Southeast corner Pine and Jones Streets

[San Francisco, CA. 1899]



Elegantly Furnished Dining Rooms and Parlors for Banquets,

Private Dinners, Parties, Weddings, Etc.



MRS. S. B. JOHNSON, Proprietress

Reception Day, Thursday

Telephone East 99



Adler, Miss Irma

Adler, Mr. Albert C.

Arnold, Mrs. H. B.

Arnold, Miss Harriet

Bacock, John P.

Barker, Captain and A. S., U. S. N.

Barker, Mr. and Mrs. John Gue.

Beekman, Miss C. C.

Bell, Lieut-Col. and Mrs. F. J., U. S. A.

Bennett, Lieut. and Mrs. F. J., U. S. A.

Bissinger, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel

Blake, Mr. and Mrs. S. B.

Blake, Miss C. S.

Blethen, Mr. Howard T.

Blossom, Mrs. Robert H.

Blossom, Miss Elizabeth

Breed, Mr. Frank P.

Carr, Mr. and Mrs. George G.

Carr, Mrs. W. B.

Center, Mr. J. B.

Churchill, Mr. and Mrs. E. S.

Coombs, Mr. and Mrs. A. L.

Creller, Mr. and Mrs. E. C.

de Seminario, Mrs. M.

de Seminario, Mr. Leopold

de Seminario, Mr. J. S.

Detchmendy, Mr. and Mrs. G. A., U. S. A.

Eaton, Mr. William L.

Fechheimer, Miss. Miss Hilda. Elsie

Field, Mr. A. G.

Finnell, Mr. and Mrs. Bush

Foord, Mr. and Mrs. James L.

Freemna,[sic] Mr. and Mrs. J. Eugene

Gunn, Mr. and Mrs. W. J.

Gunn, Miss A.

Gill, Lieut. W. A., U. S. N.


Hardy, Mr. Douglas

Holcomb, Miss

Holcomb, Miss Susie

Holden, Mrs. M. M.

Holden, Mr. W. P.

Howard, Mr. and Mrs. O. O. Jr.

Hurlbut, Mrs. E. F.

Hurlbut, Miss

James, Mr. and Mrs. C. L.

Johnson, Mrs. Sarah B.

Kilbourne, Mrs. L. F.

Kilbourne, Miss

King, Mr. and Mrs. Fred L.

Lathrop, Mr. and Mrs. Leland S.

Lilienfeld, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred

Long, Mrs. Irene M.

Lowry, Dr. Edward N.

Martin, Capt. and Mrs. De E.

Mitchler, Miss

Perkins, Mr. and Mrs. D. T. J.

Perkins, Mr. C. C.

Rhodes, Mrs. Charles

Rhodes, Mrs. Sarah S.

Rhodes, Mr. Stewart

Riordan, Mr. and Mrs. T. D.

Sharp. Major and Mrs. Alex.

Sharp, Miss

Shuman, Mr. and Mrs. Percy L.

Snider, Mrs. A.

Snider, Miss L. C.

Spafford, Mrs. B. D.

Spafford, Miss B.

Spafford, Miss Mary

Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. W. P.

Thomas, Mr. F. G.

Wadsworth, Mr. and Mrs. Henry

Ware, Mr. F. E.



Transcribed by Elaine Sturdevant.

Source: Hoag, Charles C., Our Society Blue Book, Page 321. Charles Hoag Publishing, San Francisco, CA. 1899.

2006 Elaine Sturdevant.




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