005 Myrtle Ave., Rep.

106      Ward, Lewis, teamster, 4015, Myrtle Ave., Dem.

107      Wells, William Henry, rancher, 4119 Sacramento Ave., Dem.

108      Wiseman, Edwin Burnell, bookkeeper, 7 Uhl Court, Rep.




Transcribed by Betty Vickroy.

Proofread by Jeanne Taylor.

© 2009 Betty Vickroy.