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FRANK X. SMITH.  The ability which Frank X. Smith has manifested in his agricultural operations in Contra Costa county have placed him among the representative farmers of this section, for though young in years he has attained a marked degree of success.  He is now located upon his ranch of one hundred and sixty acres on Marsh creek which he purchased in 1901, in addition to which he owns one hundred and sixty acres of pasture land and rents four hundred and eighty acres of the Marsh ranch, which is devoted to the cultivation of wheat and barley.  A native Californian, he was born in San Francisco December 3, 1868, a son of Andrew Smith.


Being a native of County Cavan, Ireland, Andrew Smith was reared to young manhood in his native country, at seventeen years of age emigrating to the United States and locating in Illinois.  In the early days the extreme west held out more attractions for young men than did the middle states, and accordingly he journeyed to Utah, whence he came to California via the city of Los Angeles, finding employment there for some time at different kinds of labor.  He then went into the mines at Knoxville, intent upon trying the experiences of a miner’s life.  Preferring, however, the less uncertain fortunes of an agricultural life, in 1868 he bought a settler’s right to a quarter section of land, which he proceeded to improve to grain, orchard and vineyard.  Ten years later he was able to purchase another quarter section adjoining his property, a little later one hundred and sixty acres for pasture and last of all the one hundred and seventy acres upon which he now makes his home.  He first devoted his ranch to the cultivation of wheat and stock, but becoming cognizant of the large profit in almonds he set out seven acres, and five acres to olives, after which he planted a vineyard as well as a fine orchard, which was, however, only for family use.


In San Francisco he married Catherine Kelly, a native of County Westmeath, Ireland, and daughter of John Kelly, and of this union were born three children, namely: Frank; Andrew J., who is superintending the home ranch; and John W., a physician and surgeon of San Francisco.  Without capital Mr. Smith and his wife began at the foot of the ladder, and through the exercise of perseverance and thrift have gradually amassed a large amount of land, which means a comfortable competence, as a result of their efforts.  They are numbered among the most successful farmers of the county.


After attending the public schools in the vicinity of his home, Frank X. Smith entered the Stockton Business College and completed a commercial course.  Returning to the country he has since devoted his entire time to agricultural pursuits, profiting by the experience of the successful farmers about him and building his own success upon the training received from his father in his boyhood years.  In 1901 he purchased a ranch of one hundred and sixty acres located on Marsh creek, and two years later purchased the same amount of land to be used for pasture; and in addition to this rents four hundred and eighty acres of the Marsh ranch.  The management of this large amount of farming land requires an executive force which is not lacking in this young farmer, and he is steadily advancing to a position of prominence among the farmers of the section.  He inherits a limitless degree of perseverance and energy, as well as unusual ability in the line which he has made his life work, and there is every reason to believe that with increasing years he will take a yet more prominent position among agriculturists.


Mr. Smith was united in marriage with Mary E. Lynch, a native of California and the daughter of Philip Lynch, of Contra Costa county.  They are now the parents of two children, namely: Mary A., born in San Francisco, is three and one-half years old; and Clarence F., born in Contra Costa county, is two years old.



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1911 Jun 12, Oakland Tribune, P10, Oakland, California

Brentwood Personals

Frank X. Smith, the well-known Brentwood farmer, accompanied by his mother, have just returned home after an extended visit to Ireland.


1922 Jan 14, Oakland Tribune, P5, Oakland, California

Frank X. Smith, well known farmer of Deer Valley, west of Brentwood, was a visitor here Monday.  He was delighted with the prospects for the coming year.  He has 300 acres in his holdings.  He has planted both wheat and barley.


1936 Jun 15, Oakland Tribune, P33, Oakland, California

Contra Costa County

Smith – In Antioch, June 11, 1936, Frank X., beloved husband of Mary L. Smith, loving father of Mary and Clarence P. Smith, a native of California, aged 66 years.




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­­­­Source: History of the State of California & Biographical Record of Coast Counties, California by Prof. J. M. Guinn, A. M., Page 1006. The Chapman Publishing Co., Chicago, 1904.

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