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            Seymour Hill, a prominent merchant of El Dorado, California, is a native of the town in which he lives, born August, 27, 1864, a son of Samuel Hill, one of the early pioneers of the Golden state.

            Samuel Hill was a native of Marietta, Ohio, born in 1823, and there passed his early boyhood days.  In his mental constitution was a combination of Irish and New England strains.  At the age of sixteen years he went to Wisconsin, where he subsequently found and married Miss Mary Jane Sackett, with whom he sought a new home in the then far west.  They first came to California in 1851, but returned shortly afterward, and in 1853 again crossed the plains to the west coast.  After his second coming to this state Mr. Hill became the owner of a large stock ranch, gained a prominence in political circles, and was elected a member of the California state legislature.  To him and his wife were born, in El Dorado, six children, all with one exception, still living:  Virginia died at the age of thirty-two years.  The others are Julia, the widow of Charles Beard; Lillie, the wife of M. J. Williams; Sarah, the wife of W. H. Burns, Grant, who is carrying on mining operations; and Seymour, whose name introduces this sketch.  The father departed this life in 1892; the mother in 1896.  They were among the worthy pioneers of their locality, well known and held in high esteem by all.

            Seymour Hill was educated in the public schools of El Dorado and Amador counties, and after leaving school became a clerk in a store, where he soon acquired a thorough knowledge of the business and fitted himself to carry on a business of his own.  In 1890 he opened his present store, in a small way, and by close attention to business and by liberal and honorable methods soon became not only the leading merchant of the town but took rank with the first of the county, handling a varied line of general merchandise, including all kinds of farm implements.  The store which he erected and occupies is a large two-story building 48 x 44 feet in dimensions, and he also has a large warehouse, 48 x 80 feet, in which he stores his goods.  Also, in partnership with his brother Grant, he owns and operates several mines.

            Mr. Seymour Hill was happily married in 1888 to Miss Ruth Squires, who was born in the state of Illinois and reared in El Dorado, California.  They have two children, Hazel and Oralea.

            Politically Mr. Hill gives his support to the Democratic Party, but has never sought or filled office, his time and attention being wholly occupied by his personal affairs.



Transcribed by Gerald Iaquinta.

Source: “A Volume of Memoirs and Genealogy of Representative Citizens of Northern California”, Pages 613-614. Chicago Standard Genealogical  Publishing Co. 1901.

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