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            GEORGE A. MINAKER. The deputy sheriff and constable of Contra Costa county, George A. Minaker, is also a business man of considerable enterprise and ability and has made his influence felt in Black Diamond, where he now makes his home. In 1904 he established the first livery stable in the place and has won for himself in both the management of his private affairs and in his public capacity the esteem and confidence of his fellow townsmen.

            In West Edward county, Canada, May 26, 1853, George A. Minaker was born, the son of Andrew Minaker, and was there reared to young manhood and educated in the schools of the locality. On attaining the age of thirteen years he began a seafaring life, commencing on the lakes. In 1868 he went to New York City and with a boy’s adventurous spirit took passage for Panama, whence he reached California. He located in Contra Costa county and found employment on a ranch, remaining in the county and at this occupation for several years. Subsequently he located in Black Diamond, where he engaged in teaming and draying in 1889, and in time was elected by the Republican party, of whose principles he is a stanch adherent, as deputy sheriff and constable. In his official capacity he has won the good opinion of his friends and fellow townsmen, and in his discharge of duty has proved himself efficient and conscientious. In 1872 Mr. Minaker returned to his eastern home where he spent about nine months, and at the end of that time he was content to return to the Golden state where he has since made his home.

            The marriage of Mr. Minaker united him with Mary Braly, a native of Oregon, and the daughter of Shadrach Braly. She died at the age of thirty-two years, leaving a family of three children, namely: Fred, of Alaska; Maude and George, both of whom are students. For a second wife he married Theresa Davis, a native of California and the daughter of Edward Davis. He was born in Ohio September 15, 1833, and during the first excitement of the discovery of gold in California he made the trip to the state, where he spent some time in the mines. He returned east in 1867, but again became a resident of the Golden state, locating in Alameda county, and engaged in farming until 1892. He then removed to Pacheco, Contra Costa county, where he farmed, and later in Napa county. Subsequently he settled at Black Diamond and engaged in the dairy business. His wife, formerly Elizabeth Davis, of Indiana, the daughter of B. J. Davis, bore him eleven children, those surviving being as follows: Florence, Edward, Theresa, Alfred and Melvin. By his second marriage he has one son, Edward Gage. In his fraternal relations Mr. Minaker is a Royal Arch Mason.




Transcribed by Marie Hassard 03 July 2016.

­­­­Source: History of the State of California & Biographical Record of Coast Counties, California by Prof. J. M. Guinn, A. M., Pages 1235-1236. The Chapman Publishing Co., Chicago, 1904.

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