Northwest corner Sutter and Jones Streets

[San Francisco, CA. 1899]




O. M. BRENNAN, Proprietor

Reception day, Monday

Telephone Main 370




Albertson, Dr. and Mrs. J. A.

Baker, Mr. and Mrs. A.

Barnett, Mr. and Mrs. R. A.

Blake, Mrs. G. M.

Brittan, Miss M. B.

Buckingham, Mrs. Thomas H.

Caffrey, Mr. John

Chapman, Mr. E. K.

Chase, Mr. and Mrs. Horace B.

Chipman, Mr. and Mrs. N. P.

Cooper, Mr. and Mrs. J. A.

Cooper, Miss Ethel

Coulson, Capt. and Mrs. W. C.

Finnell, Mr. and Mrs. James

Frink, Mr. and Mrs. George W.

Garber, Miss E. B.

Gordon, Mr. and Mrs. N. H.

Greenwood, Mr. Fred A.

Groesbeck, Maj. and Mrs. S. W.

Harmes, Mr. and Mrs. J. T.

Harmes, Miss Belle

Haslacher, Mr. and Mrs. J.

Heintz, Dr. J. P. E.

Hill, Mrs. Arthur

Hollister, Mrs. H. A.

Hopkins, Mr. C. L.

Howard, Mr. and Mrs. George

Jackson, Mr. and Mrs. A. W.

Jackson, Miss Hattie

Jacks, Mrs. David

Jacks, Misses

Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Grove L.

Johnson, Mr. Lionel A. T.

Keithley, Mr. E. A.

Keller, Mr. and Mrs. Herman A.

Kenyon, Dr. and Mrs. C. G.

Kimber, Miss Laura

King, Mr. Henry

Knight, Mr. and Mrs. George A.

Knight, Mr. Fred

Kohler, Mr. and Mrs. Henry

Kohler, Miss Anna

Lankershim, Mrs. A. L.

Larzelere, Mr. and Mrs. L. R.

Lawton, Mrs.

Lawton, Miss.


Magee, Mr. and Mrs. T. A.

Magee, Miss.

McBryde, Mrs. E. A.

Mesick, Mrs.

Mesick, Miss.

Moore, Col. and Mrs. J. M.

Morong, Capt. and Mrs. J. C.

Murphy, Mr. and Mrs. Jos. A.

Norris, Mrs. B. F.

Perry, Mr. John Jr.

Pfingst, Mr. and Mrs. F. L.

Plummer, Dr. and Mrs. R. H.

Pratt, Mrs. O. C.

Quade, Mr. A.

Rawlins, Mr. and Mrs. J. E.

Redington, Messrs.

Reichman, Mrs.

Reichman, Miss.

Reynolds, Mr. and Mrs. George W.

Rice, Sen. B. F.

Robertson, Mr. and Mrs. J. Shaw

Robinson, Mr. and Mrs. James A.

Robinson, Miss.

Sachs, Mr. Ben.

Sherman, Mr. L. S.

Silberstein, Mr. M.

Sparhawk, Miss

Stanly, Mrs. Edward

Stauff, Mrs.

Stauff, Miss

Storey, Mr. William B. Jr.

Strong, Dr. and Mrs. Colin M.

Sweetzer, Mrs. A. J.

Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. A. B.

Throckmorton, Miss S. M.

Toby, Mr. and Mrs. S. B.

Van Nuys, Mrs. I. N.

Voight, Mr. R. E.

Whipple, Mr. and Mrs. H. L.

Wilkinson, Miss E. Forbes

Williams, Mr. C. H.

Williams, Mr. and Mrs. George E.

Williams, Mrs. H. B.

Wilson, Mr. Thomas

Wilson, Mrs. L. S.




Transcribed by Elaine Sturdevant.

Source: Hoag, Charles C., Our Society Blue Book, Page 319. Charles Hoag Publishing, San Francisco, CA. 1899.

2006 Elaine Sturdevant.




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