OCTOBER 3, 1914







Every Elector, duly qualified, whose AFFIDAVIT OF REGISTRATION appears on the Register of the General Election Precinct, and who has continued to reside within the exterior boundaries of such General Election Precinct to day of Election, is entitled to vote.


All name sin the Indexes through which the word MOVED, REMOVED OR SUPPLEMENT are stamped are cancelled and are NOT entitled to vote.


The Electors whose names appear upon the Index of Register and having MOVED, must be carefully examined, and if found to still reside with the Election Precinct, be allowed to vote.


E. F. Pfund,

County Clerk






Precinct Forty-Four, 14th Assembly District



1                  Mrs. Adams, Daisy, housewife, Catherine Ave., Rep.

2                  Mrs. (sic) Adams, Fred Oick, cement worker, Catherine Ave., Rep.

3                  Adams, James Matison, poultryman, 501 Wolf Ave., Dem.

4                  Mrs. Anderson, Katherine, housewife, M St. Road, Rep.

5                  Anderson, Robert Harper, grocer, M St. Road, Soc.

6                  Andrews, Arthur James, millhand, Neil Ave., Rep.

7                  Mrs. Andrews, Loretta Irene, housewife, Neil Ave., Rep.

8                  Andrews, Norman Charles, collector, 881 Neil Ave., Rep.

9                  Mrs. Angelo, Amelia, laundress, Ohio Ave., Rep.



10                  Baldini, Gustavo, laborer, Dewey Ave., Rep.

11                  Ballard, Lillian, housewife, 9871 Elmhurst Ave., Rep.

12                  Ballard, Walter John, brass finisher, Elmhurst Ave., Rep.

13                  Mrs. Borden, Adelaide, housewife, J Street Road, Rep.

14                  Belluonini, Primo John, laborer, Wolf Ave, Rep.

15                  Mrs. Benjamin, Matilda Caroline, housewife, Tullar Av. & J, Prog.

16                  Benjamin, Willie Moguar, cook, Tullar Ave, E. Sacramento, Prog.

17                  Bertolani, Celestino, farmer, 90½ Tullar Ave., Dem.

18                  Bills, Benjamin Isaac, clerk, M St. Road, Prog.

19                  Mrs. Bills, Martha, housewife, Apricot Ave., Prog.

20                  Mrs. Bishop, Elizabeth, housewife, Ohio Ave. Prog.

21                  Bishop, Ollie Keath, carpenter, 116 Ohio Ave., Rep.

22                  Blamey, James, carpenter, Elmhurst Ave., Rep.

23                  Boden, Oscar James, merchant, Apricot Ave.; Rep

24                  Boyd, Kay, moulder, Peach Ave., Dem.

25                  Brough, Charles Augustus, bartender, 382 Tullar Ave., Rep.

26                  Mrs. Brough, Kate, housewife, Tullar Ave. & J, Rep.

27                  Browning, Charles Joseph, pipefitter, Tullar Ave. Rep.

28                  Mrs. Browning, Louise Viola, housewife, Tullar Ave. & J, Rep.

29                  Brown, Harry, steamboat man, aCtherine (sic) Ave., Rep.

30                  Brust, Eldon Lester, carpenter, M St. Road, Rep.

31                  Mrs. Butler, Dora Madeline, housewife, Merrimac Ave., Rep.

32                  Mrs. Brust, Jennie, housewife, Ohio Ave., Rep.

33                  Mrs. Burrio, Catherine, housewife, Tullar Ave., Declined

33½       Buell, John Quincy Adams, carpenter, Ohio Ave., Rep.

34                   Burris, Walter Joseph, laborer, Tullar Ave., Rep.

34½       Miss Buell, Lottie May, nurse, Ohio Ave., Prog.

35                  Burris, William Oscar, carpenter, 415 Tullar Ave., Rep.

36                  Butler, Reuben Herbert, machinist, Merrimac Ave. & Schley Place, Rep.



37                  Casella, Raffaello, rancher, Tullar Ave., Rep.

38                  Mrs. Cavier, Eva M., housewife, Ohio Ave., Dem.

38½      Cave, Yuba, farmer, Ohio Ave., Rep.

39                  Cavier, Adolph Gustav, salesman, Ohio Ave., Dem.

40                  Cayocca, Joe, wellborer, Catherine Ave., Rep.

41                  Mrs. Cave, Clara Alberta, milliner, Ohio Ave., Rep.

42                  Clink, Arthur Earl, electrician, S. W. cor. Grant & Cherry St., Rep.

42½      Mrs. Condon, Annie Story, housewife, 4804 J, Rep.

43                  Mrs. Conity, Caroline, housewife, M St. Road, Prog.

44                  Conity, William James, brass finisher, M St. Road, Prog.

45                  Mrs. Connor, Florence Johnson, housewife, Fig Ave. & J, Dem.

46                  Crell, Archie Gordon, farmer, 102 Cherry Ave., Dem.

47                  Crell, Julius, clerk, 102 Cherry Ave., Dem.

48                  Crocker, Charles Henry, attorney-at-law, Neil Ave.

49                  Crosby, John Leech, lumber handler, J & Tullar Ave., Rep.

50                  Curtis, Enos Boughton, shingler, 4306 J, Soc.

51                  Curtis, Marshal Christer, iron moulder, Tullar Ave., Soc.                      

52                  Curzon, Joseph Sidney, merchant, 1730 Catherine Ave., Rep.

  52½      Mrs. Curzon, Anna, housewife, 1730 Catherine Ave., Rep.



53                  Dicks, Ernest Clyde, musician, 107 Catherine Ave., Rep.

54                  Dolan, Frank Ellowie, clerk, 510 Wolf Ave., Prog.

55           Mrs. Dolan, Carrie K., housewife, corner M & Ohio, Prog.

56                  Dolan, William Caleb Buffum, salesman, M St. Road, Dem.

57                  Mrs. Dolan, Lula, housewife, 510 Wolf Ave., Prog.

58                  Douglass, Frederick Charles, machinist, Ohio Ave., Prog.

59                  Douglass, Lester Newman, expressman, Ohio Ave., Rep.

60                  Mrs. Douglass, May, housewife, Ohio Ave., Rep.

61                  Douglass, Norman fred, timekeeper, 79 West Ohio Ave., Prog.



62                  Mrs. Eaton, Esther Rovina, housewife, Tullar & J, Rep.

63                   Mrs. Eichner, Julia Lavina, poultry raiser, 1103 Schley Ave., Prog.

64                  Miss Eichner, Laura Lucinda, student, Schley Ave., Prog.

65                  Endergand, Albert, rancher, 103 Cherry Ave., Rep.



66                  Farria, Albert, gardnerer (sic), M St. Road, Rep.

67                  Farria, Andrew, barkeeper, M St. Road, Rep.

68                  Farria, Fred, laborer, M St. Road, Dem.

69                  Faulkner, Fred Patterson, real estate, Peach & J St., Rep.

70                  Mrs. Faulkner, Nettie S., housewife, J St. Road, Rep.

71                  Ferra, Bendetto, gardener, M St. Road, Rep.

72                  Finchley, Roland James, contractor, Ohio Ave., Rep.

73                  Mrs. Foote, Clare Sue, housewife, 5510 J, Prog.

74                  Foote, Claude Eugene, clerk, 5510 J, Prog.

75                  Mrs. Foote, Hattie Alice, housewife, Fig Ave., Prog.

75½      Francis, Joseph Leonard, merchant, Tullar Ave., Rep.

76                   Foote, John Ashby, helper, 5510 J, Prog.

76½      Mrs. Francis, Mary, housewife, Tullar Ave., Rep.



77                  Gabrielli, Dionizio, garderer (sic), Tullar Ave. & M, Rep.

78                  Gabrielli, Fiori, gardener, Wolf Ave., Prog.

79                  Mrs. Gabrielli, Dina, housewife, Tullar & M, Rep.

80                  Gabrielli, George Peter, teamster, Schley Ave., Rep.

81                  Gabrielli, John Joseph, undertaker, 79½ Schley Ave., Rep.

82                  Mrs. Gabrielli, Susie, housewife, Tullar Ave. & M, Rep.

83                  Gabrielli, Thomas Charles, butcher, Schley Ave., Dem.

84                  Garrett, David Thomas, salesman, 1715 Dewey Ave., Rep.

85                  Goos, Frederick William, machinist, 27 Neil Ave., Prog.

86                  Gordon, Frank Monroe, merchant, 718 Cherry Ave, Dem.

87                  Mrs. Gordon, Lizzie, housewife, 718 Cherry Ave., Soc.

87½      Mrs. Graham, Elizabeth Bassett, housewife, 889 Neil Ave., Soc.

88                  Guidotti, George, laborer, Wolf Ave., Rep.

88½       Graham, William Burnside, pattern maker, Neil Ave., Soc.



89                  Haake, George Henry, plumber, Peach St., Dem.

89½      Mrs. Haake, Adah Ruth, housewife, Peach Ave., Dem.

90                  Halstead, Edward Orlando, R. R. man, 500 Wolf Ave., Dem.

91                  Mrs. Halstead, Jessie, housewife, Wolf Ave., Dem.

92                  Hammond, Lewis Leon, merchant, Tullar Ave., Prog.

92½      Hansen, Andrew Christian, blacksmith, Tullar Ave., Rep.

93                  Mrs. Hammond, Lida, housewife, Tullar Ave. & J, Prog.

93½       Hind, Mrs. Elizabeth Amelia, housewife, 971 Elmhurst Ave. Rep.

94                  Mrs. Herbert, Anna, housewife, Apricot Ave., Prog.

95                   Herbert, Edmund, butcher, Apricot Ave., Prog.

96                  Herbert, George Alfred, musician, M St. Road, Prog.

97                  Hiatt, Fred Solon, salesman, 429 Dewey Ave., Dem.

98                  Mrs. Hiatt, Rosatha, housekeeper, 429 Dewey Ave., Dem.

99                  Mrs. Hitke, Elizabeth Margaret, housewife, Ohio Ave. Prog.

100                  Hitke, Emil, laborer, Ohio Ave., Prog.



101              Mrs. Johns, Catherine Ann, housewife, 929 Elmhurst Ave., Rep.

101½     Johns, Thomas, car builder, 929 Elmhurst Ave., Rep.

102              Mrs. Johnson, Ella Jane, housewife, J St. Road, Dem.

103               Johnson, Horace Head, retired, Fig Ave. and J, Dem.

104              Johnson, John, farmer, Apricot Ave., Rep.

104½    Johnson, Julia A., housewife, 1069 M St. Road, Rep.



105              Kemmeter, Michael, brewer, Tuller Ave., Soc.

106              Kennedy, John Timothy, manufacturer, Catherine Ave., Rep.

107              Kettler, John Martin, painter, Schley Ave., Rep.

108              Mrs. Klebs, Juanita, housewife, 897 Neil Ave., Rep.

109              Klees, Nebraska, laborer, Catherine Ave., Rep.



110              Lagomarsino, Annie, housekeeper, Elmhurst Ave., Rep.

111              Lagomarsino, George, rancher, Elmhurst Ave., Rep.

112              Mrs. Lagomarsino, Hazel, housewife, Elmhurst Ave., Rep.

113              Lamerton, Charles, helper, Neil Ave., Rep.

114              Miss Langley, Elsie May, saleslady, Dewey Ave, Prog.

115              Langley, Herman Asaph, locksmith, Dewey Ave.

115½    Mrs. Langley, Rosetta T., housewife, 1524 Dewey Ave., Declined

116              Leech, Charles Reuben, wellborer, J & Tullar Ave., Rep.

117              Leech, Crossley, Constable, J and Tullar Ave., Rep.

118              Miss Leech, Hester Virginia, nurse, Tullar Ave., & J, Rep.

119              Mrs. Lung, Irene Anna Maude, housewife, Merrimac Ave., Rep.

120              Lung, Lowell Victor, city employe (sic), Merrimac Ave., Dem.

120½    Lynch, William Harris, brick mason,  897 Neil Ave., Rep.



121              McCarty, Arthur Ransome, timekeeper, 698 Cherry Ave., Rep.

122              Mrs. McCarty, Lulu Adeline, housewife, Cherry Ave., Soc.

123              Mrs. McCullum, Julia Ann, housewife, Dewey Ave., Declined

124              McNaughton, Charles David, salesman, ePach (sic) Ave., Prog.



125              Malcolm, Clarence Pakington, laborer, Dewey Ave., Declined

126              Mrs. Malcolm, Emma Gertrude, housewife, Dewey Ave &

                    M St. Road, Proh.

127              Marlerbi, Ulise, laborer, Tullar Ave., Prog.

  127½    Martindale, James Earl, stenographer, 970 Elmhurst Ave., Prog.

128              Martindale, Margaret B., housewife, 419 M St. Road, Prog.

  128½    Mrs. Martindale, Katherine Mary, housewife, Elmhurst Ave., Dem.

129              Martindale, Samuel Alvin, miner, 87 Schley Ave., Dem.

130              Mrs. Mefford, Florence Elizabeth, housewife, 388 Tullar Ave., Soc.

131              Mefford, Oscar Richard, painter, 388 Tullar Ave., Soc.

132              Montero, Tony, truckman, Catherine Ave., Declined

133              Montgomery, Albert, painter, 817 Catherine Ave., Rep.

134              Mrs. Montgomery, Nettie May, housewife, Catherine Ave., Rep.

135              Morelli, Vincenzo, bartender, M St. Road, Rep.

136              Mrs. Morris, Emma Estella, housewife, 699 Grant Ave., Soc.

  136½    Morris, Marrian Clyde, carpenter, 699 Cherry Ave., Declined

137              Miss Mueller, Lizzie, manager, M St. Road, Rep.

138              Muir, Barclay, manufacturer, Catherine Ave., Rep.

139              Munger, Arthur DeCamp, mail carrier, 825 Catherine Ave., Dem.

140              Munger, Luke Wesley, farmer, 825 Catherine Ave., Soc.

141              Mrs. Munger, Myra Jane, housewife, 825 Catherine Ave., Soc.

  141½    Murray, Joseph Gregory, cook, 712 Grant Ave., Dem.



142              Mrs. Ochs, Agnes Sabina, housewife, 1715 Dewey Ave., Soc.

143              Ochs, William Andrew, baker, 1715 Dewey Ave., Prog.

144              Miss Owens, Jessie Elizabeth, waitress, Tullar Ave., & J, Rep.



145              Pagni, Frank, butcher, Tullar Ave., Rep.

146              Mrs. Palermo, Myrtle, housewife, Dewey Ave., Rep.

147              Palermo, Paul, baker, Dewey Ave., Rep.

148              Parker, Earl A., millman, Fig Ave., Rep.

149              Mrs. Peek, Elsie, housewife, M St. Road, Dem.

150              Peek, James Franklin, carpenter, 1021 M St. Road, Dem.

151              Penny, Harry, janitor, Elmhurst, Rep.

152              Person, M. Nels, laborer, Catherine Ave., Dem.

153              Mrs. Peters, Alice, housewife, 697 Cherry Ave., Dem.

154              Peters, Asa, clerk, Neil Ave., Prog.

155              Peters, William Arkley, malster, 697 Cherry Ave., Rep.

156              Mrs. Peters, Una, housewife, Neil Ave., Soc.

157              Mrs. Powell, Flora Mercedes, housewife, Dewey Ave., Dem.

158              Powell, William Burr, carpenter, Dewey Ave., Dem.

159              Pratt, Homer Clarence, carpenter, Ohio Ave., Rep.

160              Preston, Fred Harry, clerk, Elmhurst Ave., Rep.

161              Mrs. Preston, Myrtle Millicent, housewife, Elmhurst Ave., Rep.

162              Mrs. Preston, Leodena Janette, housewife, Elmhurst, Prog.

163              Mrs. Priest, Emilie Tackaberry, h’sewife, Tullar Ave. & J, Dem.

164              Priest, Franklin Reuben, actor, Tullar Ave. & J, Dem.



165              Mrs. Reimer, Else, housewife, Dewey Ave., Dem.

166              Reimer, Norbert, brewer, Dewey Ave., Dem.

167              Renwick, Andrew Thompson, machinist, M St. Road, Dem.

168              Mrs. Renwick, Sarah Bullock, housewife, Peach Ave., Rep.

169              Mrs. Roseman, Anna, housewife, M St. Road, Proh.

170              Rugg, Edward Laws, carpenter, M St. Road, Dem.



171              Sanford, James Chilson, chauffeur, 79½ Schley Ave., Dem.

172              Mrs. Sanford, Kathryn Elizabeth, laundress, Schley Ave., rPog (sic).

173              Shields, Francis Marion, carpenter, Tullar Ave. & M, Rep.

174              Shoemaker, Elvin Austin, clerk, 712 Grant Ave., Prog.

175              Mrs. Smith, Josephine, housewife, 60 Dewey Ave., Rep.

176              Smith, Charles, cement worker, Tullar Ave., Rep.

177              Mrs. Smith, May Agnes, housewife, Ohio Ave., Dem.

178              Mrs. Solomon, Helen Estella, housewife, Ohio Ave., Dem.

179              Soracco, Angelo, carpenter, Tullar Ave., Rep.

180              Soracco, Charlie David, metal worker, Tullar Ave., Rep.

181              Soracco, Johnnie, cement worker, Tullar Ave., Rep.

182              Mrs. Sorensen, Flora, housewife, J St. & Tullar Ave., Soc.

183              Smith, James Clarence, contractor, Ohio Ave., Declined

184              Mrs. Smith, Minnie, clerk, Ohio Ave., Dem.

185              Mrs. Stefani, Bertha, housewife, M St. Road, Rep.

186              Stefani, Virgilio, car builder, M St. Road, Rep.

187              Strazza, Germaro, laborer, Rose St., Rep.

188              Swanzy, Albert Teat, laborer, Catherine Ave., Dem.

189              Mrs. Swanzy, Susie, housewife, Catherine Ave., Declined



190              Talbot, Levi Calvin, blacksmith, 774 M St. Road, Rep.

191              Mrs. Theobalds, Beatrice Adelaide, housewife, Tullar Ave., Rep.

192              Theobalds, Newton Lyle, printer, J & Tullar Ave., Rep.

193              Mrs. Tilden, Annie Mariah, housewife, M St. Road, Rep.

194              Tilden, John Edwin, plumber, M St. Road, Rep.

195              Miss Tilden, Lily May, stenographer, M St. Road, Prog.

  195½    Miss Treichel, Anna, telephone operator, 822 Neil Ave., Prog.

196              Tucker, Harry Claude, carman, 1726 Catherine Ave., Prog.

  196½    Mrs. Tucker, Geneva Jenetta, housewife, 1726 Katherine Ave., Soc.



197              Vanderford, Orion Elmo, machinist, R. R. Ave. &

                    Ave. (sic), Rep.

  197½    Valintini, Davino, merchant, 453 Schley Ave., Rep.

198              Mrs. Veglia, Cesiro, housewife, Wolf Ave., Rep.

  198½    Mrs. Valentini, Victoria, housewife, 453 Schely Ave., Rep.

199              Veglia, Francisco, laborer, Elmhurst Ave., Rep.            

200              Veglia, Luigi, plumber, 533 Wolfe Ave., Soc.



201              Wacker, Frederick William, merchant, 471 M St. Road, Prog.

202              Waring, John, laborer, Peach Ave., Rep.

  202½    Mrs. Waring, Laura Alice, housewife, Peach Ave., Declined

203              Weden, Charles, Cherry Ave., Rep.

204              Welsh, Morris Edwin, boilermaker, Catherine Ave., Dem.

205              Mrs. Welsh, Nellie Victoria, housewife, Catherine Ave., Rep.

206              Mrs. Westfall, Genevieve, housewife, 27 Neil Ave., Prog.

207              Westfall, Willard Parker, clerk, 27 Neil Ave., Prog.

208              Mrs. Wilson, Bertha, housewife, Tullar Ave. & J, Soc.

209              Miss Wilson, Florence Bertha, clerk, 387 Tullar Ave., Soc.

210              Wilson, James, poultry raiser, Tullar Ave., Declined

211              Miss Wuttke, Elizabeth Helen, dressmaker, Wolf & Schley, Rep.

212              Wuttke, John Heinrich, engineer, M St. Road & Wolf Ave., Rep.

213              Miss Wuttke, Marguerite Emile, housekeeper, M St. Road, Rep.



214              Young, George Riddett, editor, cor. Peach Ave. & J St.

                    Extension, Dem.



215              Zingg, Peter, merchant, M St. Road, Rep.

216              Mrs. Zingg, Ursulla, housewife, M St. Road, Rep.

217              Zurfluh, Ambrose, rancher, 722 Cherry Ave., Rep.

218              Mrs. Zurfluh, Josephine Louisa, housewife, 722 Cherry Ave., Rep.






 Transcribed by Betty Vickroy.

Proofread by Jeanne Taylor.

© 2009 Betty Vickroy.