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      One of the most extensive farming and stock ranches in California is that owned by the firm of C. G. Celio & Sons, comprising five thousand six hundred and ninety-four acres in El Dorado County, and managed by Benjamin Caesar Celio, the son of Carlo G. Celio, who established his large estate during his lifetime.  Benjamin C. Celio, who is president of the above named company, has demonstrated his fitness to conduct the mammoth business, and he has been responsible for the development of the ranch to the high point it has now reached.  The work of such men as Mr. Celio does much to enhance the reputation and attractiveness of northern California, and only a brief glimpse of the beautiful acres and the modern equipment of the Celio properties will convince one what real intelligence and industry will accomplish in farming and stock raising.

      Benjamin C. Celio was born at Placerville, California, January 4, 1871, a son of Carlo G. and Mary (Giamboni) Celio.  The father was one of the pioneers of California, and made the voyage here by way of the Isthmus of Panama in 1853.  He first mined in El Dorado County, and then began farming and stock raising and also had dairy cattle.  He acquired very large holdings, and in 1895 he took in his sons and daughter; Benjamin C., Frank Celio, Charles G. Celio, Jr., George Celio, Henrietta M. Celio, as partners.  In 1905 the company was incorporated under the present title.  Carlo G. Celio died in 1918 at the age of eighty-five years.  All of the tremendous acreage of the company is situated in El Dorado County.  The wife of Carlo G. Celio came to California with her brother.

      Benjamin C. Celio attended the rural school at Old Nashville, now only a memory.  He then naturally took up work on the ranch owned by his father, and has remained in this connection, as noted above.  He is also president of the Placerville National Bank, which position he has held since 1924.  He is a Democrat in politics, and a member of the Masonic Order, of the Knights Templar, Commandery of the Mystic Shrine, and the Native Sons of the Golden West.  In civic affairs, Mr. Celio has always been an enthusiastic participant.

      Mr. Celio was married to Miss Camilla J. Giamboni, who was born at Oakland, California, and was engaged in teaching prior to her marriage.  They have one son, Charles Louis Celio.  Mrs. Celio is active in the work of local women’s organization, and is now president of the Shakespeare Club of Placerville, which is constructing a new fifteen thousand dollar club house.  The Celio’s have a beautiful home in Placerville.



Transcribed by Gerald Iaquinta.

Source: Wooldridge, J.W.Major History of Sacramento Valley California, Vol. 3, Pages 65-66. Pioneer Historical Publishing Co. Chicago 1931.

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