OCTOBER 3, 1914







Every Elector, duly qualified, whose AFFIDAVIT OF REGISTRATION appears on the Register of the General Election Precinct, and who has continued to reside within the exterior boundaries of such General Election Precinct to day of Election, is entitled to vote.


All name sin the Indexes through which the word MOVED, REMOVED OR SUPPLEMENT are stamped are cancelled and are NOT entitled to vote.


The Electors whose names appear upon the Index of Register and having MOVED, must be carefully examined, and if found to still reside with the Election Precinct, be allowed to vote.


E. F. Pfund,

County Clerk





Precinct Forty-Five, 14th Assembly District



1                  Allyn, Sidney, carpenter, Elmhurst, Rep.

2                  Armstrong, Paul McDowell, horseman, racetrack, Rep.

3                  Miss Attama, Leonore W., bookkeeper, Sloal & Railroad Ave., Rep.

4                  Attama, Maggie, housewife, Elmhurst, Rep.

5                  Attama, Sino Johan, retired, Elmhurst

      Miss Averill, Anna B., clerk, 21 Cluness Ave., Dem.

6                  Miss Averill, Anna Bigelow, clerk, 21 Clunes Ave., Prog.

7                  Averill, Linly A., Builder, 21 Cluness Ave., Dem.



8                  Baldwin, Francis Dennis, horseman, Race Track, Dem.

9                  Mrs. Barlow, Katie, retired, County Hospital, Rep.

10                   Barnard, Harold Dewey, physician, County Hospital, Rep.

11                   Barnett, William, retired, County Hospital

12                   Mrs. Bastian, Annie, housewife, 65 tSanley (sic) Ave., Declined

13                   Becker, Archie Lealand, boilermaker, Rincon Ave., Rep..

14                   Mrs. Becker, Minnie, housewife, Rincon Ave., Prog.

15                   Mrs. Bement, Martha A., housewife, 311 U. Stockton Road, Prog.

18          Bird, Wilbur Monroe, clerk, Manzanita Ave., Rep.

19          Blais, Edward, retired, County Hospital, Dem.

20          Mrs. Blamey, Elizabeth Jane, housewife, Elmhurst, Rep.

21          Mrs. Bloom, Mary Catherine, housewife, Elmhurst, Rep.

22          Bloom, Peter, gardener, Elmhurst, Rep.

23          Bordisso, Domenik, farmer, Mill Ave., Rep.

24          Brainard, Edward Wilson, retired, 44 Birdsall Ave., Prog.

25          Mrs. Brainard, Helen Irene, housewife, 44 Birdsall Ave., Prog.

26          Brewer, Henry Chambers, retired, County Hospital, Rep.

27          Miss Brightman, May A., Cashier, 111 Upper Stockton Rd., Dem.

28          Broadley, Robert Frazer, clerk, Helvetia Ave., Prog.

29          Brock, George Arlington, rancher, 1950 Vine, Prog.

30          Mrs. Brock, Lizzie, housewife, 1950 Vine, Prog.

31          Miss Brown, Frances Miriam, nurse, County Hospital, Rep.

32          Brown, Thomas M., horseman, State Fair Grounds, Rep.

33          Mrs. Burgess, Alice Mina, housewife, 33 Cluness Ave., Prog.

34          Burgess, George Washington, 33 Cluness Ave., Prog.

35          Burke, John William, retired, County Hospital, Dem.

36          Mrs. Burnside, Alzina, housewife, 205½ Vine, Prog.

37          Burnside, Frank Edwin, mchnst., 111 Upper Stockton Rd., Prog.

38          Burnside, Martin Garrison, carpenter, Vine, Rep.

39          Burnside, Robert Thomas, machine hand, 305 Vien, Prog.

40          Burt, Arthur Theodore, laborer, Birdsall Ave., Prog.

41          Byan, Henry Seth, retired, County Hospital, Prog.




42          Mrs. Cahalan, Annie F., housewife, Elmhurst, Prog.

43          Cahalan, George W., caulker, California & Monterey, Prog.

44          Miss Cahalan, Violet, student, Elmhurst, Prog.

45          Mrs. Campbell, Alma, housewife, Upper Stockton Road, Dem.

46          Campbell, Edward, blacksmith, Manzanita Ave., Rep.

47          Mrs. Campbell, Elizabeth Anna, housewife, Elmhurst, Rep.

48          Mrs. Campbell, Emma Fanny, housewife, Manzanita Ave., Rep.

49          Campbell, Luther Leroy, machinist, Upper Stockton Road, Rep.

50          Campbell, William, accountant, California Boulevard, Rep.

51          Carpenter, Cyral T., poultryman, El Dorado Ave., Prog.

52          Mrs. Carpenter, Minta Florence, housewife, El Dorado Ave., Prog.

53          Carpenter, Nathan Tracy, poultryman, El Dorado Ave., Prog.

54          Carrillo, Henry Guadlupie, horseman, Race Track, Rep.

55          Casella, Alphonso, farmer, Elmhurst, Prog.

56          Mrs. Chase, Anna Cecelia, housewife, 21 Birdsall Ave., Dem.

56½      Chase, O. E., merchant, 21 Birdsall Ave., Prog.

57          Clinton, George Wellmond, machinist, 44 Vine, Declined

58          Coffee, Patrick Henry, retired, County Hospital, Dem.

59          Mrs. Coffin, Carrie Lucretia, housewife, Helvetia Ave., Prog.

60          Coffin, Edward Macy, clerk, Helvetia Ave., Prog.

61          Colombino, Bernard, retired, County Hospital, Rep.

61½       Collette, Walter Burton, polisher, Elmhurst, Soc.

62          Mrs. Conrad, Frances, housewife, 2521 Upper Stockton Rd., Prog.

63          Conrad, Samuel Edgar, farmer, 2521 Upper Stockton Rd., Prog.

64          Contreras, Joseph, expressman, 4416 Kentucky Ave., Prog.

65          Conwell, Thomas, hostler, Race Track, Rep.

66          Mrs. Conyers, Della, housewife, 1721 San Diego Ave., Declined

67          Conyers, Henry Arthur, butcher, 1721 San Diego Ave., Prog.

68          Cooley, Albiom Sanborn, stenographer, Elmhurst, Prog.

69          Mrs. Cooley, Annie Lucy, housewife, 1511 Salinas Ave., Prog.

70          Cooley, Charles Colfax, collector, Elmhurst, Prog.

71          Cooper, Francis Erskine, horseman, Race Track, Dem.

72          Corbett, Edward C., painter, 20 Cluness Ave., Rep.

73          Mrs. Corbett, Isabelle R., housewife, 20 Cluness Ave., Rep.

74          Mrs. Cordano, Celeste, housewife, Brighton Ave., Rep.

75          Cordano, Deodato, farmer, Brighton Ave., Prog.

76          Mrs. Cordano, Jennie, housewife, 1796 Mill Ave., Rep.

77          Cordano, Joseph, farmer, 1796 Mill Ave., Rep.

78          Mrs. Coster, Iva, housewife, Monterey Ave., Dem.

79          Coster, Robert Alfred, clerk, 1819 Monterey Ave., Prog.

79½       Cummings, Jesse Carl, physician, County Hospital, Dem.

80          Cummins, John H., contractor, 2503 Upper Stockton Ave., Dem.

81          Mrs. Coummins, S. A., housewife, 2503 Upper Stockton Rd., Declined



82       Danger, Alfred Bernard, estimator, 40 Stanley Ave., Prog.

83       Mrs. Danger, Estelle M., housewife, 40 Stanley Ave., Prog.

84       Darby, Allie Mildred, housewife, Monterey Ave., Dem.

85       Darby, Walter Elmer, painter, Monterey Ave., Dem.

86       Davidson, Hamilton Partridge, 103 Upper Stockton Road, Prog.

87       Mrs. Davidson, J., homekpr., Ridge & Upper Stockton Rd., Prog.

88       Davis, Henry, contractor, Elmhurst, Dem.

89       Davis, Stephen Wilson, carpenter, Manzanita Ave., Prog.

89½    Delander, John, retired, County Hospital, Declined

90       Delbridge, John, electrician, El Dorado Ave., Soc.

91       Dempsey, John Henry William, cook, County Hospital, Dem.

92       Mrs. Denning, Hazel, housewife, 48 Hartley Ave., Prog.

93       Mrs. Deutsch, Adeline, housewife, 24 Stanley Ave., Prog.

94       Deutsch, Harry, clerk, Stanley Ave., Prog.

95       Deutsch, Martin, machine hand, 24 Stanley Ave., Dem.

96       Dillon, Michael Edward, clerk, 29 Cluness Ave., Declined

97       Dodge, Claude Follette, ironworker, 40 Cluness Ave., Dem.

98       Mrs. Dodge, Lizzie, housewife, 40 Cluness Ave., Rep.

99       Miss Doebler, Etta, stenographer, 21 McFarland Ave., Dem.

  100       Doebler, Thomas, bookkeeper, 21 McFarland Ave., Dem.

  101       Donegan, Richard, salesman, 24, Hartley Ave., Prog.

  101½    Dolling, William Lewis, miner, County Hospital, Prog.

  102       Mrs. Donegan, Vida M., Housewife, 24 Hartley Ave., Prog.

  103       Donovan, Denis, laborer, County Hospital, Dem.

  104       Miss Dudley, Emma Susan, laundress, 36 Birdsall Ave., Prog.

  105       Dudley, Julius Monroe, carpenter, 36 Birdsall Ave., Declined

  106       Duke, Erle G., carpenter, 36 Cluness Ave., Dem.

  107       Mrs. Duke, Vettelene Williams, housewife, 36 Cluness Ave., Dem.

  108       Dwyer, John Edward, carpenter, Elmhurst, Prog.

  109       Mrs. Dwyer, Sarah E., Housewife, eKarney (sic) Ave., Declined

  110       Dymek, Leonard Michael, Salesman, Manzanita Ave., Prog. 




111        Elliott, Irwin John, plumber, 2301 Upper Stockton Road, Prog.

112        Mrs. Elliott, Mary, housewife, 306 High Ave., Rep.

113        Elliott, William T., laborer, High Street, Rep.

114        Ellis, William Henry, retired, County Hospital, Dem.

114½     Eno, Arthur, Printer, Cluness Ave., Dem. 65 Cluness Ave., Dem.

115        Engelbrecht, Charles Arthur, retired, County Hospital, Declined

115½     Mrs. Eno, Lillian, May, Housewife, 65 Cluness Ave., Rep.



116        Fehl, George Henry, retired, 117 Upper Stockton Road, Prog.

117        Mrs. Fehl, Mary Anna, housewife, 117 Upper Stockton Road, Prog.

118        Mrs. Ferretta, Lena Mabel, housewife, Upper Stockton Road, Rep.

119        Ferretta, Louis Stephen, groceryman, Upper Stockton Road, Rep.

120        Foersch, Otto, retired, County Hospital, Dem.

121        Forshay, Harry Darrell, Clerk, 2050 Vine, Dem.

122        Mrs. Forshay, Mamie Ethle, housewife, 2050 Vine, Dem.

123        Fasetti, Joseph Ciprano, laundry worker, County Hospital, Rep.

124        Foye, Joe, retired, County Hospital, Rep.

125        Mrs. Fretts, Irene H., housewife, 25 McFarland Ave., Rep.

126        Friedhofer, George John Philip, retired, County Hospital, Rep.

126½     Mrs. Furlong, Gertrude Martha, housewife, 57 Cluness Ave., Rep.

127        Furlong, George Washington, buyer, 57 Cluness Ave., Prog.




128        Garrett, John, teamster, Upper Stockton Road, Rep.

129        Mrs. Garrett, Martha Jane, housewife, Upper Stockton Rd., Rep.

130       Garrett, William Earl, machinist, Upper Stockton Rd., Rep.

131       Gattmann, Julius Solomon, merchant, Elmhurst, Prog.

132       Mrs. Gattmann, Tracy Lesman, homekeeper, Elmhurst, Prog.

133       Gibson, Henry, retired, 247 High, Rep.

134       Gibson, John, retired, 247 High, Rep.

135       Gilman, William, retired, County Hospital, Rep.

136       Goehring, William August, pipefitter, Kearney Ave., Prog.

137       Goetze, William Herman, carpenter, 263 High, Rep.

138       Goldberg, Fritz, laborer, Upper Stockton Road, Rep.

139       Golding, James, retired, County Hospital, Dem.

140       Gomes, Feliciano Augusto, clerk, 57 Cluness Ave, Rep.

141       Goudie, Clinton Melvin, salesman, Elmhurst, Dem.

142       Mrs. Gould, Ella Grace, clerk, 1818 San Diego Ave., Rep.

143       Green, Deb Richard, cashier, Elmhurst, Prog.

144       Mrs. Green, Hattie Eva, housewife, Kearney & Rincon, Prog.

145       Griffiths, Samuel, laborer, County Hospital, Dem.

146        Guldager, Fred Howard, veterinarian, 304 Ridge, Prog.

147        Gunn, Albert John, gas inspector, Alberta Tract, Dem.



148        Hack, John Thomas, farmer, Ppper (sic) Stockton Roard (sic), Rep.

148½     Hack, Charles W., laborer, upper (sic) Stockton Road, Rep.

149        Mrs. Hack, Pearl Holmes, housewife, Upper Stockton Road, Rep.

150        Hagarity, Patrick, shoemaker, County Hospital, Rep.

150½     Hale, Nathan George, physician, County Hospital, Rep.

151        Hamilton, Albert James, boilermaker, Stockton Ave., Dem.

152        Hannan, Elza, cement worker, 28 Cluness Ave., Rep.

153        Mrs. Hannan, Eva, housewife, 28 Cluness Ave., Rep.

154        Harris, John King, laborer, Manzanita Ave., Proh.

155        Harris, Junes Brainard, surgeon, County Hospital, Rep.

156        Mrs. Harris, Kathleen Teresa, housewife, County Hospital, Rep.

157        Miss Harris, Lucile Elizabeth, clerk, Elmhurst, Prog.

158        Mrs. Harris, Mabel Henrietta, housewife, Elmhurst, Proh.

159        Mrs. Hatch, Charliphine A., housewife, 88 Stanley Ave., Proh.

160        Hayes, Charles Henry, retired, County Hospital, Dem.

160½     Hayes, William, teamster, County Hospital, Dem.

161        Hilty, John J., coremaker, County Hospital, Dem.

162        Heissenbuttel, Charley George, retired, County Hospital, Dem.

163        Mrs. Henson, Mertie C., housewife, Rincon & Cerritos Ave., Rep.

164        Henson, Thomas B., Bookkeeper, Cerritos & Rincon Ave., Dem.

165        Hickingbotham, George Collis, agent, Dolores Ave., Rep.

166        Hill, John, tailor, Vine, Prog.

167        Mrs. Hunt, Elizabeth Frances, housewife, 57 Cluness Ave., Rep.

168        Mrs. Holland, Carie Albertina, housewife, 88 Stanley Ave., Rep.

169        Holland, Roy Leslie, babbitter, 88 Stanley Ave., Dem.

170        Mrs. Hoskin, Bessie May, housewife, 36 Birdsall Ave., Prog.

171        Hoskin, Thomas Marion, salesman, 36 Birdsall Ave., Prog.

172        Housten, Frank Herbert, engineer, County Hospital, Dem.

173        Miss Howard, Pearl Louisa, nurse, County Hospital, Declined



174        Ivey, William James, horseman, Race Track, Rep.




175        Miss Jaffe, Charlotte Lauretta, nurse, County Hospital, Soc.

176        Mrs. Jenkins, Annie, housewife, Rincon Ave., Dem.    

177        Jenkins, Daniel Cosby, carpenter, Rincon Ave., Dem.

179        Johnson, Ike, retired, County Hospital, Dem.

179½     Johnson, Theodore, carpenter, Elmhurst, Rep.

180        Mrs. Johnson, Mena, housewife, California Boulevard, Rep.

181        Johnson, Paul Danial, clerk, Magnolia & Upper Stockton Rd., Rep.

182        Mrs. Johnson, Vinnie Lee, housewife, Upper Stockton Road, Rep.

183        Jorgensen, Jens, horse trainer, Agricultural Park, Rep.



184        Keefe, John Roderick, retired, County Hospital, Dem.

185        Miss Kelly, Amy Marguerite, office assistant, Co. Hospital, Rep.

186        Mrs. Kelly, Elizabeth A., matron, County Hospital, Rep.

187        Mrs. Kendrick, Harriet, housewife, 303 Ridge Ave., Prog.

188        Kendrick, Jesse David, laborer, 303 Ridge Ave., Rep.

189        Kennedy, Daniel, retired, County Hospital, Dem.

190        Mrs. Kitt, Agnes Donovan, housewife, California Boulevard, Dem.

191        Kitt, Frederick Theodore, auto agent, California Boulevard, Dem.

191½     Mrs. Knotts, Rozilla Belle, nurse, 4405 Kentucky Ave., Prog.

192        Mrs. Korell, Francis, housewife, Kearney Ave., Rep.

193        Korell, Jacob, foreman, Kearney Ave., Rep.



194        Lacore, Delos, lineman, County Hospital, Rep.

195        Lagomarsino, Bartholomew, farmer, Monta Vista Ave., Rep.

196        Lambert, Tom Preston, druggist, County Hospital, Rep.

197        Mr.(sic) Lancaster, Florence Ashworth, nurse, County Hospital, Dem.

200        Mrs. Landes, Julia Amelia, seamstress, Elmhurst Ave., Prog.

201        Langley, Charles Augustus, laundryman, Monte Vista Ave., Prog.

202        Mrs. Lewis, Elizabeth, housewife, County Ho pital (sic), Rep.

203        Miss Lindstrom, Lillian, student, Elmhurst, Rep.

204        Lima, Frederick Clarence, chauffeur, 28 Stanley Ave., Dem.

205        Miss Lindstrom, Alva, bookkeeper, Elmhurst, Rep.

206        Mrs. Luke, Mary Jane, housewife, 20 Birdsall Ave., Rep.

207        Luke, Simon, boltmaker, 20 Birdsall Ave., Rep.

208        Luke, William Harrison, machinist, 20 Birdsall Ave., Rep.

209       Luttrell, John A., laborer, County Hospital, Prog.                   



210        Mrs. McAdoo, Emily M., housewife, Elmhurst, Prog.

211        McAdoo, James, trackman, Cyretus Ave., Prog.

212        Miss McCabe, Kathryn Loretto, clerk, County Hospital, Rep.

213        McCabe, Owen, retired, County Hospital, Dem.

214        McCarthy, Thomas John, coremaker, 76 Cluness Ave., Rep.

215        McCluskey, Bernard, horseman, Race Track, Dem.

216        McDonald, Andrew Harrison, laborer, 622 Drake Ave., Soc.

216½     McDonald, John William, carpenter, Drake Ave., Proh.

217        Mrs. McDonaugh, May, housewife, 404 Roble Ave., Rep.

218        McDuffie, John Wesley, contractor, El Dorado Ave., Soc.

219       Mrs. McLean, Dora C., housewife, Kearney Ave., Rep.

220        McNutt, Ebert Marvin, clerk, 24 Cluness Ave., Prog.



221        Miss MacFarland, Elizabeth Gold, teacher, 172 Upper

                   Stockton Road, Prog.

222        Mrs. MacFarland, Ellen Louise, housewife, 172 Upper Stockton Road, Prog.

222½     Mrs. McNutt, Sue Maude, housewife, 41 Cluness Ave., Prog.

223        Madigan, Denis, tailor, County Hospital, Dem.

224        Makillio, Charles Joseph, salesman, 32 Stanley Ave., Prog.

225        Makillio, Dominick Joseph, salesman, 32 Stanley Ave., Rep.

226        Manassero, Vincent, farmer, 1818 Mill Ave., Rep.

227        Marr, Clyde Amos, clerk, Fair View Hotel, Dem.

228        Marren, Michael Joseph, laborer, 301 Ridge, Dem.

229        Mrs. Martin, Grace, housewife, El Dorado Ave., Rep.

230        Martin, Paul, sweeper, El Dorado Ave., Rep.

231        Mrs. Martin, Sophie A., housewife, Upper Stockton Road, Prog.

232        Martin, Thomas, warehouseman, Upper Stockton Road, Prog.

233        Matt, Joseph Anthoney, retired, County Hospital, Prog.

234        Measure, Timothy Webster, carrier, 61 Birdsall Ave., Dem.

235        Mecum, Henry Franklin, horseman, Race Track, Dem.

235½     Meaglitz, John Herman, retired, County Hospital. Dem.

236        Mrs. Melby, Anna, housewife, 64 Stanley Ave., Prog.

237        Miss Melby, Clara Fredrikke, nurse, 64 Stanley Ave., Prog.

238        Miss Melvin, Lulu Margaret, nurse, County Hospital, Dem.

239        Moreno, Tony Peter, millman, 32 Stanley Ave., Rep.

240        Miller, Emanuel Cyril, plumber, 2605 Upper Stockton Road, Rep.

241        Mrs. Miller, Isabel, housewife, 2605 Upper Stockton Road, Rep.

241½     Mrs. Mitchell, Elizabeth Wall, housewife, 49 Hartley Ave., Dem.

242        Mitchell, P. Albert, agent, 49 Hartley Ave., Dem.

243        Moseley, Albert, retired, County Hospital, Rep.

244        Miss Motz, Orpha Norene, stenographer, Marshall Ave., Prog.

245        Motz, Robert Lincoln, car repairer, Elmhurst & Marshall Ave., Prog.

246        Muir, William Crump, clerk, Elmhurst, Rep.

247        Mullen, Charles, horseman, Race Track, Dem.

248        Muller, Emil William, salesman, 41 McFarland Ave., Declined

249        Mrs. Muller, Rhoda, housewife, 41 McFarland Ave., Soc.



250        Nagle, George, 307 Ridge, Rep.

251        Mrs. Nagle, Katherine Starbuck, h’sewife, 307 Ridge Ave., Rep.

251½     Nealon, Martin, retired, County Hospital, Rep.

252        Nichols, George Washington, retired, County Hospital, Dem.

253        Nora, Frank, retired, County Hospital, Rep.

254        Mrs. Norris, Eula, housewife, 1814 San Diego Ave., Declined

255        Norris, Oliver erry (sic), clerk, 1814 San Diego Ave., Declined

256        Norton, Michael, teamster, County Hospital, Dem.

257        Nurse, Wade Hampton, iceman, 48 Hartley Ave., Dem.



258        Oats, Thomas Harvey, farmer, California Boulevard, Rep.

258½     Olagnez, Gus, chauffeur, Thrush Ave., Rep.

259        O’Connor, Patrick Daniel, retired, County Hospital, Dem.

259½     Olsen, Alfred, miner, County Hospital, Prog.

260        O’Mera, Pete, driver, County Hospital, Rep.

261        Overton, Adoniram Judson, farmer, El Dorado Ave., Rep.



262        Mrs. Page, June, farmer, El Dorado Ave., Rep.

263        Miss Palmer, Ida Mabel, stenographer, California Boulevard, Rep.

264        Mrs. Palmer, Mary Rebecca, housewife, California and Helvetia Ave., Prog.

265        Peters, Robert, cook, County Hospital, Dem.

266        Phinney, Cassius Morton, civil engineer, Donner Ave., Dem.

267        Miss Phinney, Carrie Lucy, teacher, Donner Ave., Dem.

268        Pike, Myron H., retired, County Hospital, Declined

269        Porter, William Barnett, waiter, County Hospital, Dem.

270        Purcell, Charles, hostler, Fair Grounds, Dem.



271        Rackliffe, Samuel Austin, retired, County Hospital, Rep.

272        Miss Ranlett, Ena, teacher, 2946 California Boulevard, Prog.

273        Mrs. Ranlett, Margaret, housewife, 2946 California Boulevard, Rep.

274        Rasmussen, John, farmer, Monto Vista, Rep.

276        Mrs. Reeder, Ruth Edna, housewife, 44 Cluness Ave., Declined

277        Reeder, William Milton, machinist, 44 Cluness Ave., Dem.

278        Mrs. Ribzinski, Jennie, housewife, Manzanita Ave., Dem.

279        Ribzinski, Joseph Francis, plumber, Manzanito (sic) Ave., Dem.

280        Miss Ribzinsky, Mary Agatha, nurse, 2912 Manbanita Ave., Rep.

281        Miss Rice, Alice Josephine, teacher, 1818 San Diego Ave., Prog.

282        Mrs. Rice, Josephine, housewife, 1818 San Diego Ave., Rep.

283        Mrs. Richard, Mary Marjorie, housewife, 2058 Vine, Rep.

284        Mrs. Richards, Ellen Jane, housewife, El Dorado Ave., Prog.

285        Richards, Thomas Benton, merchant, Vine, Rep.

286        Richards, William, laborer, Upper Stockton Road, Rep.

287        Ritchey, Charles Harry, cigarmaker, Elmhurst, Declined

289        Robinett, James Elbert, real estate, 4004 Roble Ave., Dem.

290        Robinett, Jasper Andrew, clerk, 4004 Roble Ave., Rep.

291        Mrs. Rowland, Naomi Wreath, housewife, 29 Birdsall Ave., Prog.

292        Rowland Roy M., salesman, 29 Birdsall Ave., Prog.

293        Rubel, Herman, machinist, Guthrie Station, Rep.

295        Miss Russell, Cora Maud, student, Brighton Ave., Rep.

296        Mrs. Russell, Martha, housewife, County Hospital, Rep.



297        Mrs. Sanborn, Maria Cummings, housewife, Elmhurst, Proh.

298        Miss Sanders, Laura, teacher, Elmhurst, Prog.

299        Mrs. Sanders, Nannie, housewife, Elmhurst, Dem.

300        Sanders, Ruffus Harris, carpenter, Monterey Ave., Dem.

301        Mrs. Seaton, Mary E., housewife, 2121 Cerritos Ave., Prog.

302        Seaton, Thomas Wallace, agent, Cerritos Ave., Prog.

303        Mrs. Schaffer, Agnes, housewife, 25 Hartley Ave., Dem.

304        Schliep, Herman Theador, retired, County Hospital, Dem.

305        Schmidt, Edward, sheet metal worker, Brighton Ave., Rep.

306        Mrs. Schmidt, Inez Hester, housewife, Brighton Ave., Rep.

307        Schroth, Matt, farmer, County Hospital, Dem.

308        Schriver, Charles Draper, retired, County Hospital, Dem.

309        Semon, Fritz, retired, County Hospital, Dem.

310        Shafer, Charles, collector, 25 Hartley Ave., Dem.

311        Mrs. Shirek, Celia, housewife, 33 McFarland Ave., Prog.

312        Shirek, Siegfried, salesman, 33 McFarland Ave., Prog.

313        Mrs. Shumate, Florence, Elmhurst, Prog.

314        Shumate, John Arthur, carpenter, Rincon Ave., Declined

315        Sharpe, Early Blair, laborer, County Hospital, Rep.

316        Mrs. Smith, Mary Emily, housewife, Williamson Ave., Dem.

317        Mrs. Small, Lena Long, nurse, County Hospital, Dem.

318        Smith, Frank B., farmer, 2477 Vine, Prog.

319        Mrs. Steiner, Hattie, housewife, County Hospital, Prog.

320        Smith, Lincoln Walker, carpenter, Elmhurst, Declined

321        Smith, Robert J., farmer, 2477 Vine, Prog.

322        Snyder, James Roe, physician, County Hospital, Prog.

323        Soule, Sidney Freeman, bookkeeper, 25 Cluness Ave., Prog.

324        Spargo, George Lional, carpenter, 2521 Upper Stockton Rd., Prog.

325        Spargo, Peter, carpenter, 2521 Upper Stockton Road, Rep.

326        Mrs. Stock, Kate, housewife, 44 Birdsall Ave., Ave. (sic)

327        Stock, William Joseph, baker, 44 Birdsall Ave., Dem.

328        Staley, David Franklin, vulcanizer, Dolores Ave., Dem.

329        Still, Thomas Turner, watchman, Race Track, Dem.

330        Stires, Harry Blaine, engineer, Manzanita Ave., Prog.

331        Stoeten, Henry Reinerus, laborer, County Hospital, Rep.

331½     Stoddard, Charles Patterson, laborer, County Hospital, Declined.

332        Mrs. Stowell, Dorothy, housewife, El Dorado Ave., Rep.

333        Strauman, Charles Hulrich, carpenter, 2831, Upper Stockton

                   Road, Rep.

334        Mrs. Strauman, Minnie Katie, housewife, 2831 Upper Stockton Road, Rep.



335        Taresh, John, civil engineer, 37 Birdsall Ave., Prog.

336        Mrs. Taresh, Vera Mary, housewife, 37 Birdsall Ave., Prog.

336½     Tuchfarber, Joseph Marcus, Plas., 101 Upper Stockton Rd., Prog.

337        Trumble, Ferdinand Austin, laborer, El Dorado Ave., Rep.

337½     Mrs. Tuchfarber, Mary Frances, hswf., 101 U. Stockton Rd., Prog.

338        Tyler, Harry Charter, retired, County Hospital, Dem.



339        Walker, David, retired, County Hospital, Rep.

340        Walsh, Patrick, retired, County Hospital, Dem.

341        Miss Walter, Helen L., nurse, County Hospital, Dem.

342        Wheeler, Charles Monroe, expressman, Monta (sic) Vista Ave., Soc.

342½     Mrs. Wheeler, Sallie, housewife, Monte Vista, Prog.

343        Mrs. Whiteaker, Emma, housewife, Cerritos Ave., Elmhurst, Rep.

344        Whiteaker, James D, agent, Elmhurst, Dem.

345        Whitefoot, John Robert, bookkeeper, 60 Birdsall Ave., Prog.

346        Mrs. Whitefoot, Louise, housewife, 60 Birdsall Ave., Rep.

347        Whitman, John Joseph, salesman, 41 Hartley Ave., Rep.

348        Mrs. Whitman, Kathryn, housewife, 41 Hartley Ave., Rep.

349        Mrs. Wilcox, Ella, housewife, 52 Birdsall Ave., Rep.

350        Wilcox, William Varner, physician, 52 Birdsall Ave., Rep.

351        Mrs. Williams, Edna Bell, housewife, 2479 Brighton Ave., Dem.

351½     Miss Williams, Flora, homekeeper, 52 Cluness Ave., Dem.

352        Williams, Harold Bendon, farmer, 2479 Brighton Ave., Dem.

353        Williams, Judith Gary, housewife, 52 Cluness Ave., Dem.

354        Mrs. Williamson, Jane, housewife, Elmhurst, Rep.

355        Mrs. Williamson, Hattie Kirby, housewife, 1805 Sierra Ave., Rep.

356        Williamson, Mahlon Newton, buyer, Upper Stockton Road, Rep.

357        Miss Williamson, Maud Elizabeth, housekeeper, 1805 Sierra Ave., Rep.

357½     Miss Williamson, Priscilla, student, Elmnurst, Rep.

358        Williamson, Robert C., rancher, 1805 Sierra Ave., Rep.

358½     Witmer, John, druggist, 24 Cluness Ave., Rep.

359        Wood, Claude Elmore, contractor, 117 Upper Stockton Road, Dem.

360        Wood, Timothy, horseman, Race Track, Rep.

361        Mrs. Woodruff, Mary Jane, housewife, Brighton Ave., Rep.

362        Wunsch, William Ernest, orderly, County Hospital, Soc.



363        Zedeker, George, retired County Hospital, Prog.

363½     Zschokke, Arthur Jacob, engineer, 32 Hartley Ave., Declined





Transcribed by Betty Vickroy.

Proofread by Jeanne Taylor.

© 2009 Betty Vickroy.