(1889 Blue Book a mirror copy with permission from sfgenealogy.com)
Source: San Francisco Blue Book, Published by The Bancroft Company, San Francisco, 1889

ACKERMAN, Mr and Mrs, St. James Park
ANDERSON, Judge and Mrs, 52 Lovelace ave
AYRES, Col and Mrs. J.J., Pearl st

BAKER, Mr and Mrs W.A., 242 N Main st, Baker Block
BALDWIN, Miss, Thorn Block
BANNING, Mrs Mary, 431 N Fort st
BANNING, Miss Mary
BEREMAN, Miss, 347 S Fort st
BONSALL, Mr and Mrs J.P., cor Lucas and Arnold aves
BOWRING, Mr and Mrs Henry, Pearl st
BOYCE, Col and Mrs, Grand ave
BRADBURY, Miss, cor Hill and Court House
BRIGGS, Mr W.R., Baker Block
BRIGGS, Miss Lillian
BURNHAM, Mr and Mrs R.W., 25 Loma Dr

CARRON, Mr and Mrs T.J., Ellis ave
CARRON, Miss Carrie
CASWELL, Mr and Mrs William, 400 Grand ave
CHANDLER, Mr and Mrs Burdette, 545 E First st
CHEENEY, Judge and Mrs William, 936 S Hill st
CHILDS, Mr and Mrs O.W., 1011 S Main st
CHILDS, The Misses
CLACIUS, Dr and Mrs, cor Pico and Figueroa sts
CLARKE, Mr and Mrs A.K., 1112 Hill st
CLARKE, Miss Daisy, Olive st
COOK, Mr and Mrs Joe, Ellis ave
CREIGHTON, Mr and Mrs Telfair, Palm House

DAMARIN, Mrs Edith
DAVIS, Mrs Mamie Perry, 507 S Pearl st
DAVISSON, Dr and Mrs, cor. Alidso and Michigan ave
De SZIGETHY, Dr and Mrs Charles, 14 Main st
DILLMAN, Miss, Hearthman House
DUNKELBERGER, Mr and Mrs T. R., 1000 N Ninth st
DU PUY, Judge and Mrs, 204 W Pico st
DU PUY, Miss FLorence

EASTMAN, Col and Mrs F.H., Rossmoore
ELLIS, Rev and Mrs, Ellis College
ELLIS, Mr and Mrs Charles J, cor Ellis ave and Scarfrf
EMBODY, The Misses, 1102 Downey ave, E Los Angeles
ENGLISH, Mr and Mrs Taylor, Ellis ave

FINLAYSON, Mr and Mrs Jas A., 105 Daly st, E Los Angeles
FREMLONT, Gen and Mrs, Hotel Marlborough
FRIESNER, Mr and Mrs W.M., Figueroa st and Ellis ave
FRYE, Col and Mrs William, cor Central ave and 9th
FURREY, Major and Mrs W.C., 214 S Forst st

GATES, Mr and Mrs C.W.. 138 Hill st
GATES, Mr and Mrs Carroll, 138 S Hill st
GEPHARD, Mrs, Hotel Pleasanton
GEPHARD, The Misses
GERMAIN, Mr and Mrs Eugene, 1030 Olive st
GLASSELL, Mr and Mrs, Waters near Temple st
GOODWIN, Mr and Mrs L.C., 441 S Forst st
GRAVES, Dr anbd Mrs, cor Ottawa and Pearl sts

HAZARD, Mr and Mrs Henry, 209 S Fort st
HELLMAN, Mr and Mrs T.W., cor Main and Fouirth sts
HENDERSON, Mr and Mrs J.A., Hotel Lincoln
HOUGH, Mr and Mrs Deacon, 815 Pearl st
HOUGHTON, Judge and Mrs. S.O., 34 Orange ave
HOUGHTON, The Misses
HOWELL, Mr and Mrs, 1014 S Hill st
HOYT, Miss
HUBBELL, Mr and Mrs F.C., Boyle Heights
HUGHS, Mrs, St. James park

JONES, Mrs, Nadeau Hotel

KING, Mr and Mrs A.T., Hotel Marlborough

LACEY, Mrs, East Los Angeles, Downey ave
LANDERSHIM, Mr and Mrs James B., 850 S Olive st
LECK, Mr and Mrs Henry V, Manhattan ave
LEE, Mr and Mrs Henry T, W Adams st
LEE, Mr and Mrs Bradner W, Flower and 10th sts
LEWIS, Mr and Mrs S.B., Hotel Lincoln
LEWIS, Mrs S.M., Adams st, Palm House
LINDLEY, Dr and Mrs Walter, S. Fort, near Sixth st
LITTLEBOY, Mrs., 956 E. First st
LOCKHART, Miss Fannie, Ottawa st
LOWELL, Miss Grace, Scheffelin Grove
LYNCH, Mr and Mrs Joe, Westminster Hotel
LYON, Mr and Mrs Wm. S., 1400 Seventh st

MACNEIL, Mr and Mrs H.L., Sixth st
McKINLEY, Judge and Mrs, Lovelace ave
MANSFIELD, Mr and Mrs John, 301 Hill st
MASSER, Dr and Mrs W.H., cor Temple st and Bunker Hill ave
McFARLAND, Mr and Mrs Dan, cor. Figueroa st and Ellis ave
MERRILL, Mr and Mrs John, Hotel Marlborough
MILES, Miss Sadie, Orange ave
MOTT, Col and Mrs S.D., 543 S Main st
MOORE, Mr and Mrs W.S., 153 Figueroa st
MUNDAY, Mr and Mrs M.E.C., Manhattan ave

NEAL, Mrs. J.A., Adams st., Palm House
NEAL, Miss
NEWMARK, Mr and Mrs, cor Grand ave and 10th st

OBEAR, Mr and Mrs James, Pasadena ave
O'MELVENY, Mr and Mrs Henry, 26 Hansen st, E Los Angeles
O'MELVENY, Miss Adele, 528 Pearl st
OTIS, Col and Mrs H.G., 322 S Hill st
OTIS, The Misses
OWENS, Dr and Mrs Jas. Stormont, 939 Pearl st
OWENS, Dr and Mrs J.B., 421 S Fort st

PARSONS, Mr and Mrs Charles, 15 Loma Dr
PATRICK, Mrs Mary, 124 Dimond st
PATTON, Miss Susie
PERRY, Mr and Mrs W.H., 507 S Pearl st
PERRY, Miss Florence
PLATER, Mr and Mrs John, Baker Block
POLK, Mr and Mrs W H., Ninth st
PONET, Mr and Mrs Victor, Adams st
PRAGER, Mr and Mrs William, Baker Block
PRIDHAM, Mr and Mrs William, Baker Block
PRUSSIA, Mr and Mrs F.B., 141 S Forst st

RICHARDS, Mr and Mrs Clarence, W Adams st
ROBBINS, Mr and Mrs A.S., 811 Pearl st
ROGINAT, Baron and Baroness, E. Los Angeles
ROSE, Mr and Mrs L.J., Grand ave and Fourth st
ROSE, The Misses
ROSS, Dr and Mrs F.B., The Rossmoore
ROSS, Mr and Mrs Percy, 775 S Hope st
ROSS, Mrs, Pearl st
ROWAN, Mr and Mrs T.E., 429 S Main st
ROWAN, Miss Joe
ROWAN, Miss Maude, Olive st

SALISBURY, Dr and Mrs, 538 S Pearl st
SCHALLERT, Mr and Mrs John, Pacheco st
SCOTT, Mr and Mrs Lester, Hotel Westminbster
SEAMANS, Capt and Mrs, Ellis ave
SEAMANS, The Misses
SEVERANCE, Mr and Mrs Mark, Adams st
SILENT, Mr and Mrs Charles, W Adams st
SILENT, Mr and Mrs Ed.
SILENT, Miss Libbie
SILVER, Mr and Mrs Herman, 941 Pearl st
SILVER, Miss Cora
SLAUSON, Mr and Mrs J.S., Figueroa st
SMITH, Mr and Mrs, 535 Pearl st
SMITH, Miss Leonora
SNEDAKER, Mr and Mrs, Manhattan ave
SOLANO, Mr and Mrs Alfred, 535 S Main st
SPENCE, Mr and Mrs E.F., 337 S Olive st
SPENCE, Miss Kate
STARKEY, Miss Jessie, The Winona
STEWART, Dr and Mrs, Main st
STICKEL, George, 221 1/2 S Spring st
STONEMAN, Ex-Gov and Mrs, Grand ave and Jenkins st
STONEMAN, The Misses

THORM, Capt and Mrs, 19 Mayo st
TUBBS, Miss, Beaudry st

UNRUH, Mr and Mrs H.A., Arcadia

VAIL, Mr and Mrs Hugh, Adams st
VAN NUYS, Mr and Mrs T.R., 613 S Spring st
VIGNES, Mr and Mrs L.J., 13 Manhattan ave
, Mr and Mrs John, Figueroa st

WELLS, Mr and Mrs G. Wiley, 915 S Hill st
WHEELER, Mrs J.O., Baker Block
WHITE, Hon and Mrs S.M., cor S Main and 11th sts
WORKMAN, Mr and Mrs W.H, Boyle Heights
WORTH, Mr and Mrs Charles, The Winona

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