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Probate Court.


The County Judge and County Clerk respectively of are ex-offcio Judge and Clerk of the Probate Court, the terms of which are the same as those of the County Court.  The following is a statement of the letters testamentary, letters of administration and letters of Guardianship, included in this court during the year 1868:



Letters Testamentary.


Testators: John William Lehmann

Executors Appointed: Aug'a L. Lehmann, January 13


Testators: William Sorley

Executors Appointed: A. A. Nethercott, January 29th


Testators: Frank Keller

Executors Appointed: Emma Keller, Feb. 17th


Testators: Charles Ebner

Executors Appointed: F. X. Ebner, March 9th


Testators: Rebecca Brigham

Executors Appointed: Louisa J. Keach, March 18th


Testators: Christian Lentz

Executors Appointed: Jacob Griesel, April 18th


Testators: Edwin Lundquist

Executors Appointed: F. Lundquist, April 16th


Testators: Hiram L. Couch

Executors Appointed: A. C. Sweetser & And' w Aitkin, April 17th


Testators: Forris Jewett Moore

Executors Appointed: C. W. Hathaway, May 11th


Testators: Carrie A. Dent

Executors Appointed: J. T. Landrum, July 6th


Testators: Aaron Thompson

Executors Appointed: H. M. Thompson, July 18th


Testators: George R. Moore

Executors Appointed: Sarah M. Moore, July 16th


Testators: Daglin Shanahan

Executors Appointed: Daniel C. Nealon, July 28d


Testators: Robert Seeger

Executors Appointed: Marg' t Seeger & C. Well, July 21st


Testators: Jesse Hackett

Executors Appointed: Jas. E. Smith, July 28d


Testators: Andrew Henry

Executors Appointed: Michael Coffey, August 31st


Testators: Mary Hunter

Executors Appointed: Fanny C. Green, August 17th


Testators: Thomas Hansbrow

Executors Appointed: Lucy Hansbrow & B. B. Redding, September 7th


Testators: Frank Broder

Executors Appointed: Jacob Broder, September 8th.


Testators: Sarah Jane Carroll

Executors Appointed: Belden B. Gwin, October 8th


Testators: J. Q. Smith

Executors Appointed: M. A. Smith, November 9th


Testators: Elmer Granger

Executors Appointed: Parker French & Elias Brown, December 8d


Testators: Robert Flinn

Executors Appointed: Margaret Flynn, December 14th



Letters Of Administration.


Intestates: William Sorley

Administrat's Appointed: A. A. Nethercott, January 28th


Intestates: Thomas Tregenza

Administrat's Appointed: Hannah Tregenza, January 29th


Intestates: John Giesel

Administrat's Appointed: Henry Giesel, Feb. 4th


Intestates: John S. Freelick

Administrat's Appointed: F. R. Dray, Feb. 3d


Intestates: George Yuill

Administrat's Appointed: F. R. Dray, Feb. 8d


Intestates: James Douglass

Administrat's Appointed: F. R. Dray, Feb. 11th


Intestates: Matthew M. Reid

Administrat's Appointed: Fanny Reid, Feb.17th


Intestates: Ellen Brentley

Administrat's Appointed: F. R. Dray, Feb. 24th


Intestates: John H. Miller

Administrat's Appointed: F. R. Dray, Feb. 24th


Intestates: John W. Inniss

Administrat's Appointed: Henry W. Bragg, March 18th


Intestates: Edward J. Feeney

Administrat's Appointed: Jas. McClatchy, March 20th


Intestates: Norman Woodbeck

Administrat's Appointed: E. H. Miller, Jr., March 23d


Intestates: Henry Hare Hartley

Administrat's Appointed: R. Dale, April 18th


Intestates: Michael Kinney

Administrat's Appointed: Eliza M. E. Hartley, March 31


Intestates: Daniel B. Kelley

Administrat's Appointed: William C. McAfee, April 25th


Intestates: John S. Wilson

Administrat's Appointed: Diantha Wilson, April 20th


Intestates: Silas Whitcomb

Administrat's Appointed: Clr'e A. Whitcomb, April 30


Intestates: Peter C. Campbell

Administrat's Appointed: Catherine Campbell, April 30th


Intestates: Mary Frances Scott

Administrat's Appointed: Rob' t J. Fletcher, May 7th


Intestates: James S. Graham

Administrat's Appointed: Sam' l Poorman, May 15th


Intestates: Michael O'Donnell

Administrat's Appointed: Marg't O'Donnell, May 18th


Intestates: Patrick Ham

Administrat's Appointed: Ann Ham, June 1st


Intestates: John Graham

Administrat's Appointed: Wm. Shattuck, June 1st


Intestates: William Shoemaker

Administrat's Appointed: Wm. Shattuck, June 15th


Intestates: Marla Kemp

Administrat's Appointed: Wm. Shattuck, June 15th


Intestates: Edward Joyce

Administrat's Appointed: Wm. Shattuck, June 22d


Intestates: Robert G. Low

Administrat's Appointed: Wm. Shattuck, July 27th


Intestates: N. W. Chisholm

Administrat's Appointed: Susan Chisholm, August 3d


Intestates: John Schade

Administrat's Appointed: Mary Schade, July 27th


Intestates: Mathilde Blanc

Administrat's Appointed: Francois Blanc, July 23d


Intestates: Lorenzo Hamilton

Administrat's Appointed: Lavinia Hamilton, August 3d


Intestates: Charles A. Soper

Administrat's Appointed: Wm. Shattuck, August 4th


Intestates: Robert Offeld

Administrat's Appointed: Wm. Shattuck, August 13th


Intestates: A. D. Labasse

Administrat's Appointed: Agnes Labasse, August 19th


Intestates: Zidoc Becker

Administrat's Appointed: Edward Christy, August 19th


Intestates: Thomas Ross

Administrat's Appointed Sarah H. Ross, September 4th


Intestates: James M. McClelland

Administrat's Appointed: J. N. Andrews, September 7th


Intestates: Valentine Friman

Administrat's Appointed: E. Westgate, September 17th


Intestates: Lyman Roth

Administrat's Appointed: Wm. Shattuck, October 31st


Intestates: George Holsenger

Administrat's Appointed: Wm. Shattuck, October 7th


Intestates: Francisco Garcia

Administrat's Appointed: Wm. Shattuck, October 23d


Intestates: Sylvester Martin Bryant

Administrat's Appointed: Wm. Shattuck, October 23d


Intestates: Duncan McDonald

Administrat's Appointed: Wm. Shattuck, October 19th


Intestates: Addison C. Hinkson

Administrat's Appointed: Henry C. Kirk, November 11th


Intestates: Michael Need

Administrat's Appointed: Rosannah Need, November 20th


Intestates: Anthony Kreamer

Administrat's Appointed: W. P. Coleman, December 11th


Intestates: Samuel Rich

Administrat's Appointed: George T. Rich, December 14th





Letters of Guardianship


Minors: Eugenia Ritter

Guardian Appointed: G. S. Wilson, January 29th


Minors: Kate & Arabella Boyce

Guardian Appointed: F. O. Townsend, Feb. 17th


Minors: John W., Virginia E., Charles H. & Amanda C. Kelley

Guardian Appointed: William C. McAfe, April 6th


Minors: Maria Ramos

Guardian Appointed: Rosario Ramos, August 10th


Minors: A. E. Calloway

Guardian Appointed: George Calloway, August 10th


Minors: Annie Rhodes Lea

Guardian Appointed: Margaret J. Lea, August 25th


Minors: George S. Burnett

Guardian Appointed: Dwight Burnett, August 31st


Minors: George Costello

Guardian Appointed: Thomas Conlon, October 12th


Minors: John H. & Mary C. Scott

Guardian Appointed: Claib. Harris, November 30th


Minors: Mary J., Elizabeth Ann & Lewis G. Baldwin

Guardian Appointed: Alfred Randolph, December 14th


Minors: Mary Eliza Reed & Chas Timmins, alias Frank Grant Pike

Guardian Appointed: Benj. F. Pike, December 7th


Insane: G. C. Hidden

Guardian Appointed: Moses Sprague, Feb. 13th, 1868.


Insane: William Corbitt

Guardian Appointed: F. R. Dray, April 13th


Insane: Kate M. Culver

Guardian Appointed: Wm. F. Knox, August 3d


Insane: Solomon Sager

Guardian Appointed: George Sager, October 29th

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