[San Francisco, CA. 1899]


628 Sutter Street. Bet. Mason and Taylor

D. W. JAMES, Proprietor

Reception Day-Monday

Telephone Main 1278






Abramsky, Mrs. S. D.

Abramsky, Miss E. E.

Agard, Mrs. N. A.

Allen, Captain

Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. C. W.

Avis, Mr. John J.

Barnickel, Miss J.

Barnickel, Miss D.

Beecher, Dr. A. M.

Berry, Mr. De Los T.

Bostwick, Mr. Sprague N.

Bostwick, Mrs. M. A.

Briggs, Mr. A. E.

Cairns, Mrs. N. M.

Campbell, Mr. and Mrs. William

Chipman, Mr. H. W.

Coon. Mr. Frederick H.

Critcher, Mr. and Mrs. M. H.

Crowley, Miss M. E.

Crowley, Miss

Crowley, Miss A.

Cunningham, Miss M. A.

Dannerbrink, Miss Nora

Doherty, Miss Helen

Douillet, Mr. and Mrs. Pierre

Fayville, Mr.

Haviland, Dr. A.

Hill, Mr. and Mrs. C. W.

Johnson, Mr. R.

Kelley, Mr. and Mrs. B. F.


Kelly, Mrs. M. E.

Kincaid, Mr.

Leach, Mr. M. A.

Lewington, Mrs. S.

Lewington, Mr. E. H. Ridgway

Livermore, Lieut. Charles

McConnell, Dr. E. G.

Miller, Miss Catherine L.

More, Mr. M.

Morris, Miss R. S.

O’Connor, Mr. W. C.

Oliver, Mr. F. O.

Robertson, Dr. and Mrs. Henry D.

Sangster, Mr. and Mrs. A. D.

Shelton, Mr. and Mrs. George F.

Shrowder, Miss L.

Shrowder, Mrs. C. K.

Sinclair, Mr. and Mrs. N. J.

Stanton, Mr. and Mrs. A. R.

Stewart, Miss Maude

Thompson, Lieut. and Mrs. P. W.

Trumbull, Mr. Lyman F.

Truman, Mr. I. J. Jr.

Unger, Mrs.

Walker, Mr. and Mrs. Jessie

Williams, Mr. A. H.

Williams, Mr. D.

Wilson, Mr. Robert

Woolf, Mr. and Mrs. William



Transcribed by Elaine Sturdevant.

Source: Hoag, Charles C., Our Society Blue Book, Page 337.  Charles Hoag Publishing, San Francisco, CA. 1899.

© 2006 Elaine Sturdevant.




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