California Writer’s Club

Roster  1953





Officers 1953



President, Edna H. Strachan



Vice-President, Ralph Moody


Treasurer, Winifred Hammond


Secretary, Lucy B. Tinsley



Dinner Hostess, Margaret Kelley



Bullentin Editor, Velma Ingraham








Cecilia Bartholomew, ‘56

Mildred E. Quinby, ‘54

Jean Shannon Smith, ‘52

Winifred Hammond, ‘54

Edna Strachan, ‘54

Alice Means Reeve, ‘55

Antonina P. Hayes, ‘56

Reginald Bretnor, ‘55

Peter Guldbrandsen, ‘55

Ralph Moody, ‘55

Ingeborg Smith, ‘56







President, Dorothy Dowdell


Vice-President, Edna Chandler


Secretary, William B. Mayer



Treasurer, Frank Kelleher







Frank K. Mott, Chairman


Mrs. Eunice Mitchell Lehmer, Vice-Chairman








Second Tuesday of each month

Except in July and August



First Tuesday of each month

At 8 P.M. except in July and August



8:00 P.M. on the Monday following the dinner



8:00 P.M. the first Tuesday following the dinner

Virginia Russ, Chairman

Helen G. Jefferson, Secretary



2:30 P.M. the second Saturday following the dinner



6:00 P.M. last Tuesday of the month

Jessie Ross de River, Chairman








* Signifies Associate Member.

# Signifies     Life     Member.

+ Signifies Honorary Member.

x Signifies Courtesy  Member.

It has been necessary to standardize activities into five groups:

Non-Fiction, Poetry, Drama and Radio.






Albanese, Mrs. Margaret L., San Rafael.  Poetry, Non-fiction.

Alexander, Miss Mary, , Berkeley,  Non-Fiction.

Altrocchi, Mrs. Julia Cooley, Berkeley.  Fiction, Poetry, Non-Fiction.

Atkinson, Mr. T. Moore, Berkeley. Fiction, Poetry, Non-Fiction.






Babington, Dr. Suren H. #, Berkeley.  Non-Fiction.

Baker, Mr. A. A.,  Auburn, California.  Fiction, Non-Fiction.

Baker, Mrs. M. G., California.  Fiction, Non-Fiction.

Barnes, Mrs. Malcolm L., c/o Dr. W. L. Barnes, Medical School, University of Louisville, Louisville, Kentucky. Non-Fiction.

Bartholomew, Mrs. Cecilia, Richmond, Calif.,. Fiction.

Beard, Mrs. Anne, Oakland.  Fiction, Drama.

Berry, Miss Alethe, Vallejo. Fiction, Poetry, Non-Fiction.

Bettner, Mrs. Helen Parry *, Berkeley. Non-Fiction.

Bjornson, Miss Guro, Piedmont. Fiction.

Blalock, Mr. Andrew D., Orinda. Non-Fiction.

Boyd, Mrs. Eunice Mays, Berkeley. Fiction.

Boyett, Mrs. Bozena, Oakland. Fiction, Non-Fiction.

Bretnor, Mr. Reginald, Berkeley. Fiction, Non-Fiction, Radio.

Brown, Mrs. Rosalie Moore, Fairfax, Marin Co.  Fiction, Non-Fiction, Poetry.

Bruce, Mr. John Campbell, Berkeley. Non-Fiction.

Bunker, Mrs. Una, Berkeley. Fiction, Poetry, Non-Fiction.







Calkins, Mrs. Mary *, Berkeley.  Juvenile Fiction.

Carr, Mr. Alfred B., Washington D.C.  Fiction

Carroll, Mrs. Ethelford, Berkeley. Fiction, Poetry.

Chaffee, Miss Allen, Oakland.  Fiction.

Chamberlain, Mrs. Blanche C.*, Albany.  Fiction, Poetry, Non-fiction.

Chichester, Mrs. Jane Sayre, San Francisco. Fiction, Poetry, Non-fiction.

Clayes, Mrs. Edith M. *, Burlingame. Fiction, Poetry, Drama.

Cleaveland, Mrs. Agnes M., Datil, New Mexico. Fiction.

Coester, Mr. Alfred, Stanford University. Fiction, Non-fiction.

Coggins, Mr. Herbert L., Fiction, San Francisco. Fiction.

Coleman, Mrs. Edith A., Oakland. Poetry.

Cook, Mrs. Florita, Piedmont. Fiction, Non-fiction.

Cotton, Miss Ethel, San Francisco. Poetry, Non-fiction.

Craig, Mrs. Elizabeth Barbara, Berkeley. Fiction, Non-fiction.

Crompton, Rev. Arnold, Oakland. Non-fiction.

Cronen, Mrs. Kathleen Teresa, Berkeley. Fiction, Poetry, Non-fiction.

Cross, Miss Lillian A. *, Oakland. Poetry, Non-fiction.

Cross, Mrs. Miriam Dungan, Berkeley. Non-fiction.

Crowley, Mrs. Alice Laurence, San Francisco. Fiction, Poetry.

Cundiff, Mrs. Lucy, Berkeley. Fiction.

Currie, Mrs. Jean M. *, El Cerrito. Non-fiction.







Daniels, Mrs. Eugenie D. *, Alameda. Fiction, Poetry, Non-fiction.

Darling, Mrs. Esther Birdsall, Berkeley. Fiction, Poetry.

Darst, Mrs. Minnie S. *, Berkeley.  Lectures, Non-fiction.

Davies, Mrs. Ada H., San Francisco. Fiction, Non-fiction.

Dealey, Mrs. Evelyn A. *, Oakland. Fiction, Poetry, Non-fiction.

Dean, Mrs. Elma, Oakland. Poetry, Non-fiction.

De Lamater, Mrs. Jacqueline Newton*, Berkeley. Poetry, Non-fiction.

De Luca, Miss Paula, Oakland. Non-fiction.

de River, Jessie W. Ross, San Francisco. Fiction, Poetry, Drama, Radio & TV.

Dick, Mrs. Dorothy K.*, Richmond. Fiction.

Donelson, Mr. Richard N., Berkeley. Fiction, Non-fiction.

Doyle, Dr. Helen McKnight, San Francisco. Fiction, Poetry.

Drizari, Mr. Nelo S., Oakland. Fiction, Poetry, Non-fiction.

Dunbar, Miss Eva Lovel, Carmel. Poetry, Non-fiction.

Duncan, Mrs. Venora Boyd, Oakland. Fiction, Music, Non-fiction.








Egbert, Mrs. Dorothy Plummer, San Mateo. Fiction, Non-fiction.

Evans, Miss Charlotte*, Piedmont. Fiction, Drama.

Everett, Miss Elizabeth A., Oroville. Poetry, Non-fiction.

Everett, Miss Laura Bell, Oroville. Fiction, Poetry, Book Reviews.








Field, Mrs. Sara Bard #, Los Gatos. Poetry.

Fletcher, Mrs. Gertrude, Exeter, c/o Mrs. O.R. Showalter. Poetry, Non-fiction.

Fuller, Mrs. Alice Cook, Berkeley. Fiction, Non-fiction.








Garoutte, Mrs. Frances F.*, Orinda. Fiction, Poetry, Non-fiction.

Giles, Miss Rosena A., Redding. Poetry, Non-fiction.

Gilkey, Mr. Howard Ellsworth#, Santa Barbara. Poetry, Non-fiction.

Gray, Miss Eleanor, San Francisco. Fiction, Poetry, Non-fiction.

Gray, Mrs. Virginia, Walnut Creek, Fiction.

Grindell, Mrs. Clara Kyle*, Platteville, Wisconsin. Music.

Guldbrandsen, Mr. Peter, Berkeley. Poetry, Non-fiction.

Gulick, Dr. Sidney L., Jr., Spring Valley. Non-fiction.

Gustafson, Mrs. Mary, Oakland. Poetry.








Hack, Mrs. Wilodyne D., Berkeley. Fiction, Non-fiction.

Hall, Mrs. Kay De Bard, Berkeley. Fiction, Poetry, Drama.

Hammond, Mrs. Winifred G., Berkeley. Fiction, Non-fiction.

Harms, Miss Beatrice L., Berkeley. Fiction, Non-fiction, Juvenile Music Books.

Harrington, Mr. Joseph D.*, Berkeley. Non-fiction.

Harrison, Mrs. Margaret Hayne, San Francisco. Non-fiction, Translations.

Hayes, Mrs. Antonina Potemkina, Berkeley. Fiction, Non-fiction.

Herr, Mrs. Lois Fox*, Berkeley. Poetry.

Herron, Mrs. Stella, San Francisco. Fiction, Poetry, Non-fiction.

Hewins, Mrs. Edith Everett, Oakland. Poetry.

Hewitt, Mrs. Elizabeth Howard, Oakland. Fiction, Non-fiction.

Higgins, Miss Adele, Oakland. Fiction.

Hill, Mrs. Ella Wilson, Oakland. Fiction, Non-fiction.

Hopkins, Dr. Prynce, Santa Barbara. Fiction, Poetry, Non-fiction.

Hubbard, Mr. Harry D., Stockton. Fiction, Drama.

Hurrle, Miss Jane Thelma, San Francisco. Fiction.








Ingraham, Mrs. Velma Lewis, Berkeley. Fiction, Non-fiction.

Isaacs, Miss Ethel, Oakland. Fiction, Non-fiction.

Issler, Mrs. Anne Roller, San Francisco. Non-fiction.







Jameson, Mrs. Ruth, Berkeley. Poetry, Non-fiction.

Jefferson, Miss Helen Genevieve, Berkeley. Poetry, Non-fiction.

Johnson, Mr. Hal, Berkeley. Fiction, Non-fiction.

Johnson, Mrs. Rosalie W., Berkeley. Fiction, Non-fiction.

Johnson, Mrs. Winifred M., Oakland. Fiction, Poetry.

Jones, Mr. Cullen, San Rafael. Poetry, Non-fiction.

Jones, Mr. Robert E., San Francisco. Non-fiction.








Kaiser, Miss M. Armeda*, Oakland. Poetry, Non-fiction.

Kaiser, Mr. John Boynton, Newark, NJ. Non-fiction.

Keeler, Miss Eloise, Mill Valley. Fiction, Drama, Radio Script.

Keene, Miss Florence R., San Francisco. Fiction, Poetry, Non-fiction.

Kelley, Mrs. Margaret Nachtrieb, Berkeley. Fiction.

Kerr, Mrs. Dorothy Fish*, Blue Lake. Poetry, Non-fiction.

Knapp, Mrs. Carolyn, Pasadena. Non-fiction.

Knox, Mrs. Minnie Faegre, Oakland. Poetry, Fiction, Drama, Radio Script.

Kujawa, Mr. Jan, San Francisco. Non-fiction, Poetry, Anthologies.








Lane, Mrs. Frona (Wickliffe), Los Angeles. Fiction, Poetry, Non-fiction.

Law, Mrs. Nora McCaffrey, Carmel. Fiction, Poetry, Non-fiction.

Lehmer, Mrs. Eunice Mitchell, Berkeley. Poetry.

Lockwood, Mrs. Georgia*, Alameda. Poetry.

Loeb, Professor Edwin M., Berkeley. Non-fiction.

Lorentzen, Mrs. Teresa, Oakland. Fiction.

Lutz, Mrs. Gertrude May, Los Altos. Poetry, Non-fiction.








McGowan, Miss Winifred*, Oakland.  Poetry.

Mackie, Mrs. Julia M., Hoquiam, Washington.

Malatesta, Mrs. Anne Venice, Berkeley.  Non-fiction, Fiction.

Malott, Mrs. Jean Cameron, Spokane,Washington.  Fiction, Non-fiction.

Mardikian, Mr. George M., San Francisco.  Non-fiction.

Martin, Miss Louise Anita, Oakland.  Fiction.

Maxwell, Mrs. C. Stirling, San Francisco.  Non-fiction.

May, Miss Beulah, Santa Ana.  Poetry.

Mays, Mrs. Mabel Ainsworth, Berkeley.  Poetry.

Mazza, Mrs. Irma Goodrich, Berkeley.  Non-fiction.

McCall, Mrs. Virginia Nielson, Alameda.  Fiction, Non-fiction.

McCurtain, Mrs. Lucile V., Oakland.  Poetry, Non-fiction, Radio Script.

Meston, Mrs. Leta R., Mill Valley.  Poetry, Non-fiction, Fiction.

Mezquida, Mrs. Anna Blake, San Francisco.  Fiction, Poetry, Non-fiction, Radio.

Mitten, Mrs. Amy Requa Long, Redwood Valley.  Poetry.

Montague, Mrs. Kate B., Sonora.  Fiction.

Montgomery, Mrs. Cleone, El Centro.  Poetry, Non-fiction, Fiction.

Moody, Mr. Ralph, Burlingame.  Non-fiction.

Mooney, Mrs. Lily H.*, Petaluma.  Poetry, Fiction, Non-fiction.

Moore, Mrs. A. Teresa, Berkeley.  Poetry, Fiction, Non-fiction.

Morgan, Mrs. Grace Jones x, Alameda.  Fiction, Non-fiction, Poetry.

Morgan, Dr. William S., Berkeley.   Non-fiction.

Mott, Mr. Frank K.#, Oakland.  Non-fiction.

Mulker, Mrs. Alice Dean*, Larkspur.  Fiction.







Newell, Mrs. Val, San Francisco.  Fiction.

Noble, Mr. John Wesley, Oakland.  Non-Fiction, Fiction.

Norris, Mrs. Kathleen, Palo Alto.  Fiction.

Nunn, Mrs. Jessie Alford*, Vallejo.  Poetry, Fiction, Non-fiction.







Ormsby, Mrs. Georgia C., Oakland.  Non-fiction, Drama, Poetry.







Parish, Mrs. Amy M., Winnemucca, Nevada.  Fiction, Poetry.

Parker, Mr. Alfred E., Berkeley.  Fiction, Non-fiction.

Phillis, Mrs. Eleanor, Berkeley.  Poetry, Non-fiction, Fiction.

Poole, Dr. Edwin*, Berkeley.  Fiction, the Non-fiction.

Porter, Miss Anna N., San Jose.  Poetry, Fiction, Drama.

Potter, Mrs. Elizabeth Gray, Piedmont.  Non-fiction.







Quinby, Mrs. Mildred Edwards, Piedmont.  Non-fiction.







Redewill, Mrs. Helena Munn, Berkeley.  Poetry, Non-fiction, Fiction.

Reeve, Mrs. Alice Means, Berkeley.  Non-fiction, Fiction.

Reeve, Mr. Lloyd Eric, Berkeley.  Non-fiction, Fiction.

Rhein, Mrs. Gladys, Oakland.  Non-fiction, Poetry.

Riehle, Miss Eva, Los Gatos. Poetry, Non-fiction, Fiction.

Rowell, Dr. Edward Z., Berkeley.  Non-fiction.

Russ, Mrs. Virginia F. (Youngreen) Berkeley.  Poetry, Non-fiction, Fiction, Libretti.








Sample, Mr. Philmer A., Redding. Poetry.

Sanborn, Mr. Edgar M.#, Oakland.  Non-fiction.

Sanford, Mrs. Sanchia#, Berkeley.  Poetry, Non-fiction, Fiction.

Schellenberg, Mrs. Helene Chambers, Alameda. Non-fiction, Fiction.

Scanlan, Mrs. Jessie Easter, Berkeley.  Non-fiction, Fiction.

Schoedinger, Mrs. Kay, Napa. Non-fiction, Fiction.

Schuster, Mr. Addison B.#, Berkeley.  Poetry, Non-fiction.

Scoville, Miss Shelagh*, Carmel. Berkeley.  Poetry.

Schreiber, Mrs. Hazel S., Inverness. Poetry, Fiction.

Setran, Mrs. Mae Lethwaite, Oakland. Fiction, Poetry, Non-fiction.

Seufferle, Mrs. Margery M.*, Commerce, Texas. Non-fiction, Fiction.

Shaffer, Miss Geneve L. A.*, San Francisco. Poetry, Non-fiction.

Simpson, Miss Emma L., Berkeley.  Poetry, Non-fiction, Fiction.

Smith, Mrs. Charlotte-Roy, Berkeley.  Non-fiction.

Smith, Dr. Edwin Oscar, Berkeley.  Non-fiction, Radio Script.

Smith, Mrs. Esther Ruth*, Gasquet. Poetry, Non-fiction.

Smith, Mrs. Ingeborg, Berkeley.  Poetry.

Smith, Mrs. Phyllis Sterling, Berkeley.  Fiction.

Sontag, Mr. Hans Henry, Oakland. Fiction, Poetry, Non-fiction.

Spicer, Mrs. Dorothy D., Berkeley.  Fiction.

Stebbings, Miss Elsie, San Francisco. Non-fiction, Fiction.

Stevenson, Dr. Lionel, Los Angeles. Poetry, Non-fiction.

Steward, Mrs. Pearl Bank, Berkeley.  Non-fiction, Fiction.

Stickland, Mrs. Eunice, Kingsburg. Non-fiction, Fiction.

Stillman, Mrs. Clara Gruening, San Francisco. Non-fiction, Fiction.

Strachan, Mrs. Edna H., Berkeley.  Non-fiction, Fiction, Drama.

Sullivan, Mrs. Suzanne*, Berkeley.  Poetry.

Swift, Mrs. Hildegarde Hoyt, New York, NY. Fiction, Poetry.








Taylor, Professor Archer, Berkeley.  Non-fiction.

Taylor, Mrs. Gladys Robinson*, Lafayette. Fiction.

Thayer, Mrs. Lee, Berkeley, Fiction.

Tinsley, Mrs. Lucy Burgess, Berkeley.  Non-fiction, Fiction.

Tooke, Mr. Alfred I., Los Angeles. Fiction, Poetry, Non-fiction, Drama.

Topping, Miss Constance M.*, Berkeley.  Poetry.

Townsend, Mrs. Olive E.*, Oakland. Poetry.








Van Nostrand, Mrs. Jeanne, Berkeley.  Non-fiction.

Vind, Miss Helen, San Francisco. Non-fiction.

Volandri, Mrs. Maud Oakes, San Francisco. Poetry, Non-fiction.








Way, Mrs. Mabel Connell, San Francisco. Poetry, Fiction.

Webb, Mrs. Margaret H.*, Oakland. Fiction, Poetry, Non-fiction.

Weir, Mr. Dave*, Fairfield. Non-fiction, Fiction.

White, Mrs. Vera, Ogden, Utah. Poetry, Fiction.

Willoughby, Mrs. Adelaide C., Berkeley.  Non-fiction.

Wilson, Mr. Scott, Berkeley.  Non-fiction.

Wimberly, Mrs. Pearl K., Berkeley.  Fiction, Poetry, Non-fiction.

Winfrey, Mr. Guy L.*, Napa. Fiction, Poetry.

Wood, Mrs. Irma H., Oakland. Fiction.

Wood, Mr. Milo N., Vallejo. Non-fiction.

Wood, Mrs. Milo N., Vallejo. Fiction.








Yeager, Mr. Dorr G. Walnut Creek. Non-fiction, Fiction.

Yeatman, Mrs. Jeanette, San Marino. Poetry, Translations, Non-fiction.

Young, Mrs. Olivia, Auburn. Fiction, Poetry, Non-fiction.

Young, Mrs. Ruth Comfort-Mitchell, Los Gatos. Fiction.

© 2002 Nancy Pratt Melton. Permission for transcription by Barbara Truax, California Writers Club President.

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