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                L. P. A. Sonne, a well-to-do and highly intelligent citizen of Rocklin, is from the little kingdom of Denmark, where on the 24th of November, 1836, he first opened his eyes to the light of day.  His parents, Peter and Kate Sonne, were also natives of that country and were farming people of sterling worth who, in the faith of the Lutheran Church of which they were members, reared their family of four children.  The father departed life in the sixty-fifth year of his age, and the mother died in her seventy-fifth year.  Three of the children survive, two in California, Andrew, of Sacramento, and L. P. A.

            The subject of this review was educated in his native land and in early life went to sea.  A life on the ocean wave was his lot for nine years.  He has visited many ports throughout the world, but sailed principally to Europe and South America.  In his voyages he gained a wide knowledge of the countries which cover the face of the globe and the people which inhabit them, knowledge that can be obtained so well in no other way.  During the last Schleswig-Holstein War he served as a sailor on the frigate Jylland and took part in the engagement at Heligoland on the 9th of May, 1864.

            After the war was over, on deciding to make his home in America, he took up in abode in Illinois in 1865, and three years later came to California, making his way across the Isthmus.  He established his home here with the hope that its mild climate would prove beneficial to his health.  In the meantime he had spent nearly all of his money in paying physicians’ bills.  He located in Stanislaus, making his home with a physician in order to have his care.  Subsequently, however, he removed to Loomis and purchased one hundred and sixty acres of land, which he improved and cultivated successfully, thus demonstrating to the people of Placer County that crops might be raised in this portion of the state.  After residing upon his farm for eleven years he sold the property for five thousand dollars, and in 1883 took up his abode in Rocklin, where he became a dealer in real estate, principally town lots.  He is not only the owner of many desirable lots but also has come into possession of ten dwelling houses, which he rents, his income being thus materially increased.  His home is a comfortable cottage which is also one of his realty possessions.

            Mr. Somme’s study of the political issues and questions has led him to give his allegiance to the Republican Party.  Although baptized and confirmed in the Lutheran Church, he now attends the Congregational Church in Rocklin.  He owes his success in life to his well-directed efforts, his willing hands being directed by sound judgment, his indefatigable energy being supplemented by keen sagacity.  He has never interfered with other people, but has attended closely to his own business and is now the possessor of a comfortable competence which earnest toil has brought to him.



Transcribed by Gerald Iaquinta.

Source: “A Volume of Memoirs and Genealogy of Representative Citizens of Northern California”, Pages 596-597. Chicago Standard Genealogical  Publishing Co. 1901.

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