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Lois Dove.




January 1, 1868



Probate Court.


The County Judge and County Clerk respectively of are ex-offcio Judge and Clerk of the Probate Court, the terms of which are the same as those of the County Court.  The following is a statement of the letters testamentary, letters of administration and letters of Guardianship, included in this court during the year 1867:



Letters Testamentary.


Testators: John Price Odell

Executors Appointed: C. T. Wheeler, January 9th


Testators: John L. Polhemus

Executors Appointed: M. A. Polhemus, January 11th


Testators: John R. Rhoads

Executors Appointed: Mary Rhodes, January 21st


Testators: John V. Guckert

Executors Appointed: C. T. Wheeler, January 30th


Testators: Louis Zum Hagen

Executors Appointed: Rosa Hagan, March 11th


Testators: James Williams

Executors Appointed: Lew.  Williams, March 27th


Testators: Michael Crane

Executors Appointed: Frank Gleesch & Henry Powers, April 19th


Testators: John G. Beck

Executors Appointed: Eliz'h Beck, April 15th


Testators: William Morehead

Executors Appointed: Mary A. Morehead, May 13


Testators: James Mullen

Executors Appointed: Pat' k Conian, May 24th


Testators: Augustis Palitz

Executors Appointed: Louisa Palitz, June 3d


Testators: Edmund Cunningham

Executors Appointed: S. Kreeger, July 1st


Testators: Mary Ham

Executors Appointed: Margaret Ham, July 23d


Testators: James Arthur

Executors Appointed: Richard Hext, August 5th


Testators: William M. Clark

Executors Appointed: Alfred Spinks & Ezen Woolson, August 19th


Testators: Theodore P. Kleinhans

Executors Appointed: C. T. Wheeler, August 20th


Testators: Silas Taylor

Executors Appointed: Lucrecy Taylor, September 18th


Testators: John W. Reeves

Executors Appointed: Lizzie F. Reeves, September 24th


Testators: John Arnold

Executors Appointed: C. A. Peak, September 30th.


Testators: George K. Hagelstein

Executors Appointed: C. F. G. Salle & Marg'a Hagelstein, October 7


Testators: C. Gottschall

Executors Appointed: H. Gottschall, November 25th


Testators: Michael Byrne

Executors Appointed: Edward Christy & Frank McNamee, December 2




Letters Of Administration.




Intestates: Frederick Allendorf

Administrat's Appointed: Public Adm'r, January 30th


Intestates: Albert Austin

Administrat's Appointed: Public Adm'r, Feb. 4th


Intestates: Antonio Malssaigne

Administrat's Appointed: Public Adm'r, Feb. 4th


Intestates: Wilson Flint

Administrat's Appointed: Elizabeth Flint & I. N. Hoag, Feb. 18


Intestates: Antonio Berger

Administrat's Appointed: Public Adm'r, Feb. 18th


Intestates: Joseph Bronner

Administrat's Appointed: Cath'e Bronner, March 4th


Intestates: James Bowstead

Administrat's Appointed: Eliz' h Bowstead, March 4th


Intestates: James Jenkins

Administrat's Appointed: Marg't Jenkins, March 16th


Intestates: John W. Miller

Administrat's Appointed: Wm. Watson, April 1st


Intestates: Samuel Tuck

Administrat's Appointed: Mary Tuck, April 8


Intestates: James McKeber

Administrat's Appointed: John Black, April 15th


Intestates: Richard Lovell

Administrat's Appointed: Public Adm'r, April 16th


Intestates: H. G. Theile

Administrat's Appointed: R. Dale, April 18th


Intestates: Michael Kinney

Administrat's Appointed: Public Adm'r, May 6th


Intestates: Charles Rippon

Administrat's Appointed: Emily Hayden, May 13


Intestates: Joseph M. Schwab

Administrat's Appointed: Barbara Schwab, May 13


Intestates: Henry Boehmer

Administrat's Appointed: Presley Dunlap, May 16th


Intestates: Levi Schockey

Administrat's Appointed: Eliza Schockey, June 18th


Intestates: James Duffy

Administrat's Appointed: Public Adm'r, June 20th


Intestates: Orvilla A. Goodridge

Administrat's Appointed: J. C. Babcock, June 21st


Intestates: William T. Hunter

Administrat's Appointed: E. B.Kenyon, June 24th


Intestates: James A. Quarles

Administrat's Appointed: Public Adm'r, July 20th


Intestates: Walter Gammon

Administrat's Appointed: Dwight Hollister, July 22d


Intestates: John Elms

Administrat's Appointed: Public Adm'r, July 29


Intestates: Halver Halverson Rots

Administrat's Appointed: Public Adm'r, August 12th


Intestates: Rhodes Lea

Administrat's Appointed: Margaret J. Lea, August 12th


Intestates: A. M. Hayden

Administrat's Appointed: D. E. Alexander, August 13th


Intestates: Jonathan Barton

Administrat's Appointed: Josiah Barton, September 16th


Intestates: Jacob S. Cohen

Administrat's Appointed: Mary G. Cohen, September 17th


Intestates: Sarah A. Shallcross

Administrat's Appointed: W. D. Shallcross, September 24th


Intestates: Asaph Wilder

Administrat's Appointed: Ben. W. Wilder, September 30th


Intestates: James Wills

Administrat's Appointed: Public Adm'r, October 7th


Intestates: William Wilson

Administrat's Appointed: Public Adm'r, October 7th


Intestates: Ellen Glacken

Administrat's Appointed: Public Adm'r, October 8th


Intestates: James Keenan

Administrat's Appointed: Public Adm'r, October 17th


Intestates: James Baty

Administrat's Appointed: Public Adm'r, October 21st


Intestates: J. M. W. Bennett

Administrat's Appointed: M. T. Barr, October 28th


Intestates: John F. Madden

Administrat's Appointed: Public Adm'r, October 28th


Intestates: Jane H. Darrow

Administrat's Appointed: Public Adm'r, November 4th


Intestates: Emma Doty

Administrat's Appointed: Levi Shrawter, November 5th


Intestates: John McNulty

Administrat's Appointed: H. M. Bernard, November 11th


Intestates: George Andruss

Administrat's Appointed: Amelia Andruss, November 25th


Intestates: Patrick Quinn

Administrat's Appointed: Public Adm'r, December 23d


Intestates: William Gustave Borneman

Administrat's Appointed: Robert Green, December 23d





Letters of Guardianship


Minors: Mary Jane & Martha E. Strachan

Guardian Appointed: Charles Dugan, January 7th


Minors: Wm. Dickinson (insane)

Guardian Appointed: A. D. Neber, January 10th


Minors: Catherine M. &.  Harriet M. Oswalt

Guardian Appointed: Martha Wilcox, March 2d


Minors: Henry C., Belle, Anne & Chipman

Guardian Appointed: Daniel Brown, March 11th


Minors: Laura A. Frick

Guardian Appointed: I.S. Taylor, April 15th


Minors: H. G., Chas. Theile

Guardian Appointed: R.  Dale, April 18th


Minors: Emma May Drummond

Guardian Appointed: Jas. M. Calvyn, April 29th


Minors: George H. Hall

Guardian Appointed: George R. Moore, May 24th


Minors: Charlotte P., Richard B. F. &  Sarah Jane Lovell

Guardian Appointed: Myron S. Hills, May 29th


Minors: Delores Oreano

Guardian Appointed: Henry Bowman, June 10th


Minors: Edward Henry Potter

Guardian Appointed: B. R. Sweetland, August 10th


Minors: Andrew J. Glacken

Guardian Appointed: Thos. C. McHale, October 28d.


Minors: T. C. McConnell

Guardian Appointed: Ellen McConnell, November 15th


Minors: Christiana & Antonetti Frondeso/Frandson

Guardian Appointed: J. N. Turpin, November 18th


Minors: F. S. Birch

Guardian Appointed: A. G. Richardson, November 30th


Minors: John DeWitt Arnold

Guardian Appointed: Lucy L. Arnold, December 6th


Minors: William D. & Catherine Sheldon

Guardian Appointed: Seth B. Moore, December 11th


Minors: Clara Murphy (minor)

Guardian Appointed: D. R. Sample, December 24th

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