OCTOBER 3, 1914







Every Elector, duly qualified, whose AFFIDAVIT OF REGISTRATION appears on the Register of the General Election Precinct, and who has continued to reside within the exterior boundaries of such General Election Precinct to day of Election, is entitled to vote.


All name sin the Indexes through which the word MOVED, REMOVED OR SUPPLEMENT are stamped are cancelled and are NOT entitled to vote.


The Electors whose names appear upon the Index of Register and having MOVED, must be carefully examined, and if found to still reside with the Election Precinct, be allowed to vote.


E. F. Pfund,

County Clerk









Precinct Forty-Two, 14th Assembly District



1                   Aiken, Jesse, retired, 44th and D, Rep.

    2         Albert, Joseph John, plumber, 3816 H, Rep.

          Mrs. Arcega, Irene May, housewife, 922 Noble Court, Prog.

          Arcega, Vincent Lambert, railroad officer, 922 Noble Court, Prog.

2                   Mrs. Arundell, Constance Edith, h’sewife, 814 Orange Ave., Dem.

    4         Arundell, James George Alfred, carpenter, Orange Ave., Prog.

      Aschwanden, Xaver, milker, 4026 H, Rep.



5                   Mrs. Baird, Clara, dressmaker, 3817 J, Rep.

6                   Barbour, Reginald, vulcanizer, 903 Elm Ave., Prog.

7                   Mrs. Barbour, Willa May, housewife, 903 Elm Ave., Rep.

    8         Bauer, John, retired, 4301 F, Rep.

    9         Baur, Henry Albert, pipefitter, 42d and F, Prog.

          Mrs. Beard, Hattie, housewife, 3221 D, Dem.

  10         Beard, Robert Marshall, rodman, 3221 D, Dem.

  10½      Mrs. Bedient, Frances, tailoress, 903 Tullar Ave., Rep.

11                   Bennett, Charles Cooper, printer, 4311 J, Prog.

12                  Mrs. Biancalana, Clotilde, housewife, J St. Road, Rep.

13                  Biancalana, Frederick, laborer, 4603 J, Rep.

14                  Biancalana, Louis, carpenter, J St. Road and Pierce Ave., Rep.

15                  Blakey, James, nurseryman, 34th and D, Dem.

16                   Boden, Edward Joseph, machinist, 3801 H, Prog.

17                  Miss Boden, Ethel Margaret, stenographer, 3802 H, Prog.

18                  Boden, Joseph Edward, machinist, 3801 H, Prog.

19                  Mrs. Boden, Kate, housewife, 3801 H, Prog.

20                  Boeker, Charles Theodore, basketmaker, 307 42d, Prog.

21                  Boll, Fridolin, baker, 914 33d, Dem.

22                  Mrs. Boll, Josephine, housewife, 914 33d, Dem.

23                  Bradley, Allan Cormack, liveryman, 715 Ashby Ave., Rep.

24                  Mrs. Bradley, Anita, housewife, 3209 C, Prog.

25                  Bradley, Charles Edmund, electrician, 905 Pierce Ave., Rep.

26                  Bradley, Emmerson Edward, cement worker, 3209 C, Prog.

27                  Mrs. Bradley, Mildred Anita, housewife, 715 Ashby Ave., Rep.

28                  Brady, Milton M. Laborer, Walnut Ave, Rep.

29                  Brocchini, Guiseppe, peddler, East Sacramento, Rep.

30                  Broughton, Alfred Philip, foreman, 3515 H, Rep.

31                  Mrs. Broughton, M. Lavinia Knight, housewife, 3815 H, Prog.

32         Bullock, John Calvin, plumber, 626 42d, Oem (sic).

32½       Mrs. Bullock, Lillian, housewife, 626 42d, Dem

32           Burch, Chas. Thompson, merchant, 3806 H, Prog.

33                  Mrs. Burch, Julia, cook, 3909 H, Rep.

34                  Mrs. Burch, Pauline, housewife, 3806 H, Dem.

35                  Burgess, Frank Augustin, packer, 922 Noble Court, Prog.

36                  Mrs. Burgess, Mary Caroline, housewife, 922 Noble Court, Prog.

37                  Miss Burns, Agnes Frances, teacher, 3913 J, Dem.



38                  Campbell, Alden Wilson, architect, 3405 J, Prog.

39                  Mrs. Campbell, Ellen Augusta, housewife, 3405 J, Prog.

40                  Mrs. Campbell, Jeanette Mae, housewife, 3315 J, Rep.

41                  Mrs. Campbell, Rachel L., housewife, 3501 J, Prog.

42                  Campbell, Walter William, contractor, 3501 J, Prog.

43                  Campbell, William Richard, contractor 3510 J, Prog.

44                  Carli, Mario, farmer, 35th and C, Rep.

45                  Carli, Ugo, gardener, 35th and C, Rep.

48         Caselli, Vincenzo, boxmaker, 43d and C, Dem.

49                  Cecchettini, Gabrillo, farmer, H St., Rep.

50                  Cecchettini, Ulderico Joseph, clerk, 43d and B, Rep.

53                  Coffman, Joseph Martin, clerk, 623 McIntyre Ave., Dem.

54                  Connelly, Harry, laborer, J St. Road, Rep.

55                  Cook, Harry Wayne, helper, 917 Elm Ave., Prog.

56                  Mrs. Cook, Rose, housewife, 917 Elm Ave., Dem.

57                  Cowgill, Charles, carpenter, 4015 G, Soc.

58                  Mrs. Crabb, Stella May, housewife, 617 Montclair Ave., Rep.

59                  Crabb, Walter, engineer, 617 Montclair Ave., Rep.

60                  Crane, Thomas Jackson, teacher, J. St. Road, Dem.

60½      Cunningham, Joseph Gatch, laborer, 607 Humboldt Ave, Rep.



61                  Dassonville, Adolph Adrian, clerk, 904 Pierce Ave., Prog.

62                  Davis, Grant Benjamin, merchant, East Sacramento, Prog.

63                  DeLanney, William Thornton, gardener, 3816 H, Rep.

64                  Dischler, John Henry, carpenter, 4016 G, Rep.

67         Mrs. Doyle, Nettie, Housewife, Glenwood Dairy, Rep.

70         Driver, Benjamin Franklin, attorney-at-law, Ross Ave., Prog.

71         Mrs. Driver, Clara Belle, housewife, 817 Ross Ave., Prog.

72         Drummond, George H., laborer, J St. Road, Declined

73         Mrs. Drummond, Mae Ruth, housewife, 826 Ashby Ave., Rep.

74         Mrs. Dufour, Abigail Amelia, housewife, 39th, Rep.

75         Dufour, John Patton, clerk, 39th D and E, Rep.

76         Dunlap, Alexander C., retired, 3931 I, Rep.



77         Edling, Eric E., carbuilder, 629 McIntyre Ave., Rep.

78         Mrs. Edsall, Louda Bell, housewife, 3931 I, Prog.

79         Edsall, Walter Sherman, salesman, 3931 I, Prog.

80         Eheat, Jacob, teamster, Meister’s Dairy, Rep.

81         Mrs. Eldred, Ellen, housewife, 704 Ashby Ave., Prog.

82         Eldred, Ishiel Potter, retired, 704 Ashby Ave., Prog.

83         Mrs. Enders, Letitia Craig, housewife, 811 Elm Ave., Rep.

84         Enders, William H., contractor, 811 Elm Ave., Prog.

84½      Entwistle, Edward, lineman, 806 Pierce Ave., Soc.

85         Mrs. Ewing, Ethel Frances, housewife, 817 Elm Ave., Rep.

86         Ewing, Harry Carl, machinist, 817 Elm Ave., Rep.



87         Mrs. Fink, Anna Helen, housewife, 4027 H, Rep.

88         Fink, William B., real estate, 4027 H, Rep.

89         Foote, Clarence Norton, contractor, Mont Clair Ave., Prog.

90         Foote, Sr., William, retired, 602 Mont Clair Ave., Prog.

91         Mrs. Ford, Annie Brigid, housewife, 3931 J, Rep.

92         Ford, John P., surveyor, 3931 J, Rep.

93         Ford, Patrick Joseph, farmer, 3931 J, Rep.

93½      Francis, Louis Adolph, piper, 43d and F, Rep.

93¾      Mrs. Francis, Mamie, housewife, 43d and F, Rep.

94         Frazer, James Louis, telegraph operator, 615 40th, Rep.

94½      Mrs. Freese, Annie Prentiss, housewife, Cherry Ave., Prog.

95         Mrs. Frazer, Leonora, housewife, 615 Mont Clair Ave., Prog.

96         Frazer, William John, contractor, 615 Mont Clair Ave., Prog.

96½      Freese, Albert Frederick, plumber, East Sacramento, Prog.

97         Fuller, Fred Leo, machinist, 3315 I, Rep.

98         Mrs. Fuller, Lucy M., housewife, 3315 I, Prog.   



  99         Mrs. Garland, Lotta Viola, housewife, East Ave., Rep.

100         Mrs. Gilmore, Kate, housewife, 806 Pierce Ave., Prog.

101         Gilmore, William Henry, paperhanger, 806 Pierce Ave., Prog.

102         Giovannoni, Lodorico, laborer, 826 Walnut Ave., Rep.

103         Mrs. Giovannoni, Marianna, housewife, 826 Walnut Ave., Rep.

104         Miss Girolami, Eva Louisa, homekeeper, 3826 H, Rep.

105         Mrs. Girolomi, Lucinda, housewife, 3826 H, Rep.

106         Girolomi, Pellegrino, farmer, 149 40th, Prog.

107         Grab, Meinrad, milker, 5515 J, Rep.

108         Mrs. Greene, Margaret Elizabeth, housewife, 3202 H, Prog.

109         Griffin, Benjamin Albert, engineer, Noble Court, Dem.

110         Mrs. Griffin, Jane Amelia, housewife, 820 Noble Court, Prog.

111         Gruhler, Chester Elias, clerk, 808 Elm Ave., Rep.

112         Guisto, John Alexander, farmer, 31st and D, Dem.

113         Mrs. Guisto, Marie, housewife, 3826 H, Dem.

114         Mrs. Guisto, Mary Josephine, housewife, 3119 D, Dem.



115         Ham, John, laborer, 3304 I, Dem.

116         Mrs. Harding, Margaret Wylie, housewife, 33d and C, Prog.

116½      Harding, Martin Templeton, student, 3308 C, Prog.

117         Harding, Wylie, nurseryman, 3308 C, Prog.

118         Mrs. Harlan, Lena Jefferson, dressmaker, 4130 G, Dem.

119         Miss Harris, Clara Mae, student, 918 Noble Court, Prog.

120         Harriman, Elwin Thomas, laborer, 4019 H, Rep.

121         Miss Harris, Edith Anna, stenographer, 815 Noble Court, Rep.

122         Harris, Frederick James, attorney-at-law, 918 Noble Court, Prog.

123         Harris, Herbert Harold, salesman, 918 Noble Court, Prog.

124         Mrs. Harris, Sophia Hanah, housewife, 918 Noble Court, Rep.

125         Miss Harris, Vanetta Maud, bookkeeper, 918 Noble Court, Rep.

126         Mrs. Henrotte, Elizabeth F., housewife, 904 Elm Ave., Rep.

127         Henrotte, Leon Joseph, meat cutter, 904 Elm Ave., Rep.

128         Hill, Alfred David, machinist, 3816 H, Rep.

128½      Hobrecht, Phillip John, electrician, 3229 D, Prog.

129         Holl, Charles Crocker, attorney-at-law, 3929 I, Prog.

130         Mrs. Holl, Harrett Lilian, housewife, 3929 I, Prog.

131         Mrs. Holl, Julia A., housewife, 3925 I, Prog.

132         Holland, Charles John, engraver, 3217 D, Prog.

132½      Holland, Edward Robinson, salesman, 3217 D, Prog.

133         Mrs. Holland, Margaret Etta, housewife, 517 Ashby Ave., Prog.

134         Miss Holland, Mildred Frances, stenographer, 3217 D, Prog.

135         Mrs. Holland, Sarah I., housewife, 3217 D, Prog.

136         Holland, Ulysses Grant, watchman, 39th and F, Prog.

136½      Holmes, Samuel Lucus, laborer, Humboldt and East, Rep.



137         Inderkum, Carl Peter, dairyman, 4026 H, Prog.

138         Inderkum, John, dairyman, 4026 H, Dem.

139         Inderkum, Joseph, dairyman, 3906 H, Prog.

140         Mrs. Inderkum, Salome, housewife, 4026 H, Rep.



141         Mrs. Jacox, Ida May, housewife, 830 Elm Ave., Prog.

142         Jacox, Stanley Forbes, merchant, 830 Elm Ave., Dem.

143         James, Edwin Lynham, clerk, 4311 J, Prog.

144         Mrs. James, Pearl, housewife, 823 Ross Ave., Rep.

144½      Mrs. Jenkins, Ethel, housewife, 901 Walker Ave., Prog.

144¾      Jenkins, Richard, carpenter, 901 Walker Ave., Rep.

145         Johnson, Charles Axel, piano tuner, 824 Walnut Ave., Prog.



146         Mrs. Kahley, Elizabeth, housewife, 3701 J, Rep.

147         Kahley, James Clarence, carpenter, 3701 J, Prog.

148         Miss Kanaley, Hazel, student, 3806 H, Rep.

149         Mrs. Kidd, Annie Marie, housewife, 907 Walker Ave., Prog.

150         Miss Kidd, Glayds (sic) Mary, stenographer, Walker Ave, Prog.

151         Kidd, Thomas Richard Gambling, miler, 907 Walker Ave., Prog.

152         Miss Klein, Eva, clerk, Golden Gate Ave., Dem.

153         Mrs. Kominsky, Leota, housewife, 903 Ross Ave., Rep.

154         Kominsky, Louis Henry, clerk, Ross Ave, Rep.     

156         Mrs. Kuechler, Verda, housewife, 3309 J, Prog.



157         Lagomarsino, Andrew Joseph, farmer, 45th and D, Rep.

158         Mrs. Lagomarsino, Estella Lucinda, housewife, 3900 H, Rep.

159         Lewis, David Charles, trimmed, 3931 I, Prog.

160         Mrs. Lewis, Phebe Catherine, housewife, 3931 I, Rep.

161         Mrs. Lindenmayer, Florence, housewife, 3130 D, Rep.

162         Lindenmayer, John Henry, Manager, 3130 D, Rep.

163         Lagomarsino, Felix, farmer, 45th and D, Rep.

164         Lagomarsino, John Bartolomiol, farmer, 45th and D, Rep.

165         Mrs. Lambert, Ada, housewife, 829 Noble Court, Rep.

166         Lagomarsino, Peter J., teamster, 3900 H, Rep.

167         Lambert, William Arthur, towerman, Noble Court, Dem.

168         Mrs. Lawrence, Jeanette Heintzen, hswf, 908 Noble Court, Prog.

169         Lawrence, Richard Kay, salesman, 908 Noble Court, Prog.

170         Mrs. Logan, Jennie, housewife, 3304 I, Rep.

171         Lindsay, William Lesly, painter, Mont Clair Ave., Prog.



172         McIntyre, Bernard Peter, letter carrier, 3913 J, Dem.

173         Miss McIntyre, Celia, student, 3909 H, Rep.

174         Mrs. McIntyre, Lena Helen, housewife, 714 Grant Ave., Dem.

175         Mrs. McIntyre, Mary E., retired, 3909 H, Dem.

176         Mrs. McIntyre, Matilda, housewife, 3913 J, Declined

177         McIntyre, Philip Andrew, springmaker, 714 Grant Ave., Dem.

178         McLellan, Herbert Ronald, fireman, 800 Walnut Ave, Prog.

179         Mrs. McLellan, Lulu Viola, housewife, 800 Walnut Ave, Prog.



180         Mackey, Edwin James, carpenter, 920 33d, Prog.

181         Mangold, Karl Wilhelm, helper, 4019 H, Rep.

182         Marquering, Alexander Rinehart, cmtwkr, 624 Humboldt Av., Rep.

183         Mrs. Marquering, Lily, housewife, 624 Humboldt Ave, Rep.

184         Mars, Franklin Little, attorney-at-law, 4315 J, Rep.

185         Mrs. Mars, Grace Inez, housewife, 4515 J, Rep.

186         Mattox, James David, helper, 512 Humboldt Ave., Dem.

188         Mrs. May, Louisa, housewife, 825 Elm Ave., Prog.

189         Mrs. Meyer, Johanna M., housewife, 3227 J, Dem.

190         Meyer, Martin Henry, carpenter, 3227 J, Dem.

191         Miller, Albert, laborer, 42d and C, Prog.

192         Milliken, George S., manager, 44th and B, Prog.


193         Miss Milliken, Maud Eugenia, retired, 44th and B, Prog.

194         Mrs. Milliken, Sue Skolfield, student, 44th and B, Prog.

195         Milne, Benona Jarrett, salesman, 930 Noble Court, Prog.

196         Mrs. Milne, Mary Elizabeth, housewife, 931 Noble Court, Prog.

197         Mrs. Mitchell, Grace, housewife, 3204 B, Rep.

198         Mitchell, William Lee, carpenter, 3204 B, Dem.

199         Moddison, Henry Smith, farmer, 800 Golden Gate Ave., Rep.

200         Moddison, Irwin, Farmer, 800 Golden Gate Ave., Prog.

201         Mrs. Moddison, Mary Anna, h’swife, 800 Golden Gate Ave., Prog.

202         Montgomery, Robert Joseph, retired, G St., Dem.

203         Moore, William James, teamster, 3811 J, Dem.

204         Mrs. Moore, Winnie Shurley, housewife, 3811 J, Rep.

205         Morelli, Aengelo, gardener, 3807 J, Rep.

206         Mrs. Morgan, Mollie, housewife, 910 33d, Dem.

207         Miss Mosier, Dora Louisa, homek’per, 715 Mont Clair Ave., Dem.

208         Mosier, Doran Harvey, housemover, 715 Mont Clair Ave., Dem.

209         Mosier, Frank Byron, housemover, 715 Mont Clair Ave., Dem.

210         Mrs. Mosier, Leora F., housewife, 715 Mont Clair Ave., Dem.

211         Murphy, Lloyd Budd, salesman, 819 Noble Court, Rep.



212         Northey, Charles, foreman, 918 McIntyre Ave., Rep.

213         Mrs. Northey, Louise Lillian, housewife, 918 McIntyre Ave. Prog.



214         O’Brien, John Joseph, printer, J St. Road, Prog.

215         Mrs. O’Brien, Mary Ellen, housewife, Golden Gate Ave, Dem.

216         Mrs. Oliver, Catherine, housewife, 917 Elm Ave., Rep.

217         Olson, Peter Louis, laborer, 3114 C, Prog.

218         Mrs. Olson, Signe Gustava, housewife, 3114 C, Prog.

219         O’Toole, John Thomas, laborer, 901 Pierce Ave., Dem.

219½      Mrs. O’Toole, Mary, housewife, 901 Pierce Ave., Dem.



220         Palm, Henry Adolph, carpenter, 40th and C, Rep.

221         Parenti, Luigi, peddler, 4800 H, Rep.

222         Patterson, James Goodrich, secretary, 909 Noble Court, Dem.

223         Mrs. Patterson, Mary Emma, housewife, 909 Noble Court, Rep.

223½      Mrs. Phelan, Albina, housewife, 3709 J, Soc.

224         Phelan, Frank Desail, carpenter, 3709 J, Soc.

225         Phelan, Frederick Samuel, street Sweeper, 3629 J, Dem.

226         Mrs. Phelan, Maria, housewife, 3629 J, Soc.

226½      Miss Phelan, Zeta T., bookkeeper, 3629 J, Dem.

227         Mrs. Pierce, Flora Theresa, housewife, 914 McIntyre Ave., Prog.

228         Pierce, Walter Vernon, dep. Assessor, 914 McIntyre Ave., Prog.

229         Posch, Frank, coremaker, Mont Clair Ave., Rep.

230         Mrs. Pounds, Agnes Kathleen, housewife, 41st and C, Rep.

231         Pounds, Paul A., clerk, 40th and C, Rep.

232         Price, George Martin, clerk, 808 Elm Ave., Dem.



233         Mrs. Racine, Francis A. Sears, housekeeper, 3602 H, Rep.

233½      Ramsey, Ira Lyle, clerk, 904 Elf Ave., Rep.

234         Reardon, Timothy Daniel, Farmer, J St. Road, Rep.

235         Redifer, Harry Stephen, engineer, 3325 J, Declined

236         Reese, Jr., Charles Eddie, gardener, 4031 E, Prog.

237         Reese, Charles Eddy, farmer, 4031 E, Rep.

238         Mrs. Reeves, Angie, cashier, 41st bet. G and H, Soc.

239         Mrs. Ross, Agnes Marie, clerk, 702 Ashby Ave., Prog.

240         Ryan, John Joseph, bookbinder, 907 Ross Ave., Prog.

241         Mrs. Ryan, Nora J., housewife, 907 Ross Ave, Prog.



243         Sanderson, Arthur William, carpenter, 821 Elm Ave., Prog.

244         Schilling, Joseph, teamster, 3817 J, Prog.

245         Mrs. Schilling, Winnie, housewife, 3817 J, Rep.

246         Schumucker, Frank Sebastian, clerk, 37th and F, Prog.

247         Schwartz, William H., teamster, 3602 H, Rep.

248         Mrs. Scribner, Rogene, housewife, East Sacramento, Rep.

249         Sehestedt, Adolph Herman, carpntr., N. W. cor. 40th and D, Prog.

251         Sherwood, Frank Henry, broker, 3121 C, Prog.

252         Mrs. Shick, Christina, housewife, 904 Pierce Ave., Rep.

253         Shick, Edward Adrian, asst. and pressman, 904 Pierce Ave., Dem.

254         Mrs. Simpson, Annie, housewife, 3941 I, Rep.

255         Simpson, John Gibson, clerk, 3941 I, Rep.

256         Simpson, William McClure, clerk, 3941 I, Rep.

257         Smith, Albert Delos, attorney, 3202 H, Prog.

258         Mrs. Smith, Dorothy Jenkins, housewife, 3117 C, Dem.

259         Smith, Jr., Frank Samuel, dep. pro. Officer, 3117 C, Dem.

260         Mrs. Smith, Martha Elizabeth, pastry cook, 811 Elm Ave., Prog.

261         Mrs. Smith, Maude Bertha, housewife, 3202 H, Prog.

262         Stahl, Edwin Franklin Earl, carpntr., 720 Mont Clair Ave., Prog.

263         Mrs. Stahl, Lulu Ione, housewife, 720 Mont Clair Ave., Prog.

264         Sturman, John, police officer, 3330 H, Prog.

265         Mrs. Sturman, Ottilie, housewife, 3330 H, Prog.

266         Mrs. Sutherland, Alice Elizabeth, hswf., Mont Clair Ave., Dem.

267         Sutherland, Joseph Charles, carpenter, Mont Clair Ave., Dem.



268         Terry, George, 99½ J St. Road, Dem.

269         Miss Theobald, Ruth, housewife, 4015 G, Soc.

270         Mrs. Thomas, Edna May, housewife, Ross Ave. and J, Rep.

271         Thomas, Frank, pipefitter, 918 Ross Ave., Prog.

271½      Todd, Harold M., clerk, 3109 E, Declined

271¾      Todd, Robert Burlington, millman, 3109 E,

272         Mrs. Toomey, Clara Ruth, housewife, 914 Ross Ave., Rep.

273         Toomey, Francis Herbert, letter carrier, 914 Ross Ave., Rep.

274         Travioli, Frank, blacksmith, 3304 I, Rep.

275         Mrs. Travioli, Lela, housewife, 3304 I, Rep.



277         Mrs. Valdez, Blanche Florence, housewife, 4231 J, Prog.



280         Mrs. Walsh, Amelia Christina, housewife, Walnut Ave., Declined

281         Walsh, Frank Xavier, horseman, Walnut Ave., Declined

282         Waterman, Harry Garfield, plumber 900 Elm Ave., Prog.

284         Mrs. Weisker, Georgia Gertrude, hswf., East Sacramento, Prog.

285         Weisker, William Clemens, carpenter, 41st and H, Prog.

286         Westphal, C. Henry, taxidermist, 826 McIntyre Ave., Dem.

287         Westphal, Henry Bertram, machinehand, 826 McIntyre Ave., Rep.

288         Mrs. Westphal, Lorena A., h’sewife, 826 McIntyre Ave., Declined

289         Miss White, Bertha Glen, teacher, 5515 J, Rep.

290         Mrs. White, Margaret Rachel, housewife, 5515 J, Rep.

290½      White, Roy Elwood, farmer, 5515 J, Rep.

291         White, William Wilber, farmer, J St. Road, Rep.

292         Whitney, Lyman Benjamin, shoemaker, Golden Gate Ave., Rep.

293         Mrs. Whittkop, Frances, housewife, 824 33d Rep.

294         Wiget, John Joseph, laborer, Elvas, Rep.

295         Wildman, George, printer, 823 Noble Court, Prog.

296         Will, Adolf, moulder, 608 40th, Rep.

297         Wittkop, William Fred, carpenter, 824 33d, Prog.

299         Woods, David J., machinist, 40th and D, Rep.

298         Mrs. Woods, Carolyn, housewife, Glen Orchard, Rep.



299 (sic)  Young, Henry, carpenter, 4018 C, Rep.





Transcribed by Betty Vickroy.

Proofread by Jeanne Taylor.

© 2009 Betty Vickroy.