Official Program

Golden Jubilee


Supreme Council

U. P. E. C.

[Portuguese Union of the State of California]

50th Annual Session


Oakland, California

October 11 to 15














Manuel S. Soares, Ex-Supreme Secretary, Chairman

Frank S. Roderick, Ex-Supreme President and Supreme Treasurer, Vice Chairman

Dr. J. C. Lopes, Supreme Director, Secretary

J. A. Freitas, Ex-Supreme Secretary, Director

Frank H. Rosa, Ex-Supreme President, Director






U. P. E. C.


Manual J. Perry, President

J. T. Lopes, Vice-President

Manuel Fraga, Secretary

Frank S. Roderick, Treasurer

Manuel V. Alves, Master of Ceremonies

Angelo R. Ignacio, Marshall

Manuel A. Freitas, Inside Guard

Arthur S. Sousa, Outside Guard




Thomas F. Lopez

J. J. Pimentel

Frank A. Freitas

Miguel B. Azevedo

Albert J. Lopes

Jose C. Jorge

F. H. Rosa

J. C. Lopes

Luis C. Pedro



Finance Committee


J. M. Soares

E. Edward Soito






Manuel Fraga, Decano

L. A. Enos

A. A. Sarmento

J. Pereira

Jose V. Pereira

Jose C. Jorge

Anthony Wilson

G. F. Pereira

J. J. Pimentel

A. J. Homem

M. G. Azevedo

J. Dutra

Frank H. Costa

Manuel Gaspar

M. S. Soares

J. A. Freitas

J. J. Cardoso

Thomas F. Lopez

Frank S. Roderick

Frank P. Pinheiro

Francis J. Lazarus

Anthony J. Silva

Frank A. Freitas

Frank H. Rosa




John Perry

Past Supreme President

Father of Manuel J. Perry, Supreme President




Hon. William J. McCracken, Mayor

Hon. G. Armas do Amaral, Acting Consul of Portugal

Hon. John Tolan, United States Congressman







HOTEL OAKLAND, 14th Street and Harrison Boulevard, Oakland, California.


Dean Witter & Co., Municipal and Corp. Bonds, 409 14th Street, Oakland.


Bank of America, Oakland.


Blyth & Co., Inc., Central Bank Building, Oakland


Jackson Furniture Company, Clay at 13th Street, Oakland. Represented by A. G. Monteiro & Manuel L. Alves


Dr. Carlos Fernandes, St. John's Hospital, 1055 Pine Street, San Francisco.


Dariglen Creameries Ltd., 1909 East 14th Street, Oakland, California. Manuel Gaspar, President & Manuel S. Soares, General Manager.


Clarence N. Cooper, Mortuary, Melvin Thuman, attendant.


Pasquini & Dias, Florists, Frank S. Dias, 1421 Broadway, Oakland.


Dr. William L. Lopes, Foot Specialist, 475 12th Street, Oakland, California.


Dempsey & Sanders, Tires, 24th and Harrison Street, Oakland, California


Shattuck & Blake, Tires, Berkeley, California.


Central Bank of Oakland.


Caporgno & Co. (Successors to Cunha & Caporgno) Mortuary, Joseph C. Medeiros, Manager, 1727-1729 Grove Street, Oakland, California.


McNutt, Inc., Man's Store, 1302 Broadway, Oakland.


Henas & Garcia, Real State, R H. Garcia & M. Henas, 201 East 14th Street, San Leandro, California.


Estudillo Chapel of the George B. Santos Mortuary, 160 Estudillo Avenue, San Leandro, California.


Abilio Reis, M.D., Physician and Surgeon, Oakland, California.


Dugan's Cafe, Emeryville, California.


Alfred Moniz, Linguica Factory, 5110 East 14th Street, Oakland, California.


Veterans Inn, M. E. Silva, Proprietor, 1114 East 14th Street, San Leandro, California


B. Pasquale Co., Military, Naval and Society Goods, 112-114 Kearny Street, San Francisco, California.


Smith Brothers, Stationery, 1721 Broadway & 480 13th Street, Oakland, California


Rosa Bakery Co., J. P. Rosa, Manager, 1174 73rd Avenue, Oakland, California.


Toni Rossi, Floral Designs, 2460 East 14th Street & Elks Building, 1948 Broadway, Oakland, California.


Phil Davis, Chrysler and Plymouth, East 14th Street at 26th Avenue, Oakland, California.


Wellman Peck, San Francisco, California.


Gardenia Shoppe, Floral Designs, Frank Cerrato, Proprietor, 453 12th Street, Oakland, California.


Glikbarg Motor Co., 29th Avenue and East 14th Street, Oakland, California


American Creamery Co., J. A. Silveira, president, 14th and Poplar Streets, Oakland, California.


Suits O Coats, J. J. Krieg Co., Fruitvale.


Lewis' Inn, 1854 East 14th Street, Corner 19th Avenue, Oakland, California.


Carvalho Steamship Agency, A. M. Carvalho & J. R. De Faria, Portuguese Service, 66 Jackson Street, San Francisco.


Oak Printing Co., M. H. Bettencourt, Manager, 523 Adeline Street, Oakland.


Farmers & Merchants Savings Bank, 13th at Franklin Street, Oakland, California


Crystal Laundry & Dry Cleaners, 2307 Chestnut Street, Oakland, California.


Duck Inn, 2102 East 14th Street, Oakland, California.


United Milk Producers of California, J. C. Jorge, Manager, George L. Lawrence, Secretary/Treasurer, 2046 East 14th Street, Oakland, California.


C. P. Bannon, Funeral Director, A. R. Mattos, Oakland and San Leandro.


East Lawn Chapel, Hanrahan-Wadsworth, Pine & Borba, Funeral Directors, 510 East 14th Street, Oakland, California. The only funeral home in Oakland which is owned and operated by Portuguese people. Frank E. Pine and Chris J. Borba invite their people to visit and inspect their beautiful new Chapel which has just been completed.


J. Azevedo, Grocery, 224 Lighthouse Avenue, Monterey, California.


John Filipelli, Bail Bonds, 518 15th Street, Oakland, California.


The Grant the Miller Mortuaries Inc., 2372 East 14th Street, Fruitvale; Grant D. Miller, President (Coroner of Alameda County); T. G. Drennan, Vice-President & Manager; H. C. Simens, Assistant Manager; R. MacNeur, Jr., Secretary.


Jornal Portugues, Publications, 1927 East 14th, Oakland.



BANK OF HAYWARDS, Established 1891.



I. B. Parsons, President

J. H. Gansberger, Vice-President

F. C. Winton, Vice-President

Temple Crane, Vice-President

H. Henningsen, Cashier

M. J. Rodgers, Assistant Cashier

Tillie McCoy, Assistant Cashier


J. H. Gansberger

Jacob Harder, Jr.

W. H. Meek

F. C. Winton

I. B. Parsons

A. E. Manter

Marlin W. Haley

N. P. Nielsen

R. A. Kolze









Frank A. Freitas, Santa Clara, California.

Manuel Gaspar, Oakland, California.

Frank S. Roderick, Oakland, California

J. A. Freitas, Oakland, California

Manuel A. Freitas, 13900 East 14th Street, San Leandro, California.

Thomas F. Lopez, Fresno, California

John M. Soares, Patterson, California

J. J. Pimentel, Atwater, California

Dr. J. C. Lopes, Oakland, California

U. P. E. C. Band; M. C. Medeiros, Conductor; Joseph P. Rose, Secretary; J. C. Medeiros, Treasurer; John Palange, Concert Master.

Angelo R. Ignacio, 1820 Sonoma Street, Vallejo, California

Raymond Salisbury, Attorney, Oakland.

Antonio J. Homem, Melrose Mercantile Store, 5118 East 14th Street, Oakland.

Frank H. Rosa, San Pablo, California

Perry G. Williams, Auditor & Assessor, City of Oakland, California

M. Borba De Azevedo, Crows Landing, California.

M. E. Amaral, Oakland, California.

Manuel S. Soares, Oakland, California.

Alberto Moura, Bake of America Building, Residence: 8806 Hillside Street, Oakland?



Transcribed by Nancy Pratt Melton.

2008 Nancy Pratt Melton






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