Autograph Book


Wilhelmina “Minnie” Kaminsky




I found a small worn autograph book belonging to my grandmother in a box of old family pictures.  The first page said:  Minnie Kaminsky Dec 25, 1895.  Following is a transcription of the pages in the book.  It contained names and signatures of friends and family.  I did not correct any spelling.  Scattered on the pages were stickers – pictures of flowers, birds and people sometimes with words such as affection, love, etc., presumably these were placed there by my grandmother or her friends. 


To Minnie, Your friend Mamie Coleman  March 31, 1897


Sacramento, Jan 21, 1900  To Minnie,  O may you be respected, wherever you may go,  O may you be selected by a good and faithfull[sic] beau.  Your True Friend Frank L. Struck


July 22, 1896  Wednesday  Dear Minnie, If I wake or if I sleep, still the memory I keep, Of the tender light that lies In the depths of those brown eyes.  Your Loving Friend Gracie Foigey


July 22, 1896 Minnie:  In the box of memories friendship, throw in a chunk for me.  Your friend and Schoolmate, Clara B. Kelly


Jan 14, 1896  Dear Minnie, As the ripples follow the waves to sea So may God’s blessing follow thee.  Your friend and schoolmate, Libbie King


June 9, ’98  Dear Minnie, Remember well and bear in mind, A handsome fellow is hard to find, But when you find one rich and gay, Hang to his coat tail night and day.  Your schoolmate  Amy Carroll


Jan 10, 1896  To Minnie,  Your Friend and School-mate  Amy Dias


July 30, 1898  Charlie Silva Move to Boston from Sacramento Cal.  Forget Charlie Silva nit and Remember the Maine.  [note:  I have no idea what ‘nit’ meant]


Jan 15, 1897  Friendship Love  Lillie M. Bourrett, Sacramento, Cal


July 22, 1896  To Minnie, Though weeks may pass and years may end, Ye try ou [sic] will find in me a friend.  Your school-mate Nellie Garlick  Sacramento, CA


Dear Minnie  It only takes a little spot to write this word Forgetmenot  Your loving Friend  Katie Schepp


Minnie, Always remember me as a friend Agnes Cotter


January 20, 1897  To Minnie, When you are married be kind and true  But make the man chop the wood for you.  Your schoolmate  Pansy Singer


1/25, 1896  Dear Minnie, “I pray the prayer of Plato old, God make they beautiful within, And let thine eyes the good behold, In everything, save sin.”  Affectionately,  Louise J. Conrad.


Jan 10, 1895  Dear Minnie, Your Friend and schoolmate, Ethel I? Backrath  Age 11,(18)


Jan 20, 1900  To Minnie:- When far away in distant land,- View this writing of my hand, Although my face you can not see – Look at this , and think of me.  Your friend, Nick Bath    Hope Charity Faith Love [written in the corners of the page]


Sac Feb 2, 1896  Dear Minnie,  When the distant sun is setting and the land of care is free when of love you one are thinking, won’t you sometimes think of me?  Your friend, Hermine Dalell  For get me not [written in the corners of the page]


Helene Egl  Sacramento, March 4, 1896


Jan 30, /96  Dear Minnie  In life as you are growing May pease [sic] and happiness be thine, And sorrow be a stranger.  Most truly yours J. Grace Tillapaugh  [the word love was written in a corner]


Jan 26, ’03  Dear Minnie: - When traveling in foreign lands, Veiw [sic] this writing of my hand and forget-me-not, and a kind word for me drop.  From Your Brother  Frank Kaminsky.  for get me not [ written in the four corners of the page]


January 1897  Dear Minnie  Be a good girl, and you will be a true woman.  From your schoolmate Mattie Shipler


Birdie Neff  Sacrament  Cal  1824 L st.


[signatures only on next page]

Alice Quigley 

Mary E. Tryon

Lorena V. Akins 

Edith Fraizer  


July 22, 1896  To my friend Minnie, Drop one pearl in memory’s casket for your friend Flossie Wenzel   Sacramento, Cal


Minnie if you se  [unfinished]


July 21, 1896 Ethel McLaughlin, Sacramento, Cal.


January 19, 1897, Tuesday, Sacramento, Cal  To Minnie  On this leaf in memory prest [sic]  May my name forever rest.  Your Schoolmate Maud Aiken


2-7-96  Sacramento City  Dear Minnie  May your jobs be as deep as the ocean And your sorrows as light as its foam, Tis the wish of your loving friend, Mrs. L.E. Hamilton


S.H. Class M. Kaminisky [signatures only:]

Lloyd Warnsley

Emma Sorne ?

Amy Carroll

Alice Quigley

E. Wahl

Ruby Kennedy

Eva May Brogan

Eugen Van Buren


July 22, 1896  Dear Minnie  Remember me dear Minnie When out this page you look  Remember it was Lulu Who wrote this in your book.  Your School-mate Lulu Phillips

[There is a notation under her name written by my grandmother:  Mar. Dec. 24 – 99


Yours in friendship  Eva Brogan


Jan 10, 1896  To Minnie  Your Friend and school-mate  Minnie Leonard


Minnie Kaminsky,  George Kaminsky  Sacramento Cal  422 Q St


To Minnie  Your friend and schoolmate[sic] Hattie Pratt  1402 T St  Sac. Cal.


Be true to yourself and true to Your Neighbors is the wish of Your Father.  J Kaminsky


2-7-96 Dear Minnie  Remember our game of Blind Man’s Buff[sic]  Your little friend  Gwyne Hamilton  Sacramento City


July 21st 1896  To Minnie  Your friend and schoolmate  Nellie M. Kelly    H.G.S. [note:  this must mean Harkness Grammar School]


July 22st 1896  To Minnie  Your friend and schoolmate  Maggie Keating


Minnie Kaminsky  If you see a wild can and pull his tail think of me  422 Q St  Fritz Kaminsky.



Transcribed by Kathy Porter

Copyright May 17, 2008