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One of the leading educators of northern California is Edmund J. Fitzgerald, superintendent of schools of Eldorado county, who has been engaged in educational work in this county since the year 1893, and has been superintendent of schools since 1918. The school system of Eldorado county has been vastly benefited through the efforts of Mr. Fitzgerald, and there are legions of men and woman [sic] who have felt the touch of his mind and influence, and have been guided by his advice and teaching.

Mr. Fitzgerald was born at Howard Lake, Minnesota, December 19, 1870, a son of Edward and Venorma O. (Corey) Fitzgerald. The father, who was a native of Ireland, is now deceased, and his wife died in California in 1929. Edmund J. Fitzgerald received his education in the public schools of Minnesota, and through private study. He then taught school for a period in Minnesota, and in 1893 came to California, taking up the work of his profession in Eldorado county. He continued to teach until 1918, when he was elected county superintendent of schools, and has since been the incumbent of this office. Mr. Fitzgerald is a republican, and a member of the Fraternal Order of Eagles. He was married and has a daughter Edmonita. In the time-honored game of horseshoe pitching, Mr. Fitzgerald finds much diversion, also spends every available hour in his attractive mountain lodge.



Transcribed by Marie Hassard 02 June 2010.

Source: Wooldridge, J.W.Major History of Sacramento Valley California, Vol. 2, Page 142. Pioneer Historical Publishing Co. Chicago 1931.

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