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     Vincent Hook, the owner of one thousand acres of choice land in Contra Costa county, was born in Martinez, Cal., January 6, 1855, a son of William and Miranda (Brown) Hook, worthy and honored settlers of the state in pioneer days.  For more complete details concerning their lives refer to the sketch of James Simeon Hook, which appears on another page.  He was reared in this locality and received his preliminary education in the public schools, after which he entered the State University, from which institution he was graduated in the class of 1876, having taken the course in civil engineering.  Returning to Contra Costa county and to his father's vast ranch, upon which he had received his early training in the practical duties of a farmer's life, he entered at once upon the accumulation of landed property.  Since that time, with what he has inherited, he has become the owner of one thousand acres.  His home is that owned originally by his father, and since it came into his possession he has remodeled and enlarged it and beautified the grounds, as well as making many other improvements which have added immeasurably to the value of the property.  Fifteen years ago he built a warehouse of seven hundred tons capacity at Hookston Station on the Southern Pacific Railroad, and sold five acres there, where the California Wine Association is building a large winery.  Mr. Hook set out five acres to vineyard some years ago, and this having proven so successful a venture he contemplates putting out a hundred acres in vines.  The greater part of his vast property is rented.

      Mr. Hook married Adele Raap, a native of Martinez and the daughter of Henry Raap, also of the same place.  Of this union were born the following children:  Chester C., Royal V., Harold and Mildred A.  The two first named are students and Harold is deceased.   Fraternally Mr. Hook is a member of the Ancient Order of United Workmen, of which he is past master, Masons and Modern Woodmen of the World.





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ญญญญSource: History of the State of California & Biographical Record of Coast Counties, California by Prof. J. M. Guinn, A. M., Page 1056. The Chapman Publishing Co., Chicago, 1904.

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