A Century of


Post Offices

by Walter Frickstad






San Francisco County

Created 18 February 1850


"Fr" means "Named changed from----" as stated named.

"M" after the discontinuance date means "Mail sent to----" the named office, which becomes the new address of the patrons of the discontinued office.

"Sta" shows that the discontinued office became a station of the named office.

"To" means that the "Name was changed to----" that indicated.

A dash in the third column indicates that the office was still operating on the last day of December 1954.




*Angel Island



Ocean View Fr San Miguel



San Francisco

San Miguel

Steinbergers Fr Redwood



6 March 1874

28 January 1875

18 July 1854

17 June 1889

23 August 1881

31 October 1888

9 October 1852

9 November 1848

25 April 1878

6 January 1853

15 April 1854



Into Marin County

Into San Mateo County

"Never in operation"

16 March 1895 M San Francisco

1 July 1902 Sta San Francisco

6 January 1853 To Steinbergers


23 August 1881 To Ocean View

Into San Mateo County

Into San Mateo County




*The post office is reported to have been established in San Francisco and transferred to Marin. Originally the Island was in San Francisco County, but after several shifts back-and-forth, it was permanently assigned to Marin County in 1860. Therefore, Angel Island Post Office has always been in Marin.




Transcribed by Nancy Pratt Melton.

Source: Frickstad, Walter N., A Century of California Post Offices 1848-1954, pgs 159-160. Oakland, CA. 1955.

2006 Nancy Pratt Melton.




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