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January 4, 1856

Naturalization Records






Lois Dove.



The following is a complete list of the names and places of nativity of the persons naturalized in the District Court, in this District, during the year 1855, as also of the date of their naturalization.  A large number were naturalized in the Court of Sessions, but not noted in consequence of the decision of the Supreme Court, declaring the same without the jurisdiction of the Court:




Charles Urquhart, England, January 8

Frederick Schott, France, March 7

Henry Gerlach, Germany, April 19

Meyer Bach, Bavaria, May 9

John C. Bradley, Canada, May 17

William Schlachter, Germany, May 25

Lewis Lewis, Russia, May 25

John Frederick Keller, Bavaria, May 28

Nathan Loeb, Germany, June 7

Francis M. Gangueisch, June 7

Davis Harris, Poland, June 11

Patrick O'Neil, Poland, June 12

David Wand, Bavaria, June 13

Patrick Dunn, Ireland, June 18

Herman Felker, Germany, June 19

A. Silver, Western Islands, June 21

Anselm Huter, Switzerland, June 22

Frederick Frochlicher, Switzerland, June 25

John White, England, June 25

Antoin Joseph, Portugal, June 25

John Frank, Portugal, June 26

James Nuttall, England, June 27

Bernhard Loeb, Germany, July 30

Edmund Fitzgerald, Ireland, July 31

Michael Moore, England, July 31

Jacob Miller, Germany, August 1

Charles Hammond, Germany, August 3

Mathias Reich, Germany, August 4

Frederick Bobel, Prussia, August 7

David Newman, Poland, August 7

Nicholas Brusts, Prussia, August 7

Thos. Lane, Ireland, August 7

Peter P. Bleg, Denmark, August 9

Israel Baum, Poland, August 10

John Stuffler, Wirtemberg, August 13

Elias Bernstein, Prussia, August 14

Nathan Koshland, Bavaria, August 14

John George Koch, Wirtemberg, August 14

John Rammel, Bavaria, August 14

Edward Muoke, Prussia, August 14

Adolph Albricht, Prussia, August 14

P. J. Nathan, England, August 14

Wm. H. Rattenberg, England, August 14

Jos. S. Kohn, Bavaria, August 14

Jas.Reim, Switzerland, August 16

Chas. C. Finkler, Germany, August 16

T. H. Dierrson, Hanover, August 16

Chas. Ebner, Baden, August 16

Jos. Holtzeman, Bavaria, August 16

Augustus Comte, France, August 16

James Cardwell, Ireland, August 16

John Hubert Hanterket, Prussia, August 16

Joseph Bace, Baden, August 16

Moses Greenebaum, Germany, August 16

Xayery Ebnery, Germany, August 16

Patrick Kelly, Ireland, August 16

Adolph Cornfield, Hungary, August 16

Wm. M. Scales, England, August 16

E. Isaacson, England, August 16

John McGaughran, Ireland, August 16

Archer Ranck, Germany, August 16

Conrad Weller, Germany, August 16

Frederick Mosch, Switzerland, August 16

Robt. McCool, Ireland, August 16

Jacob Herger, Germany, August 16

Fred' k Meir, Germany, August 16

Joseph Douglass, Scotland, August 16

Wm. Uggia, Sweden, August 16

Auguste Hantzele, Switzerland, August 16

Theodore Gosse, Prussia, August 17

Charles Simmermacker, Germany, August 17

E. T. Slight, England, August 17

Henry Hagan, Germany, August 17

Lewis Kullmann, Bavaria, August 17

John Schlide, Germany, August 17

George Drinke, Germany, August 17

Joseph Morath, Germany, August 17

Robert Marsch, England, August 17

Wm. Ploschke, Germany, August 17

Robert Aitken, Scotland, August 17

H. Klasing, Germany, August 17

Adolph Dobrowsky, Austria, August 17

Alex.  McKenzie, Scotland, August 17

Victor Fred. Miller, Germany, August 17

George Gundlach, Hanover, August 17

Oswald Broder, Switzerland, August 17

Jacob Broder, Switzerland, August 17

Antoine Valker, Prussia, August 17

Patrick Frezer, Ireland, August 17

Patrick J. Lanigan, Ireland, August 17

Jacob Wittenweller, Switzerland, August 17

James Montgomery, Ireland, August 21

Simon Marks, Poland, August 21

Lewis Rosenthall, Poland, August 21

Leonard Schmidt, Germany, August 21

Grank Kaster, Austria, August 21

Michael Steal, Germany, August 21

Patrick Calaghan, Ireland, August 21

Christian Audel, Germany, August 21

A. R. Klein, Prussia, August 21

Joseph Wise, Bohemia, August 21

John Fred. Louis Schlmeyer, Hanover, August 21

Geo. Heiser, Germany, August 21

Martin Boslet, Switzerland, August 21

Meyer Goldschmidt, Germany, August 21

Chas. Jacobs, Germany, August 21

John B. Sotze, Germany, August 21

Chas. W. Hendel, Saxony, August 21

Francis Rabel, Prussia, August 21

L. Weimer, Germany, August 21

Jacob Gross, Prussia, August 21

Conrad Belz, Germany, August 21

Alexander Mills, England, August 21

John Kline, Germany, August 21

Rudolph Spiller, Switzerland, August 21

Philip Shank, Germany, August 21

Lendrum Greer, Ireland, September 3

Erakine Greer, Ireland, September 3

Martin Kasler, France, September 3

John Stoltz, Prussia, September 3

Stephen Hoos, Prussia, September 3

Frederick Switzer, Germany, September 3

Anthony Gangler, Germany, September 3

Bernard Feldman, Germany, September 3

Jacob Benjamin, Poland, September 3

Chas. Kleinsorg, Prussia, September 3

Morris Welch, Ireland, September 3

Meyer Behrend, Prussia, September 3

Henry Van Winkle, Germany, September 3

John Thomas Jennings, England, September 3

Henry Miller, Brunswick, September 3

Frederick Kim, Germany, September 3

Peter Brown, Germany, September 3

Henry Hah, France, September 3

Henry Stock, Austria, September 3

Henry Mittendorf, Germany, September 3

Christian Drenckhahn, Germany, September 3

Andrew McQuillan, Ireland, September 3

Robt. McFerran, Ireland, September 3

J. Pitois, France, September 3

Augustus Forscht, Hanover, September 3

Christian Schultz, Hamburg, September 3

John William Lehmann, Germany, September 3

Frank Banver, France, September 3

Michael Wagner, Germany, September 3

Henry Deaner, Prussia, September 3

Fabian Krenberger, Germany, September 3

John McNamara, Ireland, September 3

J. H. Parker, Germany, September 3

Joseph Barres, Bohemia, September 3

William Greenwood, England, September 3

John McClory, Ireland, September 4

Wm. Reynolds, Ireland, September 4

B.  Krosminsky, Germany, September 4

Raphael Davis, ___, September 4

John P. Kohl, Germany, September 4

Maurice Conner, Ireland, September 4

John Schneider, Germany September 4

Nicholas Hock, Germany, September 4

Manual Rivers, Portugal, September 4

Frederick Brown, Germany, September 4

Nicholas Santry, Ireland, September 4

Jacob Knout, Germany September 4

Jacob N. Cardezo, Great Britain, September 4

Fred.  Drinkorn, Germany, September 4

J. N. Bingay, Nova Scotia, September 4

Michael Murray, Ireland, September 4

Peter Carolan, Ireland, September 4

William Walker, Germany, September 4

Meyer Raphael, Prussia, September 4

John Brown, Switzerland, September 4

Michael Doll, Prussia, September 4

And.  Beatty, Ireland, September 4

Peter O'Connor, Ireland, September 4

M. Lazarus, Germany, September 4

Michael Fitzpatrick, Ireland, September 4

Joseph Rivers, Portugal, September 4

Gottfried Gebrig, Germany, September 4

John Halley, Ireland, September 4

Geo. Mackay, Ireland, September 4

John Sulavin, Ireland, September 4

Timothy Foley, Ireland, September 4

Jacob Werner, Bavaria, September 4

Jas. Jenkins, Ireland, September 4

Gottlaib Schneiser, Germany, September 4

Henry Wentz, Germany, September 4

John Joseph, Portugal, September 4

John Doyle, Ireland, September 4

John Boyle, Ireland, September 4

Manuel Joseph, Portugal, September 4

John Jacobs, England, September 4

Emanuel Notter, Germany, September 4

Chas. Aug. Superman, Sweden, September 4

James Carolan, Ireland, September 4

James Thomas, England, September 4

Gustave Dussol, France, September 4

Stephen Hughes, Wales, September 7

John Henry Otto, Germany, September 18

Edward McCabe, Ireland, September 26

John McGorvin, Ireland, September 26

Geo. Puder, Germany, October 1

Jno. Chas. Robt. Fahn, Germany, October 1

Girard B. Mammes, Hanover, October 19

Isaac Wiseburg, Poland, October 18

Wm. Peineman, Germany, October 23

Manual De Liano, Spain, November 9

Francis Steissberg, Bavaria, November 16

Wm. Helser, Germany, December 17

August Hoffman, Germany, December 17

Edmund Bray, Ireland, December 19

Peter Zacharias, Greece, December 21


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