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            MATHESON BROTHERS. Among the successful ranchers of Contra Costa county may be mentioned the Matheson brothers, Alexander and Daniel, who are widely known and esteemed for the many qualities which have distinguished their citizenship. They are both natives of Sutherlandshire, Scotland, born respectively in 1843 and 1845. Their parents, Adam and Ann (McCay) Matheson, brought their family to Canada in the early days of emigration, locating in Toronto, where the children were reared to maturity. The father died in that locality, the mother surviving him and spending her last days with her children among the pleasant scenes and genial climate of Contra Costa county. The children born of this union were as follows: William, deceased; Jessie and Samuel, both of whom died in Canada; Ann; Alexander; Daniel; and Margarite. Jessie Matheson became the wife of William High and at her death left three children. Ann makes her home with her brother Alexander. Margarite married John Wallace, by whom she had two children. Both her husband and children are deceased, and she makes her home in San Francisco.

            The first of this family to come to California was Alexander Matheson, who made the trip via the Isthmus of Panama and settled in Sonoma county. For the first year he rented a ranch in that location, later rented a ranch in San Mateo county for four years, and then spent a like period of time in Butte county. Returning south he located in San Francisco and engaged in teaming, which he continued successfully for four years, when he located upon his present property in Contra Costa county, having two hundred acres which he devotes to general ranching interests. He has lived here for about twenty years and has won the respect and confidence of all who have come to know him. He married Annie Gunn, a native of California and the daughter of John Gunn. She died at the age of forty-five years, leaving one child, Jessie.

            William Matheson came to California in 1866, his first employment in the state being as foreman of the Lux Mills in San Mateo county, which position he retained for two years. He then bought a ranch in Butte county upon which he made his home for nineteen years. At his death, when fifty years of age, he left a widow, formerly Marie McPherson, and four children, one child, Edmond, being deceased. The surviving children are named as follows: John, Jessie, Linda and Annie. After the death of William Matheson his family moved to Contra Costa county.

            Daniel Matheson came to California in 1863, following ranching on rented land for three years, when he went into the dairy business in San Francisco. He remained thus engaged in that location for two years, when he removed to Butte county and purchased one hundred and sixty acres, which he farmed for three years. Disposing of that property he then came to Contra Costa county, about twenty-one years ago, purchasing the ranch upon which he now lives. He married Isabella Kinchlon, and of this union were born the following children: William, Robert, Alexander, Zachariah and Victorine.





Transcribed by Marie Hassard 21 April 2015.

ญญญญSource: History of the State of California & Biographical Record of Coast Counties, California by Prof. J. M. Guinn, A. M., Pages 464-467. The Chapman Publishing Co., Chicago, 1904.

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