Franklin Union School

1916-17 Enrollment









Franklin Union School

1916-17 Enrollment

Teacher: Peter J. Kramer


From actual registers:


Note: The first group of students have no grade listed, but appear to be high school students.  One reference in the back of the book refers to them as “commercial finish”.


Walter Frye                age 14, no parent listed

Theo. Hein                 age 18, no parent listed

Emily Hanlon            age 17, no parent listed

Maria Luttig              age 14, no parent listed

Louisa Schoech         age 14, no parent listed

Myrtle Strong            age 17, no parent listed]

Wilbur Ehrhardt        age 16, father Will Ehrhardt

Ruby Wentz              age 16, no parent listed

Alice Bevens              no age, parent Mrs. Kurtz

Julius Lundy             age 15, grade 8  parent Mr. Lundy

Viola Luttig              age 12, grade 8  no parent listed

Violet Ehrhardt         age 13, grade 8 no parent listed

Paul Green                age 13, grade 8  no parent listed

Alda Wentz               age 14, grade 8  no parent listed

Karn Hoertling         age 13, grade 8  no parent listed

Merill Cummings      no age, grade 8  no parent listed

Phillip Hoertling       age 11, grade 7 parent  Henry Hoertling

Clarence Lundy        age 13, grade 7 parent Mr. Lundy

Thomas McCain       age 13, grade 7  parent E. I. McCain

Frank Luttig             age 10, grade 6  parent Henry Luttig

Byrl McCain            age 11, grade 6, parent E. I. McCain

Dorothy Ehrhardt    age 11, grade 6  parent Will Ehrhardt

Bessie Cummings     no age, grade 6  parent Mr. Cummings

Clarence Bloom       age 12, grade 5  parent Clarence Bloom

Mildred Ehrhardt     age 10, grade 5  parent  Will Ehrhardt

Helen Kloss              age 11, grade 5 parent  E. C. Kloss

Cecil Wantz              age 11, grade 5  parent Emery Wantz

Daisy King                age 9, grade 4  parent  Mr. King - residence Vallejo

Harold Kloss             age 9, grade 4  parent E. C. Kloss

Lucile Lundy            age 9, grade 4  parent Mr. Lundy

Ellen Bloom              age 9, grade 2  parent Clarence Bloom

Geneva Hack            age 7, grade 2  parent Harry Hack

Myrtle Kloss             age 8, grade 2  parent  Adolph Kloss

Leon Lundy              age 7, grade 2  parent  Mr. Lundy

Clovis Ruhl               age 6, grade 2  parent William Ruhl

Paul Wantz               age 8, grade 2  parent Emery Wantz

Howard King            no age, grade 2  parent Oscar King

Freddie Frey              age 6, grade 1  parent Fred Frey

Elmer Hoertling        age 5, grade 1 parent Henry Hoertling

Clark Kloss               age 6, grade 1  parent Adolph Kloss

Ardis King                age 6, grade 1  parent Mr. King

Dorothy Monetz       age 7, grade 1  parent J. Monetz

Guy Monetz              age 8, grade 1  parent J. Monetz

Gladys Wantz           age 6, grade 1 parent Emery Wantz

Bruce King                no age, grade 1 parent Oscar King


The following students were listed in the back of the register where the parents are listed but don’t show up in the roll.


Gideon Kammerer grade 2, parent Phillip Kammerer

Esther Tegan          grade 3, parent Mr. Tegan

Elva Nicolaus         grade 3, parent Henry Nicolaus

Ida Harrison          grade 3, no parent listed

Donald Mohr         grade 3, parent Mr. Mohr

Sol Kammerer       grade 3, parent Phillip Kammerer

Fred Lohse            grade 3, parent Fred Lohse

Frank Gomez        grade 3, parent Mr. Monetz

Tony Gomez         grade 3, parent Mr. Monetz

Carl Tegan            grade 4, parent Carl Tegan

Cesar Somotis       grade 4, parent C. Somotis

Ralph Ehrhardt     grade 4, parent John Ehrhardt

Dorothy A. Johnston grade 5, parent Tom Johnston

Nell Johnston        grade 5, parent Tom Johnston

Dorothy Mohr       grade 5, parent Mr. Mohr

Lester Harrison      grade 5, parent W. Harrison

Lester Nicolaus      grade 5, parent Henry Nicolaus

Leonard Baker       grade 5, parent Fred Baker

Lydia Kammerer    grade 6, parent Phillip Kammerer

Maggie Kammerer grade 6, parent Phillip Kammerer

Henry Nicolaus      grade 6, parent Henry Nicolaus

Lawrence Harrison grade 6, parent Mr. Harrison

Paul Sims               grade 6, parent Paul Sims

Ruth Ehrhardt       grade 7, parent John Ehrhardt

Dorothy Ehrhardt  grade 7, parent Will Ehrhardt

Ben Kammerer      grade 7, parent Phillip Kammerer

Gottlieb Kammerer grade 7, parent John Kammerer

Virgil Mohr           grade 7, parent Mr. Mohr

D. Kammerer        grade 8, parent P. J. Kammerer

Jack Kammerer grade 8, parent Phillip Kammerer



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