Office: 711 South Plymouth Boulevard


Telephone WYoming 2525

Church School Telephone ORegon 2650










This Directory has been compiled for the use of our members. It is as accurate as to names, addresses and telephone numbers as this office, the telephone company and the printer can make it. We trust that you will employ it often in the work of the Church. This Directory is a distinct departure from those we have published hitherto, for those have been filled with many pages of advertising and consequently cumbersome. But this one is handy in size and devoted to the interests of this Church. As you find it of service to you, we trust there will arise in your minds a feeling of gratitude to those members of this Church who have made it possible. Their names and business or profession will be found listed on pages 48 and 49 in this Directory. When in need of the service which they can furnish we trust that you will give them kindly consideration. We also wish to commend the printer, Mr. Harry C. Webb, one of our members.









Residence: 735 South Plymouth Blvd., OR-7218

Study in Church: 711 South Plymouth Blvd., WY-2525





Residence: 309 South Hobart Blvd., EX-7497




Miss Gertrude Eichstaedt

Residence: 1190 Crenshaw Blvd., WH-6090

Office in the Church, WY-2525




Glen Turner

Residence: 859 South Mullen Ave., OR-3264

Office in the Church, WY-2525



Sam Frazier

4051 Leeward, FI-2640



Mrs. Theodore M. Blakeslee

1241 West Thirty-seventh Dr., RO-4839


John Hepburn

Residence: 729 South Plymouth Blvd.

Church Phone: WY-2525



Ruth Somerindyke, Soprano, Director

224 North Ridgewood Pl., HI-5264


Elthea Turner, Organist

859 South Mullen Ave., OR-3264


Willis Grossholz, Assistant Organist

3647 Fifth Ave., RE-8327


Cecil J. Wilcox, Baritone

11121 Riverside Drive, North Hollywood

North Hollywood, 1622-W



James Chamberlain Baker, Resident Bishop

San Francisco Area, 83 McAllister St., San Francisco


Leonard Oechsli, District Superintendent

Los Angeles District, 447 Chamber of Commerce Bldg.

Los Angeles


Willsie Martin, Minister










Rev. Dillon Bronson

Rev. O. W. E. Cook

Rev. Ralph T. Flewelling

Rev. Lewis T. Guild

Rev. C. R. Haudenschield

Rev. V. M. McCombs

Rev. A. Ray Moore

Rev. Martin H. Neumeyer

Rev. John Nicholson








Judge W. M. Bowen

F. M. Couch

Ralph B. Lloyd

John E. Loomis

Harry Philp

T. H. Powell

Charles F. Reiche

Dr. T. H. Unland

W. E. Warne








W. W. Babcock

Edwin E. Balling, Jr.

Irving Baxter

H. George Beer

H. S. Botsford

M. A. Bresee

Charles W. Brown

Guy B. Capps

Fred R. Carver

Fred L. Cook

George W. Dryer

Max Dyer

C. E. Garstang

W. W. Gould

Gerald Gunnerson

Raymond L. Haight

H. S. Hazeltine

H. L. Hewson

George X. Hickerson

W. L. Hokom

John Kendrick

P. M. King

J. M. Lounsbury

Dr. W. Lehman Lowder

H. H. Matthieson

J. A. McMicken

A. B. Olson

J. A. Parsley

Robert C. Peyton

Grafton Philp

Dallas H. Platt, Jr.

Sanford L. Porter

Dr. G. H. Reeves

H. R. Risley

A. G. Scudder

R. B. Stringfield

Myron E. Smith

Walter E. Sommer

George C. Sopp

A.Y. Soule

J. W. Stone

R. Earl Thompson

Kenneth Q. Volk

R. P. Webb

J. S. Willaman





Dr. Floyde E. Hogeboom

Presidents Men’s Club


George H. Page

Chairman of Unit Leaders


Myron W. Reed

Head Usher


Roy W. Dowds

Church School Superintendent


Mrs. S. N. Bisbee

Presidents Woman’s Guild


Mrs. J. S. Willaman

President Woman’s Home Missionary Society

Mrs. L. M. Bovee

President Woman’s Foreign Missionary Society



Miss Anna McFarland

President Wesleyan Service Guild



Miss Merle Gorrell

President Margaret Locke Coates



Samuel Stewart

President Senior Epworth League


Charles E. Haudenschield

President High School Epworth League








Ralph B. Lloyd

President of Board of Trustees


Charles F. Reiche

Secretary of Board of Trustees


John E. Loomis

Treasurer of Board of Trustees and Church Building Fund


Harry Philp

Vice-President of Official Board


Guy B. Capps

Secretary of Official Board


Charles W. Brown

Church Treasurer, Current Expense and Benevolences

R. P. Webb, Max Dyer, H. George Beer, H. H. Matthieson

Assistant Treasurers



F. M. Couch

Chairman Finance Committee



William W. Gould, C. P. A.

Church Auditor



Roy W. Dowds

Superintendent of Church School


Myron W. Reed

Head Usher









Abbe, Ellis Russell, Richmond, Calif.

Abernethy, Mrs. Ann, 1100 South Sycamore Ave. WHitney 9026

Adams, Donald Lee, 2231 West 15th St. EXposition 5766

Adams, Henry R., 825 South Stanley Ave.

   Mrs. Henry R., ORegon 7347

Adams, Mrs. Hugh T. (Eva B.) 828 Keniston Ave. WHitney 8283

Adams, P. M., 3215 West 79th St.

   Mrs. P. M. (Donna L.) TWinoaks 8939

Adams, S. McKee, 2227 West 15th St.

   Mrs. S. M. (Marjorie), EXposition 6243

Ahrens, Miss Evelyn M., 719 North Formosa Ave. WYoming 8394

Alexander, E. R., 158 South Hobart Ave. FEderal 8475

Algie, Matthew, 517 North Poinsettia Pl.

   Mrs. Matthew (Geneva) WHitney 0523


Allen, C. C.

   Mrs. C. C.

Allen, Mrs. G. K. (Magdalen), 334 ¼ N. Kingsley Dr.

Allen, Miss Grace M., 1018 South Manhattan Pl.

   Miss Mary E.  ROchester 1713

Allen, John

Allen, Mrs. Mary C., 584 North Larchmont Blvd.

   Miss Mary C.  GLadstone 1335

   Miss Minnie

Allen, Mrs. Minnie, 228 South Harvard Blvd. FEderal 0491

   Philip W.

Allen, Robert C.

Alles, Clifton C., 801 Westchester Pl. FItzroy 5940

   Mrs. Clifton C. (Minnie)

   Miss Regina S.

   Neil H.

   Miss Kathryn Helen

   Miss Lila Mae

Allison, Mrs. Bertha B., 341 North Laurel Ave. ORegon 9717

Ambrose, Carl G., 3056 Surry St.

Ambrose, Dr. Charles S., 5810 Carlton Way

   Mrs. Eileen Ambrose Grout, HIllside 2637

Amelung, Edward H., 6109 Warner Dr. WHitney 1776

   Mrs. E. H. (Nell)

   Edward H., Jr.

   Jack S.

Amidon, Mrs. Russell

Anderson, A. V., 938 Tremaine Ave. YORK 2084

   Mrs. A. V. (Elizabeth)

   Philip C.

   David R.

Anderson, Bruce C., 837 South Burlington Ave. EXposition 4414

   Mrs. Bruce C.

   Bruce C., Jr.

Anderson, C. McK., 2344 Norwalk, Eagle Rock ALbany 9135

Anderson, Francis C., 8543 Cashio St.

   Mrs. Francis C.

   Miss Beverly Louise

   Robert Edward

Anderson, Miss Olga, 530 North Ardmore Ave. OLympia 0253

Anderson, Victor, 108 South Kingsley Dr.

   Mrs. Victor (Emma)

Andrews, Miss Jane, 564 North Lucerne Blvd. GRanite 2869

Ansley, Jack, 1131 South Westlake Ave. FItzroy 0682

Antles, Howard H., 133 South Larchmont Blvd. WHitney 5450

   Mrs. H. H. (Lucile)

Appelgate, Mrs. Ida P., 1631 Shatto St. FEderal 1412

Aurand, Dr. S. H., 354 South Citrus Ave.

   Mrs. S. H. (Flora), ORegon 5874

Axness, Miss Jeanette, 5711 Carlton Way GRanite 5462


Ayars, David, 312 S. McCarty Dr., Beverly Hills

   Mrs. David (Margaret) OXford 4319


Babcock, Ernest S., 6200 Olympic Blvd. YOrk 2068

   Mrs. E. S. (Elsie M.)

   Lyle Wilson

   Ray Harold

Babcock, W. W., 621 South McCadden Pl. WHitney 5418

   Mrs. W. W. (Ella F.),

   Miss Hazel L.

   Robert W.


Baber, Dr. K. P., 453 S. Las Palmas Ave.

   Mrs. K. P. (Mabel) WYoming 7904

   Miss Mary Helen

   Miss Phyllis Elaine

Bachman, Leo. F., 3142 Wilshire Blvd. (Bus.) FEderal 2244

Bacon, Mrs. Paul B., 233 North Dillon St. EXposition 0038

Baker, Miss Violet, 5011 Maplewood Ave. GLadstone 6565

Ball, Mrs. E. H. (Mae H.), 515 North June St. GLadstone 0722

   Miss Betty

Balling, Edwin E., Jr., 109 S. Crescent Hts. Blvd. WYoming 1684

   Mrs. E. E., Jr.

Banning, Mrs. M. P., 837 North Ardmore Ave. NOrmandy 6190

   Miss Evelyn 

   Mrs. Edith Cheeves

Barnard, Ralph E., 1055 South Plymouth Blvd. WHitney 7462

   Mrs. Ralph E. (Thelma) 

Barney, Mrs. Mabel, 341 North Normandie Pl.

   David C.

Barrow, Mrs. Minnie W., 318 N. Alexandria Ave. OLympia 5659

Barry, Mrs. John E., 224 South Lorraine Blvd. WHitney 4327

Bartleet, Charles H., 1013 North Curson GLadstone 1489

   Mrs. C. H. (Marian H.)

Bates, Miss Della F., 341 South Normandie Ave. FEderal 6133

Bates, Robert Oliver, 609 North Loma Ave. Temple City, Calif.

Mrs. R. O. (Florence S.) MUtual 6692 (Bus.)

Bates, Mrs. W. L., 219 North Manhattan Pl. GRanite 0566

Baxter, Irving, 151 North Kingsley Dr. .) FEderal 2875

   Mrs. Irving (Edith B.)

   Frank E., Lebec, Calif.

Bayly, Mrs. George W. (Cora) 500 S. Grand Ave., Pasadena, Calif. COlorado 6858

Beasley, Mrs. R. G. (Jeanne H.), Idaho Falls, Ida.

Beatcher, J. Allston, 624 South Citrus Ave.


Becker, Miss Hazel, 1717 West 42nd Pl. UNiversity 5468

Beckner, Cline W., 1331 Dewey Ave. FItzroy 0067

   Mrs. C. W.  




Beckwith, Miss Ruth, 422 South Lake St.

Beebe, Paul, 5309 Brynhurst Ave. VErmont 2364

   Mrs. Paul 

Beel, Ralph H., 1126 South Wooster St. PRospect 3001 (Bus.)

   Mrs. R. H. (F. Marylyn)

Beer, H. George, 1233 South Arlington Ave. ROchester 6139

   Mrs. H. George (Emma)

   Miss Esther Ruth

Beer, Stanley George, 1271 ½ S. Plymouth Blvd.

   Mrs. S. G. (Mary E.)

Beets, Henry N., 132 Almont Dr. Beverly Hills  CRestview 13313

   Mrs. H. N. 

Behr, Harry D., 2101 Pacific Ave., Long Beach, Calif.

   Jack H. 

Behymer, Mrs. L. E., 623 South Carondelet FItzroy 4620

Belknap, Mrs. Flora I., 1165 Mullen Ave. WHitney 1521

Belknap, Fred R., 5224 West 2nd St.

Bell, Mrs. Elizabeth, 811 North Normandie Ave. OLympia 9872

Bell, Miss Ena L., 1125 East Maple, Glendale, Cal.

Bell, George R., 926 Maltman Ave.

   Mrs. George R.

Bennett, Mrs. W. S. (Mildred), 2222 Hollister Ter, Glendale, Calif. DOuglas 4916

Benton, Miss Helen Marie, 340 ½ N. Genesee St. WYoming 9735

Benz, Mrs. Estelle, 226 Tower Dr., Apt. 1, Beverly Hills, ORegon 4168

Bernhard, John W., 4749 Oakwood Ave. HIllside 2531

   Mrs. J. W. (Maude) 

Berthinier, Miss Lillian, 4313 ½ Garthwaite Ave. UNiversity 2940

Bessire, Miss Grace, 328 North Mariposa Ave. OLympia 9901

Bessire, P. B., 506 North Bronson Ave. HIllside 2688

   Mrs. P. B. (Ethel) 


Bessire, Roy B., 328 North Mariposa Ave. OLympia 9901

   Mrs. Roy B. (Irene) 


Bethe, Gene J., 661 North Wilton Pl. GLadstone 5877

   Mrs. Gene J. (Margaret)

Betts, Albert, 459 North Detroit St., WYoming 3945

Bisbee, Mrs. S. N., 6651 Drexel Ave. ORegon 5017

Black, R. Archie, 4431 Avocado St. OLympia 3048

   Mrs. R. A. (Maude) 

Black, Mrs. Wm. L. (Hazel D.) San Diego, Calif.

Blanchfield, Garrett L., 1205 South Mullen Ave. WHitney 0014

   Mrs. G. L. (Janice A.)

Blatchley, Miss Jessie, 1421 Bond St. RIchmond 6472

Bleckner, H. Gordon, 6607 Lindenhurst Ave. WYoming 8734

   Mrs. H. G. 

Bleecker, Dr. Harry H., 133 North Mariposa Ave. FEderal 4331

   Mrs. H. H. (Herbena) 

Bleil, Mrs. Paul (Helen Lowder), Loma Linda, Cal.

Bliss, Mrs. C. H. J. (Amy P.) 862 S. Gramercy Dr. FItzroy 5197

Bloomer, Mrs. Winifred F., Palo Alto, Calif.

   William Ernest

Boicourt, Mrs. Ida L., 301 South Van Ness Ave. WHitney 6734

   Miss Edna 

Bokenkrager, Mrs. Margaret C., 437 N. Kingsley NOrmandy 8768

Bondoc, Nicholas R., 3945 ½ Budlong Ave.

   Mrs. N. R.

Bonner, Richard, 2171 Linnington Ave., West Los Angeles

   Mrs. Richard 

Booker, Mrs. Samuel L. (Grace L.) 1251 Marianna, Belvedere Gardens

Boone, Charles P.

   Mrs. C. P. (Eleanor)


Boone, Mrs. Frances E., 2530 Kenilworth Ave. MOrningside 13121

Boone, Dr. Raymond R.

Borden, A. F., 171 South Normandie Ave. FItzroy 1434

   Mrs. A. F. 

   Miss Gertrude

   Miss Lillian

Botsford, H. S., 3400 San Marino St. FItzroy 3319

   Mrs. H. S. (Carolyn G.) 

   Miss Carol H.

Bovee, Lee M., 212 North Plymouth Blvd. HEmpstead 5981

   Mrs. L. M. (Olive) 

   Milton E.

   Miss Doris Louise

Bowen, Judge W. M., 2033 Virginia Rd. ROchester 5846

   Mrs. W. M. (Louise) 

Bowles, Mrs. Gertrude, 1749 North Garfield Pl. HIllside 3757

Boyd, W. E., 2345 Garth Ave.

   Mrs. W. E.

   Miss Betty Jane

   Miss Talma

Bradford, Mrs. C. Raymond, Jr. (Betty Mae) 2627 ¼ Ellendale Pl., PArkway 4811

Bradley, R. H., 3506 Knollcrest Ave., UNiversity 0417

   Mrs. R. H.

   Daniel Wesley

   David Gilbert

   Miss Margaret Jane

   Miss Mary Edith

   Miss Ruth Elizabeth

Brame, Mrs. H. D. Jr., (Marie), 1255 Meadowbrook

Brand, Mrs. Franc W., 840 South Serrano Ave., FItzroy 2531

Bresee, Melvin A., 154 South Mansfield Ave., WYoming 8324

   Mrs. M. A. (Ethel M.)

Bridges, Miss Eleanor, 628 South Orange Dr.

Brinckley, Mrs. Ellen, 6149 ½ Orange St.

Bronson, Dr. Dillon, 615 S. Virgil Ave., FItzroy 7046

   (Member New England Conference)

Brown, Charles W., 2031 Seventh Ave., PArkway 5962

   Mrs. C. W. (Leila S.)

Brown, Elmer F., 3706 West 4th St.

   Wilbur N.

Brown, George A., 239 North Gower St., GLadstone 3913

   Mrs. George A.

   Miss Margaret

Brown, Miss Janet, 315 South Hobart Blvd., FEderal 6238

Brown, Mrs. L. J. (Marjorie), 359 Wetherly Dr., Beverly Hills

Brown, Miss Ruth W., 947 Fourth Ave., REpublic 6612

Browne, Maitland A., 1523 Westmont Dr., Alhambra, Calif.

   Mrs. M. A. (Georgie P.)

Bruner, Mrs. H. L. (Esther), 1834 Micheltorena

Brunner, Mrs. J. F. (Muriel), 711 South Tremaine, WHitney 7391

Bruno, Mrs. F. L. (Suzanne), 4215 ½ West 3rd St., EXposition 3280

Miss Irene

Bullock, Fred W., 307 North Berendo St., OLympia 7596

   Mrs. F. W. (Alma)

   Miss Eugenia

Bundy, Bryan B., 401 North Kingsley Dr.

   Mrs. B. B. (Ethel L.)

Bunnell, Miss M. Olive,  Beverly Hills, CRestview 13717

Burbank, Mrs. Charles E., 212 South Oxford Ave., FEderal 4258

   Miss Dorothy Jean

   Robert Perkins

Buren, Frank, 891 Crenshaw Blvd., WHitney 0929

   Mrs. Frank

   Miss Mary Helen

Burkhard, Mrs. Wm. L. (Nellie), 1825 S. Van Ness, PArkway 0164

Burress, Harold D., 2293 Earl St.

   Mrs. H. D. (Dorothy)

Burt, H. Howard, 2225 West 11th St., DRexel 0625

Burcher, William, 212 North Harvard Blvd., NOrmandy 8042

Butterfield, Mrs. H. W. (Virginia) Brooklyn, N. Y.

Butterworth, Frank A., 464 South Roxbury Dr., Beverly Hills, OXford 5639

   Mrs. F. A. (Esther)

   Edward L.

Butterworth, George W., 104 North Mariposa Ave., FEderal 8615

   Donald S.

Butterworth, Miss Nettie B., 104 N. Mariposa Ave., FEderal 8615

Buzbee, George F., 17751 Placer St., Redding, Calif.

   Mrs. G. F. (Camille)

Buzbee, Miss Lucile, 2222 Hollister Ter., Glendale, Calif., DOuglas 4916


Cale, Dr. Linnie A., 332 South Western Ave., FEderal 7354



   Dr. Ruth

Calkins, Lawrence G., 335 North Kenmore Ave., OLympia 7356

   Edwin H.

   Miss Ellen M.

Callahan, A. D., 1315 South Sierra Bonita Ave., WYoming 6689

   Mrs. A. D.

Callander, Mrs. W. F. (Jessie), 341 S. Normandie, FEderal 6133

Campbell, Edward, 4525 Fountain Ave.

   Mrs. Edward

Campbell, Mrs. G. W. (Lida), 325 ½ N. Orange Grove Ave., WHitney 4095


Campbell, Merrill A., 4525 Fountain Ave.

   Mrs. M. A. (Ruth)

Campbell, Dr. Robert A., 764 South Hobart Blvd., EXposition 7846

   Mrs. Robert A.

Capps, Clifton B., 1090 South Sycamore Ave., WYoming 7751

   Mrs. C. B. (Margaret G.)

Capps, Guy B., 2796 Francis St., DRexel 1994

   Mrs. Guy B.

Carver, Fred R., 1040 Longwood Ave., WHitney 8384

   Mrs. F. R. (Harriet H.)

   Ralph L.


Case, Mrs. Lina R., 537 S. Wilton Pl., FEderal 4756


Casebeer, E. A., 456 North Spaulding Ave., WHitney 6673

   Mrs. E. A. (Ida)

   Miss Furmaline R.

   Miss Dorothy

   Miss Ruth Marie

Casey, Cranston A., 4218 West 2nd St., FEderal 4740

   Mrs. C. A. (Elizabeth)

   Miss Marjorie

Casey, Forrest M., 4218 West 2nd St., FEderal 5587

   Mrs. F. M. (Helen)

Casey, M. A., 4220 West 2nd St., FEderal 5342

   Mrs. M. A. (Clara)

Challis, Clarence H., 1512 South Ellsmere Ave., WYoming 5949

   Mrs. C. H. (Sigrid)

   Miss Marilyn

Champion, Mrs. E. M. (Vera B.), 240 N. Plymouth, HIllside 4817

   Miss Janet

Chandler, Mrs. C. C. (Alena), 315 S. Plymouth, ORegon 8423

Chapin, Mrs. F. W. (Helen), 2312 E. Hollister Ter., Glendale, Calif.

Chapman, Howard Eugene, 1531 S. Bedford St., CRestview 6521

   Mrs. H. E. (Elizabeth)

Chapple, John E., 1515 South Hayward Ave.

   Mrs. J. E. (J. Edith)

Chawner, Mrs. L. J. (Lucia) New York City, N. Y.

Chick, Ralph O., 5429 West Blvd. UNiversity 3891

Childress, Mrs. Gus S. (Jonnie F.) 8334 Blackburn, WHitney 3991

Chubb, Mrs. J. W. (Ella), 1056 North Oxford Ave., GRanite 7620

Churchill, Miss Dorothy Lee, 357 ½ N. Ogden Dr. ORegon 3968

   Miss Louise Maxine

Clark, Howard H., 1259 South Tremaine Ave., WYoming 1575

   Mrs. H. H. (Melissa)

   Perry T.

Clark, Miss Katherine, Tujunga, Calif.

Clark, Orville L., 369 North Ridgewood Pl., HEmpstead 7028

   Mrs. O. L. (Lucy B.)

   Miss Mary Elizabeth

Clark, Miss Roberta, 135 South Hobart Blvd.

Clark, Dr. Wallace C., 2158 Echo Park Ave., OLympia 7525

   Mrs. W. C. (Luella)

   Lawrence C.

   Wallace J.

Clossman, Mrs. G. E. (Ernestine), 540 S. Arden, WHitney 8523

Clymer, Elmer L., 2010 Marengo Ave., South Pasadena, BLanchard 72034

   Mrs. E. L. (Bess F.)

Coffin, Howard, 237 South Serrano Ave., FEderal 4228




   Miss Katherine

Colburn, Miss Dorothy Ann, 152 El Camino Dr. Beverly Hills, CRestview 12370

Collins, Dr. Dudley B., 6520 Maryland Dr., ORegon 8334

   Mrs. Dudley B.

Cone, W. G., 323 North Serrano Ave., HEmpstead 7369

   Mrs. W. G.

   Miss Myrl

Conn, W. D., 655 North Serrano Ave., HIllside 4815

   Mrs. W. D. (Ora)

   Miss Mae E.


Cook, Miss Alma May, 1810 Avalon St., OLympia 5325

Cook, Mrs. C. W., 826 Westchester Pl., FItzroy 1621

Cook, Fred L., 221 S. Swall Dr., Beverly Hills, OXford 1560

   Mrs. Fred L. (Minerva)

Cook, Mrs. H. L., 1743 Victoria Ave., ROchester 4109

Cook, Dr. O. W. E., 1743 Victoria Ave., ROchester 4109

   (Member Southern Calif. Conference)

   Mrs. O. W. E. (Helen)

   Edgar Thirkield

Cook, Mrs. Sarah A., 6109 Warner Dr., WHitney 1776

Cook, Dr. William Paul, 227 South Van Ness Ave., WYoming 3060

   Mrs. W. P. (Mary)

Cornelius, Mrs. Edna, 136 North Hamilton Dr., Beverly Hills, YOrk 1034

Couch, F. M., 537 South Wilton Pl., FEderal 4756

   Mrs. F. M. (Elizabeth M.)

Covington, John Wesley

Covington, Miss M. Lois, 5318 Range View Ave., ALbany 2463

Cox, Miss Belle, 4926 Rosewood Ave., GRanite 3394

   Miss Elsie

Crane, Mrs. Frank (Ella S.), 546 N. McCadden Pl., HEmpstead 6210

Crane, Miss Mary Sally, Chicago, Ill.

Cratty, W. B., 836 West 59th St., THornwall 3385

   Mrs. W. B. (Edith)

Crookham, Mrs. C. E., 650 Junipero Ave., Long Beach, Calif.

Crotty, Mrs. Homer D. (Ida) 1305 Woodstock Rd., San Marino, Calif.,  WAkefield 4425

Culver, Frank L. 2800 Hauser Blvd., ORegon 3645

   Mrs. Frank L.

Cunningham, Mrs. Grace, 1325 12th Ave., ROchester 5881



Dangler, Mrs. H. G. (Etta), 134 N. Serrano Ave., EXposition 2363

Daniel, Paul J., 711 West 23rd St., RIchmond 9706

Daniel, Mrs. Esther, 3820 Flower Dr., RIchmond 4978

Daniels, R. E., 4718 Oakwood Ave., HEmpstead 8376

Danielson, Paul, Santa Barbara, Calif.

   Mrs. Paul (Katherine)

Dascomb, Miss Florence, 3607 Pershing, San Diego, Calif.

Davids, Mrs. Ernest M., 172 South Hudson Ave., WYoming 6231

Davies, Mrs. Hywel, 208 South Normandie Ave., FEderal 5182

   Arthur Wayne

   Miss Alwildia

   Hywel Brooks


Davis, Lesleigh, 6735 Colgate Ave.

   Mrs. Lesleigh (Mildred M.)

Davis, Miss Loring, 900 ½ West Jefferson, RIchmond 3871

Deans, Miss Catherine C., 237 S. Linden Dr., Beverly Hills, CRestview 8014

Dees, Mrs. Mark Justin (Eleanor), 305 Dalton St., Ventura, Calif.

Degner, Mrs. Elnora, 212 North Harvard Blvd., NOrmandy 8042

Dennis, Lewis D., 335 South Mansfield Ave., WHitney 4644

   Mrs. L. D. (Isabella)


Dense, Miss Jessie, 5312 La Mirada Ave., HOllywood 2591

   Miss May

Dibble, Miss M. Beatrice, 143 North Almont Dr., CRestview 11566

   Miss Dorothy A.

Dickey, Mrs. J. W. Jr., (Janet), 1316 N. Mansfield, GRanite 7107

Dimock, Mrs. Harold (Myrtle), Santa Barbara

Dirks, David A., Santa Barbara, Calif.

   Mrs. David A. (Gladys)

Dodson, Miss Gladys, 3419 ½ Glen Albyn Dr.

Donath, Douglas, 8817 Ashcroft Ave., OXford 8741

Donath, Mrs. F. F. (Tressie), 173 S. Poinsettia Pl., ORegon 0862

Donovan, Mrs. James (Augusta L.), 109 N. Union Ave., FEderal 9859

Dorman, Dudley H., St. Louis, Mo.

   Fred W., Mesa, Ariz.

Dorman, Wilbur A., 463 S. Clark Dr., Beverly Hills, CRestview 13263

   Mrs. W. A. (Helen B.)

Dowds, Roy W., 122 South Kilkea Dr., WYoming 7232

   Mrs. R. W. (Lillian)

   Miss Dorothy

   Norman Roy

Downey, Wilbur J., 900 Muirfield Rd., ORegon 6046

   Mrs. W. J. (Mildred)


   Miss Doris


Drake, Miss Dorothy, 4256 South Norton Ave., VErmont 6101

Draper, Edwin, 309 South Hobart Blvd., EXposition 7497

   Mrs. Edwin (Stella)

Dryer, George W., 133 South Las Palmas Ave., ORegon 6109

   Mrs. G. W. (Louise D.)

   John Lewis

Dublin, Arthur B., 2010 Marengo Ave., South Pasadena, BLanchard 72034

Dublin, Mrs. Lucy A.

Dufur, Byron H., 311 North Gower St., HIllside 3235

   Miss Lulu E.

Dyer, Bonar, 864 Shenandoah, CRestview 8093

Dyer, Max H., 939 Elden Ave., FItzroy 7302

   Mrs. M. H. (Eva)

   Miss Elizabeth


Earle, R. K., 516 North Norton Ave., GRanite 6495

   Mrs. R. K. (Frieda)


Eaton, Allan March, 141 North Serrano Ave., HIllcrest 1736

Eberhart, Fred, 231 South Citrus Ave., WHitney 4292

   Mrs. Fred

Edgerton, James Edgar, 840 South Bronson Ave., WYoming 3570

Edler, Mrs. Esther M., 261 South Doheny Dr. Apt. 7, Beverly Hills, CRestview 6081

   Fred M. Jr.

Edmonston, Mrs. Amelia M., 1842 West 42nd Pl., UNiversity 7270


Edmunds, J. A., 1434 West 71st St.,

Egert, Herman, 435 North Plymouth Blvd.

Eichstaedt, Miss Gertrude, 1190 S. Crenshaw Blvd., WHitney 6090

Ellars, Miss Greta Grace, 5022 Melrose Ave., GLadstone 0455

   Miss Lou Ella

Ellenwood, Miss Virginia, 854 ½ North Virgil Ave., MOrningside 16780

Ellington, Mrs. L. E. (Marion C.), 236 S. 7th St., Montebello, Calif.

Ellis, Mrs. C. M., 505 E. Wilshire, Fullerton, Calif.

   Miss Mervyn

Ellsworth, Glynn C., 8003 ½ Blackburn Ave., WYoming 6164

   Mrs. G. C. (Adelaide)

Embree, Miss Anna Ethel, 307 North Serrano Ave., HEmpstead 5595

Embree, B. R., 1236 North Avenue 45

   Mrs. B. R. (Euphamia)

   Miss Edith Elizabeth

Emminger, Mrs. Harriet C., 185 S. Serrano Ave., FEderal 2784

Engle, J. N., 1260 South Plymouth Blvd., WHitney 8095

Erickson, Miss Vera, 516 Micheltorena, FItzroy 4079

Essick, Newman, 1046 South Redondo Blvd., WYoming 5661

   Mrs. Newman (Jennie)


Fahy, Byron Douglas, 809 5th Ave., WHitney 4837


Farr, Miss Marian C., 2960 West 8th St., FItzroy 9998

Farr, Mrs. R. H. (Mary J.), 1325 12th Ave., ROchester 5881

Farrow, J. E., 940 Manzanita, NOrmandy 8623

   Mrs. J. E.

Ferguson, James W., 547 North Larchmont Blvd., HEmpstead 5197

   Mrs. J. W. (Edna)

   Miss Ruth Eleanor

Ferguson, Mrs. Mary E., 2331 Veteran Ave., West Los Angeles

   William Jennings

Finch, Leon S., 1214 South Arlington Ave., REpublic 6798

   Mrs. L. S. (Ruth G.)

   Miss Editha Ruth

Finegan, Mrs. Edward (Hazel), 317 S. Palm Dr., Beverly Hills, CRestview 12570

Flagg, Miss Etta P., Hollis, New Hampshire

Flewelling, Rev. Ralph Tyler, 10609 Cushdon Ave. , Culver City 3002

   (Member New England Conference)

   Mrs. Ralph T.

Flickinger, Mrs. K. G. (Maxine), 156 N. Mariposa, FEderal 8515

Forrest, Mrs. C. D., 10311 Valley Spring Lane, North Hollywood, North Hollywood 2829W

Forward, Miss Rolla, 947 Fourth Ave., REpublic 6612

Foss, Donald D., Pasadena, Calif.

   Mrs. Donald D.

Fowler, Miss Maude, 332 South Western Ave., FEderal 7354

Francies, Mrs. Nellie B., 207 North Irving Blvd., GRanite 6558

   Miss Isabel Janet

Frazier, Earl H., 4051 Leeward Ave., FItzroy 2640

   Mrs. E. H.

   Miss Earle Elizabeth



Fredericks, Miss Gladys, 1252 North Edgemont, OLympia 9133

Free, Miss Sarah E., 442 South Ardmore Ave., FEderal 4366

Freeman, Mrs. Wm. H. M., 6148 San Vicente, ORegon 5663

French, Mrs. Emma, 834 North Ridgewood Pl., HEmpstead 8537

   Miss Edna Hickman

Fritz, Elmer W., 4247 ½ Garthwaite Ave., VErmont 8184

   Mrs. E. W.

Fuller, Mrs. F. Lee, 4081 West 8th St., FItzroy 3921

Fuller, Mrs. H. (Alma Porter), Calexico, Calif.


Gantz, William O., 3845 West Vernon Ave., UNiversity 5753

   Mrs. W. O. (Addie M.)

   William O., Jr.

Garland, Jack, 634 South Western Ave., FEderal 9018

Garstang, Charles E., 5321 La Cresta Court, (Bus.) TUcker 7466

   Mrs. C. E.

Gascho, Miss Edith, 2824 8th Ave., PArkway 0589

Gates, Sam E., 7509 Rosewood Ave., YOrk 2977

Gayton, Miss Bessie, 620 North Serrano Ave., NOrmandy 7116

Geiger, Norman C., 122 South Ardmore Ave., FEderal 2302

German, Charles T., 2619 Wilshire Blvd., Arcady Apts., FItzroy 5261

   Mrs. C. T. (Josephine B.)

Geyer, Floyd L., 926 South Ogden Dr., WHitney 6077

   Mrs. F. L. (Mildred)

Giddings, Richard, 820 West Adams St.

Gilbert, Miss Elizabeth A., 3506 Knollcrest Ave., UNiversity 0417

Gilbert, E. A., 1231 5th Ave., ROchester 6976

   Mrs. E. A.

Gill, Miss Bessie, 1146 South Camden Dr., CRestview 7720

   Miss Ethel

   Miss Jessie

Gilmor, Mrs. W. C. (Ethel), 5016 Rosewood Ave., HIllside 5822

Given, W. J., 901 South Kingsley Dr., FItzroy 1565

   Mrs. W. J. (Florence E.)

Glascock, Vern V., 2125 South Palm Grove Ave., PArkway 8591

   Mrs. Vern (Gwendolyn)

Gloeckler, Mrs. J. D. (Dorothy) 6245 Flora Ave., Bell, Calif.

Goddard, Emmet, 725 Windsor Rd., Glendale, Calif.

   Mrs. E. (Katherine)

Godske, Mrs. W. E. (Florence), 1045 Burnside Ave., WYoming 8346

Goodman, Dr. N. W., 544 South Bronson Ave., FEderal 9187

   Mrs. N. W.

Goodwin, Miss Lucy Ubert, 1215 Lodi Pl., GLadstone 3166

Gordon, Dr. William C., 817 South Hobart Blvd., FEderal 5661

   Mrs. W. C. (Mary)

Gorrell, Miss Merle, 306 Loma Dr., EXposition 2157

Gothold, Mrs. Nellie, 506 North Mansfield Ave.


Gould, Mrs. J. H.

Gould, Wm. W., 442 South Ardmore Ave., FEderal 4366

   Mrs. W. W. (Edith)

Graham, Richard H., 247 South Mansfield Ave., YOrk 1009

Graham, Dr. Wm. E., 440 Skyewiay, (Brentwood Hgts.), (Bus.) DRexel 1420

   Dr. Florida (Mrs. W.)

   Dr. Mary Eddith

Gray, John Harvey Jr., 3940 Ingraham St.

Graybeal, Mrs. O. A. (Marion), 232 S. Wetherly, Beverly Hills, CRestview 14706

   Oran, Jr.

   Warren Elton

Greenhalgh, Richard, 211 North Serrano Ave., HEmpstead 7560

   Mrs. Richard (Georgia)

   Francis Marion

Greenwood, Miss Sadie, 924 S. Orange Grove Ave., ORegon 2933

Griffin, Miss Kathleen, 504 North Elm Dr., Beverly Hills, OXford 8777

Grossholz, Alton, 3647 5th Ave., REpublic 8527


Guild, Rev. Lewis Thurber, 225 N. Harvard Blvd., MOringside 11478

   (Member Southern Calif. Conference)

   Mrs. L. T. (Ruth)

   Miss Ruth E.

   Bartlett P., Eleventh and Broadway.

Gunnerson, Gerald, 1818 Victoria Ave., PArkway 2367

   Mrs. Gerald


Guthrie, W. V., 1202 Cloverdale Ave., WHitney 8954

   Mrs. W. V. (Lillie J.)


Hackstaff, Mrs. H. S. (Oma D.), 1821 Crenshaw, PArkway 5966

   Norman J.

Hadley, Mrs. George (Frances) 4819 Saturn Ave.

Hague, Kenneth C., 3645 Boyce Ave.

   Mrs. K. C. (Rose)

Haight, Raymond L., 351 North Fuller Ave.

   Mrs. R. L. (Heloise M.)

   Fulton Wilbur

   Raymond L., Jr.

Hair, Mrs. Ellenor C., 7605 Waring Ave. WYoming 1382

   Miss Bess

Halderman, Francis E., 1773 Westmoreland Blvd., ROchester 5689

   Mrs. F. E. (Martha)

Hallingby, Miss Ethel Cecile, 735 S. Orange Dr., WHitney 6448

Hamm, Mrs. C. F., 851 Cloverdale, WHitney 1373

Hamm, James C., 7958 West Norton Ave., HEmpstead 6134

   Mrs. J. (Marion H.)

Harrington, Mrs. Norvin (Anna), 1209 S. Bedford Drive, CRestview 0779

Harris, Mrs. H. Paul (Mae), 1715 West 54th St.

Harris, J. Herman, 8216 Blackburn Ave., WHitney 0578

   Mrs. J. H. (Mayme M.)

   Herman Bruce

Harris, Lincoln M., 157 South Serrano Ave., FEderal 8676

   Mrs. L. M. (May Bertha)

Hart, Miss Anna, 1754 ½ North La Brea Ave.

Haudenschield, Rev. C. R., 307 North Serrano Ave., HEmpstead 5595

   (Member Idaho Conference)

   Mrs. C. R. (Edith G.)

   Charles E.

Hawley, Mrs. Charles W., 340 North Gower St., HEmpstead 6135

Hayes, Mrs. Scott (Muriel), 4059 West 28th St., REpublic 0724

Hazeltine, H. S., 519 South Ardmore Ave., FEderal 3988

   Mrs. H. S.


Hazeltine, Roland P., Hazeltine Ranch, San Fernando, Cal., S. Fern 3344

   Mrs. R. P. (Alleine)

Heath, Miss Martha, 2817 San Marino St., (San Marino Arms), FItzroy 4876

Hedrick, Miss Grace M., 2104 Palm Grove Ave., PArkway 7114

Henry, Dr. M. George, 1930 Wilshire Blvd., Room 1210, FEderal 1329

Hepburn, John, 729 South Plymouth Blvd.

   Mrs. John (Mary)

Herriman, Mrs. Grace W., Montebello, Calif., Montebllo (sic) 1073W

Hewson, Harvey L., 3177 West 5th St., FEderal 2398

  Mrs. H. L. (Melissa)

Hickerson, George X., 5022 Rosewood Ave., HEmpstead 0873

   Mrs. G. X. (Olive Mae)

   George X., Jr.

Hicks, Clarence, 3407 2nd Ave., No. 2, PArkway 0014

   Mrs. Clarence

Hill, Miss Florence T., Long Beach, Calif.

Hill, Thomas J., 3901 Ingraham St., FEderal 3986

   Mrs. T. J. (Minnie)

Hill, Walter E., 837 South Beacon Ave., FEderal 6246

   Mrs. W. E. (Lillian)



Hilton, Mrs. Jennie H., 5655 Lexington Ave., GRanite 2018

   Miss Ethel L.

   Walter Clarence

Hisey, Mrs. J. L. (Aleta M.), 871 Crenshaw Blvd., ORegon 6168

   Wilbur H.

Hobson, Hector J.

Hodson, Albert F., 2540 South Bronson Ave., REpublic 4880

   Mrs. A. F. (Vocial E.)

Hoel, Dr. Ella M., 1102 Cardiff, CRestview 13757, (Bus.) CRestview 9406

Hogeboom, Dr. Floyde E., 127 N. Lucerne Blvd., HEmpstead 4689

   Mrs. F. E. (Helen Q.)

Hogeboom, Mrs. Myrtle G., 4803 Oakwood Ave., HOllywood 8094

Hokom, John, 427 South Lucerne Blvd., WHitney 6331

   Mrs. J. (Mary)


   John, Jr.

Hokom, Wm. L., 644 North Serrano Ave., NOrmandy 6830

   Mrs. W. L. (Grace)

   Bernard E.

   Harold Francis

Holbrook, W. Sumner, Jr., 3710 Prestwick Dr., OLympia 3163

   Mrs. W. S. (Ann G.)

Holbrook, Wm. S., 847 North Alexandria St., OLympia 4114

   Mrs. W. S. (Julia)

Hole, W. J., 114 Fremont Pl., WHitney 7669

   Mrs. W. J.

Holichek, Frank Jr., 1125 Queen Anne Pl., WHitney 7774

Hollingshead, Mrs. Mary, 532 N. Serrano Ave., NOrmandy 5538

Holmes, Mrs. M. C., 202 South Berendo St., EXposition 4653

   Miss Frances

   Oliver W.

Holmes, Ross C., 244 South Rexford Dr., Beverly Hills, CRestview 14109

Holnback, Mrs. Bena A., 1417 N. Orange Grove, GRanite 3479

   Miss Nelle M.

Holt, Mrs. Mary C., 916 South Windsor Blvd., WHitney 7736

Holton, Karl, 6660 Colgate Ave., WHitney 2280

   Mrs. Karl

Horn, Miss Ruth E., 530 South Kenmore Ave., FEderal 3296

Horner, Miss Ida Mae, 2824 8th Ave., PArkway 0589

Horrall, Kenneth C., 1217 South St. Andrew Pl., REpublic 6380

   Mrs. K. C. (Martha M.)

Horrall, Mrs. Walter L., 1117 S. Windsor Blvd., WHitney 8644

   Miss Sarah E.

Hough, Miss Charlene Marie, 807 N. Mansfield, GRanite 5727

Houston, Mrs. F. B., 1342 ½ N. Hayworth Ave., GLadstone 3817

Hovis, Mrs. Edith, 1515 South Hayworth Ave.,

Hovis, Wm. L., 960 North Stanley Ave., GRanite 5242

   Mrs. Wm. L.

Howard, Miss Dorothy, 1517 Bentley Ave., West Los Angeles, W. L. A. 33761

Howard, E. J., 2101 Pacific Ave., Long Beach, Cal.

  Mrs. E. J. (Gladys P.)

Hubbell, Myron R., 2412 Wellington Rd., PArkway 2722

   Mrs. Myron R.

Hudson, S. L., 1029 South Fairfax Ave., WYoming 1504

   Mrs. S. L. (Celeste)

Huebscher, Miss Marion

Huff, John J., 1333 West 52nd St.

Hughes, Mrs. Lloyd (Olive F.), 209 N. Irving Blvd., GRanite 6659

Hughes, Mrs. Wm. S. (Marion), 415 N. Gower St., GRanite 6957

Hull, Mr. Elmer E., 812 S. Westlake Ave., DRexel 9450

   Mrs. E. E. (Laura M.)

Humbert, Mrs. Wm. S., 311 South Irving Blvd., WHitney 5127

Humfreville, Henry K., 301 S. Las Palmas Ave., WHitney 5710

   Mrs. H. K.

   Daniel W.

Huntington, Dr. Herbert A., 327 S. Van Ness Ave., ORegon 0840

   Mrs. H. A. (Helen G.)

Hurin, Cecil C., 132 South LaPeer Dr., Beverly Hills, CRestview 14622

   Mrs. C. C. (Grace M.)

Hurst, Mrs. Daniel W., 229 North Gramercy Pl., HEmpstead 0470

   Miss Florence

Hutchison, Mrs. C. S. (Myrtle), 2616 Hollyridge Dr., HEmpstead 2846

   Miss Elizabeth


Ide, Edgar L., 131 South Oxford Ave., FEderal 6754

   Mrs. E. L. (Josie C.)

Illseng, A. G., 504 North Elm Dr., Beverly Hills, OXford 8777

   Mrs. A. G.

Inch, Thomas B., 434 South Oxford Ave., FEderal 4539


Jackson, Miss Lucille, 801 Hilgard Ave., West Los Angeles, W. L. A. 31167

Jacobs, Harry, 1241 5th Ave., PArkway 7957

Jacobs, Robert Guy, 105 South Arden Blvd., WYoming 4403

Jemison, Frank B., 348 South LaPeer Dr., Beverly Hills, CRestview 14917

   Mrs. F. B.

Jewett, Miss Orrington, 1177 North Kingsley Dr., NOrmandy 0065

Joannes, Mrs. C. B. (Florence), 116 N. Oakhurst, Beverly Hills, CRestview 14022

Johnson, Mrs. C. S. (Alice), 516 North Fuller Ave., WHitney 2414

Johnson, Charles E., Jr., 4932 Rosewood Ave., GLadstone 1658

Johnson, Miss Freda, 1201 North Vermont Ave., MOrningside 13608

Johnson, Mrs. Gail B., 502 South Windsor Blvd., YOrk 1025

Johnson, Mrs. Emily A., 1640 4th Ave.,

Johnson, Dr. Roy H., 154 South Hobart Blvd., FEderal 7888

   Mrs. R. H. (Florence K.)

Johnson, Victor, 5501 Keniston Ave., VErmont 1799

   Mrs. Victor

   Miss Bonita

Johnston, Mrs. I. N., 821 Crenshaw Blvd., ORegon 7168

Jones, Franklyn, 1732 West 24th St., REpublic 6051

   Mrs. F. (Dorothy A.)

Jones, Fred C., 132 North La Jolla, WYoming 2697

   Mrs. Fred C.

   Clifford R.

Jones, Miss Jeanelle Pauline, 439 S. Orange Dr., WHitney 4649

Jones, Mrs. R. B., 939 Keniston Ave.

Joplin, Mrs. J. S. (Rella), 115 South Dillon St., FItzroy 3031

   Miss Josephine

Jordan, Miss Marjorie Dolores

Jordan, Miss Venus Wilson, 845 S. Stanley Ave., WHitney 2297

Joslin, Mrs. C. E. (Fannie), 262 South Wilton Pl., FEderal 7682

   Miss Phoebe N.

Joy, Henry S., 5611 Lemon Grove Ave., HEmpstead 8405

   Mrs. H. S. (Nellie)

Judson, Mrs. Charles F., 134 North Hobart Blvd., FEderal 5715

   Charles W.

   Miss Eleanor Elizabeth

   Franklin B.


Kallstedt, Miss Frances E., 4313 ½ Garthwaite Ave., UNiversity 2940

Keester, William, 847 Irolo St., EXposition 1735

   Mrs. Wm. (Mary)

Keester, William Stanley, Jr., Bakersfield, Calif.

   Mrs. Wm. S., Jr., (Dorothy)

Kehiayan, Jeremiah S., 3520 W. Washington Blvd., REpublic 5948

   Mrs. J. S. (Marie)

Kendrick, John, 4101 West 22nd Pl., PArkway 2514

   Mrs. John (Clara)

Kennedy, Ralph W., 5037 Hastings Rd., San Diego, Calif.

   Mrs. R. W. (Catherine)

Kennedy, Miss Ruth Merle, 664 South Oxford Ave., FEderal 5103

Kenny, Wallace F.

Keuneke, Mrs. Mabel G., 310 South Ardmore Ave., FEderal 2628

Kidd, Mrs. C. L., 1023 4th Ave., ROchester 5989

Kidder, Mrs. C. L., 6321 Maryland, WHitney 1031

Kiefer, W. H., 609 North Loma Ave., Temple City, Calif.

   Mrs. W. H.

Kiel, George, 229 North Plymouth Blvd., HEmpstead 5494

   Miss Helen

King, Ellsworth, 1136 South Swall Dr., OXford 0061

   Mrs. Ellsworth

King, P. M., 1116 Shenandoah St., WOodbury 61483

   Mrs. P. M.

   Bruce W.

Kirchner, Dr. Arthur A., 2276 West 31st  St., ROchester 7646

   Mrs. A. A. (M. Doris)

Kistler, Maxwell, 1046 South Wilton Pl., PArkway 3737

Klein, Miss Cora, 1533 North Harvard Blvd., HIllside 6943

Kline, Mrs. Emeline, 5642 Lexington Ave., HOllywood 3847

Knabenshue, Glen, 112 North Harvard Blvd.

Knee, Mrs. Morris H. (Dorothy), 6638 W. 6th St., WYoming 6213

Knoll, Robert Frederick, 127 North Formosa Ave., ORegon 5730

   William F.

Knorr, Miss Doris, 108 North St. Andrews Pl., HEmpstead 5085

   William E.

Knott, Miss Marion, 854 ½ North Virgil Ave., MOrningside 16780

Kohler, Mrs. Daniel O. (Jean), 745 South Genesee, WHitney 5662

Koska, Mrs. Mayme C., 540 South Arden Blvd., WHitney 8523

   Miss Ernestine Margaret

Kunda, George W., 517 North Irving Blvd., HIllside 2957

   Mrs. Geo. W. (Margaret)

Kunz, Miss Lee Orme, 3535 Dahlia Ave., OLympia 8123

Kussman, Mrs. Arthur G. (Myrene), 325 So. Cochran


La Bart, Edward, 222 North Hoover St., FItzroy 2412


LaClair, Mrs. Mary C., 169 South Wilton Dr., HEmpstead 6586

Lake, H. J. M., 946 Beacon St., DRexel 1326

   Mrs. H. J. M. (Irene)

Lalor, Miss Esther, 353 North Citrus Ave., WHitney 1524

LaMonda, Mrs. Clara, 249 South Harvard Blvd., FItzroy 7613

Lamport, Harry B., Hazeltine Ranch, San Fernando, Calif., S. Fern 3348

   Mrs. H. B.

   Miss Jane H.

Lane, Mrs. Lucy J., 620 North Serrano Ave., NOrmandy 7116

Langanwalter, David, 1533 North Harvard Blvd., HIllside 6943

   Mrs. David (Minnie)

Lantz, Dr. Landon C.

Lange, Henry, 315 South Plymouth Blvd., ORegon 8423

   Mrs. Henry

Laraway, Dr. Charles R., 153 North Hobart Blvd., FEderal 9984

   Miss Jane C.

Laughlin, H. Sidney, 356 North Mansfield Ave., ORegon 5129

Laughlin, Mrs. Herbert S., 432 South Detriot St., WYoming 8651

Lawrence, Mrs. Martha, 96 North El Molino, Pasadena, Calif.

Lawshe, James S., 415 South Irving Blvd., ORegon 7050

   Mrs. J. S. (Gladys)

   Miss Johanna May

   Miss Mary Hester

Leach, Norbert V.

Leebrick, Richard Wallace, 5122 Maplewood Ave., HEmpstead 0704

Lester, Mrs. Agnes, 936 South Rimpau Blvd., WHitney 8877

   Miss Agnes Louise

Lewin, Mrs. T. H. (Grace V.), Mill Valley, Calif.

Lewis, C. Vernon, 810 South Bronson Ave., WHitney 4611

   Mrs. C. Vernon

   Marshall W.

   Miss Marjorie

   Miss Virginia Ellen

Lewis, Mrs. D. K. (Lucile), 336 Fowler Ave., Venice, Calif.

Lewis, Mrs. Emma R., 1630 Pleasant Ave., ANgelus 2045

Lewis, Thomas B., 826 North Hayworth Ave., WYoming 6411

   Mrs. Thomas B. (Doris)

Lewis, Walter W., 1630 Pleasant Ave., ANgelus 2045

Lewis, Wm. W., 2270 West 22nd St., ROchester 1535

   Mrs. W. W. (May)

   Miss Dorothy

Limbocker, Mrs. L. E. (Florence) 1526 Shenandoah, WOodbury 62560

Line, Arthur, 1126 ½ West 17th St., PRospect 5540

   Mrs. Arthur (Ruth Olive)

Linkins, Mrs. C. A. (Mary), 5255 Fountain Ave., MOrningside 14888

   Miss Helen L.

Lipsett, Miss Frances, 107 North Mansfield Ave., WHitney 0720

Lloyd, Mrs. J. W. (Barbara B.), 1918 N. Berendo, MOrningside 15226

Lloyd, Ralph B., 910 North Alpine Dr., Beverly Hills, WOodbury 61694

   Mrs. R. B.

   Miss Edna Elizabeth

   Miss Lulu May

Lockwood, Wesley R., 628 North Serrano Ave., NOrmandy 7116

   Mrs. W. R. (Genevieve)

   Miss Gretta Jane

Long, Fred I., 165 South McCadden Pl., WYoming 1521

Loofbourow, John S., 242 North Lucerne Blvd., GLadstone 2496

   Mrs. J. S.

   John S. Jr.

   Miss Virginia Ruth

Loomis, Fay D., 5757 La Mirada Ave., GLadstone 7595

Loomis, John E., 224 Pacific St., Santa Monica, Calif., S. M. 61560

   Mrs. J. E. (Maude)

Lorenzen, John D., 7954 Diaz St., N. Hollywood, Calif.

   Mrs. J. D. (Mary)

Loskamp, Charles U., 344 S. Maple, Beverly Hills, CRestview 9025

   Mrs. C. U. (Virginia)

Loskamp, Mrs. Harry (Marie), 611 S. Norton Ave., FItzroy 5378


   Douglass, Mrs. Max (Helen)

Lounsbury, John M., 4217 Van Buren Pl., UNiversity 7763

   Mrs. John M. (Elsie M.)

Love, Miss Lura, 923 North Edgemont

Loviner, B. F., 632 North New Hampshire Ave., NOrmandy 8104

   Mrs. B. F. (Lucie)

Lowder, Dr. W. Leham, 1332 4th Ave., PArkway 5888

   Mrs. W. L. (Grace)


Lush, Mrs. Frederick, 320 South Manhattan Pl., EXposition 1996

Lynds, Mrs. R. Isabelle, 307 North Norton Ave.


McCafferty, Mrs. W. M. (Nellie), 224 S. Lorraine, WHitney 4327

McCarthy, Miss Ella Josephine, 400 South Norton, FEderal 6670

McCarthy, Mrs. Myra L., 346 South Van Ness Ave., WHitney 6820

McCarty, Terrell T., 151 South Arden Blvd., WYoming 6059

   Mrs. Terrell T. (Bonita)

McCauley, Miss Doris, 1132 Fremont Ave.,  South Pasadena, Calif., HUdson 9266

McClanahan, Harold L., 6217 Maryland Dr., WYoming 9962

   Mrs. H. L. (Marjorie F.)

McClaugherty, Earl, 2617 ½ South Harvard Blvd., PArkway 1230

   Mrs. Earl (Helen P.)

McClung, Miss Mary Eleanor, 951 S. Victoria Ave., ORegon 8414

McComb, Mrs. H. (Estelle), 215 S. Occidental Blvd., FItzroy 2830

McCombs, F. G., Chico, Calif.

   Mrs. F. G. (Dorothy Simonds)

McCombs, Rev. V. M., 1201 West 30th St., PArkway 0277

   (Member So. Calif. Conference)

   Mrs. V. M.

   Miss Anita

   Kenneth M.

McFarland, Miss Anna, 128 South Serrano Ave., FEderal 3975

McGiffin, James A., 928 West 8th Pl., Clifton Hotel, TRinity 7381

   Mrs. J. A.

McKenna, Mrs. R. J. (Helen B.), 238 S. Ardmore, FEderal 5366

   Miss Claire Louise

   Miss Helen Margaret

McLaughlin, Dr. Elizabeth, 707 South Hill St., TUcker 1681

McMicken, J. A., 955 South Hudson Ave., WHitney 7145

   Mrs. J. A. (Alvina)

McPhail, H. A. C., 526 South Union Dr., (Carlton Apts.)

   Mrs. H. A. C. (Lillie A.)

MacDonald, Mrs. Alfred (Hazel), 136 S. Sycamore, WYoming 5658

Mace, Warren K., 861 Crenshaw Blvd., WYoming 1228

   Mrs. W. K. (Adeline S.)

   George William

   Meredith Patricia

MacEwen, D. C., 120 Fremont Pl., WHitney 1354

   Mrs. D. C. (Lottie)

   Duncan Marwin

MacGachen, Howard, 838 South Normandie, FItzroy 4719

MacLean, Mrs. C. C. (Ada M.) 1427 N. Crescent Heights Blvd., HIllside 6704

MacNutt, Mrs. Ira (Mary F.), 237 N. Coronado, FEderal 9654

Magee, Herbert, 668 South Orange Dr., WHitney 2825

Majoribanks, Mrs. Nellie, 662 ½ N. Van Ness Ave.

Malcom, Dr. Roy, 867 Muirfield Rd., ORegon 7225

   Mrs. R. (Enid Behymer)

   Roy, Jr.

Male, Edward J., 3040 Silver Lea Terrace, OLympia 5509

   Mrs. E. J. (Grace)

Malone, Miss Louise, 743 South Spaulding Ave., ORegon 1064

Malone, Robert, 1303 South Meadowbrook Ave., ORegon 6332

Maltby, Mrs. W. W. (Grace E.), 757 S. Mariposa, Apt. 301, EXposition 4998

Marsico, Mrs. J. P. (Edna E.), 432 N. Hobart Blvd., NOrmandy 0508

Martin, Dr. C. W., 723 North Manhattan Pl., GRanite 6106

   Mrs. C. W.

Martin, Fred N., 353 North Norton Ave., HEmpstead 1393

   Mrs. Fred N.



Martin, J. Claude, 4569 Edgewood Pl., ORegon 1565

   Mrs. J. C.


   Miss Mae Janette

Martin, Mrs. Leota L., 169 South Wilton Dr., HEmpstead 6586

   Miss Janet L.

Martin, Wm. McKelvy, 145 N. Normandie Ave., FEderal 3082

   Mrs. W. McK. (Kathryn)

Martin, Rev. Willsie, 735 South Plymouth Blvd., ORegon 7218

   Mrs. Willsie (Muriel E.)

   Miss Helen Eastman

   Mrs. John McDonald Ide (Margaret), 41 Winthrop St., Cambridge, Mass.

Marvin, Mrs. S. B. (Eleanor), 301 S. Las Palmas, WHitney 5710

Matthias, Mrs. Rosa, 1119 South Stanley Ave., WHitney 9637

Matthieson, Henry H., 156 N. Mariposa Ave., FEderal 8515

   Mrs. H. H. (Willa)

Maxon, Miss Jeanne Shirley, 219 S. Oxford Ave., FEderal 5238

Mayer, Dr. H. M., 147 North Serrano Ave., HEmpstead 5116

   Mrs. H. M.

Meade, Miss Mabel, 5301 11th Ave., UNiversity 3765

Megeath, James Edward, Jr., 119 South Arnez

Mennell, E. R., 347 South Norton Ave., ORegon 7332

   Mrs. E. R.

Mertz, Mrs. Clara H., 1214 East 48th St.

Messinger, Daniel C., 153 East Ave. 32, CApitol 11441

   Mrs. D. C. (Ella)

Meyer, Ellsworth, 842 Manning, West Los Angeles, W. L. A. 35841

   Mrs. Ellsworth (Hazel)

Mickley, Horace H., 1160 Alvira St., WHitney 2869

   Mrs. H. H.

Miller, Mrs. Bertha B., 439 Mariposa Ave., Sierra Madre, Calif.

Miller, Miss Clara A., 212 North Manhattan Pl., GLadstone 8286

Miller, Harry L., 1514 S. Orange Grove Ave., WHitney 3168

   Mrs. Harry L.

Miller, Hugh B., 114 ½ North Maple Ave., Montebello, Calif.

   Mrs. Hugh B.

Miller, Jess E., 1225 Longwood Ave., WHitney 1570

Miller, Warren W., 1211 South Victoria Ave., WHitney 7469

   Mrs. Warren W.

   Dr. John W.

   Miss Mary E.

   William Allen

Mills, Mrs. Amos E. (Lucy M.), 934 Westchester Pl., ROchester 1400

   Miss Margaret A.

   Miss Ruth Ella

Mitcheson, Bert M., 416 East Lincoln Ave., Montebello, Calif., Montebello 402

   Mrs. B. M. (Marcia K.)

Mitcheson, Mrs. Sarah, 939 Elden Ave., FItzroy 7302

Mohler, Miss Lueda, 4187 South Hobart Blvd., UNiversity 0835

Monkman, Rollin Wilfred, 500 North Lucerne, GRanite 6064

   Mrs. R. W. (Estelle)

Monnette, Orra E., 350 South Oxford Ave., FEderal 4637

   Mrs. Orra E.

   Miss Helen Hull

Monson, Mrs. Sidney A. (Alta), 231 S. Citrus Ave., WHitney 4294

Montgomery, Robert A., 1428 N. Spaulding Ave., GLadstone 9844

   Mrs. R. A. (May I.)

   Miss Florence May

Moody, Mrs. E. E. (Elsie), 100 North Arden Blvd., GRanite 9195

   Miss Enid Lynn

   Robert Behymer

   Sharon Clay

Mooney, Mrs. C. E., 515 North Las Palmas Ave., HEmpstead 7473

Mooney, Dr. Herbert S., 521 N. Las Palmas Ave., HEmpstead 9689

Moore, Rev. A. Ray, (Res.) 1827 W. 182nd St., Torrance, Calif.

   (Member So. Calif. Conference)

   Mrs. A. Ray (Mabel V.)

   Miss Josephine R. (Mailing Address) R.F.D. No. 1, Bx 79, Gardena, Ca. Gardena 3861

Moore, Mrs. Margaret, 327 S. Normandie Ave., FEderal 4224

Moorhead, Mrs. Edwin L., 405 South Irving Blvd., ORegon 5930

   Miss Isabel

Morehouse, Miss Alice

   Jacqueline, 1614 Wellington Road, ROchester 2396

Morford, Mrs. Elizabeth, 618 North Wilton Pl., HOllywood 1543

Morford, James H., 366 North Harper, WYoming 8163

   Mrs. J. H. (Marion M.)

Morris, R. R., 1260 South Highland Ave., ORegon 8747

   Mrs. R. R. (Mazie)

   Miss Elizabeth

   Miss Maurine

Mortensen, Charles A., 15221 Sherman Way, Van Nuys, Calif.

   Mrs. C. A. (Alma)

Moses, Mrs. D. C.

Mosher, Wells J., 1026 West 50th St., THornwall 7675

   Mrs. W. J.

Mosier, Mrs. M. H., 55 Fremont Pl., WHitney 5437

   Harold H.

Mount, Glenn, 1725 Beverly Blvd.,

   Mrs. Glenn (Mary)

Mourer, Mrs. P. W. Jr., (Dorothy), 335 S. Mansfield, WHitney 4644

Movius, Dr. H. J., 2556 Aberdeen Ave., OLympia 3313

   Mrs. H. J. (May)

   Herbert, Jr.

   Ernest Preiss

Moxley, Minor, 553 ½ N. Kingsley Dr., NOrmandy 4678

   Mrs. M.

Mullin, Mrs. J. F (Adella B.), 669 S. Hudson Ave., WHitney 5838

Murden, Ralph, Glendale, Calif.

   Mrs. Ralph (Mildred)

Murdock, Mrs. Matilda J., 2458 Chislehurst

Murphy, Mrs. John A. (Elizabeth), 750 S. Norton

Murray, Mrs. E. Y. (Phebe), 439 S. Westmoreland, FItzroy 2713

Myer, Edmund J., Jr., 1109 South Citrus Ave., YOrk 4437

   Mrs. E. J., Jr., (Lu Villa R.)

Myer, Miss Helen Ethel, 168 South Kingsley Dr., FEderal 2502


Nast, Mrs. Henry H., 639 West 18th St., PRospect 0797

Needham, Floyd C., Jr., 945 South Hobart Blvd.

Neely, Rev. J. Wesley, 309 South Hobart Blvd., EDposition 7497

   (Member So. Calif. Conference)

   Mrs. J. W. (Isabelle)


Neely, William A., 818 Radcliffe Ave., Pacific Palisades, Ca., Santa Monica 28915

   Mrs. W. A. (Helena C. )

Nelson, Clyde C., 1119 Point View, WYoming 4566

   Mrs. C. C. (Ann)

   Miss Mary Ann

   Miss Virginia Elise

Nettleton, Mrs. F. H. (Florence), 442 S. Ardmore, FEderal 4366

Neumeyer, Rev. Martin Henry, 4916 Edgewood Pl., WYoming 7981

   (Member Illinois Conference)

   Mrs. M. H. (Esther)

Nicholson, Rev. John, Ajo, Arizona

   (Member So. Calif. Conference)

   Mrs. John

North, Carroll W.

Norton, Mrs. Ernest E. (Esther) Moss Landing, California

Nottingham, Mrs. Mary A., 503 South Union Ave., EXposition 7917

Nystuen, Mrs. Alice White, 640 N. Beachwood Dr., HEmpstead 5638

   Miss Harriett


Odell, Miss Julia, 1046 S. Burlington Ave., FItzroy 5708

Oechsli, Rev. Leonard, 416 Westminister Ave., EXposition 5355

   (Member Illinois Conference)

   Mrs. Leonard

    Miss Eleanor

   Miss Mildred

   Miss Phillis


Ogden, Miss Barbara

O’Haver, R. C., 1758 West 42nd St., VErmont 2201

   Mrs. R. C. (Daisy Ellis)


Olds, Frank B., Sierra Madre, Calif.

   Mrs. F. B.

   Miss Frances

Oliver, Raymond, 1918 N. Mariposa Ave.

   Mrs. Raymond (Juliette V.)


Olmsted, Ennis G., 1517 West 52nd St., UNiversity 1768

   Mrs. Ennis G. (Shirley)

Olsen, Walter

Olson, A. B., 822 South Highland Ave., WHitney 9717

   Mrs. A. B.

   H. Dean

   D. Keith

   W. Neal

Orr, Mrs. John S., 648 North Ardmore Ave., MOrningside 16619

Osborn, Mrs. Ruth Johnson, 1828 West 71st St., THornwall 9133

Overhulser, Mrs. C. W. (Katherine), San Diego, California


Page, George H., 348 South Mansfield Ave., ORegon 5421

   Mrs. Geo. H. (Minnie A.)

Page, Gerald W., 145 North Swall Dr., Beverly Hills, OXford 8337

   Mrs. Gerald W. (Helen M.)

Palmer, Mrs. Paul M. (Margaret), 1248 12th St., Santa Monica, Calif.

Palmgren, Richard M., 4647 ¼ Fountain Ave.

Papst, Albert J., 747 South Mansfield Ave., WYoming 3208

   Mrs. Albert J.

   Miss Margaret Louise

Parker, Lloyd W., 712 King’s Rd., YOrk 1802

   Mrs. L. W. (Belle Margaret)

Parkin, Major H. D., 344 South Hobart Blvd., FEderal 2385

Mrs. H. D.

Harry D., Jr.

Parr, Mrs. Chas. L. (Margaret) 650 Junipero Ave., Long Beach, Ca., L. B. 693-364

Parsley, J. Arthur, 3628 Aureola Blvd., UNiversity 1938

   Mrs. J. A. (Ella L.)

Partridge, George T., 407 North Hobart Blvd.

   Mrs. Geo. T. (Bertha)

Patmore, Howard W., 3948 6th Ave., University 0486

Patterson, Mrs. Geo. S. G., 1544 S. Curson Ave., WHitney 5755

Patterson, Mrs. W. L. R. (Myrtle) Porterville, Cal.

Patton, Albert E., 516 North Gardner St., WYoming 5633

   Mrs. A. E. (Melrose)

Patton, John W., 1529 West 83rd St., PLeasant 5838

   Mrs. J. W. (Oma)

Patton, Mrs. Josephine, 218 South Reno St., FItzroy 1994

PenDell, F. D., 202 S. Stanley Dr., Beverly Hills, Beverly Hills, WOodbury 61390

   Mrs. F. D.

Pepall, Andrew H., 745 South Genesee St., WHitney 5662

   Mrs. A. H. (Bertha)

   George Howard

Perkins, Mrs. A. M., 212 South Oxford Ave., FEderal 4258

Petersen, Mrs. Bertine, 1250 South Windsor Blvd., ORegon 6358

Petersen, Miss Mathilde M., 4829 Lexington Ave., Apt. 102, OLympia 2618

Peyton, Robert C., 910 North Foothill Rd., Beverly Hills, OXford 7397

Philp, Grafton, 8622 Gregory Way, OXford 9785

   Mrs. Grafton (Lois)

Philp, Harry G. R., 676 South Hobart Blvd., EXposition 8108

   Mrs. Harry (Charlotte)


Pierce, Jack, 480 West Vernon Ave.

Pinegar, Charles E., 1912 Benecia Ave., Westwood

   Mrs. C. E. (Elsie)

Pinkerton, Mrs. H. W. (Alice), 612 N. Kingsley, OLympia 0769

   Miss Grace Lorraine

Platt, Dallas H., 138 North Hobart Blvd., FEderal 7187

   Mrs. Dallas H. (Martha)

   Dallas H., Jr.

   Thomas Hanlon

Pletts, Mrs. Mary E., 5456 Monroe St., GRanite 9733

   Mrs. Nelle Pletts Gelabert

Plumley, Mrs. Frank (Maud), 125 S. Wilton Dr., HIllside 7444

Poor, Miss Helen A., 1133 N. Clark St., West Hollywood, CRestview 13957

Porter, Ellis, 1123 4th Ave., PArkway 2971

Porter, Mrs. Georgina, 936 South Rimpau, WHitney 8877

Porter, Sanford L, 1820 San Jacinto St., OLympia 6206

   Mrs. S. L. (Margaret)

Powell, T. Herbert, 345 South McCadden Pl., WHitney 3517

   Mrs. T. H. (LewElla)

   Miss Dorothy May

   John Lewis

Preiss, Mrs. Etta, 2556 Aberdeen, OLympia 3313

Prouty, Willis O., 719 Pier Ave., Hermosa Beach, Redondo 5375

Provines, Mrs. R. A. (Thelma), 1825 ½ S. Van Ness, PArkway 0164

Purviance, Mrs. Ella C., 636 North Serrano Ave., NOrmandy 4296


Randles, James D., 310 South Burlington Ave., DRexel 6257

   Mrs. J. D. (Dorothy V.)

   Anthony V.

   James D., Jr.

   Miss Dorothy Mary

Rawson, Clifford L., 179 South Harvard Blvd., FEderal 6646

   Mrs. C. L. (Marie)

Ray, Miss Allie, Kansas City, Missouri

Rayner, Mrs. Wm. P. (Edith S.)

Ream, F. C., 913 North Vista Ave., GLadstone 2220

   Mrs. F. C. (Birdie N.)

Reasner, Miss Bessie S., 1615 Ingraham St., EXposition 0238

Reed, Edward George, 232 North Arden Blvd., HIllside 2334

Reed, Myron Wray, 1639 Victoria Ave., ROchester 8838

   Mrs. W. M. (Ethel)

   Miss Virginia Louise

Reese, Mrs. F. C. (Naldera), 1031 S. Grand View, DRexel 4032

Reeves, Dr. Geo. H., 1119 4th Ave., PArkway 2971

   Mrs. G. H. (Effie L.)

Reeves, Dr. Ray R., 1111 4th Ave., PArkway 4040

   Mrs. Ray (Nellie)

Reichard, R. M., 5162 S. Manhattan Pl., UNiversity 9452

   Mrs. R. M.

Reiche, Charles F., 1129 Rowan Bldg., 458 S. Spring, MIchigan 1973

   Mrs. C. F. (Marguerite)

Reiche, Clarence W., 2707 Washington Ave., Santa Monica

   Mrs. C. W. (Henrietta)

Reynolds, Mrs. L. K. (Muriel), 10728 Valley Spring Lane, North Hollywood

Richardson, Mrs. Bonner (Charline), 130 S. Fuller, ORegon 6771

Richmond, Duke, 320 North Oxford Ave., GRanite 7468

Risdon, F. Ray, 972 North Wilton Pl., HOllywood 2628

   Mrs. F. R. (Mary M.)

Risley, H. R., 364 South Cloverdale Ave., ORegon 0022

   Mrs. H. R.

Ritter, Miss Lucile, 640 North Normandie Ave., MOrningside 11164

Robertson, John H., 2005 4th Ave., ROchester 2440

   Mrs. John H. (Cora)

   Miss Marjorie

Robinson, R. W., 1725 West 64th St., THornwall 3040

   Mrs. R. W. (Abbie)

   Miss Abigail K.

   John L.

Rogers, Jack, 302 South Mariposa Ave., FEderal 5636

Rogers, Dr. Lester B., 1210 West 27th St., RIchmond 5870

   Mrs. L. B.

   Miss Elizabeth

   Miss Mary Jean

Rollins, Jerry, 206 North Serrano Ave., FEderal 2830

Rose, H. L., 1284 Cloverdale Ave., WYoming 2742

   Mrs. H. L.

   Miss Evelyn

   H. L. Jr.

Rotroff, Miss Osceola, 6109 Warner Dr., WHitney 1776

Rubey, Mrs. Elizabeth, 909 South Lucerne Blvd., WYoming 5222

Ruby, T. E., 879 Fifth Ave., WHitney 8722

   Mrs. T. E. (Harriet)

   Miss Allison


Russell, Geo W., 1821 Atlantic Bl., So. Pasadena, Ca, Pasadena, HUmboldt 4477

   Mrs. G. W. (Belle)

Rutherford, Mrs. Robert L., 222 N. Chevy Chase, Glendale, Calif.


Sagar, Donald, 2120 Manning St., W. Los Angeles

   Mrs. Donald (Elizabeth)

Salisbury, Miss Hazel, 231 South Citrus Ave., WHitney 4294

Sandberg, Mrs. Edward C. (Arlene), Ajo, Ariz.

Sanborn, Mrs. Carrie A., 1332 4th Ave., PArkway 5888

Sanderson, Jack Brendel, 5055 Clinton St., HOllywood 0241

Sargent, Miss Katherine L., 722 Burnside Ave., YOrk 4464

Sargent, Elihu W., 545 North Lucerne Blvd., GRanite 8901

   Mrs. E. W. (Leona G.)

Scarborough, Miss Helen, 920 South Lucerne Blvd., ORegon 5971

Schermerhorn, Mrs. Peter, 1615 Ingraham St., EXposition 0238

Schmitz, Paul Gaston, 1575 Homewood Dr., Altadena, Calif.

   Mrs. Paul G. (Joyce)

Schultz, Fredric W., 820 South Gramercy Dr., FItzroy 1456

   Mrs. Fredric (Berniece)

Schultz, Raymond E., 500 North Kingsley Dr., NOrmandy 4012

Scott, S. H., 435 N. Crescent Heights Blvd., WYoming 3029

   Mrs. S. H. (Ida)

Scott, Winfield, 211 North Serrano Ave., HEmpstead 7560

Scudder, Albert G., 803 North Citrus Ave., HEmpstead 1288

   Mrs. A. G. (Maude M.)

Sellmeyer, J. O., 1652 Leighton Ave., UNiversity 7299

   Mrs. J. O.

   Miss Martha

Senseney, Dr. Harry E., 911 South Bronson Ave., WHitney 5921

   Mrs. H. E. (Irena)

   Miss Barbara Jane

   Robert W.

Shaner, Miss Frances E., 2900 Francis Ave., FItzroy 4675

Shaul, Mrs. C. E., 967 4th Ave., PArkview 8143

Shaw, Edward L., 1021 Stearns Dr.

   Mrs. E. L. (Mary J.)

Shearer, Charles T., 436 S. Alexandria Ave., FEderal 4262

   Mrs. C. T. (Mabel)

   John Dabney

   Miss Mildred Dabney

   Miss Virginia Louise

Sheckler, C. D., 5517 ½ Virginia Ave., (Bus.) GLadstone 7190

   Mrs. C. D.

Shelley, James, 539 South Oxford Ave., FEderal 9981

   Mrs. James (Florella)

Sherman, Arthur W., 1948 ½ South Hudson Ave.,

   Mrs. A. W. (Cheryl)

Sherwood, Mrs. T. W. (Mamie) 2025 Cheremoya, GRanite 9782

Shoemaker, Miss Adena, 327 North Detroit St., ORegon 7526

Short, Mrs. Don D. (Dorothy), 2796 Francis St., DRexel 1994

Short, Mrs. Sarah, 1812 South Harvard Blvd., REpublic 6416

   Miss Jessie

Shorthose, William R., 211 ½ South Hoover St., EXposition 9630

Shuck, L. E., 4252 West 9th St., ORegon 1869

   Mrs. L. E.



Shull, Waldo, 131 South Catalina St., FEderal 1844

Siebels, Mrs. Mabel O., 1165 Mullen Ave., WHitney 1521

   Miss Marguerite

Siegmund, Dr. Fred W., 860 South Bronson Ave., ORegon 1893

   Mrs. F. W.

Sievwright, Miss Carol, 309 South Coronado, FItzroy 6756

   Miss Iris

Silva, Edward, 2157 Vestal Ave., OLympia 2258

   Mrs. Edward (Leona)

   Miss Lorrene Dolores

Simmons, W. M., 929 North Normandie Ave., MOrningside 14594

   Mrs. W. M.

Simpson, Mrs. Allan H., 2452 Cheremoya St., HEmpstead 5521

Sinclair, Dr. Louis S., 3806 Beverly Blvd, Rm. 204, DRexel 6414

Sleret, Mrs. Anna, 327 South Norton Ave., WHitney 6256

Smith, Burton C., 3056 West 7th St., FEderal 3305

Smith, Miss Effie M., 923 S. Normandie Ave., EXposition 1073

Smith, Mrs. Glee C. (Eloise), 132 N. La Jolla Ave., WYoming 2697

Smith, H. Allen, 3835 West 8th St., EXposition 5259

   Mrs. H. A. (Elizabeth)

Smith, Miss Harriett K., 5655 Lexington Ave., GRanite 2018

Smith, Lewis R., 814 3rd Ave., FItzroy 4961

   Mrs. Lewis R. (Lola M.)

   Lewis R., Jr.

   Miss Marjory Alice

   Richard C.

   Victor M.

Smith, Miss Marie L., 201 North Serrano Ave., HEmpstead 8388

Smith, Mrs. Mulford, 3555 Lewis Ave., Long Beach, Calif.

Smith, Myron E., 115 South Dillon St., FItzroy 3031

   Mrs. M. E. (Katherine A.)

Smith, Miss S. Mary, 3826 Brunswick, OLympia 3165

Smith, Roy M., 1941 Guess St., Rosemead, Calif.

   Mrs. R. M. (Mary)

Smith, Walter L., 130 North Harvard Blvd., FEderal 0079

   Mrs. W. L. (Bessie)

   Miss Marilyn Ruth

Smith, Walter Z., 312 South Adams St., Glendale, Calif.

Snavely, Dr. A. C., 658 South Citrus Ave., WHitney 4661

Snow, Justin, 825 S. Orange Grove Ave., WHitney 8112

   Mrs. Justin (Lottie)

Snyder, W. B., 341 North Laurel Ave., ORegon 9717

   Mrs. W. B. (Katie E.)

Sohlinger, Mrs. J. A., (Nettie), 452 Westminster, FEderal 6459

Solomon, Miss Ruth, 813 N. Crescent Heights Blvd., WYoming 4281

Somerindyke, Mrs. G. (Ruth), 224 N. Ridgewood, HIllside 5264

   George Howard Jr.

   Miss Ruth Rowena

Sommer, Robert, 169 South Serrano Ave., FEderal 8487


   Rene McDonald

Sommer, Walter E., 438 North Kilkea Dr., WYoming 3571

   Mrs. W. E. (Edna R.)

Sopp, Mrs. George (Florence A.) 1421 W. 3rd St., TUcker 3323

Sopp, George Charles, 1314 Angelus Ave., FItzroy 3603

   Mrs. G. C. (Dollie Edris)

Soule, A. Y., 123 South Serrano Ave., FEderal 7576

   Mrs. A. Y. (Grace)

Soule, Edwin A., Box 484, Manhattan Beach, Cal.

Sowles, Mrs. Rose, 427 South Mariposa Av. (Rochelle Apts.) FEderal 0337

   Spitzer, Joseph A.

   Mrs. Joseph A. (Lucille)

Sproul, Judge Joseph P., 715 South Irolo St., FItzroy 0257

   Mrs. J. P. (Adeline)

Sprowls, Mrs. Silva (Kate W.), 514 Lillian Way, HEmpstead 5058

Squire, Mrs. Mary E., 128 North Mansfield Ave., WYoming 4825

Squire, Robert, 926 4th Ave., ROchester 4725

   Thomas Paul

Squires, Mrs. J. W. (Isabel), Las Vegas, Nev.

Staben, John W., 4167 West 2nd St., FItzroy 4755

   Mrs. J. W. (Ida)

   Miss Fern

Stafford, Ezra H., 365 Cloverdale Ave., WYoming 1344

   Mrs. E. H. (Florence E.)

Staley, Joseph W., 801 North Formosa Ave., ORegon 5445

   Mrs. J. W. (Mildred)

Stanley, Gerald L., 2953 Dalton Ave., ROchester 4120

   Mrs. Gerald L. (Ruby)

St. Clair, Miss Marilynn, 1077 LeClaire Pl., WHitney 7268

   Robert Stephen

Stevens, Charles K., 535 Brett St., Inglewood, Calif., TWinoaks 4685

   Mrs. C. K. (Pauline)

Stevens, Frank S., 610 North Gramercy Pl., GLadstone 8052

   Mrs. F. S. (Alba)

   Miss Mary H.

Stever, Miss M. Belle, R. F. D. Box 519, Aptos, Cal.

Stewart, Mrs. J. S., 2514 Virginia Rd., PArkway 5002

Stewart, Samuel, 969 South Serrano Ave., FEderal 7889

Stockwell, Dr. Ida B., 332 South Norton Ave., ORegon 7517

Stogsdill, Mrs. L. J. (Lillian), 5059 Whittier Blvd.

Stone, J. W., 737 South Sierra Bonita Ave., WHitney 2274

   Mrs. J. W. (Annette C.)

   Miss Annette C.

   John Wm., Jr.

Stoner, Harley H., 159 South Hayworth Ave., WYoming 8733

   Mrs. H. H.

   Robert William

   Rolland Howard

Stover, Dr. Warren T., 1011 Marshall Ave., Alhambra, Calif.

   Mrs. W. T. (Jessie)


Strain, Miss Glenrose, 459 North Detroit, WYoming 3945

Strieby, Sam J., Brawley, Calif.

Stringfield, Raymond B., 2238 Victoria Ave., PArkway 8216

   Mrs. R. B. (Lucile J.)

   Miss Margaret Jane

   Robert Ayres

Strother, S. M., 6638 West 6th St., WYoming 6213

   Mrs. S. M.

Sullivan, John T., 1522 ½ South Hauser Blvd., WYoming 7073

   Mrs. J. T. (Alfreda)

Summers, Eugene A., 6543 Commodore Sloat Dr., ORegon 1823

   Mrs. E. A. (Grace)

   Miss Barbara Jean

Sutherland, Mrs. Wm. F., 439 N. Hobart Blvd., NOrmandy 8723

Swafford, H. A., Texas

   Mrs. H. A. (Ivy Ford)

   Thomas James

Swan, Mrs. Camille McDaniel, 366 N. Sycamore, WYoming 8050

Swanburg, Frank, 1630 South Ridgley Dr., WHitney 9890

   Mrs. Frank (Eva)

Sweet, Mrs. Fred J., 5162 S. Manhattan Pl., UNiversity 9452


Taecker, Miss Ethel M., 457 South Manhattan Pl.

Taecker, Roy T., Brawley, Calif.

Tafe, Theodore, 1117 4th Ave., PArkway 2971

   Mrs. T. (Olga)

Taft, Howard, 5633 De Longpre Ave., HOllywood 2810

Talbot, Fred J., 747 South New Hampshire Ave., Apt. 4,  DRexel 9907

   Mrs. F. J. (Anne)

Tallmadge, Mrs. Elizabeth W., 833 S. St. Andrews, FEderal 8978

Tallman, Miss Carrie F., 811 N. Normandie Ave., OLympia 9872

Tanquary, Prof. G. P., 822 South Dunsmuir Ave., WHitney 7769

Tate, Marshall P., 1913 Fairburn Ave., Westwood, West L. A. 35578

Taylor, Mrs. Annie E., 720 South Ardmore Ave., FEderal 4476

Tennyson, Mrs. Nelle I., 1823 S. Van Ness Ave., PArkway 0164

   Miss Helen

Thee, Dr. Earl J., 734 South Sierra Bonita Ave., WHitney 4467

   Mrs. E. J. (Lois)

   Earl John, Jr.

Thomas, Mrs. Marguerite H., 6109 Warner Dr., WHitney 1776

Thomas, Mrs. J. P., 800 Burnside, WHitney 2268

Thomas, William H., 518 North Serrano Ave., OLympia 2209

Thompson, Mrs. John H., 2120 Manning St., West Los Angeles

Thompson, Mrs. Nora, 346 North Detriot St., YOrk 2312

Thompson, R. Earl, 346 North Detriot St., YOrk 2312

   Mrs. R. Earl (Dorothy)

Thompson, Mrs. Robert E., 3535 Dahlia Ave., OLympia 8123.

Thompson, Mrs. Robert K., Colorado Springs, Colo.

   Mrs. R. K. (Ruth N.)

Thompson, Dr. Walter S., 251 South Citrus Ave., WYoming 4072

   Mrs. W. S. (Jeannette)



Timmons, Colin W., 2280 Panorama Terrace, OLympia 1454

   Mrs. C. W. (Virginia)

Torino, Mrs. Catherine M., 618 N. Wilton Pl., HOllywood 1543

Tornquist, R. Alden, Box 101, Long Beach, Calif.

   Mrs. R. A. (Alecia)

Tornquist, Russell W., 2831 Somerset Dr., PArkway 0928

   Mrs. R. W. (Lois)

Trindle, Mrs. Jessie, 1508 S. Orange Grove Ave., WHitney 3168

Trout, Harry D., 312 South Mansfield Ave., WHitney 2305

   Mrs. H. D. (Ibbie D.)

Truax, W. Earl, 215 North Serrano Ave., HEmpstead 8389

   Mrs. W. E. (Mildred K.)

   Hugh Conrad

True, F. H., 141 North Serrano Ave., HIllside 1736

Truitt, Miss Hattie Mae, 507 N. Harvard Blvd., NOmandy 4513

   William S.

Tucker, Lewis W., 5425 ½ Sierra Vista

   Mrs. L. W.

Turnbladh, Mrs. N. P., 1842 North Cherokee St., HOllywood 1681

   Miss Viviene K.

   Will C.

Turner, Glen, 859 South Mullen Ave., ORegon 3264

   Mrs. Glen (Elthea)

Turner, Mrs. Harriet, 859 South Mullen Ave., ORegon 3264

Turner, Stephen C., 2405 Coniston Pl., San Marino

   Mrs. Stephen C. (Margaret)

Tuttle, Mrs. Don (Marion), 1256 S. Ridgley Dr., WYoming 5086

Tweeddale, Mrs. Frank D. (Irene), 1119 S. Stanley, WHitney 9637


Ulmer, Mrs. Amelia L., 653 East 74th St., PLeasant 4938

Ungles, W. H., 2131 Cambridge St., ROchester 2876

   Mrs. W. H. (Ruth)

Unland, Dr. T. H., 5312 Sierra Villa, Eagle Rock, ALbany 2694

   Mrs. T. H. (Lois)


Urner, Mrs. Jessie, 696 South Bronson Ave., EXposition 0345

Urschel, Miss Estel, Spreckels Bldg., 714 S. Hill St., (Bus.) VAndyke 3596


Van Arnam, Mrs. James, 4958 Highland View Ave., ALbany 5953

Van Buskirk, Mrs. Fred W., 8003 Blackburn Ave., WYoming 7279

   Miss Margaret

Vanderpoel, Clarence F., 188 S. Mountain View, FEderal 8549

   Mrs. C. F. (Edith)

Van Loon, Mrs. T. H. (Etta), 6132 Del Valle Dr., ORegon 4442

Van Ordstrand, William, Long Beach, Calif.

Van Werden, Mrs. Mildred, 109 South Berendo, EXposition 7396

   Miss Betty Leigh

Vaughn, Edward, 696 South Bronson Ave., EXposition 0345

   Mrs. Edward

   Edward, Jr.

Venn, Mrs. Catherine B., 1745 S. Kingsley Dr., ROchester 7889

   Kenneth Ernest

Vestal, Miss Anna Jean, 1192 S. Windsor Blvd., YOrk 4043

Viault, Mrs. Frank, 727 Crenshaw Blvd., ORegon 9269

   Frank William

Vogel, Willard, 1008 Manzanita St., MOrningside 11457

Volk, Kenneth Q., 176 North Highland Ave., ORegon 9591

   Mrs. K. Q. (Henrietta)

   Kenneth Quinton, Jr.


Wagner, Corlett, 1838 South Sycamore Ave., ORegon 8945

   Mrs. C. (Geneva)

Wagner, Mrs. Paul G. (Blanche), 208 S. Harvard, FEderal 5341

Waldron, J. P., 4617 Clinton St., NOrmandy 6934

   Mrs. J. P.

Walker, Miss Alexa

Walker, Byron V., 4023 West 22nd. Pl., PArkway 8027

   Mrs. B. V. (Anna)

Walker, Mrs. Cyril M. (Thalia), 324 S. Westlake, FItzroy 5517

   Miss Ruby

Walker, Ernest K., 608 North Lillian Way, GLadstone 1250

   Mrs. E. K. (Marion)

   Miss Barbara E.

Walker, Dr. Ray D., 2304 Moreno Dr., OLympia 8937

   Mrs. R. D. (Winifried)

   Miss Anita

   Miss Phyllis

Wallichs, Glen E., 1637 Ivar, HIllside 9615

Wallichs, Oscar, 424 ½ North Kingsley Dr., MOrningside 13823

   Mrs. Oscar


Walser, Miss Elsie, 547 North Hobart Blvd., OLympia 5393

Walton, Mrs. Laura, 1448 Wright St.

   Miss Beatrice

   Robert M.

   Wesley S.

Ware, Mrs. Ida M.

Warne, Walter E., 528 North Detroit St., ORegon 9243

   Mrs. W. E. (Edith)

   Archer H.

Warner, Miss Elsie, 1357 ½ Lucile Ave.

Wasem, Lester L., 212 North Manhattan Pl., GLadstone 8286

   Mrs. L. L. (Clara L.)

Watanabe, Miss Hisako, 4907 Maplewood Ave., HEmpstead 6874


   Miss Shizuko

   Miss Yoshiko

Way, Harold E., 316 North Alexandria Ave.

   Mrs. H. E. (Jean B.)

Weaver, Miss Josephine, 2415 ½ Magnolia Ave.

Webb, Albert Henry, Jr., 1254 24th St., Santa Monica

   Mrs. A. H., Jr. (Blanche)

Webb, Harry C., 1740 Victoria Ave., PArkway 5925

   Mrs. H. C. (Carmalete)

Webb, Raymond P., 412 North Hobart Ave., NOrmandy 9633

   Mrs. R. P. (Bessie)

   Miss Catherine

Weber, Lewis E., 356 North Martel Ave., ORegon 4597

   Mrs. L. E. (Carrie)

Welch, J. R., 1176 Muirfield Rd., ORegon 5671

   Mrs. J. R.

   Miss Patricia

Welch, Mrs. Minnie M., 1606 South Van Ness Ave., PArkway 3488

Welsh, Hugh, 900 North Hayworth Ave., GRanite 8431

   Mrs. Hugh

Wertz, Mrs. Frank (Eleanor), 459 S. Gramercy Pl., FEderal 9370

Wessels, Mrs. Theodocia L., 260 S. Gramercy Pl., FEderal 5543

   Miss Barbara Fitch

   Miss Theodocia Florence

West, Lawrence M., 516 North Fuller St. WHitney 2414

   Mrs. L. M.

Whitacre, Mrs. W. C. (Alice M.) 2013 Walgrove, Venice, Calif.

Whitcomb, Miss Muriel E., 727 S. Hauser Blvd., WHitney 8382

White, Mrs. Ada, 344 South Olive St., MAdison 6343

White, Mrs. H. Adele, 168 South Oxford Ave., FEderal 7987

White, W. L., 314 South Burlington Ave.

   Mrs. W. L. (Rose W.)

   Miss Olive N.

   Miss Rosemary A.

Whitney, Mrs. Floy, 4571 Dockweiler

Wilcoxon, Miss Emma P., 823 S. Bonnie Brae, EXposition 8569

   Miss Zulena

Wilder, Gerald F., 10500 Clarkson St., West Los Angeles

   Mrs. G. F.

   Miss Geraldine Ruth

   Miss Margaret Jane

Wildy, Mrs. Anna S., 1056 North Oxford Ave., GRanite 7620

Willaman, Jesse S., 208 South Oxford Ave., FEderal 6551

   Mrs. J. S. (Cornelia M.)

Willard, J. M., 1966 South La Salle Ave., PArkway 0514

  Mrs. J. M. (Ethel)

Willet, Dr. Henry T., 3780 Wilshire Blvd., FEderal 3366

Williams, Miss Lucille, 4037 Leeward Ave., FItzroy 4230

Williams, Miss Nellie A., 4962 Marathon, HOllywood 2304

   Ralph H.

Wilson, Mrs. A. E., 4852 Oakwood Ave., HEmpstead 8579

   Miss Grace F.

Wilson, Miss Bernice S., 1734 West 105th St., TWinoaks 3205

Wilson, Dr. David M., 906 South Norton Ave., WYoming 6043

Wilson, Miss Ernestine F., 2412 Wellington Rd., PArkway 2722

Wilson, Harry G., Vaughn Ave., San Fernando

   Mrs. H. G. (Isabelle)

Wilson, Henry W., 227 North Dillon St., EXposition 2463

   Mrs. H. W. (Agnes E.)

   Miss Nell M.

Winter, Mrs. Max, Jr. (Artemie) 355 S. Bristol, Brentwood Pk, Santa Monica 24081

Winters, Virgil C., 894 Crenshaw Blvd., ORegon 5239

   Mrs. Virgil C.

   Virgil Cecil, Jr.

Witter, Mrs. F. E., 456 North Spaulding Ave., WHitney 6673

Wood, Alpheus B. P., 433 Westminster, FEderal 4766

   Mrs. A. B. P. (Ruth)

Wood, Mrs. Elizabeth R., 775 N. Heliotrope Dr., MOrningside 14239

   Miss Elizabeth Jane

   Miss Marjorie F.


Woodford, Mrs. J. H. (Martha), 1032 N. Edgemont

Woolfenden, Mrs. J. R. (Elizabeth), 735 S. Plymouth, ORegon 7218

Wortman, Mrs. Ina E., 520 Audubon Way, Sierra Madre Canyon, Calif.

Wright, Miss Esther, 127 N. Hamilton Dr., Beverly Hills, WYoming 8154

Wright, Miss Winifred, 1754 ½ North La Brea


Young, Thomas J., 2902 4th Ave., REpublic 9056

Zorn, Miss Adele E., 438 Baughman Ave., Claremont, Calif.


   Karl B., 847 Exposition Blvd.












George W. Dryer

Harry Philip

Raymond L. Haight

F. M. Couch









Chas. E. Garstang, (Rea and Garstang), TU-7455

Pacific Southwest Bldg.



W. M. Bowen (Searborough and Bowen), MA-1686

1225 Washington Bldg.



W. Lehman Lowder, VA-6637

Suite 1015 Haas Bldg.


Earl J. Thee, FE-5617

Pellissier Bldg., Wilshire at Western


Dramatic Art

Regina Alles (Regina Alles School of Expression), FI-5940

801 Westchester Place



Harry C. Webb (Webbcraft Printers), PA-4757

2509 West Washington Blvd.


Engineering Service Corporation

Raymond P. Webb, PR-4757



Ralph H. Beel (Beel’s Flowers), PR-3001

723 West Washington Blvd.


Funeral Directors

Melvin A. Bresee (Bresee Brothers), MI-3125 Res. Phone WY-8324

855 South Figueroa


Myron W. Reed (Reed Brothers Co.), PR-5151

721 West Washington Blvd.



John W. Staben (Hobart Grocery), FI-4755

4167 West 2nd Street



Judge Joseph P. Sproul (Judge, Superior Court, Los Angeles County), DU-0257

715 Irolo Street

Laquers, Paints, Enamels, Varnishes

Leon Finch (Leon Finch, Ltd.), AD-8147

750 East 59th Street


Life Insurance

A. B. Olson (Central Life of Iowa), WH-9717

822 South Highland Avenue


George H. Page (California-Western States Life), PR-7341

418-426 Chamber of Commerce Bldg.


Men’s Tailor

Fred R. Carver (Carver, Inc.), TU-5196

747 South Hill Street



Harry L. Bailey Co., OL-9190; OL-9950

3419 London Street, Los Angeles

531 Galer Place, Glendale (Douglas 2179)


J. Hokom Co., YO-2141

4709 West Pico Street




Robt. A. Campbell (General Practice) EX-7846

764 South Hobart Blvd.  Hours 2:00 to 3:00


C. Stuart Hutchison, Office FE-7606, Res. HE-2846




Harry C. Webb (Webbcraft Printers), PA-4757

2509 West Washington Blvd.




Gerald Gunnerson (Gunnerson Shoe Co.), PA-2367

1818 Victoria Avenue



Water Heaters

J. Hokom Co., YO-2141

4709 West Pico Blvd.





Transcribed by Jeanne Sturgis Taylor.

© 2010 Jeanne Sturgis Taylor.