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John Vernon Manners, president of Paperbox Corporation and Acme Paper Box Company, was born July 15, 1897, in East Orange, New Jersey; the son of William Sutton and Lizzie B. (Robinson) Manners. Graduated from Montclair Academy in 1917.

††††††††††† During World War I, 1917 to 1919, Mr. Manners served as naval aviator; then commercial aviator from 1920 to 1922. He has been president of the Paperbox Corporation and Acme Paper Box Company since 1938, Oakland, California.

††††††††††† Member of Contra Costa Development Association, Contra CostaHorsemenís Association, Metropolitan Horsemenís Association, Concord-Diablo Trail Ride Association, American Poultry Association, Sonoma Trail Blazers, Frontier Boys, and the following clubs: Athenian-Nile, Orinda Country, Commonwealth, American Pigeon, and American Horse Show Association.

††††††††††† Mr. Manners married Elizabeth Fechteler on April 20, 1921, and they have three children: Elizabeth, Patricia and John Vernon, Jr.

††††††††††† Home:Happy Valley Road, Lafayette, California.

††††††††††† Offices:800 Tennessee Street, San Francisco, California; and 953 Sixty-third Street, Oakland, California.




Transcribed By: Cecelia M. Setty.

Source: ďEminent Californians 1953Ē, by Lee E. Johnson & C. W. Taylor. Page 544, C. W. Taylor Publ., Palo Alto, California, 1953.

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